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Change we can[’t] believe in…

November 7, 2011


“It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not free – to be under no physical constraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act.  – The nature of psychological compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. His servitude is strictly objective.”

Brave New World Revisited, Aldous Huxley, 1958

     Like I explain in my chapter; Why Obama was needed? – The reason why “they” put up Obama for President, was because they full well knew the American folk had had enough, – as not only did Bush and “his base” –  administration rape and pillage and bankrupt the Federal Reserve, he didn’t give a damn about the hundreds of thousands of people who were made homeless, and destitute in New Orleans following hurricane “Katrina” back in 2005, and it was because of this, the black African-American was ready to blow a fuse, they were on the verge of burning the USA to the ground.  Bush had made so many deliberate and unintentional blunders and mistakes throughout presidency, that even the indigenous white American had had enough of the man, – they wanted and needed change on a grand scale, and by putting Obama in his place was the best antidote for a country only minutes away from social upheaval.  The establishments Freemason’s could too see it on the horizon, and in addition the whole of the Muslim world was pissed off, and hated the USA, and by simply replacing Bush with just another of his elk or cronies, [not that Obama has proved to be much different], would have been even more of a grave error, than that of putting Obama into power.

Obama is a great orator, got a ring of Martin Luther King about him, and the air of JFK to his speeches and pose, [with oddly at times the stance of Benito Mussolini], he’s of African descent and Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama is much more sympathetic to the Muslim cause than any other previous American president.  But anyhow, it looks like Obama, and as much as he would love to, – will not be able to impose much; “Change we can believe in” to the USA after all.  As you may well have noticed, – not much has changed since his been in power, and his gone back on many a pledge i.e. the immediate closing of Guantanamo Bay prison, his stance on Iran, and he has even reinstated illegal wiring tapping of the people.

Who really knows what they’re up to, other than these bunch of corrupt bastards destroying the peace in our world, and trashing the planet in the process whilst blaming us for doing it!  Just look at them when their meeting at G20/8 summits or UN meetings and NATO rallies etc., there like a bunch of school boy’s giving each other high fives and lining up for a photo shoot, after gorging on the most expensive of gourmet foods, driven about £100,000 plus cars, staying in the most luxurious of accommodations and hotels, whilst slurping the most expensive of fine wines and spirits on the planet, – and all paid by you know who!

The world’s finances are crippled, yet do they give a damn whilst hundreds of thousands are being killed, murdered, maimed and or starved to death, but do they really care, – do they fuck.  They pose on their podiums with serious stern faces like they truly care as they break the news about the harsh austerity measures being forced on our countries, like; “…things are going to be tough and difficult for years to come, -we’re all it together, – not ask your country what it can do for you, but what can you do for your country” kind of thing speeches, – which is not much when crooks like these are presently running and ruining it at the same time, – when all they are doing is lining their own pockets and making their own family dynasties and empires.

I remember seeing Obama on his first world summit meeting in 2010 to discuss the global banking crisis met other G20 world leaders and on his introduction to Brazil’s President Lula da Silva, he quipped; “Are all Brazilian women sexy?” – It looks like da Silva must have said ‘they sure are’, as I couldn’t help noticing, that on the 20th March 2011, and whilst the UN, Cameron and Sarkozy were working on a plan on how to force a coup d’etat and bomb the fuck out of Libya’s weaponry, Obama was back in Brazil playing footie at some kids school, so no doubt had some free time on his hands, though da Silva is longer in power, and Brazil’s new President is a women Dilma Rousseff!

Then with France’s platform shoed Sarkozy at a G8 meeting to also discuss the banking crisis, Obama and he, looking more reminiscent to two schoolboys than that or world leaders, were caught on camera ogling some women’s arse, -what!  What the hell is going through these people’s minds?  On hearing such comments and seeing the photographs and film footage all the respect I did have for Obama, went straight out the window, – I’m no prude, I too love women, but for fuck’s sake, keep things in perspective, there’s millions of people suffering due to the economic crisis and all these lot can think about is ‘doing a Bill Clinton!’  And if they behave like that in front of the world’s media, what must they be like in the privacy of the Berlusconi like parties they all attend, – well what I write about Bohemian Grove, will soon give you a bigger picture.  So it was due to this I realised that Obama was the ‘same as them’, as he too is ‘one of them’, a Freemason of the highest level, and a top [wag the] dog now.

Many American’s from all creeds and races are beginning to see the “Obama Deception” for what it really is, as it seems that by the illuminati giving the “Blackman” the reins of power he’s so long desired to hold, – though deservedly so, as it could be argued even ‘returned’ to them once again, which is probably nearer the truth, – just take a look at ancient Africa/Ethiopia and Egypt for starters, where we can clearly see they once had an incredibly advanced and civilised culture and society, – often referred to as the bedrock and cradle of all civilisation.

There are various claims and accounts as to what is what in history and all things biblical, – and there are many members of the black community who remind us that we can’t forget those black Jews of Ethiopia, formerly known as Falashas, [aka the forgotten Jews] [1] whom tradition has it, that after the Exodus from Egypt they broke off and made their way down the coast of Africa to Ethiopia, or they emigrated from Israel after the time of the destruction of First and Second Temples.  Falasha [Ethiopic for “stranger”] is the term by which the Jews of Ethiopia are commonly known as, however they refer to themselves as Beta Isra’el “House of Israel”, and not ‘aihud’ which means Jews.  The entire community was airlifted out of Africa to Israel in the early 1990’s [1a].  Some rabbinical authorities have considered them to be remnants of the Tribe of Dan.  Falasha synagogues are known as a masjid, which means ‘mosque’.

