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Riots, Revolutions and Coalition Governments

August 12, 2011

“Watching the people get lairy…”- as in the words from the Kaiser Chiefs song: “I predict a riot”.  As for sure, I think we can all agree, that it’s quite possible we could be in the season of many a riot, and particularly if it’s going to be a long hot summer.  Because yet once again, and all these years later, this re-emergence seems part of the illuminati/tory plan as to why they’ve introduced such extensive student tuition fees, – of course one reason is to allegedly save money, but it’s also because the middle classes, whose children attend public and grammar schools, have been complaining there are no places, nor jobs available for their own sprog’s in professions such as doctors, dentists, vets and lawyers etc., because there’s simply too many ‘riffraff’ taking the same sort of courses, and having the dam cheek for actually applying for the very same positions as that of their own brood.

So yeah, it would be right to assume there’s a kind of “class war” simmering, and I can fully understand and sympathise as to why so many disappointed and letdown wannabe students have been rioting through our streets, and throughout the country as a whole.  And then with all the cut backs and so called austerity measures being forced upon all the working class nations in Europe and further afield, – that it surely goes without saying, this 2011 and beyond looks like it will be an unprecedented period in world rioting, that will no doubt explode to levels of never seen before scenes of violence, and especially so if something doesn’t drastically change from the top downwards, not the other way up.

As I’ve already said, I have written, researched and collated a huge amount of challenging subject matter for this book, – in fact I have had to reduce the original draft by at least 60%, as it would almost be an 1200 page book., and the reason I shall be following up this book with a scrutinising account of what really happened on 9/11 in New York, the Pentagon and Pennsylvania in 2001, and which I’ve also hope, without sounding to in your face plugging my next book, which I hope will be available in time for the 10th anniversary this summer, but as I have no one willing to publish my books, then I have to market, publicise and do whatever I can to try and let people know about my myself, and what I have written.

At the end of the day, like most other people, I’m just an ordinary working class bloke who is angry and pissed off with those selfish bastards who are ru[i]nning our lives and fucking up the planet in the process, whilst at the very same time having the audacity to blame us for doing it, and on the other hand they’re living it up like lords and at everyone else’s expense, – other than their bloody own.

Do you really think that among any of those gluttonous lot, who comfortably sit in the Houses of Parliament or House of Lords, or in their seats in Congress in America, – and whom not one of them did I vote for, nor did many of you, – as they stretch out and recline in their lovely plush homes at night, are worried about where the next square meal is going to come from, or how can they feed their children?  Do you think their losing sleep tossing and turning trying to work out how they can clothe themselves and their kids, pay the electricity, gas, water, council tax and all the other sorts everyday overheads and bills, or perhaps are figuring out what next to do and how to keep the bailiffs at bay?  Of course they’re not, what most of these kinds of cunts paid for their lunch this afternoon is as much as your average worker gets paid a day in wages, and that’s if they’re lucky of course.  Even the likes of so called rebel ex-MP George Galloway’s Cuban cigar habit, is, or at least was when he was an MP, more costly than what your average unskilled worker gets annually paid.

And if you want 100% proof our present political system is 100% corrupt, then just bear this in mind; why would anyone in their right mind, and especially in the case of America, spend millions and upon millions on an election campaign, that can only lead to getting you a job that doesn’t pay, – say; more than £200,000 a year?  So it goes without saying, when they’re put into these positions of power, who do you think they are obligated to, – is it us the people, or those who funded them in the first place?

It seems to me, that the so called democratic countries only want a two horse race system with the rest of the field made-up of outsiders and hags that have no chance whatsoever of winning a seat let alone an election.  The divide and rule, left and right, black and white structure is more easier to control and coordinate into a coalition if and when wanted; – a partnership, alliance, merger, federation or union, call it what you like as it still lands up as “one central body”  America has a two-party system, that effectively is controlled by another invisible main party, whose membership consists of people who are also Freemasons, and who in turn are sponsored by self interested individuals, think-tanks, quangocracies, corporate businesses, groups, clubs, organisations, societies and other kinds of fraternities whether open or secret, – that as a collective make-up part of the Illuminati world cabal that presently runs and controls our planet.

So therefore, because that’s how it’s always worked in places particularly like that of the USA, then to all intents and purposes you still have a “coalition” in the guise of being in opposition of each other, as at the end of the day all that’s really being offered to the electorate is still a loaf of bread, with the only real difference between them, is one’s a ‘split tin’, whilst the others a ‘bloomer’, yet still both loaves of bread, baked by the same baker and in the same oven.  Many in the West thought they fought a cold war with communism, yet all they ever had was one other alternative to vote for anyway, and besides, if the two other party’s on offer are controlled by the “same invisible” Illuminati force, then your belief in having a real option to begin with, was just another fallacy.

A group of political party’s = coalition government = ‘one party’.  A group of coalition governments = one central [European] government.  A group of central governments = A New World Order Government.  You watch as power-sharing coalition governments around the world will become all the rage.  Following May’s 2010 General Election here in the UK, Labour’s leader must have been told to back off, after all who wanted them back in power after the damage they caused to the country in the time they were in power?   Labour, once and for all proved to the working classes, they were as right wing as the Tories, and that’s why they had to let the Tory’s and Lib-Dems take over reins.  On the 10th November 2010, and it’s was announced that the former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi’s Sunni-backed Iraqiya party, will take part in  a new political coalition Iraqi government headed by the present president Nuri al-Maliki.

