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Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch

November 21, 2011

Some years prior to Dr David Kelly being found dead in the woods, Hugh John Simmonds, CBE, had also turned up dead in the woods, outside of his home town, Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, in November 1988.  $7.5 million was missing from his law firm, Simmonds and Company.  The incident made international headlines, as Simmonds had been Margaret Thatcher’s favourite speech writer.  What was not generally known was that Simmonds was also a senior officer in MI6, and had specialised in legal money-laundering at the London law firm of Wedlake Bell, where he had been one of its youngest partners in the late seventies and early eighties.  It was this combination of skills, experience and contacts that made Simmonds the ideal candidate to perform the clandestine arms functions requested of him by Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party in the Eighties, and which form the subject of Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch – 2010, written by Geoffrey Gilson.

He goes on to say, that in particular, Dr. David Kelly, CMG, and Hugh John Simmonds, CBE, who was formerly a Conservative Party Wessex Area Treasurer, were both individuals who died because they knew too much about the UK’s arms dealing and materiel comprising of Iraq’s WMDs. [1]  Their families deserve to know the truth, the Conservative Party leadership should openly argue, as a beginning, for a re-opening of the coroner’s inquiries into their deaths.

So the following recent news must be like a smack in the gob for all the families involved when they heard about the subsequent news.  If you want further proof how corrupt our governments, their officials, and the high level police officers are in general, then look at this huge two fingers to the rest of us when it was announced on the 19th February 2011, that the very same British diplomat Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles who played a central role in pressuring the Serious Fraud Office [SFO] to drop its investigation into BAE Systems over the al-Yamamah Saudi arms deal, has only been given a top job by the same fucking company!  Coles, had just left another cushy little number at the Foreign Office in October 2010, when as quick as a flash, he was appointed BAE’s [Bent As Ever] international business development director,[2]  focusing on the Middle East and south-east Asia.  This move should cause such uproar among anti-corruption campaigners, but where are they?

Again, I’ll put my last penny on it, that this Sir Sherard Cowpack-Coles is a 32nd / 33rd Degree Freemason, as his already been awarded; The Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, alongside The Royal Victorian Order.  And what’s equally disturbing, is it raises further questions over how close relationship are between the “government” and Bent As Ever, [BAE], and what led to the circumstances in which made the SFO investigation come to a controversial end and simply dropped the matter back in 2006?  Anything to do with barrelfuls of cash by any chance, – and this is way we desperately need new laws and regulations, as this kind of piss taking has to stop!

 Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch, paints a devastating picture of how ‘British Governments’ have been corrupted for 30 years by huge bribes from the international arms trade, and how that corruption may now be about to taint the ‘Coalition Government’ of David Cameron and Nick Clegg.  Special emphasis is given in the book to the role of ‘Al Yamamah,’ the notorious $150 billion arms contract between Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, which still generates $300 million in kickbacks every year. [3]

The author sets out, in gripping detail, his own discovery that the mysterious death of his close colleague, and former British politician, Hugh Simmonds CBE, was the direct consequence of his deadly role as British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s personal arms dealer, money-launderer and assassin.  Gilson say’s, it is not the intention of either Dead Men Don’t Eat Lunch, or the ‘Conservative Campaign for Compassion’, against corruption to vindicate Hugh Simmonds. “The man was no angel – he had huge flaws.  That’s why he was a senior Intelligence Officer, and why he was chosen by Margaret Thatcher to do the ‘dirty work’ associated with Tory arms corruption: you don’t hire boy scouts to do the devil’s work.”

He goes on to say: “I was shot at, chased through the streets, warned off by the CIA, and threatened by Israeli and British Intelligence Officers. Two British Prime Ministers and a couple of US Presidents ran scared. Even the FBI lied to me, blatantly. But not before I discovered that Hugh was a senior officer in and a contract assassin for MI6 [Britain’s equivalent of the CIA]; that he was mixed up with illegal arms deals with Iraq; that he laundered money for Mrs. T’s wayward son, Mark – now Sir Mark; and…”

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –

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