In ancient Egypt, examples of Egyptians with [dread]-lock hairstyles and wigs have appeared on bas-reliefs, statuary and other artefacts.[1b] Mummified remains of ancient Egyptians with [dread]-locks, as well as [dread]-locked wigs, have also been recovered from archaeological sites [1c] [1d].  The Rastafari movement or Rasta is a new religious movement that arose in a Christian culture in Jamaica in the 1930s. Its followers worship Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia, former Emperor of Ethiopia [1930–1936 and 1941–1974], aka – Jah = God incarnate, the Second Advent.  For Rastafarians, Zion is to be found in Africa, and more specifically in Ethiopia [2].  Some Rastas believe themselves to represent the real ‘Children of Israel – in modern times, – and their goal is to repatriate to Africa, or to Zion [2a].

Many reggae songs include references to Zion; among the best-known examples are Bob Marley’s, as in Zion Train, Iron Lion Zion: “…like lion in Zion”.  ‘Locks’ are also known as African locks, and a Rasta friend or mine told me the term ‘dreadlocks, is in reference to them being; ‘God fearing people’ that lived in “dread” – fear of the Lord.  He also had them cut off as a mark of respect when his grandmother died.

The Himba people in the southeast of Congo-Kinshasa also dye their ‘dread’-locks red, but their style is thicker than that of the Maasai.  Other groups include the Fang people of Gabon, the Mende of Sierra Leone, and the Turkana Nilotic people of Kenya, where historians believe that the Luo and other Kenyan Nilotic tribes originally came from the Nile regions of Sudan, entering Kenya through Northern Uganda, and where the late father of Barack Obama, also named Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was from the Luo tribe [2b].

Tradition states the Falashas origins are from that of the Queen of Sheba [named Makeda in Ethiopian], whom upon meeting King Solomon, converted to Judaism and bore him a son, Menelik I [“Son of the Wise”], the ‘first’ Jewish Emperor of Ethiopia, who ruled around 950 BC [1e]. Tradition credits him with bringing the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia [1f], following a visit to Jerusalem to meet his father upon reaching adulthood.  Sheba [Saba,Sh’va] was a kingdom mentioned in the Jewish scriptures [Old Testament] and the Qur’an [1g].  Its location and with modern evidence points toward Yemen in southern Arabia, though other scholars argue for a location in either present-day Eritrea or Ethiopia.  Since the two territories are separated by a narrow channel it is possible that at various times the kingdom included territory in both Yemen and Ethiopia, and may be equated with the Sabean kingdom.

As just mentioned, and I say elsewhere of the other reason why Obama was manoeuvred into office, – such as the Black population was ready to torch the US following the Bush administration.  They had to do this handing over of authority to Nelson Mandela in South Africa following the end apartheid, and who was then put into power, – though not before dismantling their Nuclear Arms program and other vital infrastructures first.

And look at the great job the despot of a Freemason, Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe is doing in ruining his own country, whilst wreaking havoc on most people’s lives living there, and lining the pockets of his own family and Illuminati friends. – Zimbabwe once known as Zimbia, when in the 1880s, the British arrived with Cecil Rhodes’s British South Africa Company [BSAC], who quite liked the idea of calling a country after him-self so much, he did, and that’s how Rhodesian first came about, when until 1980 it was reverted back to Zimbabwe [2d].

     The problem for the majority of black [and Asian] people in general, is that they too have no idea that almost all of their black leaders are Freemasons and whose descendants were all made Freemasons as far back as the 1800’s.  How this first came about was when colonialists such as Cecil Rhodes needed to obtain certain concessions for mining rights from black leaders like King Lobengula of the Ndebele peoples, they set their own network of Masonic lodges.  And when Rhodes obtained various concessions, he presented them to persuade the government of the United Kingdom to grant a Royal charter to his BSAC over Matabeleland, and its subject states such as Mashonaland.

     Royal charters [2e] were used to create cities, [i.e., localities with recognised legal rights and privileges], and all throughout the colonies, where Masonic lodges were also formed at the same time, and when many black leaders were invited to become Freemasons, and for a privileged few they did.  And in doing so, they too adopted all things British, as they would dress in full western style clothing, live in stylised houses, drive the latest cars, and where as far away from the remaining black population, as were their white counterparts.  The date that such a Royal charter was granted, is considered to be when a city was founded, regardless of when the locality originally began to be settled, and it would have been very unlikely a Royal charter would have been granted before all the preliminaries, such as the establishment of a Grand Lodge, and that certain business deals, contracts and concessions had been guaranteed to come to fruition, once the charter had been granted.


     Holby City is a British medical drama television series that airs weekly on BBC1, and actor Hugh Quarshie plays a doctor in that series.  Quarshie is of mixed Ghanaian, English and Dutch descent and was born in Accra, Ghana, to Emma Wilhelmina and Richard Quarshie, and emigrated with his family to the UK when he was aged three. [3]   In September 2010, he appeared in an episode of: Who Do You Think You Are?, tracing back his Ghanaian and Dutch origins.  And in the programme he appeared to be quite shocked to find out his was blood linked to an elite ruling family, and was shown photographs of his black ancestors, and with some of them in their Masonic garb, whilst others could be seen posing in a kind of 1920’s and 30’s Eton, come Harrow, come Oxford and Cambridge kind of looking clothing, with their tweed waist coated suits, with Albert chains hanging and pocket watches attached, ties, cravats, straw hats, spatz shoes and walking sticks etc., and in poses more reminiscent to a flash looking stuck up member of the white gentry, and straight out of the set of films like; The Great Gatsby or Brideshead Revisited, as they even held the same kind of facial pose and expression similar to stately home butler, who looks down at nose at you, – as opposed to the Ghanaian Black men they really were.

