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Encyclopaedia Britannica’s – silence on Venus?

December 21, 2011

The reason why the majority of the fraternity doesn’t know about this intriguing ancient mystery, I’ll rephrase that, – most probably didn’t really know about it, until authors such as Dan Brown brought it to the attention and to a much wider audience in his book the Da Vinci Code back in 2003, – is because as we know, Freemasonry is a pyramidal system of various degrees, and the higher you climb through the degrees, the more ancient secrets are revealed and taught to the initiate.  The following ancient secret was/is not revealed to the selected candidate, until they have reached the higher echelons within the Order.  Even as I write, there are still billions of people who are totally ignorant to what I am about to explain, as oddly enough, – then again it isn’t really that odd, because as I’ve already said, the Freemasons own virtually all the publishing houses.

     Despite explaining virtually every scientifically known aspect, fact and minute detail about the planet Venus, – the Encyclopaedia Britannica’s entry on the planet doesn’t mention or include the tracing of a pentagram, in other words, it doesn’t seem to wish point out that there is an eight-year pentagonal cycle of Venus, where it virtually makes a near on perfect Pentagram shape in that period whilst orbiting the Sun, it’s almost as if it’s such a guarded secret, they don’t want to share this knowledge with anyone else outside their circles, which is rather futile, because as you will see this fact is hardly a secret anymore.

     As there are many others who too know about this anomaly with Venus, such as astronomers and astrologers, and those who perhaps already revere a Luciferian path, or worshiper’s of Wiccan, witchcraft, and the occult in general.  And of course, there are those millions who have read the Da Vinci Code and other publications that too mention this extraordinary unusual shape for an orbiting planet to make. –     

    Though did as many of these people understand it’s true significance, and particularly to that of the year 2012?

     Though it must be said between the geeks and freaks into this Pentagram cycle debate, some seem to love coming across that little bit pedantic, and have formed a camp who says it doesn’t occur whatsoever.  Okay, fair enough they might be right in regards to the actual transit path of Venus, but let’s look closer as to what really does happen.

     The Pentagram [pentacle or pent-alpha], has five points that defines its unique shape.  So like as in dot to dot drawing, if you erased the actual lines of the pentagram shape, but left its points in their positions, then with a rule and pencil, you would obviously be able to retrace the lines from point to point, and without having to remove the pencil, reform the shape of the pentagram.  And this is what we’re looking at, ‘the points’ of the pentagram, so with that in mind, the following is what’s happening.

     A superior conjunction occurs when Venus is behind the Sun and the inferior conjunction is when Venus is between Earth and the Sun; in both cases Venus is not visible.  But it is true that plotting the [4] reappearance of Venus’s westward angle from the Sun, over five consecutive synodic periods, [when the same astronomical objects are aligned], it will create “the points of a pentagram”.  This period is approximately 584 days long, each period determining a different point of the observed pentagram, – taking approximately eight years, five days to complete the figure.  One would get a pentagram by picking ‘any’ sunrise date on which the morning star is prominent and then repeating the observation at 584 day intervals following that date.  I’ve simplified that explanation of Trevor W. McKeown’s calculations, and text reviewed by Dr. Leigh Hunt Palmer. [2][3]

     I still find it remarkable that considering it’s known Venus does in fact form the points of the Pentagram every 8 years of its orbit, that this observation surely at least deserves a mention in books such as the Encyclopaedia Britannica, with perhaps the fuller mathematical equation as to what’s really taking place here.  But then again, perhaps the “Freemasons” think they ought to own the ‘copyright’ to such information, as after all it’s part of their program of teaching to the initiate as he ascends Jacob’s Ladder to find the “hidden” mysteries with their own closeted world.

     So I contacted the Encyclopaedia Britannica, and asked them why hadn’t they mentioned this fact about Venus forming the points of the Pentagram every 8 years of its orbit, when on the 4th March 2011, they responded stating: “The editors reviewed your comments, and they believe our current article is sufficient for the ‘general reader’”.  And there you go, straight from the horse’s mouth, this information is not privy for the ‘general reader’, they’d prefer to keep the fact to their own rituals and ceremonies etc., because after all, how can you fail to mention such a fascinating fact?

