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Why Obama was needed…

November 20, 2011

These lowlife politicians are so slippery, they’re more so than a slimy eel, – and lower than a cockroaches belly, – they put up millions of dollars to fund the Obama campaign, [yet why would you run for office, spend ex-amount of millions on a campaign, that when, and if you were to win the election, – it lands you a job that pays say £200,000 p.a., – where is the economic sense and logic in that?], and all they put in the running as opposition, was an eye popping mad looking women, – whose husband was caught red handed with having ‘sexual relations’ with some old slapper, – yet despite the overwhelming evidence, he still had the affront to lie through his teeth and tell the world it never happened, yet his semen was found all over Lewinsky’s dress, – so by voting for Hilary, was basically like asking the American public to put her husband back in the Whitehouse, – and besides, one minute she was in so called ‘opposition’ to Obama, when minutes following her defeat, she jumped ship and is in fact back in the Whitehouse this very day!

Then you had a 72 year old ex war veteran, whom really should be happy in retirement, than in the running for one of the world’s most demanding of jobs, – who chose a ‘eye candy’ women as his sidekick, and who so happened to know as much about the US government and the Whitehouse, than that of my eight year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, whose is also quite partial to a bit of red lipstick.  Oh yeah and not forgetting the notorious ‘Joe the Plumber’, who had the sense not to turn up, how embarrassing! – Under these circumstances Obama could not fail to win; it was like putting Mike Tyson in the ring against a Homer Simpson type of American couch-potato – Dolt!

The real reason why they put up Obama for president was because they well knew the American folk had had enough, not only did the Bush and his administration rape and pillage and bankrupt the National Reserve, he didn’t give a toss about the hundreds of thousands of people who were made homeless and destitute in New Orleans following hurricane Katrina in 2005, and the African-American’s were ready to blow a fuse, never mind about ‘Mississippi burning’, they were on the verge of torching the whole of the united states.

I could not help but notice what seemed to be almost hours before Bush’s withdrawal from the Whitehouse, that he quickly rushed through the Senate a slush fund of millions of dollars and handed it straight over to a select number of banks, whom ‘they’ felt fit were in need of it.  I bet your god-dam-mudder-tucking bottom dollar he was creaming off a slush fund just before he was due to retire, whilst giving the middle finger to the rest of America. – I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the money was to make up for the failed investments, that he and his own family and group of blood suckers, – who too had no doubt lost significantly in the recent Wall Street crashes, despite having the luxury and hindsight of ‘insider trading!’

I reckon he and those in his administration nearly fainted, as to the fact that after all the time he had served as president, that he was about to walk away millions of dollars short of a dime due to his own investments plummeting, so therefore before he went, he kinda said;”Fuck you lot, the first lot of financial backing-bailout goes to my own bankers and portfolio of investments, the rest of you can join the queue.” – Who’s going to argue with him, fellow Freemasons and all too waiting for a bailout, I don’t think so somehow, do you?

Bush had made so many deliberate blunders and gaffs, as well as many unintentional mistakes in his presidency, that even the indigenous white American’s had had enough of the man, and makes you wonder, how the hell did he make ‘President’ in the first place?  Oh yeah, he’s dad and grandfather were both ‘Skull & Bones’ men!  Isn’t this the same kind of nepotistic keep it in the family kind of behaviour the US and other governments are condemning other world leaders of doing?  The likes of leaders such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak and his son, North Korea’s Kim Il-sung and his son, or Libya’s Col. Gaddafi and his son?  The people of the US, like those presently in the middle-east, wanted and needed change on a grand scale, and by putting Obama in his place, was the best antidote for the people and saved the pants of many of their corrupt leaders in a country that was minutes away from social upheaval.  The ‘establishments Freemasons’ could see it on the horizon.

Then in addition the whole of the Muslim world was pissed off and hated the USA, [not that anything has changed there], and by simply replacing Bush with just another of his elk, would have been even more of a grave error, than that of putting Obama into power, not that Obama is that far from Bush’s elk anyway.  Though unlike George W. Bush, Obama is a great orator, who has that same ring as Martin Luther King about him and the air of JFK to his speeches and pose, including the pose of Mussolini at times of rallies.   He’s of African descent and Barack Hussein Obama, is much more sympathetic to the Muslim cause than any other previous American president.  Though no one has yet seen his ‘original’ birth certificate, only a made-up modern copy, and not a copy of the actual original one, and that within itself appears a little suspect.

