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British Police Officer Arrested in “Hoax Terrorist Plot” in the UK.

September 8, 2015

“Truthers” who often expose false-flags and hoaxes – are at times accused as being a member of the scaremongering tinfoil hat brigade.  Well this following little gem confirms that a ‘police officer’, along with two other “men” have been arrested following a “hoax terrorist plot” to kidnap an police officer, with the threat of cutting his throat and attacking other uniformed officers.

It’s funny why the BBC didn’t highlight the fact in their heading that it was a “Police Officer” was involved and why we have!

The West Midlands police officer and two other men are being questioned on suspicion of “conspiracy” to pervert the course of justice.

On the 8 December 2014, police said they were given “false and malicious information” suggesting an officer was to “be kidnapped as part of a terrorist plot”.

The nation’s police force were put on high alert because of the hoax.  The three Birmingham men are being questioned by anti-terrorism and anti-corruption teams.

The 28-year-old police officer at Birmingham West & Central Local Policing Unit has also been arrested on suspicion of misconduct in a public office and misuse of police systems.

The other men, aged 25 and 31, are also being questioned on suspicion of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office. Part of the threat officers were urged to take extra precautions, including not wearing uniform during journeys to and from work.

“At a time when the national threat level was severe, the threat was considered credible and police acted swiftly to protect officers and police staff,” a police spokesman said.

It will probably be revealed it had nothing whatsoever to do with radical Islamic ISIS terrorists.

And this is how it works as of course not all police officers are involved and because it was a threat “against them” they went all out to expose those behind it.  Those behind it and even working as a police officer or in the army are also working for our secret services, so it would be interesting as to how the arrest of this police officer and other two unnamed men turns out. Source:

The world of terror plots and threats

Part of the 1% elite’s plan, is continuous “false-flag” operations or “hoaxes” which does not necessarily mean the event never took place, as it more often means the event occurred so as it would help further a cause or agenda for those behind such staged events such as the “inside-job” on 9/11 in New York 2001 as being a prime example and fore-runner to the “War on Terror” and drastic change in so many draconian laws.

You also have to realise what the world is going through and especially following 9/11, the 7/7 bombings in London, the Boston bombing in America and many others that have taken place including in other countries and said to be connected to fundamental fanatical Islamic terrorists; despite it being proved this isn’t the case.

And don’t be tricked into thinking that even though some court trails and inquests have publicly taken place; for all the players concerned are just that, players or Patsy’s and all working directly or indirectly for our secret services.

You have to further appreciate that there are various different agendas and all running simultaneously from one another and particularly in the USA where they are desperate to ban gun ownership that without a doubt has gone crazy out there – yet there’s a reason for that – for it is those behind the ban who have made it go this way.

Time and again and following such alleged “terrorist incidents” that don’t quite add up; calls of a “False-Flag” operation is frequently heard following such events and that often enough there is a good reason as to why this is the case.

Look how unpleasant it is to now fly anywhere in the world and principally if you have not got 1st or Business Class tickets that permit to sail through all the security checks so much faster and like the 1% do before boarding their private jets and planes and whilst you’re being radiated and molested.

Following this latest alleged Amsterdam to Paris train incident, which has all the hallmarks of a false-flag operation; as we will now see even more armed guards, police and soldiers patrolling our train stations and carriages and along like that at our airports – extra security measures will be introduced making travelling by train as unpleasant as it is to now fly by air.

There’s yet to be a false-flag attack by a gun wielding “terrorist” on a bus or underground train, so brace yourselves as “they” don’t want to leave any public place feeling normal and safe.

Dodgy politicians, lobbyists, corrupt businessman, secret services, the military and police ultimately benefit from each ‘false-flag’ incident that “they” are probably behind in the first place.

Is it not rather odd that out of these alleged “lone-wolfs” and attacks that seem to take place on a weekly or monthly basis and around the world; – never seem to go after the real and legitimate target – such as a corrupt politician or other kind of tyrant leader or ruler.   Yes there has been the odd attacks, JFK being the one, but Oswald never killed him. Ronald Regan was shot, though it was members of the opposition who arranged it.  The Pope too has been attacked but only because some lunatic thought he is the anti-Christ incarnate and is probably closer to the truth than most people realise.

For what are the real benefits these MK-Ultra-like pasty’s are meant to getting by going out and randomly bombing or shooting dead total strangers?

If they were that pissed-off with their lot in life or had any grievances with the world, then most of us would perhaps have thought they had at least a more justified reason by going after a corrupt world leader or someone supporting his proposals and not targeting just any innocent bystander and that only benefits the very same people in power who don’t want a nation armed to the hilt – and so they can protect themselves from their tyrannical governments.

That’s why there has been so many “false-flag” incidents involving these so called “lone-wolfs” – going on shooting sprees in churches, schools, universities, cinemas, train stations and shopping malls – making sure “every single member of the public feels threatened in some way or another and that “they or their children could be next!”

Though is very difficult to convince an American public that has written into its constitution; “…the right to bear arms” – and even more problematic to convince members of the public and in other countries as well; as to why the world should yet again go to war and tear each other asunder.

It is those behind the New World Order and who fear the coming backlash and see civil unrest on the horizon, who are in need of this constant drip-drip-effect and where these types of “lone-wolf” incidents and attacks keep on occurring.

They are specifically designed to subliminal and psychologically eat away at the public’s mind-set, so, and as said; these attacks not only permit them to introduce tougher and harsher laws and regulations – there are demands for extra security and eventually more and more wars.

Extracts from Trapped in a Masonic World

The book is also available for free, just do a search – but we can not be sure the link/s are virus free. It’s one of the reason we don’t recommend the links as there are too many showing them know and don’t know the sources?

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