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23rd September – Asteroid “Real or Fake” To Hit Earth? Time to be Con’CERN’ed!

September 9, 2015

‘UFO’ Spotted Above Miami ‘Not’ Atlas Rocket Launch

Who can say for certain what advance technology “we” now have, other than there’s plenty of high-tech weaponry shooting through the skies and all around the globe.

Perhaps some of them have been asteroids, though there’s been some rather odd bright asteroid looking objects falling from the skies and the recent “UFO” sighting seen above most certainly cannot be what was claimed afterwards and when the video film and others like it soon went viral and calls of a hoax were soon called.

As according to the Miami Herald, the moving bright light on the 6th September 2015, was the Atlas V rocket, which was being launched from Cape Canaveral.  “It gave a wild lights show as it moved across the sky. The 21-story rocket is delivering a Navy satellite into orbit.” It was cheekily reported.

Well I beg to differ with that totally unbelievable explanation and excuse and for two main reasons; one it obviously failed its mission for if you watch the front bright light and duller bright blue plume, it begins to descend to earth and not up into space!!

And it sure cannot be debris as we can see it travelling in a nice straight line and before it ascends to Earth.

Two; why was such a spectacular early morning 6am launch and to the delight of millions of viewers – not shown on TV?  

Why wasn’t the worlds media present or at least some media there to also capture such unique and spectacular footage?

They showed footage of previous related rocket launches – and you’ll find them on-line, so why is there not any footage of this 6th September launch?

That’s why I believe it was man-made and testing out their new “asteroid” machine of “stars” from heaven gun!  You’ll probably think this sounds like a ridiculous idea, yet read on.

There well could be something in this 23rd September 2015 date, and that they either have pre-knowledge that one of the series of asteroids that are due to past our planet in the September 2015 period, – that one will crash into earth?

In February 2013 a 500-kiloton meteor blast over central Russia in Chelyabinsk.  It glowed 30 times brighter than the Sun. It sunburned observers and delivered the biggest astronomical punch felt on Earth in a century.

The Chelyabinsk event hospitalised more than 1,000 people.

When an asteroid hits the ocean, which covers about 70 percent of the planet, it can trigger a tsunami.  According to the simulation, the average tsunami would kill 470,000 people.

There have been many asteroids that have hit the earth, the last biggest being the one that wiped out the dinosaurs millions of years ago.  Though more recent we see;

In 1996 a larger meteor hit in rural Honduras and left a 50m-wide hole.

2007 An explosion in Peru creates a 13m-wide hole and knocks a villager off his bike; after brief talk of fallen US satellites, and even missiles from neighbouring Bolivia, it’s said a meteorite was identified as the culprit – though was it? I suspect it was an experimental man-made “asteroid” weapon.

2012 A strike in San Francisco, close to the site of the 19th-century Californian gold rush, prompted a new gold rush of sorts as meteorite hunters descend on the area looking for fragments.

2014 The appearance this month of a 12m-wide hole in Nicaragua was attributed to an asteroid strike. “Seems unlikely,” said a Nasa spokesperson.…

2015 Witnesses in Iraq say a large fireball was seen in the sky before crashing in Avaj in the Qazvin province of the country.  Mohammad Ali Ahani, director of Iran’s Qazvin Crisis Management organisation, confirmed to the media that a large rock hit on July 31.

Many religions rely on the Bible, Torah and Quran for “Revelation” – and the beginning of “Rapture” is to come into play. 

Anno Lucius is the Angel of light and is due to appear in September 2015; to many Christians and Jews, this is Lucifer; – he comes in the form of a “star” or bright light; a meteor perhaps?

If it does not happen, then it means their faith and expectations were to no avail. Their lives had no real purpose or meaning after all and the millions of lives that had already perished before them, also didn’t mean much.  – The prophecies that have been preached to them since childhood and what the Bible, Torah and Quran state; must therefore be false – and their Priests, Rabbi’s and Imam’s have been chirping bullshit and are liars! – The credibility of any religion simply can’t allow this to happen and that’s the frightening reality!

It’s almost as even the devoted are demanding “End Times and Rapture – Now!

If “they” have the technology – then I am sure they will use it and when I say “fake” asteroids I mean man-made.

On March 2015 a NASA spokesmen said: “We’re gonna rip up an ASTEROID and make it ORBIT the MOON.”
Asteroid Redirection Mission plans to use microgravity to deflect flying rocks.  

Now that’s to tackle them from hitting Earth, so we don’t know what type of rocket technology we all ready have?

So far, NASA says it’s identified three possible candidates for the mission, known as Itokawa, Bennu, and 2008 EV5.
It expects to identify more candidates as the years go by, noting that in the three years of its asteroid initiative, it’s increased the detection of near-Earth asteroids by 65 per cent.

