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Deliberate Mishandling of Obama’s Oath

July 7, 2011

For the many of you who may be unaware what happened on the 20th January 2009 when Barack Obama first took his inauguration, there was in my opinion, and I’m not alone with this view, an intentional blunder made in the ‘swearing-in’ by Judge John G. Roberts during the oath taking ceremony by Obama, that then invalidated the inauguration, and led on to cries for it to be retaken again, – when yet again, Roberts purposely made sure the second oath-taking didn’t go ahead as tradition expects it to either, and I will hopefully be able to prove right here, that his tactics were deliberate and pre-meditated.

The reason I say there was a deliberate botch-up in the wording of the oath in the inauguration of Barack Obama, – was due to the fact that this would then give rise to ‘second oath’ having to be required, though this time around held in private. – Why I say ‘deliberate’, is because the events that took place in 2008 and prior to the swearing-in, and what then followed on, basically proves this was obviously the intended case and staged from the very beginning.  That ‘they’ were subsequently able to invalidate the most significant part of the swearing-in ceremony, despite hundreds of thousands of people being there and witnessing the actual event, with many millions more watching it on TV and all around the rest of the world was of great consequence and more importantly, symbolic to those in the top strata of the Illuminati cabal.  What better opportunity is there than this to be able to show-off, a time that allows you to get your message clearly across to those other global rulers, those highest ranking of the elitist Illuminati families who dominate and control this world, – than at a time such as this, which confirms; ‘we run the show’, and demonstrates this to the world’s other puppet-regimes, that this is most certainly the case.

Symbolism is everything in Freemasonry, and to be able to show this kind of influence at something as historically monumental as the United States of America’s presidential inauguration, is surely as gratifying as the moment when Edgar H. Dix, 40 years after its original construction, finally put into place the 100 ounce aluminium pyramid forming the apex to the top of the Masonic obelisk, alias the Washington Monument, on the 6th of December 1884, being the tallest man made structure in the world at that time of 555 feet 5⅛ inches [169.1m] in height. – They essentially want and require it to be shown as a prerequisite to their own rituals, and that such sacraments are not being disregarded or going unobserved, – and that’s what you call real power, as even the President himself, had to wait for the order from the Freemason/Illuminati cabal, until the following day!

I can almost hear the objections to my account of this deliberate slip-up by Judge Roberts, before many have even had the chance to fully consider what I am saying. – Anyone who watched and heard the swearing-in, and you can see it on, wouldn’t be mistaken in assuming Judge Roberts was joking about, Obama kept trying to correct him, but Roberts knew what he was doing.  Now if these mistakes weren’t bad enough as Judge Roberts inadequately and foolishly, but intentionally botched his lines during that first inauguration, – which then led-on to the anticipated and expected cries that the inauguration was ‘invalid’, – then what was to follow can only be regarded as a complete and utter farce.  The official story as to why this happened was: “Part of the difficulty was that Roberts did not have the text of the oath with him but relied on his memory”. – I say anticipated and expected, because if no one from outside the Masonic fraternity claimed for it to have been a ‘botched-job’, thus invalid, then it’s the expected collective duty of those in ‘brotherhood’ to make sure they do, hence allowing and guaranteeing another oath-taking procedure to arise, in which duly did happen, and was rearranged to be taken again that very next day.

White House counsel Greg Craig said; “…out of an ‘abundance of caution’ – the ‘second oath’ again administered by Judge John G. Roberts, would take place at 7:35 pm on the Wednesday”.  And it did in the White House’s ‘Map Room’, it was not allowed to be filmed, and only four other White House staff attended and witnessed the procedure, it was sound recorded, and photographs were taken for the record.  Now if you’re from that side of the fence who doesn’t believe the first inauguration was a botch-up anyway, or that it had been manipulated and controlled from start to finish for the sole benefit of the Masonic agenda, then how is it then, Judge Roberts, had the audacity and upright boldness to announce; “I have ‘No Bible’ to hand!” – What did he say! – Some have said this is because he didn’t want to be seen holding the Koran in his hand, as the Bible is not really his book of faith, and that since his appointment as president the White House is promoting ‘anti-Christian’ policies, but I’m not getting into that argument, I don’t care what the man’s faith is, there’ll the same to me.

