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Ander Breivik’s – Rivers of Blood in Europe..

July 26, 2011

There is no way Anders Breivik worked alone.  Here’s an extract from Trapped in a Masonic World; – Further instability and greater unrest within many different nations is already taking place, many people have been killed and rioting will become the norm, the people are being pushed and pushed into a corner, they’re like a tightly coiled spring ready to burst wide open, and when it does the pressure will be so great, – that I can only think that there will certainly be those; “Rivers of blood” that Enoch Powell was talking about on the 20th April1968, when he first made his; ‘Rivers of Blood speech’ about immigration problems within the country.  Though what many people don’t realise is that the phrase; “Rivers of blood” didn’t actually appear in the speech, but it included the line: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding; like the Roman, I seem to see; ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’”. [1] 43 years after that speech, and 66 years since the defeat of Nazi Germany, – it’s almost as if WWII didn’t even happen, – as looking at the state of the world today, – what lessons were really learnt?

All I can see on the horizon is a repeat of these times, rightwing extremism is blatantly on the rise in Europe, as is Islamic fundamentalism, – with the likelihood of civil unrest taking to our streets at an ever increasing and alarmingly rate, – in which our normal mainstream media seems to be playing down, and with our governments both past and present choosing to ignore the seriousness of this problem, as many act as if it wasn’t even there or existed, – though all that will obviously happen is that oddball individuals [with the same Masonic-mindset], interest groups and organisations such as the English Defence League [EDL], British National Party [BNP] and extremist Islamic groups such as Islam4UK, Hizb ut-Tahrir and others in general – will be clashing the coming months and years.  Many of these individuals think they’re “at war”, so will and do carryout acts of terror and violence, though specially selected “Manchurian” like candidates will no doubt be used to help foment the divided hatred that’s required to help encourage those whom normally wouldn’t dream of fighting, as it will seem as if their and their own families life’s is in danger.  Bombing’s and random mass shootings will become part of our lives, and especially in countries where the political will to tackle such a problem is not as great as that of what the US and UK [and their Multi Industrial Complexes] would realy like.  “Wake-Up” attacks and calls will happen in places you’d have though quite impossible and least expected, – this is to ‘force’ other Masonic governments to get on board and financially and morally back the Albert Pike WWIII prediction that’s poking it’s ugly head around the corner, and not just in the UK or Europe, but in every other country where too this fundamentalist religious Zionist/Christian verses Islamist mentality is encouraged and regularly used as a weapon to divide the people of the world, – the Masonic/Illuminati lackeys are egging on the “Mazzini Facebook Young’s”.

***If the ‘real’ reason for having heard Anders Breivik’s court appearance in ‘secret’, – was because they didn’t want him to appear to be able to address the people, – when really the truth why they did this, – was because they were more scared in what he might ‘really say’, and perhaps implicate other members of the Freemason’s. And why I say this, – is because how and why was it possible for a man accused of the Oslo bombings and shooting of 90 people allowed to ride openly in the back of a Land Rover, and where the worlds media could indeed see his contented grin, knowing he has indeed addressed many of his followers, – and saying; “Hey look, I’m even being treated like a superstar”, – when instead he should have been transported to and from court in a blacked out vehicle.

“Two more cells” – Will police raid Anders Breivik’s Masonic Lodge? – Anders Behring Breivik is/was a member of the Johannes-Losjen St. Olaus T.D Tre Søiler [Norwegian Freemasonry], he’s a 3rd degree Master Freemason. By his own admission, there are ‘two’ other cells, and therefore he is not alone. Now where would be the safest place to meet and plan such devious and horrific attacks against innocent members of your community? Freemasonry is a ‘Secret Society’, and surely Breivik and he’s associated cells would too belong to such a group, – we know for certain Breivik is/was, – so it’s very likely the two other cells he mention’s, also are, – so with this being known about, – then makes me wonder; – will the police raid the Johannes-Losjen St. Olaus T.D Tre Søiler lodge – and search the premises? Will they check the membership list, and interrogate the other members? As surely the odds are quite high that these two other cells/ gang members – could possibly be found here. However, let’s not forget the secret Masonic signal of distress that Freemason’s quote to fellow Freemason’s, which is; “Is there no help for the widow son?” They use this ‘code’ only when in extreme circumstances and in need of help or assistance, such as when in police custody or being held in prison. So bear this in mind, and why I call on the need of an Anti-Freemasonry party, as the very same people who deal with the likes of Breivik from the very start of arrest, his detention in police custody, his interrogations, legal assistance, court hearings and even his jailers, – are also virtually all members of the very same secret society Breivik belongs to, – the Freemason’s. I’ve personally been to prison and witnessed how this ‘favouritism’ works and how it’s easily carried out. And that’s why we need laws that prevent members of any secret society also becoming an employee of the government and their related bodies, such as the politicians, judiciary, police, army and any other service etc. that is there to ‘serve in the public’s interests’ and not have any conflict of these interests that this current cosy set-up presently endorses and encourages, – thus works indirectly and in detriment to the rest of society as a whole.***

***Content not from Trapped in a Masonic World.

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Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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