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Gangsters run the world

November 28, 2011

Our world is run by small groups of gangs, which in turn are run by bigger groups of gangsters, – and not by the kind of men we’ve come to expect,- such as those like Al Capone, Bugs-Moran, Jack Legs-Diamond, Ronnie and Reggie Kray or even Pablo Escobar, nor any of today’s modern day villains, who I’m not even going to give credence to by mentioning any of their names, – as basically, one – there’s just too many of them, and two – most of them are just a bunch of individual wanker’s, – and nowadays everyone thinks they’re a gangster, – and the reason why the world is an even more dangerous place to live in than perhaps it ever was before, as you’re more likely to get shot by the 14 year old crack dealer living next door, than by anyone else in this world.  And anyhow, not one of these just mentioned people are the kinds of gangsters I am referring to, as the ones I’m talking about normally wear handmade Saville Row pinstriped suits and Harris Tweed kilts.

Previously, these sorts of characters predominately spoke as if they had a plum in their mouth, – an over exaggerated Yorkshire accent, or mouthful of Haggis.  Though of course these sorts still exist, but the net has been spread even wider, and the likes of Billy boy Clinton, war criminal Tony Blair, Jake the Peg-Cameron and his extra Clegg, two jags Lord oh mercy-Prescott or Yo-Blair-Bush, can be seen fraternising among them and alongside the many others who sit upon their green, blue or red leather clad thrones and seats, donned in silk gowns, sashes, black-caps, wigs and full length stockings, – whilst others can be seen wearing military uniforms, adorned and decorated in crests, medals and ribbons, making the old military dictator and once President of Uganda, Idi Amin, look rather underdressed and simplified, and who would have thought that possible.

Then there’s those lot who regularly wear top-hats symbolising their status as 3rd Degree Master Mason’s, and tails and not just at weddings or Royal Ascot meetings, whilst others weld leather crops, Jodhpur pants and riding boots, whilst frolicking about with glasses of pink champagne and Polo T-shirts, and when not doing that, perhaps holding their deerstalkers, hip flasks and double barrel shooters, or donning straw-boaters, white trousers and multi coloured blazers and guzzling even more glasses of Dom Perignon’s White Gold champagne from jeroboam size bottles at $40,000 a time, accompanied with Beluga caviar, in between snorting lines of the world’s finest Columbian cocaine, and puffing on the aromatic thigh rolled Cuban cigars in between lugs on a joint of Nepalese temple-ball hashish, – a purified resin mixed with white specks of opium.

And if not this kind of attire or activity, – then perhaps the Islamic or Persian Arabian Knights kind of look is more the rage, with Fez’s, tassels and crescent shaped motifs with swords and daggers etc., and last but not least, the Clown or Jesters outfits that many a gangster loves to be seen in, but not recognised.  Many of these sorts, have more than two or three homes of residence, and have attended the finest of private schools, and received the best of educations, though of course a lot of them haven’t, but nevertheless what these kind of legitimate gangsters all have in common, – is that they’ve all had to reveal their “scab-free” shins and calf muscles, [in ancient times the sign of a healthy stonemason] which is an essential part of their initiation and oath taking ceremony that will permit them to become a member of this worldwide secret society, and if you’re not one of them, then you’re simply not in the gang.  Of course there are millions of lower ranking Freemasons, who I keep saying are the foot soldiers, and whose job it is to help make the fraternity run smoothly, – but I’m talking about those on the much higher Degrees.

The sort of gang member’s who George W. Bush, was addressing at some fancy function when he said: “This is an impressive crowd: the haves, – and the have-mores! – Then went on to say: “Some people call you the elite, I call you my base”.  Because it goes without saying; among many other rich families and individuals, and we all know about the Astors, Bundy’s, Collins, Dupont’s, Kennedy’s, Onassis, Rhodes, Li, Reynolds, Oppenheimer’s, Morgan’s, Rockefeller’s, Van Dyn’s, Freeman’s, Russell and the Rothschild’s-George Soros etc. – and in which whose dynasties are still at the top of the illuminati cabal, – there are the new money and kids on the block, like that of the Bush’s and Clintons.  – Didn’t the boy’s do financially well, and in such a short space of time, as did Blair, and who would love to be in this league, – so they let him believe he is by fraternising with him in on the sidelines, and patting him on the head every now and again.