Judge Roberts has administered, and taken the oath himself and witnessed such a procedure on an abundant of occasions whilst acting as an attorney or judge in hundreds of court cases, so therefore knows more than anyone else how important and significant the Holy Bible is on such an ‘oath taking’ occasion, – his the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court for fuck’s sake, – how can he not know?  In 2005 Roberts took the Constitutional “oath of office”, administered by senior Associate Justice John Paul Stevens at the White House, on the 29th September, and again on the 3rd October when he took the “judicial oath” provided for by the Judiciary Act of 1789 at the United States Supreme Court building when on both occasions he placed his left hand on the bible, whilst holding his right hand up swearing the oath.  However, Freemason Obama equally bold, goes along with the charade and says; “It doesn’t matter it’s still legal”. Which is true, you can even affirm if you’re an atheist.


In the book; Dreams from my Father, A Story of Race and Inheritance by Barack Obama, on Page 37, “Lolo [Lolo was Obama’s Indonesian step-father, and whom he’s says; ‘was a big influence in his life’, on Page 38 he states: “So it was to Lolo that I turned for guidance and instruction.”], – followed a brand of Islam that could make room for the remnants of more ancient animist and Hindu faiths.  He explained that a man took on the powers of whatever he ate.”

Yet what makes this whole matter bizarre, is that the world’s media was making such a big song and dance about the fact the Obama had personally decided to “Swear Oath on the ‘Lincoln Bible’”, being that Lincoln himself was apparently the last President to do so, and that despite all this hype and bullshit, – that was the end to it, no more was really said on the subject and they simply went ahead with the ‘second oath’, without the ‘sole object’ of symbolic meaning in his hand and what he was meant to be fundamentally holding, or with his hand placed on it, and ‘swearing-on’ in the first place!

It’s a bit like a judge without his gavel, a fireman without his hose, a policeman without his truncheon, or a priest turning up for Sunday sermon or wedding without his bible in hand. – If the Lincoln bible wasn’t to hand, the why didn’t they insist that someone was to simply go to the White House library and find one?  And if the argument is there wasn’t one there, – then send-out a buy one; ‘out of an abundance of caution’, and to at least silence the critics and prevent the possibility of another outcry demanding a ‘third oath’ should be taken.  This only leaves this whole oath taking procedure in disrepute and a mockery as to what its whole purpose and objective is meant to be in the first place, thus leaving the entire practice and process in a shambles and wide open to criticism, speculation and conspiracy  theories, like what it is today.

Considering the following details, then it must be said the reason why Judge John G. Roberts left the bible out of the equation on the ‘second attempt’ of Obama’s oath at the White House, must have been 100% intentional and therefore a deliberate act of deception, because this proves he knew beyond reasonable doubt the significance of the bible, and more than anyone else that day.  As just ‘20 days prior’ Obama’s inauguration, on the 31st of December 2008, Michael Newdow a Californian doctor and 17 other people, plus 10 groups representing atheists, sued none other than Chief Justice John G. Roberts, yes that’s right the ‘same’ John G. Roberts, and others involved in the inauguration of Barack Obama in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, seeking ‘to prevent’ the Chief Justice John G. Roberts from saying “So help me God”. Judge Reggie Walton refused to grant Newdow’s motion for a preliminary injunction, reasoning that as a district court judge he did not feel he had the authority to issue such an order against the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court among other reasons. [1]

Newdow attended Brown University,[2] where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology in 1974, and where there are eleven residential Greek houses: six all-male fraternities such as Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Tau, Delta Phi etc.  Newdow later enrolled in the University of Michigan law school, earning a law degree in 1988, and where Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Tau Beta Pi have chapters so and I strongly believe he belonged to one or more of those fraternities and is very likely a Freemason today.