You could see they had been uncomfortably transformed into what they perceived as being what an Englishman should look like.  Don’t get me wrong, as most of them looked dapper and very smart indeed, but even Quarshie himself commented that he didn’t quite feel right as to seeing his relatives as being portrayed as something, they quite really weren’t.  Quarshie’s relatives belonged to the Good Templars Masonic Lodge in Accra, Ghana.  And as I say, there have been many black Freemasons all over Africa, and have been so since at least the1800’s, and still are to this very day where there’s now thousands of black businessmen and women belonging to the Freemason’s, and in total concealment from the millions of people in their own populations. – And now in the USA with Obama being the first Black President,  the objective of this being is; “We now give you the keys to city…”, whilst at the same time withdrawing all our major help, knowledge and more importantly money, – and then see how well you can get on.

It’s a setup, the Masonic/Illuminati and it’s ‘representatives’ are predominately controlled by the whiteman, [that’s why black men formed Prince Hall Freemasonry], and he doesn’t want to give up his power that easily, – and by letting others now have the prospect to take rule, gives rise to the opportunity to show how good and superior they once were, and perhaps in the longer term help silence their critics.

As the black African people have no other choice or alternative other than to fail, – because all their leaders are corrupt and on bribes, and indirectly encouraged to cause as much inner conflict and turmoil whilst destabilising the whole of the African continent, – and whilst at the very same time causing as much problems as possible to those like the Chinese who are out there investing trillions of pounds into the various regions, with the aim of trying to get the much needed resources for their own growing economy and country, – and by doing this, then what you get is a ‘double-whammy’, and all part of the Illuminati’s strategic plan.  This is a long-term plan, and years will pass whilst untold numbers will continue to die in the process, – as there’s going to be some arse kicking going on all over the African continent.

Then in time, when the indigenous populations can take no more, there will be cries for the ‘Whiteman’ to take control again, as even now there are many black men wishing that places such as Zimbabwe and South Africa were back in control of the Whiteman.  Then in America, the Freemason/Illuminati are that shrewd and clever, – they haven’t really handed over the keys to a Blackman in the Whitehouse, as all they’ve really done, is put a black face on a Whiteman’s body, as Obama is no doubt a 32nd/33rd Freemason.

Even once ardent followers of Obama have sussed out he isn’t going to be able to do anything significant for the ‘black people’, as the reality of the situation is that a working class Blackman, is the same as a White, Chinese or Middle-eastern one, i.e. we’re ‘all suppressed’, – though Obama is cosmetically good, it appears as if he represents the underdog, – and if the truth be known, he was the better bet than the others put on offer to vote for.  And it must said Obama, single handily has restored the corrosive reputation Bush and Clinton left behind them, so yeah Obama good in many respects, – yet all of them are still puppets of the Masonic/Illuminati cabals.

Rap singers such as Professor Griff [9] and Chuck D[11] of Hip-Hop group ‘Public Enemy’, or rapper Lawrence Kris Parker better known as KRS-One [12] from the Temple of Hip-Hop and the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for all his work and effort towards the Stop the Violence Movement as well as the overall pioneering of hip hop music and culture, have said along the lines, that; “…the impression that prejudice no longer exists in America by appointing America’s first ever Black president, when nothing has got any better for the actual Blackman, or in fact any other race in the US, there all in as much shit now as they were when any of those other crooked presidents were in power, Johnson, Nixon, Regan, Clinton, Bush etc. and look what they gave to the American people!” [10][11][12]   And all have much more to say on the subject and the ‘Obama Deception’, as Professor Griff calls it, and if you want to hear more check out the source links.

     Unless of course, there is “real change”, and that change is not so much the colour of a man’s skin, but by how “our world” is run, then we are forever going to be treading water.  We need a real New World Change, not “Order”, our present system of democracy, has become a de-mock-racy, we need more than a tweaking of “Political Reform”, we need a “Radical Reform” of our present systems, and nothing short of a “Revolution”, we need to sack and get rid of the corrupt Masonic elite presently fucking up our planet, the Masonic groups, organisations and business leaders whom job it is to keep us on a minimum wage, whilst they remain on a maximum one!  What a bloody insult these thieving bastards conjure-up, a minimum wage!  What, – is that meant to give the badly educated an incentive to go to work?   As after all it’s only been contrived so they can say; “Well at least your getting the ‘legal’ minimum wage”, it’s so patronising as these fat cat punks who are paying themselves hundreds of thousands of pounds and millions in other cases-and who think they’re doing the working classes a favour by paying them a paltry minimum wage, a wage impossible to live on and the reason everyone needs debt in order just to survive.

     Just look at the one bonus alone paid to the disgraced Fred the Shred – Sir Fred Goodwin – certainly was a “Good win” for him, – the Bank of Scotland chairman-£4,000,000. Who cares if his given it back, as no one knows for certain if he has, as he’s had, and many like him have millions of pounds in share options and bonuses from the banks anyway, banks that presently have a majority holding by you the tax payer.  You could employ 160 staff on £25,000 p.a. for one whole year alone for what that one greedy bastard got just as a bonus!  So you can imagine how much, and how many people could be paid and employed if these greedy lowlife scumbags were satisfied with making say £250,000 p.a.

