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Why your country needs an Anti-Freemasonry Party.

July 12, 2011

 As I’m regularly making rather strong accusations and touch on many a controversial subject, I feel as if I ought to explain myself a little, – as presently many people think because I’m anti-Freemasonry, I therefore must be “religious” in some kind of way and have another agenda, which I haven’t apart from truly wanting to reveal the “truth”, – and see new laws and regulations introduced that bans any Freemason’s or members of any other ‘secret society’ from being able to also hold any public service job, – which includes all MP’s, MEP etc.  I do not believe in any ‘manmade religions’, which to me are the current known about and thrust upon society major religions that span the globe today.  So I’ve always come from this non-religious corner, – when I try to equate something, – and don’t think; – ‘well it’s because of God’s will etc. – as to why this is and isn’t how it is’.

I also understand I’m playing with fire, – and might end up sharing a hole in the ground or cell with the likes of Julian Assange and Bradley Manning, – and perhaps that was why I felt I had to go and help protest on their behalf and which I have, – as without doubt I’ll be pissing-off many individuals, groups, organisations and secret societies, whether they’re connected to the Masonic/Illuminati or not, as it is them who I accuse of keeping mankind in the dark-ages, and it is them who is mans real enemy, as they have and still want us living in a continuous state of fear and uncertainty with their perpetual money making wars and conflicts – with our fellowmen, women and children being at the forefront of their agenda and at all times, – despite the majority of us wouldn’t even dream of ever going to war against each other.

What happened on 9/11 was the biggest worldwide catastrophic event to have ever happened in our lifetimes, – and it was due to this incredible event and loss of innocent people’s lives, that led me to start looking into what might have really occurred on that day, – as so many were claiming; “It would be impossible to keep so many people involved in 9/11 silent”.  Though firstly this is not true, i.e. the police, fire-fighters etc. alongside many more government employees, would of course not have been directly involved in any criminality connected to 9/11, – as small covert teams of well trained secret service men is all that were needed to carry-out such an operation like OP-9/11. – Though surely these too would be enough to endanger the ‘official story’, – as it’s true they could indeed ‘spill the beans’ and prove 9/11 was indeed an inside job.

Yet how do you keep this small group of secret service men silent?  Well firstly, what all you Christians, Muslims, Hindu’s and Jewish people have to understand, – is that because of your countries own predominate religious beliefs are what they are, – doesn’t mean that’s what your ‘rulers’ also believe in, as in fact many of them do not.  What I mean by that, here in the UK we swear allegiance to the Queen, whom in turn is head of the Church of England, so therefore the accepted belief system in the UK is that of a Christian one, but this is only really there in place for the masses, as even 98% of Freemason’s think this is the case, – whatever their country of origin or religious upbringing may be, the majority of Freemason’s are just ‘ordinary’ men and women; with their affiliated groups, – normally mothers, wives and daughters of Mason’s, [who then come online in their droves and onto social networks such as Facebook, and try to attack people like me, – and whose aim it is to try and debunk or trivialise our arguments] – who think they know about their own fraternities ‘true’ agenda, yet many don’t, as they’re drip-fed and hoodwinked, and are as bigger victims as those people who are non-initiated.  However, the other 2% certainly do not believe in any of your currently known about religions and their worshiped “gods”, – as they have their own secret belief system and quite separate from what it is you religious people have been brought up to believe in.

Returning to the question how do you keep a small group of service men [whom could possibly be dead by now, – murdered], silent?  – What Kay Griggs, [see her on Youtube: ], exposed ought to give you an idea, the wife of Colonel George Griggs, who found her husband’s diary which contained details of homosexual blackmail in the top ranks of the US Marine Corps, [whose spirited common cry is; “Hoo-Ra”, and yelled since the mid 20th century, and we all know who “Ra” is], – it had names of leading politicians and military leaders also involved in such activities.  She exposes initiation rituals into secret societies, including hazing-bullying, the raping of young men, blackmail and even murder’s, – including her husband’s own brother who was killed, – to keep certain people quiet.

And it’s these kinds of initiation rituals and ceremonies that help sort out the chaff from the wheat.  People like her, and what she was saying is the reason I started looking into some of the heinous activities that are encouraged and adopted by many collegiate secret societies, such as urinating or defecating on the Bible or Koran, and acts of bestiality within the Alpha, Delta, Kappa like Greek fraternities that blight the whole of America’s middle-class educational system, – for it is here where the likes of their governments seek to find their ‘ideal’ candidates to employ working for them in such bodies like that of the military, police and local government positions etc. in general.

