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It’s so easy to control a country…

November 20, 2011

To ensure the complete domination on whatever country, region or area you may have perhaps invaded or already control, the Illuminati cabals in unison with the Church, and particularly with and alongside the British, Dutch or French imperial strategists, they sought out undercurrents within the Muslim or African world that would cohere with its own interests in preventing progress within the country, region or area.  Rather than deal with well established royal monarch families or tribes who already ruled over vast areas or countries, they preferred to adopted a technique that was to encourage and empower hundreds of individual tribal and ethnic groups, that allowed each to rule over their own small mini-states, villages and towns etc., – and this is the way they still do it today all over Africa, and the Middle East in general, and in fact many other places around the world and the reason as to why there’s the existence of so many so called ‘warlords’, whom are in a sense ‘gang leaders’ of the Illuminati.

By developing this kind of strategy, it thus allows the Illuminati cabals to easily prevent the emergence of a single political or religious opposition to their present status and rule, – and perhaps this kind of practice has proved so well throughout the world, i.e. the reason why certain countries have remained undeveloped in comparison to the Western world, and as to why they’re know encouraging the devolution of regions throughout the UK and other countries, thus ensuring the increase of ‘coalition like governments’ and decreasing the chances of an overall majority of any party every resuming full control, other than their own NWO.   Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World – Chapter 27 – Why Obama Was Need.


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