The bank bonus bill in the UK for the year 2010 was around £7 billion, the total cost of the complete devastation to Pakistan in 2010, following the floods was less than £10 million.  £7 billion pounds for a tiny sector of people, that’s an outrageous sum to pay anyone, and on top of their already diabolically high earnings, and considering these are the same bunch of cunt’s who were directly involved and even responsible for the world financial crisis to begin with, and who have benefited from a massive £45 billion in tax payers bail-outs, it’s positively criminal, people should be rioting in streets, and many of these same people should be charged with fraud and jailed, – but no, as in this Masonic world they’re patted on the back and rewarded instead!  And nothing’s changed Barclays bank chief executive Bob Diamond received a smaller-than-expected £6.5m annual bonus in February 2011.

I’ve already said about the levels of some peoples pay, that surely a quarter of a million pounds a year is more than adequate to have a fantastic life to live on.  In return everyone in society would and could be given a very decent wage as well, none of this £5.50 per hour bollocks, [I understand this might have to be the case in very small one man band operations and businesses, but shouldn’t apply to any other companies that have a much higher threshold of income], the country would save billions of pounds in state benefits, because people would want to work and could afford to do so, we could have many public workers, as long as those at the top take a drastic pay cut.  With our present system, and the present wages on offer, the majority of those currently on state benefits simply couldn’t afford to come off the dole even if they wanted to.  And incredibly there have even been calls to scrap the minimum wage, so they can lower it!

     The real reason why there are so many illegal immigrants in the country is because they are willing to work for so much less, and you could then argue, well if they can work for these low sums of wages, then why can’t you?  Well the reason why they can afford to do this is because in many cases they live up to 30 people in one three bed house, as was the case my next door neighbours, and without the knowledge of the landlord. There were mattresses spread out in all the rooms, bar the kitchen.  So if that’s the case, – and obviously our governments have always been aware of this, so how on earth is this system going to ever alter if nothing radical is done to change things from how they presently are?  Simply cutting the public sector, and hitting the working classes, isn’t going to solve the problem.  Yet despite all this, we are now going through the biggest reform in our benefits system, and perhaps rightly so in certain respects, but there’s no point rattling the cage if there’s no work available for those currently on benefits to go to, and now the country’s going to gradually see around 500,000 or more join the dole queues throughout 2011.  In October 2010, the ‘Chancer of the Exchequer’ George Osborne, announced £6.2 billion in cuts, and that you’ve got worked until 66 years old before you’re entitled to drop down dead or retire if you’re lucky.


We have to look upon these cuts from the public purse, as being literally a personal attack against each and every one of us, as that’s what it truly is.  Our own Masonic MP’s have ganged up against us, as they’re not going to let us forget their anger about how humiliated we all made them feel during the “expenses scandal”, a scandal that revealed their true colours, that showed us and the rest of the world, how pathetically greedy and trivial they all are.  And it’s because of such humiliation, they are enjoying every little bit as they set about to rob us of billions of pounds, whilst at the same time dragging our lives back 30 years or so.  As yet again, were all put back to the starting line, while they’re all still on the second last bend.

And what proves their “all in it together”, is the ‘silence’ from the opposition, – of course they’re shouting out some kind of bollocks or another during their Punch and Judy side-shows, that Cameron said he wanted an end off, yet seems to relish at getting the opportunity to struggle with the crocodile across the water, – but it’s nothing of any real substance, and total silence when it comes to insisting we go after the “real criminals” knowing full well that half of these scoundrels are sitting right next to each other, and if not there then in that other house of crooks, officially referred to as “the Lords Spiritual and Temporal”, and if not there, then in their lodges all over the country.


There really is no need to cut one single pound out of our economy, and if I was in government, I’d prove it, as I know for certain, I could pull in at least double of what they are proposing to cut back.  The follow statistics speak for themselves and prove that, that lot in the just mentioned places are indeed as bent as a horse shoe.  According to the HM Revenue & Customs own data system, with regard to individuals, and in the accounts of the 50 largest companies in the UK in regard to their corporate tax.  That tax avoidance is commonplace and is costing us in the UK billions of pounds every single year, and not less than £25 billion a year at that.  Then at £30 billion per year, fraud in the UK is more than twice as high as thought, with tax evasion, not to be confused with avoidance, also costing the public purse over £15 billion per year, and benefit fraud just over £1 billion.

So the answer to the problem is simple, I’d setup immediately a special team and system to be able to combat this problem head on, and whereas I’d jail anyone or any company earning in excess of £100,000 who is caught out trying to avoid paying their tax, for a minimum of 5 years in jail.  If they earn in excess of £1,000,000, and try the same thing, they’ll be birded off for 10 years.  I stop all the loopholes and tax avoidance schemes, whereas there would be no such schemes to put any money into, as the money would first go to the treasury, then straight back out to public spending.  I’d bring in stiff jail sentences for anyone caught out illegally claiming expenses from the public purse such as many the MP’s did during the expenses scandal.  The same would apply if any minsters or civil servants and a like, who sign us up to any contracts that prove to cause detrimental circumstances to the public purse, – like that of the “two” aircraft carriers, we’re allegedly bound by contract to build, as it would cost as much or more not to!  Jail them all, – would I. Now that’s what I call real Change!

