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The increase of Anders Breivik copycat killers…

July 25, 2011

– On the surface it looks like we’re living a free and wonderful democratic country, [or world, as this example could apply to any other western country around the world], with the opportunity for anyone to enter into the political arena, though this really couldn’t be so far from the truth.  Okay, so you might get the Greens, the Far-right, Communists, Socialist Workers, Euro-sceptics, – the Raving Lunatic party and other independents getting the odd seat here and there, but presently none of these are ever going to be able to change the face of politics, other than perhaps the rise of the extreme Right parties such as BNP, – though they were wiped-out in the recent elections. – Though I believe it’s only a matter of time when you will see an increase in these kinds of right-wing groups once again.

If you back a rat into the corner of a room, it will try to escape, and in that process of it trying to jump up and get a way, it’s very likely you’ll be bitten or scratched as it goes flying past you.   And this is what happens to an indigenous population, by their ruling elite.  You have to understand the ruling elite are not racist as such, or like what we think they are, – and what we’re made to think we should be like, – as I’ve said before, they really couldn’t carless if a two headed, black, yellow, white or green one eyed monster does their chores for them whilst making and saving them money in the process, as for who or what does it is totally irrelevant to them, as long as it all gets done.  The only one, who is affected by someone else doing the work, is the person who was in line to do it in the first place.  If a family starts having too many children and their income is not enough to cover the cost to survive, they’ll soon become impoverished.  Of course you’ll always get those with the odd entrepreneurial spirit, who will soon learn how to beg, borrow or steal.  Rogue parents or brothers will soon realise money can be made from the prostitution of their daughters or sisters, the selling of drugs, or other kinds of illegal activity will also become the norm, and a reason why many boroughs, regions and places fall into steep decline and even in some cases become no-go areas, not because people so much can’t go there, but they wouldn’t want to be seen dead in some of these areas.

However the majority of law abiding citizens want to work, whilst others will be dependent on benefits in order for their family to survive.  Either way, each group’s standard of living will differ according to their income as opposed to the outgoings, so the family with two children on an income of £300pw will have significantly more to spend on themselves, than a family with four kids, who are also on the same income.  Now, when you have a country with a population well in excess of 60,000,000, with approximately 3,000,000 unemployed and on benefits, the created income from the workforce’s tax, will pay towards keeping those unemployed fed, clothed and housed, and this system can work quite well as there’s an abundance of wealth and income that actually goes into the government coffers that should allow a rich nation such as ours to be able to maintain the forever changing numbers of unemployed and sick people as and when they arise.  However, due to our present and past governments continuous incompetence, stealing, wasting, mismanaging and their sheer negligence of the billions of pounds of money that goes through the government’s treasury and out from the public’s purse, is the true reason as to why we’re forever kept at the starting blocks of life and waiting for the starting gun to be fired.

This continuously pillaging and raping of the public’s funds, keeps us forever needing to replace the church roof, thus the shortage of this – despite all our money, the country is forever in debt and even more so now, than perhaps at any other time of our history.  So, knowing all this, living and going through it generation after generation, experiencing the lack of services, council houses, schools, hospitals, old people homes etc., then how on earth can you then expect to allow those others to come in the country, invade, and in many cases completely take over certain areas, – as millions of people from other countries already have, and who too all now need to be fed from the same cake, when, it’s not as if the cake as got any bigger, and in fact it’s obviously reduced in its original size, but the amount of mouths expected to be fed from this very same cake, has grown beyond all reasonably expectations, and it is due to this and this alone that is causing the upsurge and growing support of the rightwing parties in general.

But the Masonic/Illuminati elite know all about this, our countries have been put through all this turmoil before, but what it really does is it takes the light away from them and their thieving and bungling of our money and the running into the ground of our country, – and which is the real cause of poverty, high unemployment and the influx of immigrants, either genuine and illegal, our financial crisis’s, and the increase in so called wars, terrorism, etcetera, etcetera.  And there you have it, – the making of and reasons for it to kick-off into civil unrest, World War III to start and another mass culling of the human race is about to come about, – and the clocks of time are just reset, and the nightmare starts all over again; – Tick, tick, tick…

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World.

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