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“I’m Julian Assange™!”

July 6, 2011

Following the Wikileaks controversy, the arrest of its founder Julian Assange, and the cyber attacks on its website, – thus rendering it inaccessible, the powers that be [TPTB] soon realised the website was simply being mirrored and cloned, so decided to switch tactics and directly contacted the CEO’s of those companies that could help cut off the life support system of Wikileaks, which is obviously its funding.  Wikileaks are 100% reliant on voluntary contributions, so by taking this kind of unprecedented action, it instantly prevented them from being able to receive anymore donations and payments, and was only made possible by the direct intervention of those companies such as Worldpay, Paypal and Mastercard etc., by them withdrawing the facility that processes those payments in the first place.

Then following on from this ‘state interference’, what the Chinese government has done to its own internet service, [a moderation of ours in the West, with restricted access to certain websites and information], and then with the Tunisian and Egyptian authorities going that one step further and proving to us all how easy it can be done, – which is to suspend or completely closed down the internet, peoples emails, and even their mobile telephones within their each respected counties, shows how concerned they all really are, – and I cover this subject more in-depth further on.  Now this is not on, in fact it’s bang out of order, as this isn’t just a case of suppressing ‘freedom of speech’, it’s actually going one, or should I say several steps further, as this is denying people access to vital personal data, – their money could not be accessed, payments could not be sent or received, and their fundamental everyday rights were denied due to everything and everybody else also not being able gain access to the internet, – whether we like it or not, the ‘world’ is totally dependent on its computers, and move a like this could soon cripple a countries infrastructure.

And this is why we have to do everything legally within our powers to prevent this same “network of people” from being able to introduce some form of “Chinese Google clamp” to our systems here in the West.  Our job is to help inform our fellow man, – and what’s presently happening in the middle-east is evident how powerful this is, and more importantly that it’s working. – As a collective we need to reach out to all those millions of others who are still kept in the dark, and with our assistance they too shall soon be furnished with the truth and will be able to demand ‘change’ within their own countries.

Yet this can and has only been made possible for the likes of Julian Assange, and that’s why so many people either love him or loath him, or is it fear him, – as they also realise that he has encouraged many other whistleblowers from around the world to start doing the same, – though more so, he’s helping evoke an awakening deep inside all of us, in which we really are getting sick and tired with the status quo of whose governing us.  Though this is all too much for a world built on, and entirely reliant on its massive network of secret societies and fraternities, that until recent years have enjoyed total anonymity, Illuminati groups such as the Freemasons, the Odd Fellows, the Lions Club, the Rotarians, and the Alpha, Delta Kappa brigade of Greek fraternities and the many others of thousands of secret clubs and groups who as a collective have had carte blanche in suppressing the truth for hundreds of years, – but until now!  The problem is, I thought the media were in denial, but surely they must know, so must be part of it, as how can they not understand the present set-up and the governments we have on offer today, isn’t what the people want as their form of governments.

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Julian Assange [and Bradley Manning] and those working away in organisations such as Anonymous, – for having to balls and conviction for doing what he [they] has [have] done, and continues to do so on humanities behalf.


Following his court appearance on the 24th February 2011 at Belmarsh Magistrates Court in London, and when he lost his fight against being extradited to Sweden, in which he now has to take his case to the Appeal Court in the Strand, London.  It was revealed and alleged on BBC News24, on the 25th February 2011, that the US government had offered Julian Assange £100,000,000, for the return of the entirety of the documentation in Wikileaks possession, – do you know of anyone else that would refuse such an offer?

Then on the 1st of March 2011, it was widely reported that Julian Assange ™, is seeking to register his name as a trademark, in which many famous people now do for commercial reasons, and it’s because of this angle his critics have attacked him by saying, he too is doing it for that same purpose.  Well as a reminder, Assange so happens to be embroiled in a legal battle and dispute that’s still in its infancy, and whilst he’s accusers have a bottomless pit of tax-payers money to use pursuing Assange, he hasn’t this same privilege whilst he tries to defend himself.  The legal fraternity are well known for their extortionate charges, and some high profile cases such as he’s can run into millions of pounds in unjustified legal costs, – and especially so when it involves an appeal process in the High Court’s etc.   So it goes without saying, Assange has to create an income somehow, and the reason he needs to write a book.

But more important, and the ‘true’ reason he’s having to register his name as a ‘trademark’, is so that it will help deter other people from using it, and that legal action can at least be pursued against those who are blatantly jumping on the bandwagon of his fame and using it as if they’re some kind of representative of his, or to do with Wikileaks, – as more worryingly is that his name is being used both deceptively and fraudulently.

This phenomena has been able to come about, since everyone knows and what I’ve just mentioned, which is the governments have cyber attacked “his” Wikileaks website, – and that their means of being able to raise revenue via donations has been taken away by the credit card processing companies by withdrawing their services and banning the website.  The cyber attacks has led to hundreds, if not thousands of ‘mirrored’ Wikileaks websites, – that to the innocent browser on the internet may well think the website they’re visiting and reading is genuine and still indirectly connected to Wikileaks.

As here’s the problem, – on some of these ‘mirrored’ websites, they’re asking for ‘donations’ and it must go without saying and especially so during the height of Assange’s mass media coverage when he was remanded into custody on the 7th December 2010, that it’s very likely hundreds of thousands of pounds or more from sympathises from all over the world have been duped out of their money, via some of these ‘shell’ websites, that I have personally seen and my suspicions were immediately aroused.  And again as I say, it’s also because Assange still has a long road ahead of him in his legal fight to clear his name and prevent himself from being whisked away to the US on some other trumped up charge, that his name will continuously be cropping up in the media, – and the more his name will be jumped on by those unscrupulous people hoping to make a quick buck out it. – We must lookout for Assange and his kind, and be by their side, if and when they need our help and protection, – because after all, – who really is Julian Assange? – Well the answer is obvious, – he is you, me, and every single one of us; I’m Julian Assange!”, and we should never forget that.  – Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World.

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Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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