What should be cut are the extortionate wages that many fat-cat bosses are being paid, in fact right across the board wages have to be revaluated and not just politicians and bank bosses, but many other certain employees have to be singled out as well.  Including those in all sorts professions and positions, such as civil servants, head teachers, NHS administrators and managers, sports persons, [particularly footballers] bosses at the BBC, high ranking policemen and many other persons in power and control of positions where they’re earning ridiculously obscene amounts of money, when after all they’re only doing a job, while quite often their subordinates are carrying them and expected to scrap by on a mediocre wage.

Believe me, like I’ve said before, there’s absolutely no foundation whatsoever as to them saying: “Well, if you don’t pay the right kind of money, there be a brain-drain, and they’ll go somewhere else”, – bollocks will they, you will always be able to find, and if not better, but equally as good as those who proclaim this propaganda bullshit.  It’s the same with politician’s, they’re all at it, so they also come out with this same kind of rhetoric; “If we don’t get enough money as a MP, you’re lose us to industry”, – Yeah, well fuck off then!  It’s more of the case, they can’t get a job in industry to begin with, and why they then had to choose the “old school tie” or Masonic network route into becoming career politicians instead.  There’s a good screw to be earned as a parasitical politician and they know it, and have done so for many, many years, the dirty slimy ball-bags, well their time’s coming to an end; – Viva Revolution!


In May 2010 the number of registered political parties is 347 in Great Britain, and 46 in Northern Ireland. Three parties dominate politics in the House of Commons – Labour now has 258 seats, Conservative Party – 307 seats and the Liberal Democrats – 57 seats.  [28 seats out of the total 605 are held by other independent parties.] And according to which one of these parties are elected by a pissed off voting public, clearly shows it’s always been a two horse race that has remained this way for the last 100 years, and since Labours formation in 1900.  Many now think the situation has changed following the recent coalition, but all its done is made a distorted view of what really has happened, as we still have a two horse race, – though this time using a Pantomime horse, with the Tories as the front half and the Lib-Dems at the rear, whilst Labour is plodding along to the knackers yard!

Prior to Labours rise in power around the 1920’s, the Liberals were in fact the other second horse in this two party race, with the same old Conservatives who have been knocking about since 1678 and always part of the field. – The Conservatives/Tories have always been for the rich, in the interest of businesses as opposed to the workers.  The Liberals appear to have changed their name as often as traffic lights such as; the The Whigs, the Radicals and Peelites were a breakaway faction of the British Conservative Party, and existed from 1846 to 1859.  They were called Peelites because they were initially led by Sir Robert Peel, the same man who set-up the first British Police Force, whose officers were aptly called Peelers, and who was also the Prime Minister and Conservative Party leader in 1846 – The Peelites were often referred to as the Liberal Conservatives.

The LibDems/SDP etc, have always been middle of the road in their politics, and a bit scared to upset anyone.  Labour was brought about to protect, stand-up-for and represent the working classes, they were brought to power by the workers opposed to the deplorable working conditions and wages companies and industries had on offer, the unions made Labour what they are, the weekly funds and contributions that was/is deducted from the workers/members of a union, is/was what financed and paved the way for Labour to rise to power.  Though look how they repaid them, and perhaps it’s the reason they lost the 2010 election.

The rest of the existing 343 [figure for 2009] political parties have got less chance of being elected to power, than you have of walking on water.  So even though on the surface it looks like we’re living a free and wonderful democratic country with the opportunity for anyone to enter into the political arena, this really couldn’t be so far from the truth.  Okay, so you might get the Greens, the Far-right, Communists, Socialist Workers, Euro-sceptics, – the Raving Lunatic party and other independents getting the odd seat here and there, but presently none of these are ever going to be able to change the face of politics, other than perhaps the rise of the extreme Right parties such as BNP, – though they were wiped-out in the recent elections.  Though I believe it’s only a matter of time when you will see an increase in these kinds of right wing groups once again.


If you back a rat into the corner of a room, it will try to escape, and in that process of it trying to jump up and get a way, it’s very likely you’ll be bitten or scratched as it goes flying past you.   And this is what happens to an indigenous population, by their ruling elite.  You have to understand the ruling elite are not racist as such, or like what we think they are, – and what we’re made to think we should be like, – as I’ve said before, they really couldn’t carless if a two headed, black, yellow, white or green one eyed monster does their chores for them whilst making and saving them money in the process, as for who or what does it is totally irrelevant to them, as long as it all gets done.  The only person who is affected by someone else doing the work, is the person who was in line to do it first.  If a family starts having too many children and their income is not enough to cover the cost to survive, they’ll soon become impoverished.  Of course you’ll always get those with the odd entrepreneurial spirit, who will soon learn how to beg, borrow or steal.  Rogue parents or brothers will soon realise money can be made from the prostitution of their daughters or sisters, the selling of drugs, or other kinds of illegal activity will also become the norm, and a reason why many boroughs, regions and places fall into steep decline and even in some cases become no-go areas, not because people so much can’t go there, but they wouldn’t want to be seen dead in some of these areas.

However the majority of law abiding citizens want to work, whilst others will be dependent on benefits in order for their family to survive.  Either way, each group’s standard of living will differ according to their income as opposed to the outgoings, so the family with two children on an income of £300pw will have significantly more to spend on themselves, than a family with four kids, who are also on the same income.  Now, when you have a country with a population well in excess of 60,000,000, with approximately 3,000,000 unemployed and on benefits, the created income from the workforce’s tax, will pay towards keeping those unemployed fed, clothed and housed, and this system can work quite well as there’s an abundance of wealth and income that actually goes into the government coffers that should allow a rich nation such as ours to be able to maintain the forever changing numbers of unemployed and sick people as and when they arise.  However, due to our present and past governments continuous incompetence, stealing, wasting, mismanaging and their sheer negligence of the billions of pounds of money that goes through the government’s treasury and out from the public’s purse, is the true reason as to why we’re forever kept at the starting blocks of life and waiting for the starting gun to be fired.