The ARM target will be finalised by 2019, NASA says, based on size, rotation, shape and orbit. Source:…

In another conversation it reads; “But the odds of any rogue state using asteroids to rain death down on its enemies are minuscule, experts say. “It’s a lousy weapon,” said former astronaut Rusty Schweickart, chairman of the B612 Foundation, a group dedicated to predicting and preventing cataclysmic asteroid impacts on Earth. “You get a chance to use one once every several hundred years,” Schweickart said during a recent panel discussion called “Moving an Asteroid” at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. “And even then, you can only deflect it to hit someplace along a sort of arbitrary line across the Earth.”

Well it looks like September 2015 is one of those several hundred years and that “experts” have clearly discussed this type of advanced weaponry before – have they been waiting for this opportunity?


CERN has chosen as its mascot a Hindu goddess. Just outside of its headquarters building sits an ancient statue to Shiva, ancient Apollyon, the goddess of destruction.

© Kenneth Lu

CERN is due to be reconnected and “tests” carried out on the 23rd September 2015.
Here’s a strange thing;
1) Go to this Google maps link.
2) Zoom out as far as it will let you.

3) Once you are not able to zoom out any further, type or copy/paste into the search box 23 9 2015 and then hit ENTER or click the little magnifying glass.

4) Now take a look around the area of the the map where the original CERN bubble is.

Take a look at the change in the names of the buildings on the map around where the CERN main building is after you have entered that specific 23 9 2015 ‘September’ date in the search box.

Out of all the destinations in the world it takes you to CERN – why one wonders?

Can CERN produce such materials that can be used as “asteroids.” -The unbelievable hot temperatures it can reach is as hot as conditions in the Universe after the Big Bang or more than 100,000-times the temperature at the centre of the Sun!

CERN is perhaps most famous for its discovery in 2012 of the elusive Higgs Boson [named after British physicist Peter Higgs who predicted its existence in 1964], the so-called ‘God particle,’ which allows other particles to build up mass as they pass through the Higgs field.

Stephen Hawking, the eminent physicist, seems concerned as he said; “The God particle found by CERN could destroy the universe,” Hawking wrote in the preface to a book, Starmus, a collection of lectures by scientists. The Higgs Boson could become unstable at very high energy levels and have the potential to trigger a “catastrophic vacuum decay which would cause space and time to collapse and… we would not have any warning to the dangers,” he continued.

Now on top of all the speculation as to what CERN scientists are really attempting to do with their Large Hadron Collider, many observers could not help but notice that the town in France where CERN is partially situated is called “Saint-Genus-Poilly.”

The name Pouilly comes from the Latin “Appolliacum” and it is believed that in Roman times a temple existed in honour of Apollo, and the people who lived there believed that it is a gateway to the underworld.  

It is interesting to note that CERN is built on the very same spot!

Religious leaders – always suspicious of the aims of the scientific world – drew a connection to a verse straight out of Revelations (9:1-2, 11), which makes reference to the name ‘Apollyon.’ The verse states: “To him was given the key of the bottomless pit. And he opened the bottomless pit… And they had a kind over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon.”

© CERN Publications Section

CERN 666 Logo

Whether we like it or not it appears that under our current status of world beliefs, religious hate is going to be encouraged and Armageddon will be allowed to occur and made to come into fruition; if not in our lifetimes, then some time after, though I have the oddest feeling that something horrendous and on such a large scale is in fact going to happen, perhaps some incredible accident will occur at CERN or other happenings;

One year after CERN’s grand opening, Sergio Bertolucci, former Director for Research and Scientific Computing of the facility, grabbed headlines when he told a British tabloid the super collider could open otherworldly doors to another dimension for “a very tiny lapse of time,” mere fractions of a second.

However, that may be just enough time “to peer into this open door, either by getting something out of it or sending something into it.”

“Of course,” added Bertolucci, “after this tiny moment the door would again shut; bringing us back to our ‘normal’ four-dimensional world … It would be a major leap in our vision of nature… And of course [there would be] no risk to the stability of our world.” – 

So he knows more than Stephen Hawkings does he?

Perhaps it is WW3 that will soon be upon us and the final curtain before the full introduction of the NWO is declared to the world.  Is this the major event in September?

If no real asteroid is to hit Earth, are we still likely to witness some kind of show in the sky, though not from deep outer space, but fired from here on Earth or from high altitude down to Earth – and perhaps with a more precise target to hit?

So if people were to see this kind of incredible sight, played out and shown all around the world by all our media outlets, it will be taken as a “message” that times are really about to change!

New World Order – about to be born  

On the 23rd September 2015 the Pope will be in Washington DC and at the White House on the 266th day of the year; the same gestation period for a human being to be born.