In mid-January 2011, following with widespread protests and rioting over high unemployment, high food prices and claims of government corruption, demonstrators fought against Tunisia’s police and military.  On the 14th January 2011the government admitted 78 people had died in street clashes. [1] The state-run television reported that the prime minister and president were leaving the RCD to “split the state from the party”.  Foued Mebazaa was appointed interim President, as the former President Mr Ben Ali was forced to flee the country, effectively a coalition government has been formed.  After the resignations, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon renewed his call for “broad-based consultations to establish an ‘inclusive interim government’”.

Interesting to note. Slim Amamou, a prominent blogger who was arrested during protests, has been appointed Secretary of State for youth and sport, – so keep at it girls and boys as you never know where it may lead you!  Then following the recent demonstrations in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak’s resignation, and elections in September 2011, I’ll put money on it there will be a coalition government.  Whilst the word has spread throughout the Arab world, about the successes in Tunisia and Egypt, that without waiting to be chased out of his position, the long-time leader of Yemen, Ali Abdullah Saleh soon announced on the 31st January 2011, that he too will stand down from office before elections in 2013, it was reported he came under pressure from a ‘boisterous coalition’ of relatively well-organised opposition groups, and announced that neither he nor his son would stand for office and that he would pull back proposed constitutional changes that would make him ruler for life.  “No to hereditary rule and no to life presidency”, Saleh told his parliament. [2]

The “air of revolution” will spread even further throughout the middle east, with Algeria, Syria and Yemen next on the list of uprisings, that will in one way or another all come about to form “coalition governments”.  And it must be said this kind of inspirational revolutionary spirit will no doubt encourage the people of Iran, whom too were only hours away from toppling Mahmoud Ahmadinejad last summer following their 2010 elections.  Though as I say, no matter which way the dominos may fall, coalition governments will be to outcome of them all, yet still led and headed by the Illuminati appointed Muslim Brotherhood, so all the people will really be getting is the same as us over here in the West, the same body, just with new heads.  Though the bigger picture is to indirectly build a united Muslim Islamic front, and when the timings right, cause mayhem in Bethlehem, and all things Israeli.

As I watched the news on TV and the rapidly unfolding live reports of the clashes between the two main groups of protesters in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.  I couldn’t help notice certain protesters proudly holding up newly made Egyptian flags that had both the Muslim Moon Crescent, and the Christian Cross overlaid and on top of the Crescent, as almost to say – the country was opening the doors to a religious coalition.

Hmm, I thought, very ‘Brotherhoody and Masonic’ to say the least, so it was interesting to read what reporter Mohamed Elmeshad from the Egyptian daily newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm had to say, as he helped explain my intrigue as to why and how this Egyptian Crescent-Christian Cross flag has all of a sudden come about.

He wrote the following article on the 25th January 2011, in which I’ve only taken an extract from, and where he mentions the Crescent-Cross logo. “…It feels like the government benefits from this divisive multiplicity. After the tragic Alexandria church bombing that hurt me [and many people I know] in a very profound and personal way, the affirmation of [Christian]Coptic-Muslim solidarity was so “over the top and fake” at times, that it felt like society had turned into a mosaic it’s trying to arbitrarily fit together again.  The Crescent-Cross logos coming out at every turn are an unfortunate illustration of that. I had to sit and listen to an artist deliberating how to best portray the crescent-cross symbol without undermining one or over imposing the other”.

“We need it to portray unity, you know? It has to portray Egypt, without upsetting one religion over another. It has to be both artistic, philosophical, and a rallying point.”

     “Really? – I know he meant well, but…really? We’ve reached a point–I realised we reached it a while ago-where we have to figure out how to artistically blend the crescent and the cross together on every billboard and placard to symbolise our national unity now? Since when was the flag not enough? And I know the short answer for this is: stop being naïve”. [3]

Even those such as the Green Party, Greenpeace or the Socialist Worker are all working hand in white glove with the Freemasons, many of their leaders and members are Freemasons, frat-heads and sorority girls, – and by the Illuminati having this kind of diversity helps give the illusion we live in such a varied, free and democratic world, – when like-fuck-do-we!  When’s the last time you heard of the Socialist Worker’s party’s MI6 spies really kicking-off and causing some good old street demonstration?  Yeah I know they’ve been involved in various incidents, and when they do, then I can bet your ass their police agent provocateurs or from some other entity who act as undercover agents to entice or provoke the others on the protests to commit the crimes, – or they might just seek to discredit or harm the group, cause or protest in general.  As you’re always find them there in the background of any political protest or rally with their little banners, flyers and newspapers, and as politically active as kindergarten group, when surely they should be out there kicking arse!

On the 10th November 2010 up to 50,000 students from the National Union of Student [NUS], at long last descended upon central London in a protest much against unfair tuition fees and the planned cuts to the education maintenance allowance [EMA] which provides college students from the poorest backgrounds with extra financial support.  The protest erupted in violence, and the 225 police officers original deployed to the protest, were overwhelmed.  When the scale of the demonstration became clear, a further 200 or so officers joined them.  NUS president Aaron Porter, who seems to have been made from the exact same kind of mould’s of that of Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband, and that if I were them students, get shot of him as he’s got “Made in Freemasonland” stamped all over him, and can’t be trusted.  He branded those responsible for the expressing their anger in perhaps an “unlawful” way, as an “utter disgrace” and; “that some people – ‘perhaps anarchists’ – had deliberately come to hijack the event.  Perhaps 500 or more have chosen to use disgraceful tactics to try to undermine us”, he pathetically added.  Aaron Porter announced on the 24th February 2011, that he will not seek re-election for the NUS leadership. [4]   You watch as he’s pushed towards the Labour throne.