This continuously pillaging and raping of the public’s funds, keeps us forever needing to replace the church roof, thus the shortage of this – despite all our money, the country is forever in debt and even more so now, than perhaps at any other time of our history.  So, knowing all this, living and going through it generation after generation, experiencing the lack of services, council houses, schools, hospitals, old people homes etc., then how on earth can you then expect to allow those others to come in the country, invade, and in many cases completely take over certain areas, – as millions of people from other countries already have, and who too all now need to be fed from the same cake, when, it’s not as if the cake as got any bigger, and in fact it’s obviously reduced in its original size, but the amount of mouths expected to be fed from this very same cake, has grown beyond all reasonably expectations, and it is due to this and this alone that is causing the upsurge and growing support of the rightwing parties in general.

But the Masonic/Illuminati elite know all about this, our countries have been put through all this turmoil before, but what it really does is it takes the light away from them and their thieving and bungling of our money and the running into the ground of our country, – and which is the real cause of poverty, high unemployment and the influx of immigrants, either genuine and illegal, our financial crisis’s, and the increase in so called wars, terrorism, etcetera, etcetera.  And there you have it, – the making of and reasons for it to kick-off into civil unrest, World War III to start and another mass culling of the human race is about to come about, – and the clocks of time are just reset, and the nightmare starts all over again; – Tick, tick, tick…

We desperately need “CHANGE”, with capital letters, real change, as it has never come about in the last 500 years of politics, they alter, vary, tweak, adjust, amend, modify or shift, but never actually change in the kind of change we are screaming out for, our country and the world political systems need true change, such as a drastic revolutionary change, a transformation, conversion and totally new rewritten rules, regulations, laws and statutes.  None of the continuous “three headed hydra” of LibCon-Lab that can never lose, as they’re all in the same win, win, win situation, being as – they’re all fucking Freemasons who went to the same bloody schools, universities or colleges such as; Charterhouse, Eton, Harrow, Lancing, Marlborough, Repton, Rugby, Tonbridge, Wellington, Westminster, Cambridge, Trinity, Oxford, Gordonstoun etc, have all produced and churned out this elitist Masonic Brotherhood of brown nosed “yes men”, so whenever the country has a General Election, with the help of the paid by us, to – screw us BBC, which promotes this two party system, to look like three promotional farce from the very start of proceedings and keeps it up to the very end.


As does the rest of Britain’s media, who act as a “Masonic circus” for the so called opposed candidates, that on camera battle it out and fight over supposedly two or three different agendas, when in fact they’re all controlled at the top by those Freemasons who have already vetted and weeded out the bad apples, ensuring only the indoctrinated ‘safe men’ are up for election, as were egged on and supposedly led to believe we’re having a “change” of party and government, is the world’s biggest scam, next to that of manmade religions and Hulk Hogan’s wrestling.

This present corrupt system couldn’t work without the full cooperation and endorsement of our heavily censored media, whose Masonic owners and editors are part of the establishment and controlled behind the scenes by the Masonic structure that has over the centuries done enormous harm to the lives and fortunes of Britain’s long suffering people.  When will the population begin to wake up to the fact, – that our mass media are providing a platform to let this fraud and corruption continue?  It’s the proprietors who members of the Freemasons who own and control the UK, USA, Europe and ultimately the world’s media outlets and in all their various forms, as they have meticulously manufactured this same illusion thanks to their control over our media, and especially the supposed public broadcaster the BBC alias the Big Brother Cover-up. [4]

Our present leaders and the majority of politicians are all bed-mates snorting the same line of cocaine, singing from the same goodbye Mr Chips song sheet, and the reason why many can cross the line and go from one party to another if and when it so pleases them.  They just swop hats, and this would even happen if there ever was a drastic overnight change of government say, to communism, as those ruling elite families will have secured their own so-called turncoats acting out as if they have “changed”, and will just go along with this charade, trick and con and our “new leader” will simply still be a Freemason in sheep’s clothing, or should I say a lambskin apron.

Like I said before and used the same kind of analogy as to when George Orwell clearly shows in Animal Farm, that it’s not before long when the pigs are back at the trough stuffing their faces and sleeping in comfy beds, – whilst their so called comrades have to eat potatoes and sleep on the stable floor.

Even those not in power, are on such a good screw earning £65,000 p.a. in wages, then with all their other expenses and scams, it comes to about £250,000 each a year, not bad considering your party “lost” the general election!  There really is no difference between them, – because as soon as the other lot get into power, it now gives rise and the opportunity to steal and milk dry all the departments they’re heading, and to corrupt the system even more than the previous lot did.  It’s now the winning party’s time to ride the ‘gravy-train’, whilst lining their own pockets and securing their family dynasties and fortunes, – and to fuck-up our countries infrastructures so badly, that we want and need to change them all over again, – and only a few years later on, and on this same old predestined Merry-go-round, – these stinking parasites merrily do go!

We’ll never be able to get into the position to come up with a “new” party as such, – one that could fairly compete and have any real chance of winning enough seats to become a majority party, and they know that.  The only way us the people, can perhaps get some kind reassurance of a real and fair representation from these present lot of hangers-on, who are after all meant to be working for and representing us, is to fast-track and change our present political structure and to then introduce new and specific criminal laws to the system, so that whenever anyone has been found in breach of these new laws and regulations, they will without doubt be jailed.

