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MPs – Derisory Pay – Finding it hard to cope…

November 1, 2012
 'Gorgeous' George Galloway, smoking a cigar in the Celebrity Big Brother house, gave a notorious performance in the reality TV show
     We are still being informed that our members of parliament regard their pay as derisory.   It’s hard to visualise to what style of luxury most MPs live by, so to simplify this comparison to our daily lives with the luxury of smoking Havana cigars, – on entering the Big Brother house contest, George Galloway MP, stated that he smoked ‘three cigars a day’.  Their gauge and length put them among the ‘big boys’, and if handmade, command a high price.  A decent cigar is at least £10 upwards, a pure luxury that can cost thousands to maintain.  The Santander Insurance Group carried out a study of the cost of keeping a child ‘in essentials’ – £300 per month.       
     Incidentally, a young-man walked into Robert Lewis of 19 St James Street, [est. 1787] in the year of 1900 and opened his first cigar account, a recently elected Member of Parliament for Oldham, Mr Winston Churchill – 1874-1965.  Would he have cast a jaundiced eye over the cost of today’s price of his namesake: The Churchill?  That at 7 inches in length, by a 47-gauge and a smoking time of approximately of one hour, can retail in the region of £22 each.
A connoisseur of top cigars would not be perturbed if presented with an invoice of £10,000 per annum.
Derisory pay?  I don’t think so! 

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  1. Barbara Ephgrave permalink

    Loved your post you must let me some time tell you some time about an ongoing encounter I am having with the leading member of the Illuminati now if you are talking money they have ill gotten wealth beyond imagination. Odd coves greedy, spoilt children in essence rather akin to our political representatives but much more so. Barbara M.

    Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2012 17:37:34 +0000 To:

    • Thank you, I tried contacting you before, I would love to know more about your situation, you cantact me privately, if you prefer not to reply here. Thanks again.

  2. Jeremy Stocks permalink

    Are you the chap who wrote the “Trapped…” book? I am reading it now. The story about the “deputy prisoner” at Cat D prisons was brilliant! You on Twitter yet?

  3. Cheers Jermey, I’ll check-out your links. Regards.

    • Hiya – I just finished your mammoth work! Awesome! I shall blog about it soon! AWESOME BOOK!

      • I like what you’ve written, and thanks again, it be interesting to read someone elses perspective in a blog, – best wishes.

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