Then of course, we have our own royal family, the Wettin-Saxe-Coburg and Gotha-Windsor’s, alias “The Firm”, – overlooked and protected by – alias “The Establishment” here in the UK, and of course their bloods in other countries all over the world.  Then there are those in the middle-east, like that of the Saudi Arabian’s, or the many other countries that too all have their own monarchies. – Then among today’s big players are those richest men such as Mexican Carlos Slim Helú, American William Henry Gates III and Warren Buffett, India’s Mukesh Ambani and Lakshmi Mittal, American Lawrence Ellison, France’s Bernard Arnault, Brazil’s Eike Batista, Spain’s Amancio Ortega and Germany’s Karl Albrecht who are the ten richest 33rd Degree Freemasons in the world and in that descending order in 2010.  Men, – who chose the arena of business, as opposed to politics.  Who do you think funds the likes of Blair, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Palin, McCain, Brown, Cameron and Glegg, etc.  Why of course, it’s those kind of rich industrialists who do, as there the kind of 30 degree upwards Freemasons, – and the ones who really pull the Masonic strings of the just mention groups of politicians, – via their rabbit warren of networks and think-tanks and fraternities, such as the Rotarians, who alone have 33,976 clubs and over 1.22 million members worldwide, and the Independent Order of Odd Fellows [IOOF], also known as the Three Link Fraternity, currently, there are about 12,000 lodges with nearly 600,000 members in the US and 120,000 members in the UK, – and not forgetting all the other kinds of groups of professional lobbyists, etc.

What you have to realise is, that almost, if not all of the following groups and organisation are headed, run and controlled by men who are Freemasons: the International Banking Cartel [IBC], is the same cartel that help created the International Monetary Fund [IMF], World Bank Group [WBG], and other private central banks like the Federal Reserve [The Fed] and the Bank of England [BoE]; as well as financing the United Nations [UN], World Health Organisation [WHO], and the World Trade Organisation [WTO], and have successfully sought to control, not only the purse strings of the governments of the world, but also their policies, laws and programs that those governments and agencies have implement.  The IBC are the same cartel, who financed two World Wars; [and no doubt will finance the third], the revolutions of Lenin/Stalin and Hitler, and in more recent times, the Cold War, the War on Drugs, and lately the War on Terror, no terror, equals no money, so it’s better to create it in order to make that money.  They created the financial crisis of the Great Depression, our present depression and no doubt the looming and even greater depression yet to befall us, because they have the authority to act on behalf of the IMF, WBG, the Fed, BoE and many other central banks, thus continuously putting nation after nation in massive debt to “them”.

The world’s been in recession for well over two years, and yet again the working classes have been put back to the starting line of life.  Trillions and trillions of pounds, dollars and euro’s have been stolen from all of us in the world’s biggest swindle and robbery committed by the world banks and aided and abetted by our crooked politicians, whom without their assistance it would have been impossible to have achieved in the first place. – Yet as such, and to date, no one has really been held to account, admitted responsibility, arrested or even jailed for this crime of the century.

Okay, so slimy eels such as Bernie Madoff with all your cash, have been incarcerated for his illegal Ponzi schemes, but he’s still relatively a small fish in a huge ocean of sharks, who so happened to have got caught-out whilst the other sharks remain swimming freely in our waters.  He was sentenced to 150 years in prison, but you watch, give it four or so years and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear he’s being released due to ill health reasons, but that is of course if he’s not found hanging in his cell sometime before this, made to look like suicide, though then again he might actually do it to himself?

On the second anniversary, the day his father was arrested, Mark Madoff aged 46 was found dead on the 11th December 2010 in the living room of his $6 million loft apartment.   He was hanging from a black dog lead while his 2 year-old son slept nearby, and it’s because his son was left asleep and so close by, as to why I reckon he was more likely murdered than him having committed suicide, which seems to be the official version.   The reason I have a gut-feeling he was murdered, is because no one, no matter how depressed or how much they’ve lost the plot, they wouldn’t leave a their 2 year old son like that, they’d simply make sure they’re either left with their mother, a relative, nanny or even a neighbour rather than leave them to have to wake up screaming not knowing what the hell is going on, and finding daddy swinging by the neck and up by the ceiling.  I reckon the choice of a dog lead was because it’s symbolic of him being a “dirty-dog”, it was on the second anniversary of he’s dad being arrested, and what better way is there to send a “we haven’t forget you” message to him whilst he’s incarcerated in prison.  And the reason the child remained unharmed and asleep, is because his killer/s weren’t that callous, – or that simply wasn’t part of the contract!