Then apart from that, the introduction of a new “Peoples Bill” needs to be addressed, whereas the governing party in power and no matter who they are will all have to maintain certain principles that does not interfere or affect the; People’s Rights, a Constitution like they have in the USA, is what’s needed here in the UK and other countries.

Yet even in the USA, their Masonic brothers are abusing and forever trying to amend the Constitution to the detriment to the people; The United States Constitution was adopted on September 17th 1787, by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and ratified by conventions in each US state in the name of “The People”.  The Constitution has been amended twenty-seven times; the first ten amendments are known as the Bill of Rights, but even still this Constitution is slowly being eroded by the boys from the brotherhood.

That’s why we need laws to be passed so no amendments can be made if they prove to be detrimental to the people.  The people must always come first, – as after all whoever is in power, is there as a servant to those who put them there in the first place, this is of course meant to already be the case, but you certainly wouldn’t think so, and there’s no apparent indicator of this happening and their current behaviour certainly doesn’t reflect it.


If you really want to know why our economies are in such a bad state of affairs, and wonder where all the money has been disappearing to, then perhaps some of the following figure’s might help us towards trying to understand as to why there has been such drastic cutbacks and long term recessions, – alongside trillions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s being stolen from our countries coffers, – and why smokescreens have been erected, and the spotlight and blame squarely put upon the banksters, as opposed to the Politicians and the Military Industrial Complex [MIC] of Masonic owned companies, is the reason I’ve added these statistics.

Perhaps we can also see why the banksters are being paid so well in bonuses, so as to keep quiet and take all the flak and make it look like, that yes after all, it is their fault as to why the world’s in such a financial mess, when the real reason is all our money is being spent on wars.  So when you next here of them closing down a hospital, school, nursery or old people’s home near you, just bear in mind these following figures.

Before you read these mind boggling sums, consider this, how is it possible we’re expected to spend millions of pounds, that will likely transform into billions, – sticking our noses into Libya’s problems, and when after all the country’s meant to be supposedly broke?  Yet miraculously we’re told we have a ‘contingency fund’ for emergencies!  Surely that’s what our ‘banking crisis’ exactly is, – and again it just goes to show how slippery these lot are.

I really am all for humanitarian needs and actions, but why isn’t the African Union, the Middle East Union and Arab League, who’s probably got more money in their back pocket, than we have here in the UK’s Bank of England, – dealing with Libya’s troubles?  Their closer to the ground, share the same religions and know the regions well, – and don’t need or even want our intervention and interference in the first place, – which proves one thing, ‘they’ just wanting to spend-off some rounds of weaponry, so us the mugs over here and in all the other busy-body countries, will have to again pay for and replenish the used stocks; – Simples!


At one time the British had at least 27,000 troops in Iraq, and as from the 23rd of August 2010, the total US troops was 49,700, – though all other nations, including the UK have since withdrawn virtually all their troops from Iraq.  Let’s not forget we were out their during the Gulf War in 1990/1, and it’s been estimated it cost $60 billion, with Saudi Arabia contributing $36 billion, for a war that lasted just 6 months.

According to the Congressional Research Service [CRS][5] the cost of deploying a single US soldier for just one year alone in Iraq is a staggering $390,000, and our British troops and the allied forces had been in Iraq for well over six years, as have and still are the Americans, which comes to trillions of pounds, dollars and euro’s spent so far, and with no end in sight on the horizon as our troops are now out in Afghanistan, – which seems to be heading also deeper into Pakistan. The cost of training, equipment, healthcare benefits, tax breaks, life-insurance and disability insurance, wear-and-tear of equipment, ammunition, moral and transportation costs a minimum of £250,000 for a year period per British soldier,[6] that’s £1 million pounds for just 4 men.

I’ve had more difficulty in obtaining figures for the UK, but here are just few extra financial costs, that can help give you an idea as to the kinds of fees being spent by the USA alone, and that how many billions the UK might have really spent, and not forgetting all those other allied countries, that I have no data on.

The CRS report state: – Spent & approved war-spending was around $900 billion of US taxpayer’s money spent through Sept 2010.  Lost & Unaccounted for in Iraq: $9 billion and $549.7 million in spare parts shipped in 2004 to US contractors: 190,000 guns, – including 110,000 AK-47 rifles.  Gone missing; was $1 billion in tractor trailers, tank recovery vehicles, machine guns, rocket-propelled grenades and other equipment and services provided to the Iraqi security forces. – Mismanaged & Wasted in Iraq: $10 billion, per Feb 2007.  Congressional hearings: Halliburton Overcharges – Classified by the Pentagon as Unreasonable and Unsupported: $1.4 billion.  Amount paid to KBR[7] an engineering, construction and services company supporting the energy, petrochemicals, government services and civil infrastructure and a former Halliburton division to supply US military in Iraq with food, fuel, housing and other items: $20 billion.  Portion of the $20 billion paid to KBR that Pentagon auditors deem “questionable or supportable” was $3.2 billion.  US 2009 Monthly Spending in Iraq: $7.3 billion as of Oct 2009.  US 2008 Monthly Spending in Iraq: $12 billion.  US Spending per second: $5,000 in 2008.