Had the demonstrators not smashed windows to gain entry to the Tories HQ Millbank Tower building and managed to get onto the roof, then the press wouldn’t have given it the coverage it got, and their fight against and unjust rise in intuition fees, would have been dead and buried that day.  I don’t condone any acts of violence, though at certain times in this life you have to stand up for what you believe in, and defend yourself.  Granted 18 year old Edward Woollard, who pleaded guilty to violent disorder on the 11th January 2011, and who was filmed throwing a fire extinguisher from the 7th floor roof of the building which landed very close to both police and demonstrators, was an idiot and was sentenced to 2 yrs and 8 months for being one.  But you can’t blame everyone for one person’s actions, and it’s about time these students made their voices heard, I was beginning to worry they’ve all been totally disenfranchised by their own; “Whatever-don’t care what’s going on around me” attitudes.  Though their still got some catching up to do with compared to their European and now middle-eastern ‘Young’s’, whom no doubt are being directly funded by darker forces and whom I cover further on.

I can’t help thinking that this kind of rioting is just the beginning, unless our governments listen to the people and take heed, – which we know won’t happen, – so therefore looks like rioting, demonstrations and protests will prevail the coming months and years.  And if the truth be known, the police love this kind of rioting, – as I was just saying about the Socialist Workers party, and that some of its members also belong to covert secret services groups and are agent provocateurs, – and that it wasn’t just groups of so called “anarchists” at the students protest march causing the trouble, but these kind of paid agent provocateurs had no doubt been at work on that day, and the others, as were they at last year’s G20 protest in the City of London, I could spot them a square mile away.

Certain people who proclaim to be blatant anarchists, are either “spooks” or undercover police living among us and blended within our communities, and who are indirectly one way or another employed by affiliates of MI5/MI6, and the police as Agent Provocateurs [see photo section], to make sure as much intelligence is gathered, and as a side line, so as to not look too suspect, – cause as much chaos as possible and particularly as the government are wanting to slash billions from their budget, – as it should certainly make them – rethink when it comes to this kind of sensitive issue, such as cutting down on police overtime etc.

On the 25th January 2011 senior Scotland Yard officer, Bob Broadhurst apologised to the home affairs select committee for lying in May 2009, when he said that no undercover officers were present at the G20/G8 demonstrations, and has since admitted that there were in fact numerous of undercover City of London police officers present at the demonstration, along with more than one Metropolitan police officer, including PC Mark Kennedy the policeman who led an extraordinary double life was for almost seven years, under the persona of “Mark Stone” and as a committed environmental campaigner, and who I’ve already spoken about.

“Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible… [5] Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species.  A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton”. – Bertrand Russell, The Impact of Science on Society, 1953, pg 49-50 [6]

I was going to ask, – where have all the protesters gone? – Though following the ‘No Cuts’ march of the 26th March 2011, and the claims that over 500,000 trade unionist attended, then that sort of answers my question and silences my argument, – but not entirely, – as apart from the many students standing up for what they also believe in back in December 2010, – where’s everyone else?  After all, out of a population well in excess of 60 million of us, then as to date and particularly in the last 20 odd years or so, our “protesting rate” has been pretty dismal.

As I’ve also mentioned, I attended that ‘No Cuts’ march in London, and certainly don’t condone what that small group of ardent so called described anarchists, alias the ‘Black Bloc’, – did to various shop windows etc., though I can certainly understand why they did, – and I was the first in the line to paste a poster on the smashed windows to get the message across, that we are indeed; “Trapped in a Masonic World”, – and until we address this major problem, – then were never be able to solve all the other ills in our societies.  I understand groups such as Black Bloc, have been blamed for ‘stealing the limelight’, and that their behaviour over-shadowed the actual objective of the original protest, though this is just poppycock and balderdash!

Like that of the student’s late 2010 marches against tuition fees, had there not been scenes of outrage and violence, then it wouldn’t even be in our memories today, and the same applies to the ‘No Cuts’ London protest.   Had the ‘Black Bloc’, and other independent protestors not had done what they did that day, then the ‘No Cuts’ protest would have gone off with as much panache as just another Gay Pride march, or a Lord Mayor’s parade, so would have hardly grabbed the attention of the ‘worlds’ media.

Quite frankly, and I’ve said it before, but it seemed as if most of those trade unionist members on the march, ‘normally’ also members of other fraternities, couldn’t wait to get it over and done with, and go straight down the pub.  The bars in London were packed to rafters with them, whilst many other’s moaned about their feet killing them, and that they couldn’t wait to get back on their prearranged coaches that conveniently ferried them here in the first place.  The majority of the others, looked upon it as a day out and change of scene, – and was it left solely to them, then all the march would have got was a tiny little mention about their flying visit to the capital.

Apart from this recent protest, I’ve seen a few other rallies reported on the television, and again in a typically British fashion, there they were walking down the high street more reminiscent to a funeral procession than anything like a ‘protest march’, it was an embarrassment to watch, – and I just hope no one else see the same film footage from around the world.  One recent protest in Birmingham on the 1st of March 2011, it appeared to be full of corrupt Masonic council leaders, with their corrupt Masonic councillors pretending to be outraged, and if they were, then they had an odd way in showing it, as they kept looking at their wrists, and no doubt saying comments like: “Oh I don’t know, just look at the time, Corries on at eight o’clock”, – “Oh that reminds me, I’ve got to get back the footy’s on soon”.

