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Our right to know who’s a Freemason

November 27, 2011

Ever since I first read the book The Brotherhood, an exposé about the Freemasons by Stephen Knight in 1984, it helped open my eyes to the kinds skulduggery our British police force were capable of getting up to, and that little did I realise that shortly afterwards, I too was to bear the full brunt of how deliberately violent, devious and corrupt they could be, when I was first framed by a bent policeman for what I’ve already mentioned, for a serious crime [GBH sec 18 on a Policeman], I never even committed!

And ironically as a result of these experiences in some way or another I reluctantly began to get involved in crime and therefore became an understandable and natural target for the police in general.

My first conclusions about Freemasonry was that it was obviously a closed-shop sect to that of your average everyday working class bloke like me, it had some connection to ancient Egypt, was on the peripheral of the occult, involved something to do with various degrees and levels to aspire too and was basically a secret society with a few high ranking members from the royal family, the world of show business and politics etc.

As I’ve said worldwide Freemasonry membership is estimated at around six million, [which I reckon is well underestimated], including approximately 150,000 in Scotland and Ireland, over a quarter of a million under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodge of England and just under two million in the United States, so on these figures, Great Britain has at least 400,000 Freemasons lurking in the shadows.

It’s worth noting that the majority of those six million are married or in some kind of a relationship, and that their partners will also normally belong to some kind of fraternity and no doubt make “Worthy Matron’s” in such frat’s like the Eastern Star, or the Honourable Fraternity of Ancient Freemasons [HFAF], [1] a fraternity for women and organised by women. It was founded in 1913 and membership is open to women of any race or religion, who are able to profess a belief in a Supreme Being, and who many carry as much clout and influence in their positions throughout the many industries and seats of power they too may occupy, just look at Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and Michelle Obama for instance.

Let’s briefly look at some more of these sorts of women.  In a frantic, and desperate bid to prevent the truth from coming out, in January 2009, Harriet Harman, the then Leader of the House of Commons, tabled a motion which would exempt MP’s expenses from being disclosed under a “Freedom of Information” request, in order to prevent any further disclosure of information. [2]

In May 2009 The Daily Telegraph, as part of its exposure of MP’s expenses claims, questioned whether the property in Nadine Dorries’s constituency, on which she claimed £24,222 additional costs allowance [for secondary housing costs], had been in fact her main or only home from 2007 onwards. – Married couple and the then Labour Cabinet ministers Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper were accused in September 2007 of exploiting the Commons allowances system in order to pay for a £655,000 house in London. – Married Conservative MP’s Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton were accused in June 2008 of claiming back mortgage interest on a mortgage they had fully repaid, on a flat they owned in London, and then also placing the flat in trust and claiming for rent on it.  It was held there had been a clear breach of the rules, but no repayment was ordered, whereas the likes of me and you would have been jailed for fraud.  Married Labour MPs, Alan and Ann Keen, claimed £45,000 in expenses for their second home while rarely staying in their main home. [2]

And last, but not least, and what I mean by that, I mean listed here, as we know that the expenses scandal involved almost ever corrupt MP within the UK. – The then Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was stated to have claimed for her main home by designating it as a second home, while identifying as her main home a location she spent as little as two days a week, and despite also having access to a “grace and favour” home in Westminster.  A string of further claims came to light in 2009, [2] including various domestic items and a claim for essentials such as two pornographic films viewed by her husband Richard Timney, whilst she sat there with her eyes closed.

According to the Office of National Statistics, in mid-2007 there were 31.0 million women compared with 29.9 million men in the UK population.  It’s very difficult to get a precise figure here because of the age groups, and the unlikelihood you’re get a Freemason under the age of 21 years old.  So on these present statistics, it should be safe to assume an approximate figure that there must be around one in thirty to thirty five males aged 21 to 70 who form a secret link with the country’s most powerful secret society.  Secret Masonic links that can and at various times are used by unscrupulous businessmen and other likewise individuals to compromise the independence and integrity of those in the royal family, central government, PM’s, MP’s, MEP’s, local government, town halls, planning departments etc., civil servants, the judiciary, judges, barristers, solicitors, lawyers, our intelligence services, the armed forces, police force and scientists, our schools, universities and the world of academia in general, as is the world of all our media.

And as economic pressures regularly increase and grow like they have throughout the late noughties and now in 2011, and will continue to do so into the near future and beyond, and so does the temptation to abuse the Masonic network for private gain, and getting their grubby little white gloved hands on our once publically owned companies, industries and land etc. – and will do for a song.