Like the doctor’s who need patients, the undertaker who needs bodies, just the same as the pickaxe and shovel makers still need gullible miners long after the gold rush is over, – and knowing full well there’s not any gold left, yet will still sell them all the tools, – the arms dealer needs wars, as does the uniform makers and equipment suppliers to the military need soldiers, wars and campaigns in order to become rich and earn their easy guaranteed tax payers money.  And that’s not even including the mega amounts of money other countries such as us in the UK are additionally spending, in which again results to trillions of tax payers money being wasted on non-wars, and wars made by us, whilst destroying and destabilising the world’s peace, and all of our countries infrastructures in the process, simply because there’s not enough money remaining in the pot to spend on what it costs to maintain these kinds of wars and run our own countries.

So called trained economist, Gordon Brown alone lost the UK economy billions of pounds by selling “the public’s gold” reserves for a pittance, and at today’s present gold prices, if we still had it in the Bank of England vaults, we’d be billions of pounds better off.  And if that “balls up” wasn’t bad enough, his government then announced selling-off our countries assets, and indirectly helped open the door to invite Cameron’s and Clegg’s Masonic chums to then be able to slice up the cake by buying up profitable and stable companies such as the Royal Mail, and other organisations whom supply all the goods and equipment to the NHS, – and as we know this too is on the cards to be sold off, broken up and destroyed.  With the scary outcome being that the majority of the spending power and decision making will be handed over to the doctors, – whom many GP’s don’t like prescribing expensive drugs to their dying patients at the best of times.  Now we’re have Harold Shipman like despot doctors, thinking – ‘Do you know what, – I’ve never quite liked this fucking miserable bastard of a patient, – sod him, I’ll just let the fucker die’. 


What Jake the Peg with his extra Glegg will do as from now on, is let certain proposed companies they’ve had their “all seeing eye” on, be starved of the required cash-flow and investment needed to run these sorts of companies, and will purposely let them go to the wall.  So when it comes to revaluing these companies, they will be worth sweet fuck all, and that’s when their Masonic brother’s shall go charging in, and will be able to buy them for a song and at the expense and downfall of us all.

Look what happened to the coal industry, the railways, and our utility companies such as the electric, gas and water boards, who are all making outrageous massive profits – yet we’re all being ripped off with such astronomical bills!  Why is it, we’re having too sell-off the country’s assets in order to pay for Brown & Co mistakes?  Which after all, were not mistakes but obviously bloody intentional, as just look how rich their all becoming in the process, just look at the millions that war criminal and contract assassin Tony Blair is now worth, yet his missus is still trying nick, the odd £10 here and there by trying with not too much success, flogging off her husband’s autograph on eBay.  She said it was a joke, that’s for sure, whereas I think, he thinks so much of himself, he really wanted to see how much his signature would fetch on an open worldwide auction site, – and the answer was, just a tenner!  For real political reform lets seize back our countries industries, as the above aforementioned groups should be in private hands anyway.


What’s the difference between the Taliban, the Republican Party, the Socialist Workers Party, the IRA-Sinn Fein, Hamas, the Conservatives, ETA, the Liberal Democrats, or Israel’s far right Kach and Kahane Chai, al-Qaeda, Herut and the National Movement whom are another far-right Israeli group, Hezbollah, the Labour party, the SDP, the PLO, Lega Nord-Berlusconi IV Cabinet, the BNP, Hezbollah, National Front, the Italian Radicals or any other political group around the world?  A world where a man branded as a terrorist can be imprisoned for 27 years then suddenly released and made President of it.  A world that wouldn’t let the voices of the leaders of a certain political group be heard via the TV or radio on the mainland of the UK, but pathetically couldn’t prevent an actor’s voice being used and dubbed over the politicians own voice, so we still heard exactly what they had to say, – and yet in the same breath accuse countries such as Russia or China for suppression on the freedom of speech, – and that just mentioned suppressed group; the Sinn Fein, now sits side by side with the other political parties in the House of Representatives in Ireland.

So what’s the difference between all those various political groups and parties, – absolutely nothing!  Other than some of them are regarded as legitimate, whilst for the time being, the others are looked upon as either extremist groups or terrorists.  Whereas if the truth be known, all of them, – whether regarded as legitimate, extremist or terrorists, and all of their leaders have one thing in common, they’re all Freemasons, or belong to one kind of Masonic club, brotherhood, secret society, group and fraternity or another and are basically just legalised gangsters.

Let’s face it, smart criminals become politicians, or worse ways join the police force, or worse still the army.  I know I’ve gone over this before, but I wish to drive it home how worthless are politicians are, out of all those hundreds of MP’s presently in opposition here in the UK, [and which is the same the world over], are all still earning a small fortune in wages, in comparison to everyone else, – with all their other expenses on top, you’re looking at about £250,000 per year to run a one man [or woman] band office, how bad is that then, and you can actually pay your own wife, husband or partner and pretend they’re your personal secretary, paid courtesy of the tax payer, and even if their partners are not working directly for them, then you can bet your arse their working for or with a nepotistic friend of a friend of a friend.

Again I reiterate, until we have ‘real’, and ‘just laws’, – laws that pay more emphasis on those who have been caught fiddling expenses, avoiding paying taxes, deliberating wasting funds or fraudulently stealing money from the public purse in general, as opposed to much more trivial everyday crimes committed by the masses, – because after all, many of these so called white-collar crimes, amount to billions being stolen from the public and economy, in contrast to the many so called crimes committed by the working classes.  We need laws, that when these white collars are felt and caught red-handed, that extra heavy sentences are imposed on these kinds of criminals, purely because of their positions of trust, and more importantly to send out a wider message to the rest of them in Whitehall and other similar places where the stealing and corruption is rife, they need to be sent to prison and rehabilitated, and shown how they’re meant to really behave in society.


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Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World –




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