Judge John G. Roberts attended Harvard College, when after graduating went to Harvard Law School where he was the managing editor of the Harvard Law Review, and graduated with a law degree with distinction – ‘magna cum laude’ in 1979.  Technically, Harvard is not allowed to have a Greek system, like many other universities, and there are currently eight all-male clubs at Harvard: The A.D., Owl, Delphic, Fly, Fox, Spee, Phoenix-SK, Porcellian – aka Porc or the P.C. club.  However, many are as good as any Masonic structured and influenced Greek fraternities as ever, other than these Harvard clubs are more high-end.  And for instance in 1916, it was voted officially to change the name from Phi Delta Psi Club, to the Owl Club, and the A.D. Club is a continuation of a chapter of the ‘Alpha Delta Phi’ fraternity.  At that time, owing to the prevailing sentiment against such societies, it became a ‘strictly secret society’, known among its members as the “Haidee” = A-D, and the name of a college boat.

So again in my opinion it’s extremely likely Judge John G. Roberts was a member of any one of those clubs and fraternities, and is no doubt in my opinion is a Freemason, – and understandable as to why he did what he did during those oath taking ceremonies, as he was of course told to do so.


The “Lincoln Bible” was not Lincoln’s! – On the actual day of inauguration, Barack Obama swore on ‘Abraham Lincoln’s Bible’, the King James Version of the Bible, and was apparently the first to do so since Lincoln himself last did.  It’s annotated in the back of the volume, along with the ‘Seal of the Supreme Court’.  The seal is embossed and blue in colour and it was Freemason Chief Justice John Marshall who shaped the Supreme Court into its present form and who was in office long before Lincoln.  To swear an oath on the same bible as Lincoln did, is as good swearing oath to the Freemasons themselves in private and at one of their Lodges.  Also in the back of this King James version of the bible, is handwritten in ink; “I, William Thomas Carroll, clerk of the said court do hereby certify that the preceding copy of the Holy Bible is that upon which the Honourable R. B. Taney, Chief Justice of the said Court, administered to His Excellency, Abraham Lincoln, the oath of office as President of the United States” [3] – Confirming and informing the Freemasons; “This is the actually book – we gave to him”.

By the ‘Lincoln Bible’ being referred to in this manner, obviously gives the impression, – well to me and many others it did, – and the notion that it was actually Lincoln’s own ‘personal bible’, as opposed to one he was simply given by the Masonic fraternity to use, so therefore he had no other alternative but to use it anyway. – As whilst on the way to Lincoln’s own inauguration, his ‘personal bible’ was never used, as it was still on route at the time of his swearing in, with the majority of his other personal belongings and stored safely away in his own luggage.  The hand written note by William T. Carroll in the back of the bible Lincoln did use proves this was the case, besides its common knowledge to historians that Lincoln never got the opportunity to use his own.  Whether this scenario was also staged to happen to Lincoln’s ‘own bible’, – is wide open to speculation, so who really knows for sure, but nevertheless it did happen so therefore arose the opportunity to produce the King James version of the bible in which Lincoln swore his oath on and why the name stuck as the ‘Lincoln Bible’.

It’s often been agreed that Lincoln was not a Freemason, but it is likely that Freemasonry had some influence on him and he on Freemasonry, like it did with Hitler.  His political philosophy was affected by Masonic ideals that were expressed in the ‘Declaration of Independence’ and the ‘U.S. Constitution’.  His spirit of charity during the Civil War was probably affected to some extent by hearing how Freemasons in the war helped each other while maintaining their ideals.  Lincoln was helped in his life by Freemasons from his days at New Salem through his days in the White House.  During that meeting Lincoln is reported to have told the calling committee; “Gentleman, I have always entertained a profound respect for the Masonic fraternity and have long cherished a desire to become a member”.  Six days after the large-scale surrender of Confederate forces under General Robert E. Lee, Lincoln became the first American president to be assassinated. [4]

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World.

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Anti-Freemasonry Party link on Facebook;

Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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