In the world of Freemasonry, there is what they call ‘Jacob’s Ladder’, as it signifies the sequence of degrees the initiate can aspire to, following on from their own oath swearing ceremonial rituals and pledging taking procedures that are sworn and taken on each and every entry to the next level of degree, – when they’re then rewarded [normally paid by themselves] with the various symbolic tokens, gifts, memento’s that each individual item has a symbolic meaning and representation for something else, as well as the degree itself.  And if you want 99.09% proof how successful this Jacob’s Ladder carrot on stick syndrome truly works, then take this into consideration, – in excess of 3,000,000 other American people had, and has had access to the ‘same classified’ come-secret diplomatic cables that US intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is accused of stealing and then uploading them to Wikileaks website, – so hardly a secret!

It was during my investigations and research into 9/11, that all trails and leads seemed to point towards the world of secret societies, the Freemason’s and their links to the Illuminati cabals that span the globe, – and was the reason I was compelled to write; Trapped in a Masonic World, – and as for the reason of its title, – is because I honestly believe that’s what we truly are encapsulated in.

I’m representing the ‘true’ billions of the ‘working classes’, whom are ‘not’ Freemason’s or belong to any ‘select’ club, secret society or fraternity, – so we are having to fight the ‘middle-classes’ – or should I say the majority of them, – whom indirectly stand as this ‘protective barrier’ between ‘us’, – whilst indirectly protecting the enemy; the elite and grossly unfair rich in this world. – You have to realise, but the middle-classes and especially if they are members of the Freemason’s, understand manmade religions are exactly that, – manmade.  They truly believe these religions are there to just keep the working classes and poor in line.  Though, and I’m not saying this is a bad thing, as I’m just a mere messenger; they believe in a one world “religion”, and that’s why they love the “religion” of Theosophy, “peace & love” concerts and rallies etc. and are heavily into “spiritualism” and the Aquarian new age movement etc., as a ‘new dawn’ is descending upon us, – out with ye olde and in with thy new.  As what they are working towards is the introduction of another ‘new manmade religion’, and will soon be on the menu and openly launched, as it’s been subliminally put in front of us to all to get familiarised with and this subliminal form of indoctrination has been played out for some decades now, though it seems apparent there is an acceleration it is own exposure in these recent years and no more so than today.  This ‘new religion’ [a form of Freemasonry], – will be a tweaked alternative to those existing ones, and the new kid on the block to revere and fear, – though one thing must occur before they get to that road, as it will require the annihilation of the other main religions to then allow this alternative

“religion” to then be rolled out on mass.

That’s why the real danger is this, – you wouldn’t even know the enemy if they were standing right in front of you, as there are so many groups, organisations and fraternities that appear to be opposing, divergent, conflicting, contradictory and even completely detached from each other.  I.e., you would hardly say that the evangelical Christian and Zionist were singing from the very same song sheet as the fanatical Islamist now would you?  Yet in reality, they’re all indirectly serving the same central body, even if they’re not aware of it.  As there are hidden factors within that central body, who are reliant on and aspire for the same outcome and results of what the scriptures affirm, – and worse still, crave for its fruition.  In fact, it’s their sole task to facilitate, help and assist to see and make sure certain things, happenings, events and outcomes arise within their own lifetimes which will help bring our nations that one step nearer towards a climacterical “Gog and Magog” Armageddon kind of endgame result.

Because if it doesn’t happen, – then it means their faith and expectations were to no avail, their lives had no real purpose or meaning after all, and the millions of lives that had already perished before them, also meant nothing. – The prophecies that have been preached to them since childhood, and what the Bible, Torah and Quran state must therefore be false and their Priests, Rabbi’s and Imam’s have been chirping bullshit, – the credibility of any religion simply can’t allow this to happen.

Wars normally follow great depressions and financial turmoil, the general public and a worlds populations disgust that an handful of rich elitists are taking trillions out of our economies is rapidly growing, and it is because of this, new enemies will be created by those Illuminati cabals, who will force us in wars against each other, and we must all stand firm and refuse to fight one another.

So whether we like it or not, it appears that under our current status of world beliefs, religious hate is going to be encouraged and “Armageddon” will be allowed to occur and made to come into fruition, – if not in our lifetimes, then one day soon, – though I have to say, I have the oddest feeling that something horrendous and on such a large scale is in fact going to happen and that perhaps; World War III will be upon us in the not so distant future.