The so called trillions of pounds that has been siphoned out of the worlds economy’s doesn’t just disappear into thin air, – so obviously some elite group of people are sitting on it, stashed away in offshore bank accounts, hidden in vaults, stuffed under mattresses and scattered all around the globe. – Yet what are our Masonic governments around the world doing?  Instead of going after those who robbed us, they are cutting everything left, right and centre and putting to death the working classes ‘by a thousand cuts’.  And what does our unelected leader here in the UK come up with other than a Freemason’s DEMOS, Common Purpose dream: ‘The Third Way aka The Big Society’, “Work for fuck all, whilst making us richer!”  Old Jake the Peg with his extra Clegg, have got to come out with something better than that. – It’s been “kicking-off” in London, Paris and Athens, and spread to other countries such as Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, yet what’s happened to the Irish?  What they putting in the Liffey river nowadays, – sedatives?  I can’t believe they’re taking it so docilely, and their youth are not boding too well for the future, though I suppose in their defence they have had years of turmoil, so perhaps are holding onto the opportunity of peace, and who can blame them for that.  Mind you, – it’s been suggested the youth have all packed up and left the country, or on their way out.  I wonder if anyone of them noticed the design of the Ulster Bank’s Head Quarters, with its amass of pyramids capping each section of the building, – surely this enough to tell you who’s really running the show in Dublin.

Let’s not forget and look at the trillions of pounds, dollars and euro’s that have been ‘stolen’ out of the world’s economies, by a handful of deceitful cunts.   That kind of money doesn’t just simply disappear into thin air, now does it.  And it is because of reasons such as these, and with the abundance of distractions constantly taking place around you, that you could quite understandably not have realised or perhaps cannot see how grave a situation we are now living in, and what an unknowing and frightening future we’re all presently facing.  If our MP’s have all been caught out fiddling their expenses, can you imagine what it like around the rest of the world.  For the 15th year in a row the Court of Auditors has failed to approve the European Union’s accounts [1].   And billions and billions of pounds have either gone missing, or been siphoned off and cannot be accounted for, our MEP’s, MP’s, US Senators and all otherworld leaders are all gangsters, it’s no wonder there’s such a financial crisis in the world, but more so in the US, UK and Europe. – Yet despite all this, they’re still trying to drag us by the necks and force us to join the Euro, and we will no doubt eventually have to do so, as in time they will deliberately devalue Sterling so much, that we won’t have much bleeding choice, but to do so!

Don’t forget what they did to the Irish people who voted; “NO” in a fair referendum about joining the European zone completely, – but this wasn’t what the Masonic brotherhood in the Ulster Bank wanted to hear or see, – so simply made them vote again!  And this time around shitting the life out of the public, making them feel if they don’t vote; “YES” this second time around; Ireland’s economy will totally collapse, and their all perish in the process.  Now look at them! The Irish government claimed/lied more like, to have enough liquid cash to continue functioning until ‘sometime’ in 2011, but the continual injection of massive state funding into ruined banks, particularly Anglo Irish Bank, risks national bankruptcy.[2] 

     In August 2010, Standard & Poor’s downgraded the government’s credit rating.  On top of the billions they’ve already loaned, the European Union agreed to give a 67.5 billion Euro [$89.4 billion] in bailout loans to Ireland on the 28th November 2010, then following the resignation on the 23rd January 2011 of the Irish PM Brian Cowen, of the Fianna Fail party and traditionally the largest party in the country, – an election was scheduled for the 11th March 2011.  However, in a breakdown in the coalition, the Dáil was dissolved and the Irish General Election was move forward and took place on the 25th February 2011, Fianna Fail, certainly did as they had their biggest defeat ever.  Even though the Fine Gael party won with the highest number of seats, and with the Labour party in 2nd, Fianna Fail in 3rd and Sinn Féin in 4th position, a new ‘coalition government’ will still be reformed.

Meanwhile outside emerald isle, the workers and students are uniting and fires are burning in the streets, and it’s been said that’s the only way these sorts of cunts, oops, I mean cuts can be addressed and dealt with.  We the people haven’t lost trillions of pounds, – and to then help rub our noses into their stinking bullshit, these same bunch of corrupt bastards are still getting paid millions of pounds in bonuses!  I think we need to simply demand it back, after all it’s our countries money that’s been stolen, and from each and every one of us, – our countries economies desperately need it so we should simply get it back.  If I was in power, firstly I’d ask for a complete list of names of the various individuals and companies we owe this so called debt to, I’d the enforce emergency powers tomorrow and seize all the bank’s assets and recover the public’s money.  Those banks should be forced to handover the cash, and any mention of a bonus should be given in the form of a – “swift kick in the bollocks!”

