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November 17, 2011

Following an historic meeting by a group of Freemasons in 1863, the foundation of the Football Association was established, and moreover, the game’s original set of common rules were agreed to, however, one club represented at the Freemasons Tavern, Blackheath, where this meeting took place, – refused to accept the non-inclusion of hacking [kicking below the knee] and subsequently became a founder of the Rugby Football Union.[1]  Following the BBC’s Panorama programme aired on the 29th November 2010, exposing yet again ‘how rife corruption’ is among the board of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association [FIFA], [2] executive members. – The following day, England’s bid team chief executive Andy Anson, was asked by the media; “Does he think that the ‘Panorama’ programme’s revelations about FIFA, will have harmed England’s chances in their 2018 World Cup bid?”  When Anson replied, “Well, like any other ‘brotherhood’, when you hurt one member, you hurt them all, they all feel it and stand up for each other…”

     Anson’s slip of the tongue, seems to suggest he knows FIFA as a ‘brotherhood’, as opposed to saying like any group, company or organisation, – and no doubt Anson himself is a Freemason, because many of them are within the world of sport.

The twenty-two member FIFA Executive Committee convened in Zürich on 2nd December 2010 to vote for the next host for the 2018 event, – and Russia won the right to do so.  On the 6th December 2010, Mr Anson accused FIFA of operating a secretive ballot, and that only 22 of FIFA’s 208 national football associations were included in the ballot, and the voting pattern of individual delegates was kept secret.

Another thing the Panorama programme revealed, – was that FIFA employs a security company called Delta Security, their guards wear black jackets, with a pyramid symbol on the back, with the name Delta in the middle of it.  It’s been alleged this is the same security company who have links to employing foot hooligans as guards, and that they are in such countries like South Africa and Ghana, working for companies such as Unilever. Columnist Ado Aidoo wrote an article for titled: Dogs of War.  Aidoo says: “This is an example of how these security guards act foolishly in Ghana.  On the 17th March 2005, Kojo Lokko, a farmer who is also one of the oil palm out growers at Adum-Banso [village] was returning from his farm with palm fruits when Delta Security guards who claimed he had stolen them from the Unilever-owned Banso Oil Palm Plantation arrested him.  Thereafter, the guards started kicking Lokko for stealing, after which they called for additional six security guards with three wild dogs.  Upon arrival, the guards then set the wild dogs on Lokko leading to serious multiple injuries.” [3]

England spent £15m on its 2018 World Cup bid, but attracted just two votes, and more important, what was the £15 million spent on?  And even more important than that, and if it’s any consolation, the British tax payer has saved millions of pounds despite all the nonsense it would have made ‘us’ billions of pounds.  The only ones who would have made these so called billions, are the backhander brigade of Masonic building companies and contractors, – who would have been granted the guaranteed contracts to cause even more chaos with our motorways and roads in general, road-cones would have lined the length and width of Britain, – and after six weeks use, white-elephant abandoned stadiums would have blighted our landscapes.

Remember the Millennium Dome, as according to the UK National Audit Office, the total cost of The Dome at the time the New Millennium Experience Company went into liquidation in 2002, was £789 million, of which £628 million was covered by National Lottery grants and £189 million through sales of tickets, [4] when will we not learn, that the only people who got those millions, are those who built it, and I wonder who that was, and what lodge they come from?

The only independent non-Masonic people to have made any excess money out of the visitors to the games, would have been the fish and chips shops, kebab houses, burger bars, curry houses and pubs within the vicinity of the matches, apart from that, not much money would have been created that would have put food on the table of your ordinary working class people, as labourers used on these grand schemes, are on minimum wages and more likely ‘illegal’ immigrants, than that of local people.  And if you want proof of that, go over to the canteens where there still building the Olympic site in Hackney’s East end of London, I have several friends currently working over there, and who have confirmed that’s been the case since the conception of the site.

And let’s not forget the International Olympic Committee [IOC], whom are also no doubt made up of Freemason’s, and when on the 12th December 1998, 80 year old Swiss lawyer Marc Hodler and a long term member of the IOC, told of the corruption in the within the IOC, who forbid him to express his views immediately.  When he told of members who were bought over for their vote for the cities Atlanta, Nagano, Sydney and Salt Lake City in African, members were bought by giving members of their family studentship and medical help, and payments of around $500,000 dollars to a middleman, and then if the city won, than the city had to pay the middleman 3 to 5 million dollars more! [5]

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Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –




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