As said, why is it when I mention anything anti-Freemasonry, and on the majority of forums or pages and groups on social network sites such as Facebook, – that my comments go down like a prolonged wet fart at Sunday church congregation?  Well I know why really, but would just like to emphasis this point, firstly you have to remember virtually anyone whom is middleclass and particularly a Freemason or member of the Eastern Star are going to be connected to the internet.

I know I’m virtually all alone here, as those whom are typically ‘anti-Freemason’s’, are normally religious too and predominately Catholic, – due to “Rome’s-the Popes”, [however, what the present Pope Benedict XVI has to say on the subject of Freemasonry, has fallen deafly silent, as he bowls about Vat-City in his handmade Prada red shoes], alleged banning of Catholic’s and members of the clergy from becoming a Freemason etc., – which we know is a load of rubbish as there are hundreds of thousands Catholic Freemason’s all around the world.  As are there even more Christian, Muslim and Hindu’s that too are Freemason’s.

Now this purely and predominately is a ‘middle-class’ thing, [though here’s the joke, many ‘working class’ people have deluded themselves thinking they too are middleclass, – so get down from your high horses and be happy with who you really are], a ‘class war’, as your average working-class folk couldn’t afford to join such an exclusive club to begin with, which therefore means the majority of the ‘masses’ are not exposed to the rituals, degrees and beliefs or teachings of the Freemason’s, – so the children of a middleclass Freemason, will obviously have a different kind outlook to life than that of a Muslim and induChristian or even Jewish working-class child, as many of these children of the middleclass too have a “Theosophical philosophy” and outlook.

The ‘divide’ has already been forged.  Freemasonry doesn’t require its members to believe in any one religion, as long as they believe in a ‘Supreme Being’, – so it sounds all good, and ‘they’ all have so much in common etc.  – However, the billions of indoctrinated masses don’t have this ‘common bond’, this ‘secret’, which is; “We don’t really believe what you have been taught, but we will go along with the charade anyway.”

See in a sense I don’t care what or who people believe in, if it’s not causing harm to another person, which can’t be said about our current known religions, – as billions have perished in the ‘name’ of them.  But at the end of the day, “religions” have nothing to do with “God” – but solely as a ways and means of controlling the masses.  And here’s my problem, as I would like to say, let’s support Freemasonry, as it’s could be the better alternative than the other main players in this game, whom have been in opposition and killing each other for time memorial.  But I can’t, because as I say, religion is all about power and control, and if it isn’t us the masses whom are in control, then it’s of course our “leaders” whose job it is to control us, – and who our “leaders” are, – and here’s where the term “puppet” comes to mind, – are not put into their positions of power by ‘us’, as we only ‘elect’ to swallow the ‘blue pill’ or the ‘red’ so to speak, – as we play no part in the preliminaries of these so called “leaders” lives, whom as we know are mentored, funded and churned out by the ‘real’ leaders of the world –i.e. the Illuminati cabals and their related families and via organisations and fraternities like the Alpha, Delta, Kappa like Greek societies, DeMolay and the Eastern Star etc.

So here’s how it is, the ‘middle-classes’ have been hoodwinked into thinking they ‘know better than us’, and are therefore somewhat more special than the rest of society as a whole, they are after all our academics, professors, scientists, doctors, bankers and politicians etc. – who think it’s their called upon vocation and duty to ‘think’ for the rest of us.  Many genuinely are quite sincere, but saying that, they’re no different that the billions of the rest of ‘us’, apart from they have been educated differently and believe their own hype.  And it is the children of the parents of these so called middle-classes, whom in turn indirectly become the enemy of the masses, as all they are doing is following their Masonic parent’s belief system, which is a Masonic philosophy.

Who pays for things like the ‘Purple Revolution’ we had here in the UK – ‘Take Back Parliament’ campaign in 2010? – [and when I contacted the organisers of this farce, – and put this question to them, they blanked me].  As it could be argued, this helped force the country into a ‘coalition government’ – and particularly a Lib-Con one.

