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5,400 Taser Gun incidents in England and Wales

November 22, 2011

Soon they will issue Taser Gun’s to almost every police officer, – and all I can say is watch out, because the slightest excuse for them to use them will be seized upon, beware where you drop your chewing gum wrapper, or fag butt!  I can see the day when park keepers and parking attendants will be issued with them. – At the present time, there are two main police models, the M26 and X26. Both come with various accessories, including a laser sight and optional mounted digital video camera that can record in low-light situations.  The makers Taser International also market a civilian model called the C2, and on the 27th July 2009, Taser introduced the X3, capable of subduing three suspects without reload.  The use of Tasers has become controversial following instances of Taser use that have resulted in serious injury and death, and while they are far less lethal than many other weapons, there are concerns that use of Tasers may amount to torture, and Amnesty International has reported cases where they believe that their use amounted to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment which is absolutely prohibited under international law. [1]

     Remember the old saying, what starts in America ends over here, the following has become quite a hit on YouTube where millions have viewed the video footage of the unwarranted excessive force used on a 72 year old woman, named Kathryn Winkfein, as she was Taser gunned after a routine traffic stop in June 2009.   She was driving 15 miles over the speed limit in Austin, Texas when she was pulled over by a sadistic officer named and shamed as Chris Beizie. [2] When he asked her to sign a speeding ticket, Winkfein, who was driving 60 miles instead of the limit of 45 mph, refused.  Though the speed limit on that stretch of the road was normally 60 mph, however, road works were apparently taking place, – and were all experienced how long these delays can go on for, and with little, or no sign of work in progress, – and the speed limit was temporarily reduced to 45 mph.  Now it doesn’t matter what she might have said, she at no time caused any danger to the burly sized police officer, before he callously decided to Taser the poor defenceless old women.

     A similar incident in Utah in 2007 between a state trooper and a motorist named Jared Massey also resulted in a Tasering after the driver declined to sign a speeding ticket.  In that case, the officer escalated the matter to a violent conclusion even though Utah law “doesn’t actually require a signature”.  Texas law apparently follows the same reasoning, considering the signature merely a promise to appear in court, not a necessity for the validity of the ticket itself.  Jared Massey, the Utah motorist, was ultimately awarded $40,000 as compensation for the abuse he suffered at the hands of Trooper Jon Gardner.

     In the UK – July 2007 a policeman Taser gunned Nicholas Gaubert an innocent diabetic man who so happened to have gone into a state of unconsciousness one day whilst travelling on a bus, the bus driver had called the police because the passenger was ignoring him.  When the West Midland police officer arrived the man continued to ignore them, as would most people being in a state of unconsciousness, which this fellow was, so what did the police do?  That’s right, the police officer Taser gunned the poor bloke, whilst another officer put a gun to his head, he was unconscious so clearly wasn’t a threat, nevertheless two 20mm-long metal barbs attached to plastic-coated copper wires shot instantly and noiselessly from the barrel, the hooked barbs penetrated his cotton shirt and embedded themselves in his skin.  For five seconds there was a crackling noise as the electricity shot down the wires and discharged into his body.  Gaubert’s body went into uncontrollable muscle spasms and he fell from his seat then landed face down on the floor with one hand under his body.  The police officer shouted again for him to show his hands, but he still didn’t move; so the officer pulled the trigger for a second time, delivering another wave of 50,000 volts of electricity that tore into this bloke’s body. 

     This totally unnecessary behaviour just goes to show you the mentality of these kinds of police officers, dangerous men, licensed to do as they please.  Eventually they got hold of Gaubert, put him in handcuffs and into the back of a police van – which is when he regained consciousness and was able to shout that he needed urgent medical attention, and he was then taken to Leeds General Infirmary.  “I shudder to think what could have happened if I hadn’t come round”, said Gaubert. – “They would have put me in a cell and I would probably have died.  I showed no aggression – I was unconscious and unable to respond to their demands.  I think they just saw it as an opportunity to try out their toys”. –  Gaubert is believed to be the first person in the UK to obtain compensation for being shot with a Taser gun.

