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Cause founder Banned from Facebook;

January 17, 2012

The “founder” of a cause; BAN MEMBERS OF SECRET SOCIETIES FROM SERVING IN OUR GOVERNMENT AND … has been banned from Facebook. Feathers are being ruffled; as it’s getting more difficult to communicate with the other members of this cause, as some people have been deliberately putting the spanner in the works. Firstly; Facebook have closed the account of the founder of this cause; Jay F Kay, – and that’s why there have been no more News Bulletins for the last week. Jay F Kay, is in fact my brother, we have been interested in Freemasonry and secret societies for many years, though I’m the one who mainly writes about the subject. He, Jay F Kay that is, – is obviously not my brother’s real name, and a play on words; on J. F. Kennedy’s name, whose famous speech exposing his concerns about the infiltration of secret societies within the US government, – and when not longer after, they killed him. My brother works for a major conglomerate in the city of London, – one of its founders is responsible for helping establish colonialism, many if not almost all the board of directors are Freemason’s, if they linked my brother with me, he’d be out on his ear the very next morning! He’d be a one in ten, a sophisticated reminder as to how things really are in the private City of London, – a place that has two Mayors, the real one being; the Lord Mayor of the City of London Alderman David Wootton, and the ‘pretender’; Mayor of London, being Boris Johnson. We have wanted to start an e-petition on the governments own website, so I did that last year, – though getting people to sign up, has proved very difficult, and has proved to be hard work to get enough people to go there and sign-up. Then a Portuguese friend, of a friend of mine, told me back in November 2011, that there was a political storm brewing in Lisbon, and that corruption was rife, – millions in Euro’s have gone missing or have been badly ‘mismanaged’, which is a favourite excuse of theirs, – as all they have really done, is stole it, – and all from our public purses. Rumours were/are spreading like wildfire, that those government officials involved in these scandals, are also members of that secret society; known as the Freemason’s. We then discussed setting up a cause via Facebook’s – ‘Causes’, – and I was going to use my name and just do it alone in that sense, though it was pointed out to me, that I have made a lot of enemies, and anyone who has read some of my blogs, or comments and posts, will see I’ve had major conflict with many a person who is pro, exactly what I’m against, so it goes without saying, it comes with the territory, – that I’ve also had some nasty life threatening emails, some from actual Freemason’s, with one suggesting; “I better watch out, in case of some Health & Safety accident, doesn’t come my way”. – Like I’ve said, my brother can’t, and refuses to use his real identity on Facebook or any other forum on the internet, – so he has often used the tag; Jay F Kay, and of course we’ve colluded and worked off each other, – just like many others do on the internet in general. He has used my Facebook account for a couple of years, – and like millions of others on there, he used the alias name; Jay F Kay. And this is why we thought it would be best if he starts the new cause; BAN MEMBERS OF SECRET SOCIETIES FROM SERVING IN OUR GOVERNMENT AND …

Under that name, as it’s quite a memorable name, – and my brother, as Jay F Kay, had not made many enemies on the internet, – unlike that of what I unfortunately have, so we agreed to put Jay F Kay as the founder. Anyway, a 1000 or so members later, “someone” had reported to Facebook, that I was using two names, and that Jay F Kay was one of them. We have tried contacting Facebook, explaining what the situation is, and they said the only way the issue can be dealt with, is by my brother submitting his personal ID, and a full portrait picture of himself. I have just explained my brother’s job situation, – and he will not risk losing his job, a position he’s worked for the last 25years, and has only 8 years to go before he retires.

So there you go, “they” have closed Jay F Kay’s Facebook account, thus we have lost the voice of the “founder”, – via the actual cause site. This is the only way the cause administrators, – which I think you can work out, is mainly done by me, – with some positive input from my brother aka; Jay F Kay, and other friends. So not being able to address you all is obviously a hinder to our cause, as we can no longer supply News Bulletin’s to you all at the same time. The present alternative, was, – and which is a very slow and laborious task, is for me to contact the current cause members one by one, it’s slow enough to do this as it is, and would take a lifetime to include the briefest of messages, – I have had to do this via Facebook, by sending a ‘Friend Request’, – and now “someone” else has reported me to Facebook, who in turn have threatened to close my account if I continue to do so, as it’s against the rules to contact someone if you don’t actually know them, – though you may do so, if they perhaps might share the same kind of interest to you, and thus my reason for contacting only these kinds of people in the first place, – such as those whom have signed up to the cause.