As I’ve said, – all this recession lark still gives rise for them to line their pockets out of the public purse, though only achievable with their dodgy schemes such as resurfacing a road that’s not long been covered in tarmac, or laying miles upon miles of road cones, whilst no actual road works or maintenance is being done, – and the actual labour involved was putting them out in the first place and then simply recollecting them all up again, before starting the process all over again.  Building sites are started on, then soon after abandoned, whilst meanwhile starting on another one and just keep on doing do so, then continuously rotate your workforce of sub-contractors around each site, doing a little bit here and a little bit there, but never quite completing the job and dragging out the project for as long as you can get away with it.

The same applies to rail tracks and the London underground system etc., where these kind of jobs and contracts go on and on, – millions have been claimed by Freemason sub-contractors for works that were never even carried out of completed on various train stations as part of various rejuvenation programs, and at times claiming wages for workers making cups of tea at £50 plus an hour, but paying the worker £8, and divvying up the rest between those in on the scam.

But more importantly, they will now be able to privatise whatever they can get their greedy Masonic mitts on, – services and facilities we need as a nation, will be stopped, – thousands will be sacked without pay, or if lucky, made redundant with a pittance of a payoff, if of course their lucky enough to get anything.  But as we need many of these vital and essential services, – they will then have to be reinstated again, and the only difference this time around will be will a group of shareholders to contend with instead and who only interested in making a huge profit, – it’s not rocket science, but the price of everything will simply have to go up and up and up, – they did it with our railways, our water, gas, electric, telephone, oil etc., and will [already are more like], soon own are NHS, healthcare, care-homes, hospitals, prisons, schools, universities, public land and property, almost every other kind of public service will be eventually fully or at the least part privatised.  But here’s the truth why we really lost “our” vital industries to privatisation?

Our oil, rail networks, electricity, gas and water board companies all in which are highly efficient and incredibly profitable sectors and earning their current owners and shares holders billions.  It’s fruitless trying to point out that theses industries were in chaos and in disrepair prior to their privatisation, as this was done and created on purpose by those in certain positions of power and control anyway, – men who in the public arena were on opposite sides of the tables, i.e. corrupt management and corrupt union representatives.  But one little factor that’s always overlooked, – which is those very same men in an alleged opposition to each other, – are in fact Freemasons working together with the same goal in mind, – which is making vast amounts of money for those above them whilst lining their own pockets in the process.

For real transparency to happen, then we the public have to right to know who is and who isn’t a Freemason, a law is required so that a complete list and register of names are available for public scrutiny.  And that further laws and regulations need to be established, so as a Freemason cannot be allowed to be elected, appointed or employed in certain key positions and rolls, whether in the private or public sectors, as the time of spinning the double headed queen/phoenix coin, has got to be stopped.

The Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent, is head of the “secretive organisation”, [3] being the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England [UGLE]. [4] In 2008 a branch of the Freemasons was formed by members of the Royal Household and police officers who protect the Royal Family, calling it “The Royal Household Lodge”.  In 1997, Tony Blair’s election manifesto promised to compile a register of Freemason’s in public life.  Then in February 1998 following being elected, he allegedly ordered the then Home Secretary Jack Straw, to say it would soon be a requirement for all new appointments to the judiciary, police, legally qualified staff of the Crown Prosecution Service and probation and prison services to declare their membership in Masonic organisations.

In 1999 more than 240 judges and over 1,000 magistrates in the UK owned up to being Freemason’s. [Many more of course didn’t declare, and because Blair’s original pledge in regards to this matter was since overturned, it’s now been made impossible to get the true figures for the year 2010/11 or for the future years to come.]  Many if not all MP’s are Freemason’s, as are barristers, solicitors and policeman.

There are no known correct figures that can verify precisely who is, or who isn’t a Freemason among these groups and most probably the reason why Jack Straw, and who was still then the Secretary of State for Justice and the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain and had been since June 2007, decided in 2010 [as we know Labour were defeated in May 2010], to “no longer force” applicants for the judiciary to declare whether they’re a Freemason or not. [5] And nevertheless, if you’re all in the “same club”, then you’re hardly likely to insist that they have to declare their involvement, or inform on a fellow brother that they are anyway.