But as I’ve mentioned before, it looks like Obama, and as much as he would like to, will not be able to impose much; “Change we can believe in” to the country after all.  He’ll obviously no doubt be able to cosmetically alter and change certain things within the country by giving them the long overdue ‘Health Reform care’, which has just been passed by the senate and much to the dismay of many American.  Though if you were to look at the small print, it just another way of taxing people as they now have to make sure they pay for the required insurance cover etc.  So there not giving away anything, the taxpayer will simply have to pay for whatever it’s going to cost, but then again isn’t that what a democracy is all about?

Any decent well established and wealthy civilised country should have ‘free health care’ for its poor in any case, and the US should’ve had this kind of health care in place decades ago, and what allegedly the Libyan people are demanding for today among other likewise facilities, but how shameful is that, the USA health reform bill took so long to even come about, which again shows how much they really care about their own people, and the reason they can kill or maim other countries civilians at the bat of and eyelid.

By Obama being the first ‘Black President’, he has in a sense endorsed the ‘Black Nation’ who perhaps may at last be given the respect they deserve in a worldwide capacity, [though only ‘the people’ will be able to make that really happen, and it’s very likely we’ll soon see the same kind of middle-eastern protests spreading further down south and across the African continent as a whole], and it’s even feasible that we could see certain parts of Africa explode as a merging world economy, – though saying that, due to China’s rise in power and their interest in Africa’s resources, it looks like a lot of unrest and micro wars will be breaking out all over the place and in the coming months and years ahead which will be endorsed, encouraged and even indirectly funded by envious regimes in the West, who will no doubt be sending convert forces out there to unsettle the regions and stir up as much trouble as possible.

To ensure the complete domination on whatever country, region or area you may have perhaps invaded, or already control, the Illuminati cabals, in unison with the Church and particularly with and alongside the British, Dutch or French imperial strategists, they sought out undercurrents within the Muslim or African world that would cohere with its own interests in preventing progress within the country, region or area.  Rather than deal with well established royal monarch families or tribes who already ruled over vast areas or countries, they preferred to adopted a technique that was to encourage and empower hundreds of individual tribal and ethnic groups, that allowed each to rule over their own small mini-states, villages and towns etc., – and this is the way they still do it today all over Africa, and the Middle East in general, and in fact many other places around the world and the reason as to why there’s the existence of so many so called ‘warlords’, whom are in a sense ‘gang leaders’ of the Illuminati.

By developing this kind of strategy, it thus allows the Illuminati cabals to easily prevent the emergence of a single political or religious opposition to their present status and rule, – and perhaps this kind of practice has proved so well throughout the world, i.e. the reason why certain countries have remained undeveloped in comparison to the Western world, and as to why they’re know encouraging the devolution of regions throughout the UK and other countries, thus ensuring the increase of ‘coalition like governments’ and decreasing the chances of an overall majority of any party every resuming full control, other than their own NWO.

But, and it’s a big one, Obama is at least a 32nd or 33rd degree honorary Freemason, [as are the likes of Clinton, Bush, Blair, Brown and now Cameron, and perhaps even that turncoat Clegg, – if they’re not any of these actual degrees, then they’re somewhere near them, – though the real main thing is they’re ‘all’ still Freemasons.], and therefore will have to go with the flow of the NWO-Masonic/illuminati plan and agenda whether he likes to or not, as will all the following Presidents and Prime Ministers still to come, as did all those already gone, – and those who didn’t go with this flow, – well just look what happened to the likes of JFK, Martin Luther-King and Mahatma Gandi.

Nathuram Vinayak Godse, Gandi’s assassin, was once member of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh [RSS].  In 2008 it was widely reported that RSS along with its offshoot organisations, were accused of orchestrating anti-Christian riots in Orissa, India by Christian groups in August 2008.  A US-based Christian charity ‘World Vision’ [with a rather NWO twang to it], working in Orissa claimed that Hindu extremists were offering money, food and alcohol to ‘gangs’ too kill Christians and destroy their homes.  It also alleges that these extremists had put a price tag of $250 on the head of every pastor or priest.  RSS denied these allegations calling them “absolutely false” and in turn blamed Congress for the pogrom.

