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‘Occupy Camps of the World’; until you address this, then all else is fruitless…

November 30, 2011

     People of the world and particularly those in the present ‘occupy camps’ around the world, need to understand that the most fundamental objective and this should be taken full advantage of, which is to make sure the people of the world, – who are all kicking off in various parts of the planet, get their voices heard, and as importantly, – ‘their demands known off’;  As not so many people seem to be coming out with solid concrete ideas, – as what I am saying is a strong foundation to work from, though no need for hands of Masons to lay this, as this must be laid by the people, it must be solid enough to support the world.   Presently are world governments are so corrupt, infiltrated and over run by nepotistic chums whom appoint their buddies into positions that uphold and help cover-up all this stealing of trillions from our world public purses, – they’ve distracted us for so long, so whilst we’re watching the football match, news about the middle-east, constant threat of cuts, wars and crime – these lot have been running out the back doors with trillions of dollars, pounds, Euro’s, gold, you name it, they’ve stolen it from us, and they haven’t even yet really started as it costs trillions to fund a world war.  And until we address these issues, then any demand to banking reform etc. is not worth the paper it’s written on. 

     If we can address and get passed certain laws and regulations, then the world may be able to move on in openness and full transparency, though this can only be possible if the present nepotistic corrupt system, in the guise of a Demockracy, – as the only true alternative we have ever had, is the offer of the Blue pill or Red pill, – we have been lied to, – it’s plain and simple, – and they have been exposed in doing so, and too know it, – thus want to led us into WWIII, – so are now kicking the heels of Iran and causing all sort of trouble in Africa at the mo.  

     For time memorial, these elite members of the same secret society, have rode the merry-go- round, – elite families whom simply pass the baton of fame and fortune from one pirate family to the other.  And every demonstration, protest march or rally, will be in vain if we the people don’t address these vitally deep-rooted flaws that have suffocated any chance of ‘real democracy’, as it pervades all our world governments, villages, towns and cities.  Don’t even bother raises your voices or pitching your tents, if you’re not brave enough to stand up and demand it should be illegal for any member of our local town-halls, police forces and armies, though particularly, and should be dealt with first; is our judiciary and those members of parliament, the House Lords etc. – as laws need to be introduced that prevent members of these nepotistic secret societies, – whom almost all these people belong to the same ‘one’ – from also being able to serve the public in these public serving positions of power and role.  The only sincere, true and genuinely honest way to help change this world of ours into a better place for everyone, is to sign the following petition and make these points known about and heard, raise these objectives as parts of ‘our’ demands, the planet is screaming out for justice and now is the time to act, so we get it right for all our children’s futures.

     We need to also make sure that all companies, no matter where the head office or origins are from or based, – must pay their full 100% income tax on all products that are sold within any one country.  Tax those on really high incomes, even more.  And then it’s up to you lot to come up with more ideas, though failing to address issue one; the petition, then like I say, everything else is pointless. 

Viva the peoples revolution – power to the people, power to the people right on!


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