The ‘Facebook’ uprisings in the middle-east, and action groups such as ‘Anonymous’, which is an anagram of ‘Mason n you’, – as gone is the ‘Guy Fawkes’ mask, as the logo is of a ‘headless’ city gent wearing his ‘tie’, which I believe is a representation of the Masons ‘Cable-Tow’ noose, – ritually hung around the necks of new members as part of their initiation ceremony into the Masonic degrees.  This black figure on a white background, is then standing prominently in front of what can only be described as the United Nations logo, – with its famously associated to the Freemason’s – the ‘Laurel Leaf’ symbol.  “Do what thy wilt”, is a Thelmite term by Aleister Crowley. “Do as you wish”, is a term by Trent Peacock one of the originators of Anonymous.  So as I say, who’s really pulling the strings and funding groups such Anonymous, Wikileaks, WWF, Rainbow Warrior etc.? – As it appears as if Masonic/Illuminati cabals have either infiltrated these kinds of ‘protest groups’, or were and still are behind them all and have been since their fruition.  I know I will attacked by various ‘shills’ employed to protect these kind of groups, though ‘sincere and genuine’ members can too see what I’m saying, they too realise that many a member of the Black-Bloc etc., have also been infiltrated by government agent provocateurs, and it is those whom I call upon to help me expose the ‘real enemy’.

What’s so disheartening and therefore virtually impossible for us to even conceive, is the fact that what we the masses, were and still are being taught to believe in, is just one gigantic lie, a deceit so extensive and huge in its size and disguise – it’s surely too unbelievable that it could be possibly true, – yet this grand scheme and falsehood just continues to perpetuate on and on, century following century, decade after decade, year in and year out, each sunrise and preceding sunset, hour after subsequent hour, minute by minute and each and every ticking second of the day, we have been lied to and conditioned beyond belief, so subtly and subliminally has it been manufactured, produced and then enforced upon us that we hardly even realise it, or in fact know what’s been done to us in the first place and by those very people we have put all our faith and trust in.

On the surface it’s difficult to see the evilness of Freemasonry, as it is other “religions”, – they want us blinded, bamboozled and kept in the dark whilst their bullshitting their way through our lives, emphasising on things such as; TERRORISM, CLIMATE CHANGE, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, and how we ought to help out those citizens in oil rich countries such as Iraq and Libya, – but not give a dam about the thousands of others being hacked to death in baron wastelands of Africa, yet they love reminding us how shocking CRIME is here at home, and constantly bombarding us with images and stories of war-torn and poverty or famine stricken areas from around the world, as if to say; “You’ve never had so good”, – which all acts as a continuous smokescreen and allows them to get away with whatever they want.  Remember this is a massive worldwide “Masonic club”, – don’t be suckered into that school of thought: “Here we go again, another conspiracy theory”, – because again I reverberate, this is “not a theory”, though it’s certainly a “conspiracy”.

Conspirators of hate, lovers of greed and junkies of war whom are out to fuck the masses of mankind whatever your country of origin, colour, race or religion – they’re “all” in on it and we don’t even come into the equation.  Those whom occupy the minute tip of the pyramid, consisting of a mere few hundred Masonic/Illuminati Black Nobility and “new money” linked families, with the help of around 140,000 high Degree Freemason running and controlling the billions of the of rest us, and which has only been made achievable with the help of their 7 million or so Masonic foot soldiers whose sole purpose is occupying the remaining overall mass area of the pyramid, and not forgetting the thousands of other fraternal fringe groups, organisations and establishments such as the Rotary, Odd Fellows, Moose International, Woodmen of the World and the Lion Club etc, who have in excess of 4,000,000 combined members, or the many other so called ‘Friendly Societies’, or Alpha, Delta, Kappa like Greek style fraternities that too have millions of indoctrinated members spanning the globe.

I must admit it appears I’m condemning Freemasonry [and religion] as a whole, though technically I’m not, and what I mean by that, – is that the origins of ‘modern day’ – the enlightenment movement of Freemasonry may well have been an intended noble cause, and that those original founders might have wanted to have bettered mankind as a whole.  But sadly to say, if that was their true intentions then they must be turning in their graves, because the Masonic fraternities, [religions, and even protest groups such as Anonymous, Wikileaks and 9/11 Truth Movements etc.] have been infiltrated and taken over by a corrupt and sinister dark force and group of evil people, whom have managed to permeate their way into the very fabric and foundations of every society and throughout all the world’s governments, [and who JFK was talking about before ‘they’ killed him], and it is because of this permeation as to why the worlds in constant financial turmoil and at war with each other time and time again.

And the only way we can truly have justice and successful revolutionary uprisings, – is by what is the determined outcome, because if all it does is tweak and alter the present day leaderships, regimes and status quo, then we the people have not gained anything, [look at Egypt], as we will still be controlled by the same invisible body, having just received a new head during the revolutionary transplant.