Many good causes, attract the trolls of those your cause may be undermining, – they sliver their way in under the door, and wait in the wings ready to pounce at the first opportunity to strikeout and inject their venom to the cause. They’ve done it to many, and still are to other great causes and groups, such as Wikileaks, Anonymous and almost every Occupy Camp movement or protest cause etc. And the same applies to the 1,000,000 people for 9/11 Truth, and the 911 Truth Movement Facebook groups, whose administration have banned me, and for just trying to post our cause. So this is getting serious and rather dangerous, as here we have big truth movements with 50,000+ members, whom many believe these cause’s are fighting for a ‘Public Inquiry’, though I can assure you, even if there was ever one granted, under this present and corrupt system, the ‘Truth’ will never be discovered, as how the hell can you have members of secret societies, investigating ‘brothers’, from the very same secret societies? – So we already know the outcome these kinds of whitewash inquiries will yield. The administration of the these so called ‘truth movements’, have exposed their true colours by banning me, as what it shows to us, they don’t want our kind of cause from getting off the ground, thus they are there as a ‘front’ for the movement, – thus helping prolong the fight for justice, as opposed to the justice they proclaim they so dearly want. – So beware people, understand what we’re all up against.

In addition, and in just over 3 weeks, “they” have managed to get Jay F Kay banned from Facebook, therefore the cause’s founder and spokesperson. – These so called “truth movements” have banned me. And now my account is under threat from Facebook. So if anyone wants to receive updates, I don’t care if you know me or not, send a ‘friend request’ and I’ll befriend you. I urge people to spread this cause as far and wide as possible, invite as many friends as you can to join us. Help keep an eye on it, to see if it’s still there, as it’s possible they could close it down all together, and if this is to happen, we need to mirror the cause, and as it currently stands, “every member” is an administrator, so do use the comments section to relay your messages. Though saying that, this is throwing caution to the wind, and I urge people not to turn this issue into a race or religious cause, – as it’s not, it’s purely political as far as the cause is concerned, – as members of secret societies are from all creeds and of colour and religions, and where inside many a Masonic lodge, you’ll find a Jew, Muslim, Catholic and Protestant standing shoulder to shoulder with many a man, and from many a race and religion. So please do not fall for this black propaganda, as what this cause is asking for, is not rocket science and can easily be carried out; which is for us, all of us, whether you’re White, Black, Yellow, Purple or even Green, – want to live in a world, where our governments are open, honest and as transparent as possibly can be, and not in a nepotistic culture of secret societies, – and whom almost every single member of these establishments and their related bodies, – are also members of the very ‘same secret society’.

This cause is paramount to many other causes, if they are too ever to become possible and made to come about, – and we are not alone – as here’s where the conflict of interest comes into play, and why Jack Straw made the following comment in 1998; “Membership of secret societies such as Freemasonry, could raise suspicions of impartiality and objectivity”. Though this is what we are up against: “We don’t intend to publish lists of people… – We object to that, because we regard that as an intrusion on personal privacy, but we do encourage people to be completely open about their membership”. – Duke of Kent. – And to dispel any myths that this could never be possible, then let’s remind them, that on the 5th January 2012, Portugal’s Prime Minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, announced guidelines to all their politicians in government, – in which they are to declare their membership of the Freemason’s.

