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The Illuminati’s Pentagram Flags Of The World…

November 20, 2011

The Illuminati’s Pentagram flags of the world have always fascinated me, – as they speak volumes, they’re a sure way of physically displaying their continuous link and control over the world’s nations.  Many nations own flags include ‘stars’, though they’re Pentagrams, with the inner pattern on the Pentagram being a Pentagon, and we all know who occupies that place in the USA.   In a general sense, the Pentacle represents all things Wiccan, the occult and their magical symbols and talisman etc.   As a Pentagram – a five pointed star, it’s the symbol of its Pentacle self.   The stars in the American flag are based on the same Masonic principle.  Each member state is an ‘independent sovereign state’ and master of its own destiny, – like that of the magician who is master of his own world.

It’s the magician’s sine qua non; his manifested end-result, as the Pentagram is a representation of the material world and having human mastery over it – thus when it is depicted on a coin or metal disc or object, it’s an element of “Earth.”  – When pointing upwards, it refers to “White” Magic, – as in ‘one’ with the worlds.  Pointing downwards is an indication to “Black” Magic, in opposition to the worlds.

It’s said the Magician must understand that he dwells on earth, a mere mortal encased in flesh and bones, and that it is only through matter, – and material reality that he can operate.  They say the Pentagram reminds him, that despite all his philosophies and the abstract principles he may hold to dearly, – they’re ineffective without carrying out a concrete material plan, – in which is being currently implemented – and within those Pentagram flag bearing countries.

Let’s not forget the Masonic Laurel Leaf logo, as this too is on many a major flag of worldwide domination and significance, – and even adopted by those ‘founders’ of Anonymous, – so now you know whose really behind them!!

You perhaps know most of these flags though have a quick look to remind yourself;   – Anonymous Logo’Flag  The Lebanon Flag   The commonwealth of Massachusetts‘ flag in the United States  USA Flags  – Arab League  – Flags from the Middle-East.  European Union Flag.

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  1. Enough with the crisis in Eurpoe. Fix your problems and move on!

    • No problem in this world, will ever be ‘fixed’ until we introduce laws and regulations, that “ban” members of secret societies from being able to also serve as a member of our government’s and their related bodies – simples!

  2. Dear Trappedinamasonicworld,
    Thanks for the above, Everyone’s probably sick of all this Illuminati crap but I’m still curious about something: if it’s a secret society…why does everyone know about it and its secrets? I don’t know about you, but if I was part of the Illuminati I wouldn’t hint at it through a Lady Gaga music video where anyone could find an all seeing eye or a pentagram. If they do exist why would they make it so obvious? And the sublimnial messaging: if it DID work then wouldn’t anyone who’d see it become ‘brainwashed’ right away and they wouldn’t be able to blog about it saying “OMG GAAIIZZ NEW PROOF ABOUT RIHANNA AND THE ILLUMINATI!”? I see waaay too many contradictions to all this proof. People over analyze a liiiitle too much. I’m not saying anything about Tupac though, because frankly, I’m not sure.
    So what do you guys think?
    BTW great blogpost

    • Dear Mario, my friend, if only life was so simplistic,…though I sincerely do question and wonder, how is it, – what I clearly see, and so do many other’s, – that there seems to be as many more who do not, or pehaps are not able to see, or do they prefer to choose not to see what is obviously been going on since day one. “Everyone doesn’t know ‘there’ secrets, as you might yhink, and the Illumintai is no secret, though who really knows their true agenda? – Though we can clearly see how the world is changing and in what direction ‘they’ want to take ‘us’. “Subliminal messaging” – is exactly that, subliminal; ‘you are totally unaware it’s taking place’, and it doesn’t happen in an instance, nor overnight, – yet it starts the very moment you fall out of your mothers womb, – wheh – WHACK! Welcome; you’re been given your first subliminal lesson as to whose in charge here, and physical assult, as if such a thing is quite normal – what a loving world we live in! Mario my friend, I wish I had the time to spend and tell you all you need to know, though I suspect you’re not so silly, and many of my blogs on here, should be able to provide, and even to the most ardent pro-illuminite – that yes indeed, there has always been secret societies controlling ‘our’ countries and world, and why JKF made such a powerful speech against these secret societies, and why they not soon after killed him! – Please don’t tell me you also believe the official storyline to that aswell!! No need to reply Mario, good luck my son!

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