The public need to understand that the majority of our politicians and their associated bodies are members, or affiliated to the Freemason’s, – and this is why we are in desperate need of a “Real Change”, not loose change, as we need laws and regulations passed that should make it illegal for any Freemason to hold any position in government and their related bodies, i.e. the judiciary as a whole; judges, barristers, solicitors and court clerks etc.  The police force, the military and other emergency and essential services as whole should also be included within these ‘new’ laws.

The objective of the Anti-Freemasonry Party is to vehemently expose every Freemason and their “sympathisers” that are embedded within our governments and communities.  We believe that every single person has the right to know who runs and controls their governments and their related bodies, including the religious institutions that plague the planet, – so with that in mind, come join us, help us in this cause, all suggestions and input most welcome.

Normally when speaking, I am referring to the UK, though typically include Europe and USA [and the rest of the world] into the equation, – even still the same principal and objection applies to all other countries, – and it is in the interest of us all that we make sure the our governments are answerable to ‘us’ the public.

It is high time that Freemasons were obliged to state their interests and the mere fact that they are reluctant to do so is more than adequate reason to demand that they do. Anyone in or standing for public office should be prepared to be open, as to their interests and affiliations. That is all that is being asked. If a list is successfully completed, it must be published.  Anything less would be an insult.     Why? You may ask.  Well the present problem is the same with all our governments, which is that

Why? You may ask.  Well the present problem is the same with all our governments, which is that there is not enough transparency, – and there is no accountability or a compulsory public register for those whom deal with procurement deals and contracts on behalf of the public, and why it’s costing billions [estimated £10bn] of pounds just for two aircraft carriers that were originally going to cost around £1bn, – as this kind of thing goes on and on across the board, whether it be our roads and motorways, to our health services and everything else a modern world and country needs.

Freemason’s who also occupy public seats and positions of power that ultimately leads onto these very same people being responsible and handling trillions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s of the public’s purse.

So as I say, these are the ‘real’ reasons why the public are being forced to pay billions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s over the top of normal prices, – by signing watertight contracts etc. which commits ‘us’ into paying or owing ridiculous and exploitive amounts of money to an handful of suppliers and contractors, and the only reason this is allowed to continuously occur, is because there is no true accountability, and those making the deals are in the “brotherhood”.

We need to unite and stand firm to prevent these crooks from continuously stealing from our economies, we need to come together to make this possible and to consider the implications as we need help in making such laws and regulations become part of our statute’s, and that a bill or bills are passed that make it illegal for Freemason’s to be also members of Parliament, [Congress etc.], the House of Lords and many other key positions of influence and power.

And here’s another reason why the Freemason’s have such initiation rituals and ceremonies, for its after swearing these such oaths and making the such pledges that these sorts of “fratheads” do, – they then in turn become appointed and part of the internal structure of our governments, – and it is via the management, leadership and control of our local villages, towns and cities, – whose job it is, – is to watch the backs of their fellow brothers, – which isn’t the likes of you or me, but the brothers of the “Masonic brotherhood”, or sisters of the sororities and madams of the “Eastern Star” whom have all been carefully chosen and strategically placed to assist one another, – though more importantly is to help their superiors up the rungs of “Jacobs Ladder”, whilst making sure the rest of us non-fraternalites keep stepping on the heads of all those snakes they’ve deliberately and precariously positioned all around us, – so whenever you might have thought you almost made it to where you wanted to be in life, – then oops, – there you go again and helter-skelter all the way down and back to square one in life again.

Not so much of; “Do what thy wilt” or “Do as you wish”, but more like; “Let’s come together and do what needs to be done”.


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  1. Whoever you are that wrote this… I AGREE 1,000% WITH YOU! I cannot STAND freemasons! They need to be scrubbed off the face of the earth! Banished from the pages of time! Wiped off the map! Whatever! BEGONE foul spirits of darkness! OUT, damned spot! Whatever it fucken takes to RID OF YOU MONSTERS!!

    Friend me on Facebook if you agree. Let’s chat.

  2. barbara ephgrave permalink

    I am involved in a very sordid affair masonically inspired it is impossible to reason with them all they understand is abuse and how to direct it against others when they are caught out.
    I am looking for some form of non masonic legal representation to demonstrate how to bring them to justice by exposing their basest shortcomings.
    They rob and murder and usually they are not caught out but on this occasion the unexpected happened.

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