Clinton once said in one of his addresses; “We shall force the spring forward…”

“Get Ready!”

We all know that occult and Kabbala loving George W Bush sitting through among the Pet Goat school children and with their teacher calling out “Plane hit steel…” voodoo spells and with the children repeating her every word and moments before the attacks on the Twin Towers on 9/11 in New York 2001.

So no of this comes as a surprise to me.  For as we know the world is run on prophecy and even if you’re a nonbeliever, that’s too bad as no one has any real say on the matter.

The time for ‘Revelation’ must come about even if to just save face.

Never forget, us humans would never normally fight each other, as basically were all in the ‘same boat’ no matter where we come from, and our so called leaders have always been aware of this.  But this kind of sentiment is no good to the arms dealers, land grabbers, resources and minerals thieves, the oil barons, banksters and their like, now is it?

The reason we’re all trapped in this Masonic world of ours, is because: “Peace to them, is as devastating as war is to us!” – They need to understand that enough is enough and the game is up for these ‘secret society murderers’, the light is rapidly being shined on them more and more and they’re being exposed at such a rate that the worm is turning, it fact in the middle-east it’s presently doing summersaults along with Europe and the USA.

There’s many Biblical and Torah connections and references to the month of September 2015 and here’s some interesting factors;

It will be 6,000 years since Adam first walked on earth on 14th September 2015.

The Shemitah

It’s the year and September the month of Shemitah, the years are God’s seven year cycles which are linked to economic activity, for God commands that in the seventh year all debts are to be forgiven. So will there be another market crash?   A calf born just before the start of this Jewish Shemitah Year (which is the seventh year) has the number ‘7’ on its face.

This Shemitah has also had a Lunar Tetrad of four Blood Moons all occurring on Jewish feast days, which has not happened in 2000 years!

Religious folk say it is during a Shemitah Year, God can raise up nations or kingdoms or tear them down.  These raising up or tearing down effect all sectors of a country.  It can effect a countries’ economy and wealth, its military preparedness, its leaders, and the health and well-being of its people.

15th The United Nations is 70yrs old on the 15th September, they will discuss giving Palestine their own land on the 17th.

It’s the 70th Jewish Jubilee that means every 50th year is a Jubilee this equals 70 previous Jubilees have gone by and falls on the Jewish feast day of Yom Kippur.

It will be 70th years since the State of Israel was formed.

Jade Helm started on July 15th and ends on the 15th September 2015.  It’s quite odd how there always seems to be an emergency drill or military exercise when a major event happens, 9/11 and Sandy Hook come to mind.

Kabbala devotee Madonna is in concert on the 15th and with a biblical theme to her show. On the 17th the Federal Reserve meets to discuss the interest rates.  The 17th is Constitution Day and the deadline for Congress to agree with a deal with Iran.

On the 18th September its National Day of Prayer.  On the 21st September is the annual prayer at Mecca and International Day of Peace & “Security”.

On 22nd I Yasser Arafat died.

The autumn Equinox is on the 23rd.

Stock Exchange closed at 15,666. 

On the 13th May French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said alongside Secretary of State John Kerry at the State Department – that he world has “500 days to avoid climate chaos.” It’s the 500th day on the 23rd.

Super Harvest Blood Moon is due 27th September. 

What is a Blood Moon?

A lunar eclipse occurs when the earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. This blocks the sun’s rays from reflecting off the Moon as normal.  However, some of the Sun’s rays curve around the earth causing the moon to appear red during a total eclipse.  Because of its vivid colour, a total lunar eclipse is often referred to by NASA as a Blood Red Moon. The occurrence of Blood Moons is quite common, normally happening at least twice per year. Most of us have seen the moon when its appearance has changed to red.

However, when four blood moons happen in close succession, NASA refers to this as a Lunar Tetrad. Lunar Tetrads are rather rare, only taking place fifty-five times since 1 AD.

The Teaching of the 4 Blood Moons

The teaching of the four blood moons has recently captivated the attention of the religious world. This teaching states that, when four consecutive blood moons fall on Jewish feast days, a major event affecting the Jewish people will occur in close proximity to that time.

This phenomenon of four consecutive blood moons coinciding with Jewish feast days has only occurred ten times since 1 AD and only three times since 1492 AD. The three times since 1492 are as follows:

  • · Tetrad of 1493-1494
  • · Tetrad of 1949-1950
  • · Tetrad of 1967-1968

Major events affecting the Jewish people have occurred in close proximity to all three of these tetrads.

On September 2015 27/ 28 a total Lunar Tetrad Eclipse is the last eclipse in a series of 4 Total Eclipses.

So what’s in store for us all this September 2015?

Who knows for sure other than it looks like it’s going to be a turbulent time in one way or another and if you have a underground bunker to go to, then lucky you!! 

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