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One’s a ‘split tin’, whilst the others a ‘bloomer’, yet still both loaves of bread…

February 8, 2012

Do you really think that among any of those gluttonous lot, who comfortably sit in the Houses of Parliament or House of Lords, or in their seats in Congress in America, – and whom not one of them did I vote for, nor did many of you, – as they stretch out and recline in their lovely plush homes at night, are worried about where the next square meal is going to come from, or how can they feed their children?  Do you think their losing sleep tossing and turning trying to work out how they can clothe themselves and their kids, pay the electricity, gas, water, council tax and all the other sorts everyday overheads and bills, or perhaps are figuring out what next to do and how to keep the bailiffs at bay?

Of course they’re not, what most of these kinds of cunts paid for their lunch this afternoon is as much as your average worker gets paid a day in wages, and that’s if they’re lucky of course.  Even the likes of so called rebel ex-MP George Galloway’s Cuban cigar habit, is, or at least was when he was an MP, more costly than what your average unskilled worker gets annually paid.

And if you want 100% proof our present political system is 100% corrupt, then just bear this in mind; why would anyone in their right mind, and especially in the case of America, spend millions and upon millions on an election campaign, that can only lead to getting you a job that doesn’t pay, – say; more than £200,000 a year?  So it goes without saying, when they’re put into these positions of power, who do you think they are obligated to, – is it us the people, or those who funded them in the first place?

It seems to me, that the so called democratic countries only want a two horse race system with the rest of the field made-up of outsiders and hags that have no chance whatsoever of winning a seat let alone an election.  The divide and rule, left and right, black and white structure is more easier to control and coordinate into a coalition if and when wanted; – a partnership, alliance, merger, federation or union, call it what you like as it still lands up as “one central body”  America has a two-party system, that effectively is controlled by another invisible main party, whose membership consists of people who are also Freemasons, and who in turn are sponsored by self interested individuals, think-tanks, quangocracies, corporate businesses, groups, clubs, organisations, societies and other kinds of fraternities whether open or secret, – that as a collective make-up part of the Illuminati world cabal that presently runs and controls our planet.

So therefore, because that’s how it’s always worked in places particularly like that of the USA, then to all intents and purposes you still have a “coalition” in the guise of being in opposition of each other, as at the end of the day all that’s really being offered to the electorate is still a loaf of bread, with the only real difference between them, is one’s a ‘split tin’, whilst the others a ‘bloomer’, yet still both loaves of bread, baked by the same baker and in the same oven!  Many in the West thought they fought a cold war with communism, yet all they ever had was one other alternative to vote for anyway, and besides, if the two other party’s on offer are controlled by the “same invisible” Illuminati force, then your belief in having a real option to begin with, was just another fallacy.

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