Yet what should be happening, – is that there ought to be lock-ins and takeovers of our town-halls, libraries, swimming pools, schools, old people’s homes and hospitals, – and wherever else they’re thinking of closing down or cutting back on, – and stay-put and refuse to leave.  Though more importantly everyone should descend on London, with tents and sleeping bags in hand and form a ‘Big Society’ of voluntary protesters, who should come together as one and look after each other in food, water, bedding and washing facilities etc, – they should be working in shifts and refusing to leave the occupied site like those protesters did at Tahrir Sq in Egypt, or Pearl Square in Bahrain.  The country needs more Brian Haw’s, a 61 year old British protestor, famous for living in a “peace camp” in London’s Parliament Square since 2001 in an anti-war protest.  The people of the UK ought to do what Haw’s done for well over 10 years, and I’m ready, – the reason he’s still there is because whilst his alone ‘no one will listen’, swell the numbers by a few hundred or more, and your soon see some action be taken from those who reside across the road in Westminster Palace, – stay put on Parliament Square and remain there until the government promises to change our current corrupt laws, i.e. no Freemason can serve in any position of government or the civil service.

New laws and regulations should be raced through the commons that can jail anyone for many years if caught with their snouts in the trough, – and more importantly go after those who we allegedly owe billions of pounds to, – and renegotiate a deal, or renege on it.  Let’s get those companies and banks presently avoiding paying billions in taxes etc., whilst nicking billions in bonuses, – and scrap the present loop-holes that exist and allows these unjust ‘rules and clauses to be taken advantage of, – then with all the additional revenue created from this simple but effect change in our present – and stupid system, – will amount to so much more money coming into the public purse, – that the country will not have to slash billions of pounds off its current budget, – and will of course also help towards the countries present deficit.

We really ought to being protesting like mad here in the UK, – and I can’t believe the shit the American public seem to take from their governments, it goes without saying, we really are in a robotic state.  You have to admire those in Europe and the middle-east, and particularly the French, Greeks, Egyptians and Libyans, etc. – who are so proud of themselves they’re prepared to die for their rights, – as over here or like that of the US, the only things I hear that people are dying for, is a cup tea, cigarette or a beef burger – “I could fucking murder a cuppa, slaughter fag, or kill for a bacon butty…” We’re so lucky over here in our countries, whereas we don’t, or at least shouldn’t have to die trying to get our voices heard, but we still need to protest, we were once the masters of it.

If we all stood together and descended on parliament in ‘Jarrow style’ marches, but in our thousands and demanded ‘real change’, not ‘loose change’, and continue to do so until we could see they are ‘now’ representing the people, and not just themselves, – because this can’t be achieved through the ballot box, as all we’re doing is replacing a barrel of rotten apples, with a bunch of sour grapes, –  and then things will begin to change for the better, as that’s how it works, – because if we don’t, then nothing will ever change for the better and things will undoubtedly get much, much worse.

We need to stop these Masonic gangsters from continuously stealing trillions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s from our public purses, we need to see through the smoke screens and pretence as to why our economies are fairing so badly, – because if the truth is known, it will take years before any kind of all-party agreement in regards to our so called debts, – will ever come about, – and again I raise the point, who the fuck do we owe all this money to anyway? – Names please!, as it better to let an handful of elites lose a few billion, as opposed to millions of people having to suffer.

As I’ve said before let’s knock the handful of banksters who the debts are allegedly owed to, just think of them as collateral damage, as millions of our lives have been affected and in times like this we’re being told we should be thinking as collective!  Anyway, those handful of investors who expect us to cough-up trillions of pounds out of the public purse, won’t starve, in fact they could become international hero’s and wouldn’t want for nothing, as I’m sure their always find a square meal no matter where they go.  Just because in the West are now suffering, we can’t expect the growing economies to bail out our corrupt leaders and bankers.  As the Chinese say; “Because you’re sick, you can’t expect us to have the take the same medicine”.

The same applies to our sudden interested and great concern about the burden of our countries deficit’s, which in the case of the UK, is not much different than it’s been many other times in our economic past, but by them making it such a big issue out of it, which of course it is, – is so we’re so alarmed about the cutbacks and having to personally survive, – they’re hoping we’ll soon forget about all those trillions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s that have been siphoned off and disappeared from our treasuries, – and like I’ve said before, – who’s really got all “our money”, where’s it simply vanished to?  Why don’t they name and shame these individuals who are demanding these trillions from our world economies?

We’re being told the most immediate problems facing the world economies, is that the US, UK, Europe and Japan are barely out of recession, [well, following Japan’s recent tsunami, thinks should be a lot worse], when the IMF pointed this out in their semi-annual World Economic Outlook in September 2010, noting that the recoveries of the high-income economies; “Will remain fragile for as long as improving business investment does not translate into higher employment growth”. [7]

So trying to fob us off with this phoney currency war lark, isn’t going to work, we need to keep our beady eyes on those in power, as to what they’re really trying to do, which is to force us all together into one currency, one coalition, and a one world order, because despite the failure of the Euro, they by hook or by crook, don’t want to admit defeat.  And besides the Amero, is the new currency ready to be rolled out in the USA that will incorporate North America and Mexico, why else do you think the US, are sending their troops down there, in the guise of “now” wanting to combat the drug problem, when it’s to unseat those presently in power more like, and another reason Obama visited Brazil in March 2011, as he’s out there signing up all sorts of trade deals, including off-shore oil drilling.  In an ideal world, perhaps a single unit currency would be good, but the worlds not ready for it yet, we need to get our own houses in order first, – bedsides and again, certain things in life shouldn’t be here for profit, such the water we need to drink, the air we need to breathe and currencies we need in order to buy things.  – And rightly so, the real big players are now saying to us; “You don’t tell us how to run our economies, just because you fucked up yours”.

