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Why Blair – Had No Choice – but to become a War Criminal…

November 21, 2011

These so called world leaders and their puppet regimes have been sussed well and truly out, caught red handed with their hands in the till and blood on their hands.  Hypocritical war criminals like Tony Blair, who converted to Catholicism in December 2007, and in my opinion, not because he did so due to any true beliefs, or that he had some kind of calling from God, though he’d love to think we’d believe that.  No, he’s done it solely so he can pathetically plead to the gullible masses and beg for forgiveness from his sheeple and fold, – that what he did when he decided to illegally go to war against Iraq, and stamp the seal of approval to exterminate hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, – whose only crime was to be born there, [as how can these people on one hand tuck into bed their own children, and their children’s children, settle them down all nice and snug, whilst proceeding to read them a bedtime story, or sing a lullaby, – and on the turn of the final page, read;“…and they all lived happily ever after”, or sing; “On hush upon mountain…”,  when on the very next day order the extermination of some other parents little children?], and that the reason he did it, was for all our sakes, not his, ours, – and to prevent terrorism on our streets and wipe-out the born and bred by the CIA – al-Qaeda.

The Masonic ‘safe pair of hands’ of Sir John Chilcot of the Chilcot Inquiry, will amount to nothing, as on the surface, they, the so called opposition might moan and groan for the sake of the public circus, but deep down in the depths of their courts, they know their powerless to act, or should I say haven’t the balls to act or prosecute a war criminal such as Tony Blair, unless of course someone like me was put in power, and that ain’t ever gunna happen!  Blair would boldly proclaim; “…but Sir’s, I’m a Godly man, sincere in my faith and religion, you only have to see I have been in attendance with the Pope, Gods second in command, – what I did, was what I thought best,- I almost felt as if I was being directly instructed by the good lord himself”.

And if Blair was ever haled unto the European courts in the Hague as a ‘war criminal’, he’d have a touch anyway, as those Judges there are in turn also Freemasons, so right from the start it would be a farce and amount to nothing other than lining the pockets of the legal fraternity with millions of more pounds of tax payers money.

Let’s not forget Blair’s at least a 32nd, though most likely a 33rd degree ‘Honorary Freemason’, and for those who say a law was passed barring Prime Minister’s from being a Freemason, or remaining so whilst still in office, – are talking out of their rear-end, as there’s no law stipulating any such thing.  And what’s interesting to note, is that inside the actual ‘Cabinet Room’ at number 10, at one end of the room there are two ornate pillars and the royal arch on prominent show and purposely designed this way as a matter of aesthetic symbolism as to what it meant to really represent, – as it’s quite a separate feature from the rest of the ceiling, so therefore nothing to do with being a necessary part of the building, i.e. required to support it, so is there to remind those whom seat all around the cabinet table, ‘whose really in charge’.

There are those who argue Winston Churchill resigned from Freemasonry when he was elected PM.  But this is also a load of bullshit, rumours where even put about that he fell-out with his lodge some years before around 1918, well you have to remember the Freemasons are a ‘secret society with secrets’, so how the hell is anyone ever going to get to the truth of the matter, – and of course they know of this.  You neither deny, nor admit you’re one if by doing so is likely to cause detriment to the outcome.  The proof is in the pudding for me, if Churchill, Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown or Cameron where not Freemasons, then there’s no way they would have become either President, or Prime Minister in the first place, the only way you get to the forefront of politics in the Masonic USA, Britain or the rest of the world, is by being a Freemason in the first place!

In his autobiography, published by John Murray in London in 1941, A Picture of Life 1872 -1940, he states on page 188: “… that month I was initiated as a Freemason at Studholme Lodge [No.1591]. While waiting for the ceremony I walked round and round Golden Square with Winston Churchill, another candidate …”   Within two months, on the 19th July 1901, Winston was passed to the second degree, and on the 5th March 1902 he became a Master Mason within nine months of joining the fraternity, with all three ceremonies being conducted in Studholme Lodge. [1]

In 1929 the New Welcome Masonic Lodge No. 5139, open inside the Palace of Westminster.  At its founding membership was limited to Labour Party Members of Parliament, but its scope has since broadened. [2] The lodge is alleged to have influenced the outcome of the 1935 Parliamentary leadership elections.  Its founding was reported in a number of national newspapers including the Daily Telegraph, and Sporting Life, and was created at the suggestion of the then Prince of Wales, afterwards King Edward VIII, who was concerned by the antagonism between Freemasonry and the British left, and the fact that a number of Labour MPs were blackballed when applying to join Masonic lodges.  The New Welcome Lodge was intended to form a link between Freemasonry and the new governing party, and was open to Labour MPs and for employees of trade unions and the Labour party; its members included Labour’s deputy leader Arthur Greenwood, and no doubt Unison’s Trade union joint boss Tony Woodley.

What Blair will of course not mention, – is that he basically had no other alternative but to adhere to the “Masonic/Illuminati’s” instructions from the Bush administration-family, that are “higher” ranking Freemasons than Blair, they may share the same ‘level of Masonic degree’s’, but the American led war following 9/11, had Blair up against the wall; “A Mason should know how to obey those who are set over him, however inferior they may be in worldly rank; or condition”,  Macoy’s Masonic Monitor, p. 14. – “Disobedience and want of respect to Masonic superiors is an offence for which the transgressor subjects himself to punishment”, Mackey’s Masonic Jurisprudence, p. 511. [3]

     “The first duty of the reader of this Synopsis is to obey the edicts of his Grand Lodge. Right or wrong, his very existence as a Mason hangs upon obedience to the powers immediately set above him. Failure in this must infallibly bring down expulsion, which, as a Masonic death, ends all. The one unpardonable crime in a Mason is contumacy or disobedience”, Webb’s Freemasons Monitor, p. 196.

     “The first duty of every Mason is to obey the Mandate of the Master…The order must at once be obeyed; its character and its consequences may be matters of subsequent inquiry. The Masonic rule of obedience is like the nautical, imperative: Obey orders, even if you break owners”, Mackey’s Encyclopaedias of Freemasonry, page 525.

     “You must conceal all crimes of your brother Masons…and should you be summoned as a witness against a brother Mason be always sure to shield him…It may be perjury to do this, it is true, but you’re keeping your obligations”, – Ronayne – Handbook of Masonry, page 183.  [4] Blair’s Lodge, even though of the premier league, is still not as powerful as the American branch of Freemasons, – so whenever an ‘order’ comes from across the pond, like it did for Blair and Brown, and does for; Jake the Peg, with his extra Glegg, diddle-iddle-iddle, or whoever else is in power, – if the request is to fart, they’ll fart, as they cannot say no even if they wanted to, end-off-period!

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –

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