Apart from these just quoted establishments, organisations and their said vocations, many other lower degree Freemason’s from all sorts of other professions and businesses help make up the bulk of the Freemason’s membership that according to their own figures there are at least 400,000 members here in the UK, with well in excess of 5,500,000 more worldwide. Though this isn’t taking into account other fringe groups and fraternities such as the Rotary Club, which claim to have 1.2 million Rotarian’s as members worldwide, and whom in a sense technically purport to be independent of Freemasonry, as do the Independent Order of Odd Fellows [IOOF] “Odd Fellows”, [6] claimed to be the “largest united international fraternal order in the world under one head”, with every lodge working with the Sovereign Grand Lodge located in the United States, and alongside the British “Independent Order of Oddfellows, Manchester Unity”, currently, there are about 12,000 lodges with nearly 600,000 members.  Moose International is a fraternal and service organisation founded in 1888, consisting of the Loyal Order of Moose, with nearly 1 million men in roughly 2,000 Lodges, in all 50 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces, plus Great Britain and Bermuda; and the Women of the Moose with more than 400,000 members in roughly 1,600 Chapters in the same areas. [7] Lions Clubs International [LCI] is a non-profit club with over 44,500 clubs and more than 1.3 million members in 206 countries around the world.  In addition there are millions of worldwide members of the Alpha, Delta, Kappa Greek fraternities whom all as an amalgamation act as a tentacle within the overall body and agenda of the “Illuminati Masonic movement”, so therefore indirectly act as foot soldiers with their additional eyes, ears and mouthpieces for this Masonic world they all reside in, whether they know of it, or agree to do so or not in the first place is irrelevant, – because that’s in fact what they all really are.

I am not alone with my anti-Masonic stance, and particularly in its present form, as such anti-Masonic feelings date back as far as 1869 when Rev. C.G. Finney wrote in his book: The Character, Claims and Practical Workings of Freemasonry, the following passage, but before you read it, please bear in mind as I keep constantly saying, that the majority of all members of the Houses of Parliament and the House of Congress in the US, are Alpha, Delta, Kappa like members and Freemasons of one kind of oath taking fraternity or another, and only a handful, not hundreds of people were involved in the main and important parts of what happened on 9/11/2001.  “Can a man who has taken and still adheres to the oath of the Royal Arch degree be trusted in office?  He swears to espouse the cause of a companion of this degree when involved in any difficulty, so far as to extricate him from the same, whether he be right or wrong.  He swears to conceal his crimes, murder and treason not excepted.  He swears to give a companion of this degree timely notice of any approaching danger that may be known to him. Now is a man bound fast by such an oath to be entrusted with office?  Ought he to be accepted as a witness, a juror-when a Freemason is a party, in any case-a sheriff, constable, or marshal; ought he to be trusted with the office of a judge or justice of the peace?  Gentlemen, you know he ought not, and you would despise me should I not be faithful in warning the public against entrusting such men with office”.  Finney was a third-degree Master Mason for eight years and joined the Meridihi peoplean Sun Lodge No. 32 in Warren, New York, around age 24 in 1816. [8]

However, he left Freemasonry later in life.  “I soon found that I was completely converted from Freemasonry to Christ, and that I could have no fellowship with any of the proceedings of the lodge.  Its oaths appeared to me to be monstrously profane and barbarous”.  Finney came to believe that part of his oath as a Master Mason was immoral and that Masonry was dangerous to civil government, evidenced by the alleged murder of William Morgan [1774–1826?] who was a resident of Batavia, New York, whose disappearance ignited a powerful anti-Freemason movement in the United States in the early 19th century.  After stating his intention to write a book exposing Freemasonry’s secrets, Morgan was arrested, kidnapped, and then apparently killed.  His disappearance sparked a public outcry and launched the formation of a new Anti-Masonic Party. [9]

I also cover the Morgan case further on, and think we need to help reform a newer anti-Masonic Party now today in 2011, any volunteers?

British Historian and former officer with the 11th Hussars, turned author Anthony Beevor, was told by a leading Freemason, that all thirteen [the Masonic number] members of the British Army Management Board in 1991 were Freemasons.  Though the board comprised of a mix of politicians and top army officers, – that if their all wearing the “same apron” as they stand gawping at the delights in the trough, then it goes without saying, that many a blind all-seeing-eye, will be turned.  This board exercises authority over all forms of appointment’s, ranking and promotion in the army, – and perhaps we now know why it’s costing the taxpayer over £1 billion for the Royal Navy’s newest and largest attack submarine HMS Astute which run aground off Skye on the 22nd of October 2010.