Again I say, if I was in power tomorrow, I could turn our fortunes around in a matter of weeks, by instantly introducing emergency laws, regulations and measures, – like they would bring in Martial Law if an earthquake occurred or perhaps a civil unrest broke out on our streets, I’d introduce “Crisis Laws” tomorrow. – I’m not a communist, socialist, nor capitalist, though perhaps a combination of them all and which doesn’t mean I’m a Marxist.  A top heavy government and a nation reliant on benefits is also no good for its people; “If you give a man a fish, he may eat for a day, but if you teach him how to fish, he could eat for a lifetime”, [8] is a good proverb by an unknown author, and as apt today than it ever was.

Socialism – by its very nature, is a basic authoritarian system that uses force, or the threat of it to take away from those who produce things, and then unfairly redistribute to those who don’t make or do anything, – but only after the Animal Farm ruling elites take their cut in the process.

Under socialism, all power rests in the hands of the State.  The failure of socialism and social engineering by the best and brightest of left-wing liberalism has been proven – time and time again, not to work ,- but many a liberal think, if only I were in charge, I could make it work, but to put their mind at ease, it doesn’t matter who’s in charge, or what style of government is running the show, if corruption exists in any political strata, then its doomed to fail, – if the laws are not in place to combat this problem, – then we shall forever be on the carousel of life.

Certain corrupt sectors in Freemasonry, other secret societies and fraternities, and particularly religions in general are mainly to blame for why our lives are forever living in a “ground hog day” kind of social system, where everything just constantly repeats itself, the same day, month and year, over and over again, and is the reason we never get anywhere near to a truly free and honest world to live in. – Heaven isn’t up there, it’s right here and in front of you, it always has been, but for a handful of greedy bastards who want it all for themselves, – and therefore do their utmost to make it hell for everyone else to live in.  We need the introduction of “Special Disaster” laws and powers that will prevent our present coalition of corrupt leaders, which include the so called opposition and the bank cabals getting their greedy little mitts on such vast amounts of our money, – the public’s money.

Don’t worry about cutting public workers jobs back – let’s halve the amount of politicians in the House of Commons, and those Lords, Ladies and Baronesses in the House of Lords tomorrow. Withdraw our troops from places where we shouldn’t be in anyway, stop wasting billon’s of pounds on Trident, move the police, fire brigade and ambulance services into one big emergency force, sharing the same facilities and buildings etc., put all the doctors, dentists and other health services under the same roof and sharing schemes in general should be encouraged.  The Town Halls should also share their buildings with the Housing Benefits, Social Security and Social Services.  The Prisons should combine with the Probation Service and the courts should also share buildings.  Sack at least 50% of civil servants particularly in the MOD, and the same with the management positions within our hospitals and health service in general, take back the railways, water, gas and electric companies, and reduce the fares and prices immediately, and not to be expected to pay hyper inflated prices for the shares.

Tax all people earning over £150,000 per annum by 65% in the pound and not the current 50%, whilst reducing those earning less than £25,000 to 10% and not the current 20%.  And anyone earning ridiculous amounts of money such Wayne Rooney, and his wife Coleen who together in 2008, as we don’t know the current ‘true’ total earnings, – are worth around £35million.  Court documents showed that on top of his £90,000-a-week Old Trafford salary, Wayne got £760,000 every six months for image right.  The 23-year-old also rakes in £1million a year from Nike, £118,689.57 twice a year from computer games giant EA and has made £3.55million so far from a 12-year, five-book deal. Yet this is nothing as in 2011 and according to accountants Deloitte, Premier League footballers now earn an average of around £33,000 a week, Wayne Rooney is down as earning £26,000 per day [12] , yes that’s not a miss print, ‘a day’!  The world’s gone fucking mental, and I’d tax him 90% in the pound, because if he can’t live in luxury on £2,600 per day, equalling to £18,200 per week, then who wants these kind of people in our society anyway?

I’d also do away with any kind of expense claims from any national or local government worker, if they want to go to a restaurant, or have silver service style food served up at their place of work, then let them pay for it out of their wages like everyone else does.  Cap earnings as to what certain professions can earn.  And last but not least go hunting for the billions of pounds being lost in tax avoidance scams and fraud in general.  The savings that could be made are never ending, and there is no need for them to affect one single working class person, in fact you could all be in for a rise!

And isn’t it funny that on a MP’s or Senator’s wage, or even of that of a Prime Minister or President, these people still somehow manage to become millionaires and in many cases multi millionaires such as that of war criminals Tony Blair and George W. Bush. – This isn’t achieved by shrewd and astute investing like what the Clintons proclaim to had done to have accumulated their own new vast amounts of wealth, – no, this too is the same kind of stuffed brown envelope syndrome, but in these examples, they use suitcases instead.  The same sort Ahmad Zia was recently caught smuggling $52 million out of Afghanistan, and then allowed to continue his journey and deposit it into some British no questions asked bank over here in the UK.  They all get diplomatic Masonic immunity, [so they can shoot your kids in the streets, or kill police women and allowed to just walk away scot-free], so therefore can take their luggage unchecked and straight onto the airplane or ship and clean-out of the country depositing it directly into their other off-shore bank accounts and property portfollios.  Have you ever wondered, – how is it that so much cocaine gets onto our streets, without getting discovered?