     However no such apology has been received by an 89 year old war veteran who in 2009 became the oldest person in the UK to be stunned with a Taser gun.  Three weeks before this incident, the poor old man, a retired carpenter had just gone into a residential home for the elderly in Llandudno, North Wales.  But the confused old man obviously disoriented with his unfamiliar surroundings, just wanted to return to his family home, only a few minute’s walk away, so decided to climb out of a window of the care home and wandered the empty residential streets clutching a shard of glass.  At 6.30am a police officer knocked him to the ground with a 50,000-volt Taser charge.   Police later said their officers feared he would commit suicide [so we thought were kill him!], using the broken glass.  But the pensioner’s sister-in-law told a reporter from Live: “He was frightened to death and was hiding behind cars.  He told us that he held a piece of glass to his throat because he was afraid of the police – he wanted to keep them away”.  He said afterwards: “I would never have cut my throat”. –  And that when he was hit by the Taser the pain was terrible.  He fell to the floor and was handcuffed.  It’s awful that the police should end up shooting an old gentleman of his age. – His daughter-in-law adds: “They treated him like an animal. They should have talked him out of it.  That’s what they would have done in the past: talked to him, not shot him”!  The family complained, but the IPCC backed the decision to use the Taser against the old man.

     In the UK, Tasers were fired, or as police chiefs pathetically prefer to call it; deployed, even their language is becoming Americanised, – 1,765 times between April 2004 and June 2009, that’s an average of 29 times a month. – Between Stun gun officers, they use the term “sparking up” as opposed to “deploying” or firing it, oh well, boys will be boys.  Since being introduced in April 2004 Tasers have been used in more than 5,400 incidents in England and Wales, [3] and on the 19/3/2009 Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced Police forces are to receive over 6,000 new Tasers guns, with funding for an additional 10,000.  This follows the first wave of Tasers from the £8 million new funding made available to support a national roll-out of Tasers to specially trained police response officers.   The roll-out across England and Wales to extend the use of Tasers beyond dedicated firearms officers to specially trained police response officers followed a successful trial in ten forces.  An additional £2.3million fund was also made available to pay for cartridges. [4] Up to 30,000 front-line officers will be armed with the new weapons.   Some forces will only let fully trained officers use them, but many will give them to officers after 18 hours training. [After all what can the training entail-aim at chest area and fire!]  Amnesty International says 334 people in the US died between 2001 and 2008 after the stun guns were used on them.

     On the 7th October 2010, 19 year mentally retarded Patrick Johnson’s was Taser gunned twice, – the second one decked him, and then he soon died.  Apparently Johnson’s grandmother couldn’t cope with him, he had the mental capacity of a 5-year-old; and at least a dozen times that year she called 911 when he acted up and she couldn’t calm him down on her own, just as she did on that day.  When police arrived they found an agitated Johnson pacing back and forth from the house into the front yard.  Police say he was breaking things and grabbing sticks or tree branches, which he tried to set on fire by using the kitchen stove.  Michelle Rynkiewicz, Johnson’s cousin, said, “Johnson was severely retarded and may not have understood the gravity of the situation.  He apparently had a stick in his hand or something and he wouldn’t put it down but you have to remember he has the mind of a 5 year old”.  Police said when officers arrived Johnson confronted them with a stick and at one point tried to set it on fire.  They say that officers trained in crisis-intervention were called to the scene but that Johnson failed to respond to repeated verbal requests to calm down, and that a Taser gun had to be used to subdue him. It had no effect, said Philadelphia police spokesman Frank Vanore.  A second Taser shot was apparently fired and Johnson dropped to the ground.  He died at Nazareth Hospital at 1:10 p.m. [5]

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World – 

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    • If we knew ‘exactly’ what system, then perhaps the battle wouldn’t be so hard, – as it’s a system upon nepotistic system, the Jacob’s Ladder syndrome, is what the ‘real system’ is, – though you know what I’m refering to when we use the term ‘system’, and only wish you would use your energy in coming up with a worthy reply – instead of asking one liner non-questions…pull yourself together man, – you lil ol luminite wannabe…

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