If it was the likes of you or me, our front doors would be hanging of their hinges and an army of truncheon wielding police officers would be raining them down on our heads, our homes turned upside down, whilst the other officers would be dragging us by the handcuffs down to the local nick for an interrogation and probably a further beating! – Yet instead look what’s really happening, and as I write more billions of pounds, dollars and euro’s are being wasted trying to simply pay off the interest on the debts, – money owed to a handful of elitists Masonic crooks, – quite frankly we should all default on all the debts and start with a fresh slate tomorrow. – After all there “not our debts”, we didn’t lose all those trillions, let’s liquidate their assets not the public’s, and then declare the country bankrupt if we have to, I’ve had to, and so did China in the early 1900’s, when they reneged on millions of pounds of debt owed to the rest of the world, including the 1913 £25 million Gold Loan Bonds, – yet now look at their economy now!

The poor, – therefore you could say millions of ordinary people here in the UK and Europe have nothing to lose anyway, so why not do it here and right now?  The working classes can’t get any poorer and this time around the rich should have to suffer the loss just like the rest of us.  All Jake the Peg with his extra Clegg, alongside the “Chancer” of the Exchequer George Osborne did in the House of Commons on the 20th October 2010, when they announced the UK’s biggest spending cuts in decades, telling MPs; today is the day that Britain steps back from the brink, – was just to continue with this public charade.

I explain more precise and fully further on, but all that really happens in the Masonic world of politics, is that the new incoming party always inherits a massive debt, because all those previously in power robbed all the money in the cash till before doing a runner, and was the reason the electorate had just kicked them out in the first place.

If we’re expected to live in a CCTV society, then perhaps they should be mounted in the offices of those who sign the business contracts, procurement deals and expense claims forms etc.

So, like it is now, all the new and present coalition government need to do is simply wipe the slate clean, push everything off the table and back onto the floor, rip up and stop any present business contracts and deals that were in the pipeline, and that were obviously being awarded to “pro-Labour” Freemasons, and then rewritten and redrafted, but this time around awarding the contracts to “pro-Conservative and pro-Liberal” Freemasons and their businesses instead, – and armed with such “insider-dealer” knowledge they now know exactly where the smart money is going to go and where the billions of pounds in shares and hedge funds is going to be spent next, – simples!

Then as their turn in office goes by, and they too slowly but surely rob and steal from the public purse as much as they too possibly can, – though done so discretely as their hoping not to be caught out straight away, and will get another term in office thus given the opportunity to steal even more money.

Nevertheless, it’s the Masonic obligatory duty to give the opposition the chance to be able to offer us “change”, but more importantly, this system only exists so it “appears” to give the impression that on the surface we live in a “free and democratic” world, which would be true if whoever did get into power was non-Masonic, but as this has never ever happened in hundreds of years, then this form of utopia has never really had the opportunity to manifest itself.

So anyway, when it becomes too obvious to us that those in power have been well and truly at it, that their noses are dripping of pig’s swill and the smell of bullshit gets far too much to bear and the excrement is about to splatter all over the fan, – we’re then force fed all the same old rhetoric and bollocks via the Masonic press and media in general whose job it is to end up making us think we’ve had a right result when we’re granted the privilege to vote the bastards back out again.

Yet all we’ve done is replaced them with exactly the “same kind”, because as I’ve said the incoming politicians are also Freemasons, so the agenda and game always remains the same, the carousel continues spin in the same direction, and all they do is pretend they’re in opposition whilst getting their chance to make themselves and their members rich by starting the stealing and pillaging all over again, and is the reason why we’re trapped in this Masonic world of theirs.  Even when it looked like a chance that the illuminati and their rich elitist families were about to be abolished, when Oliver Cromwell, who was one of the commanders of the New Model Army which defeated the royalists in the English Civil War, following the execution of King Charles I in 1649.

It turned out that Cromwell was too a Freemason, in fact many theorist go one step further and actual accredit British Freemasonry being created by Francis Bacon and Oliver Cromwell.  On the 1st of May 1776 when the Bavarian Illuminati was formed by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt, and on the 4th July 1776 when America declared their independence, that very same year, one of the first ships commissioned to serve in the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War, was christened the Oliver Cromwell.[3]

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World; –

[1] “EU report shows high percentage of budget “open to corruption …” <;.

[2] “Ireland moves closer to state bankruptcy.” <;.

[3] <;.


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  1. Love it!! Thanks for the article.

    • Cheers, excuse for not replying earlier, – check out my other none mincing words as to what the fuck is really happening around us.., Tiamw…

  2. I loved the article. My question is, what should the individual do? Should we inspire more people to get into politics?

    • Yes, as we need a new party and one where no members are members of secret societies – and ban all members of government if they insist on being a Freemason – you can’t can’t serve two conflicting masters or servants.

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