Then why not checkout the MP’s, Senator’s and other diplomats own luggage.  Diplomatic immunity is a form of legal immunity and a policy held between governments, which ensures that diplomats are given safe passage and are considered not susceptible to a lawsuit or prosecution under the host country’s laws, – although they can be expelled [9].  And what most people overlook, is that one of the most powerful agencies in the world is the US Diplomatic Security Service [DSS], which is the federal law enforcement arm of the US Department of State.  The majority of its “Special Agents” are also members of the Foreign Service and Federal Law Enforcement agents at the same time, making them unique, and impossible to tell who you’re dealing with, or what they might be up to.  So you tell me this, – who’s looking at the kind of cargo, often containers they transport about?

Never forget, but the majority of those presently scoffing their fat faces in our Houses of Parliament, House of Lords and Congress, are virtually all millionaires, especially if you take into consideration the value of their houses and golden handshake pension schemes etc., – and yet they had, and still have the fucking audacity to tell us we’ve got to cut back.  The only cut back anyone of them may have ever experienced, – is perhaps when they’ve been to the hairdressers. – Let’s not forget we had a hung-parliament, – though I’ve not seen anyone swinging yet, – have you? This is why we need change, real change, laws and regulations need to be CHANGED!

The divide, rule and conquer scenario works each and every time whether it’s at a micro level such as Girls-Pink & Boys-Blue, England V’s Australia and the Ashes, Celtic-Rangers at football, or something more serious and deep like the political divides and ‘troubles’ of Northern Ireland, or Israel and Palestine, or the ongoing world conflicts of Christianity and Islam. – If anyone stands up and tries to expose the truth, their branded; a grass, snitch, whistleblower, informer, sneak, stool pigeon, spy or mole among a list of other names and insults.  If anyone refuses to go to war and fight for their country because in their heart they know their country is wrong; their accused of being a coward, collaborator, turncoat, double agent, conspirator or even a traitor, and back in the day a deserter was shot dead by a firing squad made-up of their fellow indoctrinated mates & peers, whilst someone refusing the fight was given or sent a ‘white feather’ meaning they were a coward.

We’ve become so weak, we are shit scared of our own shadows, we’ve been pitted against each other time memorial, we’ve appeared to have grown into a spineless society that at times I almost feel ashamed, I do feel ashamed of being part of this ‘conspiracy of silence’, as we know for certain, time and time again our corrupt leaders have created and started war after war, where millions of our ancestors, – our grandparents, parents, sisters and brothers have been tortured, maimed and mercilessly killed by a mere handful of persons in comparison to how many billions there are of us in the world.

Is it surprising the only main thing in your relationship that causes all the arguments, is money – and the lack of it!  As you’re expected to live from hand to mouth, with their patronising minimum wage, so they can now say; “Well, what more do you want, you’re getting the legal minimum!” – Despite this minimum being impossible to live on, – then employees can ram it down your throats by saying well; “Its legal, and if you don’t like it, there’s thousands of others out there ready to take your place shovelling that same piece of shit, now get on with it, or piss-off”.

Of course we’re looking at an uphill struggle, and it won’t come about overnight, some will say it’s even impossible, as what’s already happening is a drip-drip effect of our rights being eroded and were losing more and more of our liberty and freedom every day, that’s why it’s equally important that there are those who are prepared to counteract this negative effect.  It’s happened before and throughout mans history, and there is no real reason it cannot occur again, though more importantly is how can it be achieved, – and how it can is by making sure we breakdown the divide and rule barriers, come together as a collective and drive-out our present slave masters and corrupt political leaders.

The time has come for us to rise and stand up against our true enemies, not us against each other, but us verses ‘them’, you should be ready to protest and fight for your voices to be heard. – If this is not really you, then let your job be done by the fountain pen, biro or pencil, which are all mightier than the sword, use your keyboard and the internet, text messages and phone calls to help lift-up and uncover every rock and stone, make no hiding place possible for these demonic worshipers of death, mayhem and hate.  For one good thing on our side, is that these parasitical scum leaders have to live their lives in full view of us, watch em, expose their every sleazy scam, watch how their spending our money 24/7-365 days of the year, make it known to them, that we know their attempted schemes, plots and plans.  Let them know we know their only in their positions of power, to look after themselves, and that when their caught stealing, lying and cheating, we must demand their resignations, or sack them and send them to jail.

Andy Warhol said; “Everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame”, the Ska band; The Specials says something about wanting to be a 3 minute hero.  And why else do you think Guy Fawkes is so revered in the psyche of the people, despite his reasons as being religious and political, as he belonged to a group of provincial English Catholics who planned the failed Gunpowder Plot of 1605, it was the notion of what he was trying to do what made him a so called hero of the people. [10]

The time has come for us to start to rebel, this latest financial fiasco is affecting everyone no matter where you are from and believe me it’s going to get much more worse.  Look what happened in Greece, whose debt status was downgraded to “junk” by rating agency Standard & Poor’s over concerns that the country may default, there was rioting in the streets and tragically two innocent bank staff were killed after being trapped in the building they worked which was targeted by the rioters and set on fire, but again their anger is being directed at the wrong people, it’s not the low ranking bank workers who are to blame, but their paymasters, the ones reaping millions of pounds in bonuses, and their countries corrupt leaders, who are taking back hander’s, and the reason they’re not introducing tough legislation and regulations.  Tunisia has woken up, as have the Egyptians and it looks like the whole of the Middle East and Arab world is awakening.  Remember religions are manmade to control us, so therefore there is nothing between us, bar our religions that have suppressed us for time memorial.