Fair enough, so it was a Tory government in 1991, but this is just further evidence they’re all the same, and isn’t it ironic, that also in that same year Defence Secretary Tom King confirmed; Britain was to reduce the amount it spends on the army by more than a quarter over the next five years.  After the spending cuts, the army contained 116,000 soldiers fewer than outlined in the 1990 strategy plan; Options for Change [where have I heard that saying before?], which sought to save between 10-15% of army costs. [10]

See, things never-change, as it really doesn’t matter who’s in power, the Freemasons are in control at all times irrespective who wants to dress up and wear the PM’s hat.  On the 18th of October 2010 Defence Secretary and Freemason Liam Fox, said the UK will press ahead with building two aircraft carriers, despite the biggest government spending squeeze since World War II.  The carriers will be built by a Masonic group whom BAE Systems Plc, Babcock International Group Plc and Thales SA are all part of, and at a cost of 4.9 billion pounds.  “It would have been more expensive to get out of the contract than to sustain it, but that is not to say there is not utility in it”, Fox said.  And this kind of; “Gotcha by the bollocks contract”, could only have been made possibly by colluding Freemasons who were making sure the government/tax payer could in no way renege on the agreement, as who else would have signed such a gun to your head kind of contract in the first place?

Despite all I’ve just said and touched on, I was basically unaware of all this before I began my research, so prior to that time I was still unconvinced the Freemasons were anything that special.  It was obviously clear to me that many members [some I personally know], were and are in the Freemasons for the perks it could provide, the influential contacts that could be made and the business contracts to be obtained, – whilst helping to raise money for the odd charity and good cause in between.   So it was because of those latter reasons which at first threw me off the scent a bit, – I thought they can’t be that bad if their donating money to charity and helping the needy, so what’s all the fuss about?

I didn’t think of comparing this kind of activity, with that of the Mafia’s, – who have been doing this sort of charity thing for generations in Italy and US, and in particularly supporting the Church, Opus Dei and its other connected charities.  So with all their charity lark going on, I obviously didn’t see it as a smokescreen to mask the more devious practices and goings on within the fraternity, and that they used the charitable angle to do just that, – to confuse the outsider, – whilst at the same time hiding their real agenda.

All I could see on the surface of this “secret brotherhood”, was a bunch of overgrown schoolboys, a bit like; Channel 4’s; “When Boris met Dave”, the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and our most gracious of unelected leader; Jake the Peg-David Cameron, whilst they were boarding at Oxford University and who were both members of an obnoxiously elite and nauseating drinking and belching fraternity known as the Bullingdon Club.  Andrew Gimson, biographer of Boris Johnson, reported about the club in the 1980s: “I don’t think an evening would have ended without a restaurant being trashed and being paid for in full, very often in cash… – A night in the cells would be regarded as being par for a ‘Buller man’ and so would debagging anyone who really attracted the irritation of the Buller men”.

Not that I’m saying they were then dabbling with the occult, being blindfolded, rolling up their trouser leg, baring their chest and all awhile having a dagger thrust up and held to the point of where their heart is and a cable tow trussed around their neck whilst being threatened with a rather nastily way of being killed if they spilled the beans about their rituals and the goings on at their local lodge.  In the instance of a 1st Degree initiate into the Lodge: “Binding myself under no less a penalty, than having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out from its roots and buried in the rough sands of the sea…”, and in the 2nd degree: “Binding myself under no less a penalty, than that of having my left breast torn open, my heart plucked out and given as prey to the wild beasts of the field and the foul of the air…”, etc.

Though I do believe they have now both certainly done so, and sworn these kinds of oaths and pledges and many more since departing from their public school boy days, and who are now both on high levels of degree, and perhaps even 33rd Degree honorary members of the Freemasons, as I believe it’s almost impossible to reach the heights of power they “so easily” positioned themselves into and obtained, – without them being on a very high degree to begin with.

And anyhow how many times have you heard this figure of speech about someone killing you, as a kid my mum would regularly shout out; “I’ll bloody kill you if you don’t clear that mess up!”, or my brother would say; “I’ll kill you if you tell mum!”, or whatever, full well knowing they didn’t mean it – literally!  So what I’m trying to say is, I still didn’t really take this first time around reading about the Freemasons that seriously, and just looked upon them, and it, – as an harmless group blokes having the best of both worlds.

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –


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  1. I agree with what you say, but present Masons will say that all the obnoxious stuff was deleted from their rituals in 1986. What would you answer to this?

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