The RSS blamed Mr. Radha Kanta Nayak, a member of Congress party of being responsible for the killing and accused his non-governmental organisation [NGO], ‘World Vision’ of being involved in religious conversions. [1] World Vision, founded in the USA in 1950, and is an international evangelical relief and development organisation whose stated goal is “to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ in working with the poor and oppressed to promote human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to the good news of the Kingdom of God”, [2] – despite wreaking havoc wherever they go.  Working on six continents, World Vision is one of the largest relief and development organisations in the world with a 1.6 billion dollar budget [2007].  The group’s total revenue, including grants, product and foreign donations is $2.6 billion [2008]. [3]

Their middle-east ventures into Iraq, was never going to be enough, their now expanded to Afghanistan, Pakistan, “Libya” and Allah knows where to next, – oh yeah, and so does the Illuminati, – as Iran looks like they’re being pre-prepped for more than a state visit, though with perhaps the assistance of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, and the likes of Necmettin Erbakan’s [Turkeys ex-Prime Minister] Millî Görüş Movement, [a kind of modern day ‘Young Turks’ secret society based on the types Giuseppe Mazzini help form known as the “Young’s” revolutionary groups in the mid 19th century], where in Turkey, it’s recently gone through some major changes, not least because the first generation, which was strongly oriented towards what happened in Turkey, but due to its gradually surrendering leadership to a ‘younger generation’ that grew up in Europe and is concerned with entirely different matters. [4]

Among the Turkish immigrants in Western Europe, Milli Görüş became one of the major, if not the major, religious movement, controlling numerous mosques, and was founded in 1969 after the Turkish Islamist politician Necmettin Erbakan published a manifesto that he gave the title Millî Görüş [meaning The National vision/view].  The term also refers to the “nationalist-religious vision” of the organisation that emphasises the moral and spiritual strength of Islamic faith and explains the Muslim world’s decline as a result of its imitation of Western values and inappropriate use of Western technology.  Milli Görüş’ public profile shows considerable differences from one country to the next, suggesting that nature of the interaction with the ‘host societies’ may have as much of an impact on its character as a religious movement as the relationship with the ‘mother movement’ in Turkey.  The movement has increased to around 300,000 European members.  Milli Görüş has been under observation by German authorities, as have activists in Humanitarian Relief Foundation [aka IHH] in Germany, a charity outlawed by Germany in 2010 for its ties with Hamas who are also active in Milli Görüş.

Perhaps with the intended help of the ‘Muslim Brotherhood’, the Millî Görüş Movement, and the unintended assistance of Ahmedinjahed’s own puppet regime and government, – as remember the right hand often never knows what the left one is doing, as ‘they’re’ good at making world leaders ‘think’ they’re covertly working with them,-  as look what they did to Saddam Hussein and Iraq, Idi Amin in Uganda and Pol-Pot in Cambodia, – and how quick they were to then turn their backs on the very recent bed fellows of Egypt’s Mubarak or Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi, whose western governments have supported them all and for decades at that, – why we even sold the very weapons and equipment such as CS gas and Taser-Guns etc, just days before Libya’s uprising, – so it’s ‘our’ bullets etc., that helped kill the very same people our so-called governments in the west are now allegedly supporting!

The ordinary people of Iran are desperately trying to change their present system, as another rigged election has been allowed to happen, – though if it’s any consolation to the people of Iran, or anywhere else in fact, it’s happening the world over, even in the USA, UK, Russia etc., and as I explain in my ‘Vote Rigging’ chapter, – all our elections are rigged in one way or another, but not to worry, as Iran’s bound to get a ‘coalition government’ by 2012, as will virtually all the other middle-eastern countries that are presently going through the birth pains of revolution.

Just as interesting and important to take into consideration is 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike’s views and vision of World War III, and which I’ll get too soon.  If Iran escapes the wrath, – as it was announced on the 27th November 2010 about the opening of their new Nuclear Plant, – and when just two days later on the 29th, two bomb blasts in the Iranian capital killed a top nuclear scientist and wounded another one, – then perhaps with the recent ‘war-games’ by the South Koreans and USA on the North Korean border in December 2010 and January 2011, it could be them who are provoked even further, – and so they’ll have no other choice but to retaliate, and if they don’t, then maybe another false-flag operation is on the cards.  However, with the recent uprisings in the middle-east, the goal posts are presently moving by the day, and these kinds of developments indirectly and consequently also act as a smoke screen, so whilst the world is focused on what’s going to happen next, next regimes, the Muslim Brotherhood, – the Israel/Palestine problem?  Perhaps other and even more sinister and covert plans of unrest are too being devised, but slightly more East this time, and not Tahrir Square, but more along the lines of Tiananmen, – and who knows just in time for the 2012 ‘end of the world’ – beginning of the ‘new world order’ scenario to be played out!

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