But what’s happening in Africa? [Of course there’s plenty of micro-wars and civil unrest, but I’m referring to ‘the people’ as a whole, – as I think it’s time the ordinary down trodden folks of many of the nations on the African continent should start standing up to their corrupt leaders, and believe me this uprsing will happen the day many more of them get connected to the internet!

We have to realise but must people live in a kind of bubble and can’t see what’s going on around them and in their own countries.

It’s also been kicking off in Italy, Greece, France and Spain, with many strikes being regularly staged, and that’s what needs to be done here in the UK, national strikes if need be, – though watch-out who’s meant to be representing us, your present union leaders, Miliband and Co are not for the workers, as their last term in office soon proved that was the case, – their only “pretending to be”, as yet again their all Freemason’s.  These greedy bastards, who are doing all the raping and pillaging are just an elitist few compared to the masses of us. Trillions have been stolen by only a handful of crooks.  We need to revolt and demand “Real Change”, as this is what really needs to happen, – not a Clintonist, Bushist, Obamaist, Blairist, Brownist, Cameronist or Cleggist coalition kind of change, where everything is just juggled around but nothing is actually changed, no we demand real honest and sincere change.

We shall rise and claim back our planet from these predatory evil bastards, our slave masters whom have deliberately kept us in perpetual never ending wars, famines, illnesses, diseases and poverty, – which in turn keeps the majority of us forever treading water in order just to survive and pay our extortionate bills and the cost of living in general, – and that all their talk about eradicating poverty has been proven time and again as utter bullshit. – Their game is up, the referees final whistle shall soon be blown, – and there’s never been a better time to be alive knowing that as a collective we can do something about the reclamation of our world from a relatively small number of elite bloodline families and their present day misled foot soldiers, it’s happened before, and shall again.

There’s over 6.9 billion of us, and as a collaborative we can do it, – sounding all ‘new world order-ish’, I know, and as I’ve said before, done the right way then perhaps it’s not a bad thing, as it’s those whose running the world that’s more important, and if the right laws and regulations are in place, i.e., stiff penalties and prison sentences for any public service worker, civil servant or politician etc., and conglomerate boss or it’s company is caught committing crimes,[including non- paying of the correct tax], that are detrimental to the rest of society, then they’ll be severely dealt with and sent to jail for a very long time.  As that’s half the problem at the moment, there’s not enough specific laws and regulations aimed particular at them, – and if there is, then it’s judges, magistrates, boards and committees made up of Masonic members looking into ‘crimes’ committed by fellow Freemasons.  So that’s why it should be made illegal for any of these just said groups of people from being able to hold any government paid job or position and be a member of any secret society such as the Masons   at the same time.

The reclaiming our planet back can be done, – and more essentially needs to be done, and that perhaps this is the true significant meaning of 2012, and maybe what the Mayan calendar is indicating to; ‘The end of the old world’, and the ‘Coming about of the new’, – a world of the enlightened ones, though without the help of the Illuminati!  But take note and as said before, it’s a lot easier to kill a million of us, than it is to control us.  And here’s the catch, as even though I am putting down the Freemason’s, Illuminati and religious camps in general, I am funnily enough not totally against them, as I know for certain there are millions of members of these sorts of organisations who are genuinely honest and sincere human beings.  My only bugbear is their secrecy, elitism and that those presently in charge and control are not using their wealth, – some of these people are sitting on billions of pounds, and for what? – No one corpse is richer than the next in the mortuary, – whilst they’re alive, their riches, power and influence should be for the empowerment of mankind, not to its disadvantage, – and it’s these individuals who have to be exposed for what they truly represent, – and given the opportunity to either alter their ways, step-down and retire, – or simply be disposed off, and sent to life in jail. – Mubarak seems to have chosen the right way, whereas someone like Gaddafi seems to prefer the latter way of going. [11]

Of course one hopes that peaceful worldwide revolutions can be brought about without so much as a drop blood being shed, though quite obviously this isn’t going to be the case, because these greedy parasites that leech onto mankind won’t give up that easily, as they and their families have been controlling the planet ever since they came about, as is ‘normally’ the case of many “absolute monarchs”, and which in a sense is perhaps more understandable, – but not when it comes to self appointed dictators or politicians such Hosni Mubarak in Egypt, and where he has clung onto power for the last 30 years, or Libya’s Col. Gaddafi for over 40.  It seems as if 90% of the population despised Mubarak, and that the majority of Libyans feel the same way about Gaddafi.

In regards to Mubarak, in one breath he agreed to stand down, and said he wouldn’t rerun for election in September 2011, – though instead of doing the right thing and standing down immediately, as what’s the point in him hanging on for another 7 months, – other than to send out the message, – ‘that is unless of course I can clampdown harder on within that time, so when September comes around, my army, police and I will be more ready for you, and will deal with the matter much more severely.  He’s been accused of paying supporters to come into towns such as Cairo, and to stir trouble up, many were bussed in, whilst some were on the backs of Camels, others were riding horseback with guns or whips in their hands lashing out at the crowd and shooting into the air, and in a scene more reminiscent of a film set from the blockbuster; The Good, the Bad and the Ugly as opposed to it being for real and played out on TV for all the world to see.  However, Mubarak must have bore in mind what the people of Romania ended up doing to Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife, when they too refused to budge following the Romanian Revolution.