We can most certainly turn things around, – though one vital issue, that seems to keep conveniently being overlooked, – or when mentioned on many a forum, it’s seems to kop-a-deafen’ – yet the ‘truth’ of the matter, and as painful as it is, which is that if you don’t take away the main cancerous growth, then the remainder of the body will ravished with the disease and illness. – Like what has been said before, virtually all of our world governments are run by “people”, who are also virtually all members of the same secret society, – or indirectly connected to it,- and unless this fundamental issue isn’t addressed, then all else is a folly and pure farce to the greatest degree. – I understand this matter is very sensitive among many on the Facebook arena, – so called “Truth Movements”, whom don’t seem to like having to confront the “Truth”, and the reason for this, – in which we are aware of, many people are members of so called “secret societies”, fraternities, soroties and other clubs in general, and that many a well educated person, whom we could say is more likely to be “middle-class”, as opposed to working-class, – and so seem to take such a proposition of a ban on members of secret societies, from also being able to serve as members of our governments and their related bodies, – as a threat to their own existence. Though let me assure them this is very unlikely to be the case, unless of course you are a member of government, then of course such a ban would. We cannot be expected to go out on peace rallies or protest marches and to join in an ‘Occupy Camp’ – somewhere in town near you; – if we are not going to sincerely and honestly tackle the actual source’s of what’s continuously causing such wars and corruption within our societies, that leads onto all these problems; thus wars, marches and protests will just forever be on the carousel of life, and we are never going to find the solution, – yet it really doesn’t have to be like this and why the following cause has to be considered, it might not be the precise solution, though this is a good way to bring it to a wider audience of people, as we need groups of educated, open minded, spiritual and above all; truth seeking individuals, that can come together on this issue, – and from the most widest spectrum from concern individuals from all around the world.

We seek those kinds of people with creative energies to help us work on the finer details concerning this issue, – which we propose followers of all truth movements to adopt, – as the likes of Anonymous, Wikileaks, and of course all the “Occupy Camp” and “Truth Movements”, should be able to use this as a critical negotiating tool, – as by us confronting this issue of “secret society” members, also being members of our governments, – thus in direct conflict of the real reasons they have been elected and appointed to serve us the public, as opposed to having to be obligated to their secret societies. – Contact your own PM and MP, member of Congress, or whoever the right people are in your own countries, asking them; “Are you going to adopt the same guidelines, as that of the Portuguese Prime Minister?” The bare minimum we should expect – is a public registers, that list members of clubs, including secret societies, or societies with secrets, such in the case of the Freemasons, and where the public can consult such registers, to see if there is perhaps any conflict of interest. As let me remind you of those 13 members of the British Army Management Board, when in 1991, they were ‘all’ Freemason’s. The board comprised of a mix of politicians, and top army officers, – this board, and many more like them, exercises authority over all forms of appointment’s, ranking and promotion in the army and procurement deals and contracts that are awarded to companies well known for their ‘illegal’ activities, and whom have been fined millions of pounds for such offences, – such as BAE Systems, – and perhaps now we know why it’s going to cost the tax-payer to build Britain’s controversial new aircraft carriers £7bn, compared with the £5.2bn cost disclosed by the Ministry of Defence in 2010, – and up from the £3.9bn budget announced when the contract was originally signed in July 2008. The BBC reported on the 28th April that; one defence industry veteran said the final bill was bound to be nearer £10bn, though a government official insisted that was way over the top.

But here’s the real problem, because this is just ‘one’ project out of 1000’s, – our roads, railways, social housing, schools, municipal buildings, hospitals and the whole NHS service and many other groups, organisations and establishments, – that are too overlooked and run by a handful of ‘trusted persons’, whom probably are still to this day members of a fraternity that admits it’s a society with many secrets.

This request; that members of the government and their related bodies, should have to declare their involvement with the Freemason’s is not new, and in some cases and professions; ‘voluntary declaration’ is asked, – though who’s policing it, and why volunteer if it’s not a legal requirement? The crux of the matter is, – and for real transparency to begin to happen, then we the public have the right to know, who is, and who isn’t a member of a secret society whilst working for our governments, and more important, their resignations from either their appointed positions, or their membership from the ‘secret society’, such as the Freemasons. A law is required, so that a complete list and register of names are available for public scrutiny.

– JOIN THE CAUSE – Based on compassion, love a unity – for real openness & justice – the solution is: the world needs transparency in its governments – we want to live in an open society fit the 21st century – not trapped in circa 1776. – Help give light and awareness to all of men & women, – and not the privileged few! –


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