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e-petition – Ban Members of Secret Societies from Serving in Government

August 25, 2011

Responsible department: Office of the Leader of the House of Commons

I propose that any member of a secret society, should be banned from also being permitted to be a member of government or its related bodies, i.e. our town halls, the judiciary, military and the police etc. – as it’s without doubt a major conflict of interest. – This currently abhorrent state of affairs where anyone involved in our governments etc. are allowed to be also members of a secret society that require death defying oaths to be sworn, – whereas the blindfolded initiate, and with a dagger held to their heart, swears to be 100% allegiant and committed to the Masonic agenda, – and over and above that of all else. The potential for corruption and dodgy deals makes a complete mockery of our democracy and justice system. Our government and its representatives; via our town halls and justices of law must be free from commitment to these highly influential groups if they are expected to maintain a shred of credibility and earn the public’s trust and respect once again.



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  1. simplesusy permalink

    Why would we have to send money to Western Union to sign a petition…. your petition does not open….

  2. Sue Ayre permalink

    I know first hand what it is like to be persecuted by the police, on the nod and a wink. I have been framed up and harassed for nearly 7 years now & sent to prison twice, and to top it all have what can only be described as a gagging order on me too, not to publish or seek to publish any adverse comments about the perpetrator of these crimes. My life as I knew it totally trashed. I was once a business woman with a decent sized company, but no more, and 2 kids to boot too from the said perpetrator whose father is a multi-millionaire crooked business man. Oh and I found out something else recently too. The CPS keep paying a prosecutor from outside to stitch me up, because I am too much of a tough case for them, so they pay extra to buy in outside sources. The CPS of course are brothers in arms with the police, and Judges are just presented twisted material if they are listening at all, and who the hell would you believe anyway? Only recently got legal aid as didn’t qualify before, but now told out of time to Appeal on all the stuff they have slung at me. This is wrong, I am innocent and can prove it.

    • Excuse late reply; Most interesring Sue, I’d be interesteded to know more, – I can sniff a Freemason a square mile away…perhaps I could write something up, in a way were it protects you?

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