I’ve mentioned this elsewhere, – which is Ceauşescu’s government was overthrown in a December 1989 revolution, and he and his wife were executed on Christmas Day following a televised and hastily arranged two-hour court session.  One of the reasons he was hated so much was because he too paid miners to come into the towns with their tin helmets on, pickaxes in one hand and shovels in the other, and who then set about attacking the people opposing Ceauşescu’s regime.  Gaddafi is said to be going that one step further, by employing outside mercenary soldiers to do the majority of the killing for him.  Though it must be said he has his own supporters, – here in the West they call it a ‘political party’, there in Libya they say ‘tribe’, whereas I call them both forms of corrupted ‘gangs’.

We are at the start of a worldwide revolution and it is our task to lay the path for the sake of our children, and their children’s children.  So if these crooked leaders are not prepared to reform and alter the present corrupt laws and non-regulations and their evil ways, – then it looks like a repeat of; ‘Ye Olde French Revolution’ maybe in order – “Viva –Revolution – and orf wid dare eds!”  Many political leaders throughout history have always sought to mislead the thinking of the masses.  The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates taught his students; “…that the pursuit of truth can only begin once they start to question and analyse every belief that they ever held dear.  If a certain belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction and logic, it should be kept.  If it doesn’t, the belief should not only be discarded, but the thinker must also then question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place”. – Not surprisingly, this type of teaching didn’t bode well with the ruling elite of Greece, and Socrates was trialled for ‘subversion’ and for ‘corrupting the youth’, in which he was found guilty, – then forced to take his own life by drinking hemlock-poison!

I know for sure I’m not a lone voice among other growing dissented people, and that our belief in the truth, equality of man, hate of war, love for peace and with the ability and gift of having been born with the real all seeing eye, with an ability that allows us to see the whole of the circle or humanity, as opposed to their disability of having only a narrow view and knowledge with a rigid set plan and agenda.

We all have the ability to connect with the all-seeing-eye; – it’s another name for our inner consciousness, which is simply there to guide us and to show us the difference between right and wrong.  If you see a poor and hungry child in need of food, and you stand there before him scoffing away on your Big Mac and fries, whilst looking down your nose at him and slurping through the straw of your chocolate milkshake, and then having devoured your lunch you screw up the wrapper and suck-up the last remnant of your shake, you then toss and discard the litter in the face of the starving child, – you know your being a greedy bastard, just as much as you know your being rather a nice person if you shared your lunch with them, or at least gave them some fries.

The Freemason’s have had to steal the all-seeing-eye, to give the impression and make it look like you have true access to see into the future and appear to know what’s going on, like the other manmade religions, their own “religion” is manmade, their ancestors created it and they have kept it alive for all this time, just so they can continue and keep their dominance, power and control over the rest of mankind.  The only real claim of being in connection with the all-seeing-eye, is that the majority of its members whom span the globe, and who act accordingly as the ears, eyes and voice for the brotherhood, and not humanity as a whole.

The dawning of Aquarius is still to come, some say it’s here, – mass awareness is growing everywhere and the all seeing eye is no longer just a possession for the elite Freemasonry/Protestants, Jesuit/Catholics, Sufism/Islamist or Frankism/Zionists, [not to be confused with the Franks [Frankish] who were a West Germanic tribal confederation in the third century as living north and east of the Lower Rhine River], – who are all ultimately contolled by the Illuminati cabals,-  but it now belongs to all of us; we all have a third eye, and the abilty to find it deep with inside of you. – In todays high-tech world, to help keep up the illusion the ‘all seeing eye” is ever present, and opposed to it giving the impression we are all being watched by some old man in the sky, – they’ve stepped it up a gear, and this is the real reason why they have saturated our cities with so much CCTV, paid by you the tax payer, – and therefore a constant reminder;  – you should always be beware of your actions, and at all times.

Though little did they realise it, that it’s also now working in retrograde, it’s meaning and ownership has reversed as in fact what the constant presence and reminder of this all-seeing-eye is really doing, – is trying to tell humanity to open their eyes, and see for real what’s been going on around you, look, look at those corrupt bastards, look, look how they have cheated and lied to us, look, look how they think nothing about killing millions of us.  It’s power is accumulating and like Mount Vesuvius will soon one day explode into such a massive eruption; that those who have trampled-on and held back man for most of their lives, will get their comeuppance and be completely smothered in a lava of hate, – their lives will be stream-rolled out of them as they gasp for their last breath of fresh air as their bones and ashes will be crushed and transformed into the asphalt-tarmacadam that will pave the new way to a better world.

It’s beginning to happen in the middle-east as many of the people can clearly see how they’ve been badly treated by their religious zealot leaders, whom chirp one thing – but live the exact opposite, as they drive about in their fleets of bullet proof 4 x 4’s, fly in private jets and live in palaces and mansions whilst all around them people are jobless, homeless and crying out for food.

So to avoid the inevitable coming riots and backlash, and the stripping-off your wealth and all of your other worldy assets, whilst being smothered and wiped out in the process, – hand over the torch, give us your keys and let’s divide the wealth to every man, women and child on the planet, but more importantly let’s bring forth real and just laws, with regulations and conditions that can prevent it from happening again. – Let peace be with you, – the choice is yours, as I think the day truly is looming when the ordinary man will have no other choice but to go hunting.

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World – March 2011.

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Anti-Freemasonry Party link on Facebook;

Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.

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