     The Encyclopaedia Britannica, has long been in the hands of the Freemasons, its founder printer Colin Macfarquhar, was a member of the Masonic linked; Society of Gentlemen in Scotland.  The company was founded in Edinburgh, Scotland in the 18th century, in the environment of the Scottish Enlightenment.  Macfarquhar, and engraver Andrew Bell, formed a partnership to create a new book that would embody this new spirit enlightenment and scholarship. [5] Though what’s not mentioned, though it’s certainly enlightening, is that within its pages, – there are many stories, detail’s, and information, – that is, or was, either incorrect, bias, racist and sexist, – among many other negative contributions that have been included within their editions both past and present.

     William Smellie was engaged to edit the original first edition, a three-volume work at the beginning in 1768.  Smellie was a Freemason, and member of the Royal Society, in which the Invisible College was a precursor to the Royal Society of the United Kingdom, whom Sir Christopher Wren was a founder member.  The idea of an ‘invisible college’ became influential in seventeenth century Europe, in particular, in the form of a network of academics or intellectuals exchanging ideas.  The invisible college idea is exemplified by the network of astronomers, professors, mathematicians, and natural philosophers in 16th century Europe, [6] and in earlier times  included certain Hegelian aspects of secret societies and occultism, as there was a large overlap between membership of the Royal Society, Freemasons and even more secretive esoteric groups such as the ‘Cabala Club’. [7] – The world’s oldest continuously-published encyclopaedia, is now owned by Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., which is an American company.

     In 1920, the trademark and publication rights were sold to Sears Roebuck, which held them until 1943, when ownership passed to Freemason William Benton, who attended Yale University, where he was admitted to the Zeta Psi fraternity.  English writer and former priest Joseph McCabe claimed in: Lies and Fallacies of the Encyclopaedia Britannica [1947] that after the 11th edition, the Britannica was censored under pressure from the Roman Catholic Church.  American physicist Harvey Einbinder detailed failings of the 14th edition in his 1964 book: The Myth of the Britannica. [5]

     Even as recent as February 2010, the Evening Herald, an Irish Newspaper said: “Britannica offers a farcically ‘inaccurate version’ of the country’s history”. An opposition senator said: “This screwy version of events is a gross insult to our people and our history. That it is being used to educate our children is even more ridiculous. The Department of Education”, which paid €450,000 to give children in school online access to the Encyclopaedia, said it was; “Disappointed”. [5]

     You can imagine what many back dated editions had to say about other races, and believe me, even still to this day it’s full of such inconsistencies and falsehoods, and I could go on and on about such criticisms of Britannica, but simply don’t have the room here, as after all the size of the Britannica has remained roughly the same over 70 years, with about 40 million words on half a million topics.

     In January 1996, the company was purchased by 33rd Degree Freemason and billionaire Swiss financier Jacqui Safra for $136 million.  Jacqui [Jacob] Eli Safra is a descendant of the Syrian-Swiss Jewish Safra banking family, and nephew of the 33rd Degree Freemason Edmond J. Safra, who died in1999, was a Jewish Brazilian-naturalised, Lebanese banker who continued the family tradition of banking in Lebanon, Brazil and Switzerland.  The company was one of the first to offer encyclopaedia content online and currently publishes in several mediums, including DVD and through its website.  In association with the company LexisNexis in the 1980’s, whose creator was Freemason; H. Donald Wilson, and who died in 2006, and also graduated from Yale University, where he was a member of the Berzelius secret fraternity, which was once known as the Colony Club, and is said to be fashioned on the Skull & Bones of the Sheff societies, [as in Sheffield], with a serious mission and purpose.  The surviving Sheff – societies, became senior societies when the residential college system [8] was introduced in the 1930’s, and have a strong tradition in the sciences, hence Benton’s and Wilson’s role with Britannica.

     Today in 2011, it has several international projects developing educational materials in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Italy, France, Spain, Latin America, Turkey, Hungary, and Poland. [5] – 100 years have since past, when Prof. George L. Burr, wrote in reference to Britannica in; The American Historical Review in 1911, the following, – which is only a part of that original quote; “…This, too-this reliance on editorial energy instead of on ripe special learning-may, alas, be also counted an ‘Americanising’: for certainly nothing has so cheapened the scholarship of our American encyclopaedias”.  So all I can say, you can imagine what influence Britannica has made to the world in the past century, and now their online the coming next!

 Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –

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