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Bohemian Grove & Cathy O’Brien

July 3, 2011

As mention before, and as this book should hopefully be able to clearly show, that those in the upper echelons of Freemasonry own true beliefs, are in the realms of “occult”; that include Lucifer, Adonai, Satan, Baal, Beelzebub, Bael, Agares, Vassago, Samigina, Marbas, Elchai vel: Sadai The Living God or Almighty Omnipotentie Omnipotence or the Beast and many more, or whatever you want to call him, it, her, – as it’s all the same to me when I am referring to the Master Number of Glory 666 [not foregetting the 72 Names of God, the 216 letters in total made up of three verses of 72 letters, [216 x 3 = 666, the Master Number of Glory] and who is the Freemasons real “Omnipotent Being”, as opposed to a grey bearded old man in Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam, or perhaps the kind of image you might have of him, it or her.  Freemasonry’s very foundations and whole ethos is based on King Solomon.  The Lesser Key of Solomon is divided into five parts, Ars Goetia, Ars Theurgia Goetia, Ars Paulina, Ars Almadel and Ars Notoria. [1] Ars Goetia serves as a key component used to conjure up and evoke sprits, you simply can’t seriously be properly involved or indoctrinated into the fraternity unless you know and practice such works as King Solomon’s Ars Goetia, what’s the bloody point of joining the sect in the first place if you don’t, as you might as well, just join your local church, Mosque or synagogue and be done with it!

I reiterate, I don’t believe in any manmade religions, simply because they were devised by man.  I say throughout the book, that no one can or cannot prove the existence of God, so therefore I suppose the same applies to what we call the Devil.  Again I say about my own beliefs, which is I can only imagine what is perceived as God or the Devil, as being that of forms of invisible energies, say on par with something like electricity, gravity, magnetic fields and the pole ends of the earth etc..  Maybe we’re looking at these sorts of forces working in unison, whilst at the same time in opposition to each other like that of AC/DC electric currents, the winds and the sea tides etc. – i.e. Positive  =  God/light/good, whilst Negative =  Devil/dark/evil.


Rituals such as the Operation Mistletoe held in the Ashdown Forest during the WWII, are a still a regular occurrence all around the world, – and can only imagine similar rituals were, and they still are held in regards to helping defeating their enemies, in such countries like Iraq and Afghanistan, and suppose one of the main reasons forests are a favourite haunt, in addition to “Sylvan” traditions, Thor’s Oak, the Irminsul or the “Tree of Life”, is because they can also offer great seclusion.  These sorts of events are regularly attended by many very rich, prominent and famous people, and which take place and occur on frequent intervals throughout the year and all over the globe, and in places such as Bohemian Grove, which is apart from other things, a sexual playground for many American and world leaders, as well as many politicians from all over the world, and a certain Italian comes to mind.


Cathy O’Brien

     Others whom have attended over the decades are gangsters-mobsters-bankers-businessmen-top entertainers-lawyers and members of the military to name but a few, and who are all initiates of the Masonic, Illuminati Brotherhood.  Bohemian Grove is 75 miles north of San Francisco in California, near the hamlet of Monte Rio alongside the Russian River in Sonoma County. – Cathy O’Brien mentions Bohemian Grove, – to those of you who haven’t yet heard of Cathy O’Brien, she is a women who was mind controlled as a young child via the MKULTRA Project, and who has since spoken-out after escaping from a US government sex slavery syndicate.  Cathleen Ann O’Brien was born in 1957 in Muskegon, Michigan.  Her father Earl O’Brien was a prolific paedophile and one of Cathy’s first memories was being unable to breathe because his penis was in her mouth. [2]

Such trauma automatically triggers Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD], because the young child’s mind wishes to shutout such horrifying experiences.  Her father’s friends were also allowed to abuse and rape the young Cathy, and her brothers, just as her father and mother had been abused when they too were children.  Her mother was sexually abused by Cathy’s grandfather, a leader of a Masonic Blue Lodge.  She was taken through long and painful deprogramming sessions lasting more than a year which dismantled compartments in her mind and allowed her to remember what happened to her – and who did it.   She co-authored a book called; TRANCE-Formation of America which was originally written in graphic detail for the USA’s House of Representatives; Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight in 1995.   In it, she amazingly accuses world leaders such as George W Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton as being among those of her abusers, and decided to write the book some years after Mark Phillips rescued her daughter Kelly and her from the White House/Pentagon level MK-Ultra mind control victimisation ring. [2]

To most people who may have lived rather a sheltered life, they might feel inclined to look upon Cathy’s story [or even mine!] and her version of events with suspicion, and in some respects, which I’ve said before, this is a healthy attitude. – What you’re about to read is quite mind blowing, and the old saying that “fact is stranger than fiction” certainly rings true here.  Like most of the subjects I cover in this book, they’re controversial, thought provoking and hopefully challenging, that you’ll need to open your mind and think outside the box to be able to fully appreciate and understand the revelations that are being presented to you, and once you’ve done so, you’ll be armed with a kind of ‘insider knowledge’, as its unlikely your come across this kind of information in your average kind of books, – and if you could, you’re most probably have had to of read in excess of a hundred books in order to be able to read, collate and process such a broad volume of gathered facts and data.  What I am writing, I hope will educate you and help empower you, you will now be able to look upon our so called world leaders, those “pillars of society” and their brown tongued lackeys in a different light, you’re be able to clearly see them for the bunch of evil men and women they really are, and realise only you can get to grips with your life, as none of these bastards give one iota for you, you’re family or anyone one of us in this manmade and controlled corrupt Masonic world we’re presently trapped in.

Cathy O’Brien had previously been stopped from presenting her compiled eyewitness testimonies, supporting medical documents and hard evidence to all local, state and federal legal bodies for so-called “reasons of National Security”.  Despite already going to the police, which are all virtually linked, influenced and controlled by the Freemasons–to give you an idea see photo section of police badge symbols.  Now bearing in mind my own experiences with the police officer admitting to being able to plant fingerprints on an object someone hasn’t touched before, and when I was granted Nolle prosequi – immunity, so as to silence me; “in the public interest…”, so I wouldn’t hinder the Crown Prosecution Service’s cases against the many IRA trials that were going through appeal courts at around the same time as my case.  So this kind of tactic Cathy O’Brien is saying in respect to her being silenced for “reasons of National Security”, is not as farfetched of an occurrence to have happened to her, and which no doubt many of her critics have either raised, or suggested this is perhaps the case.  Hopefully, with what I have so far presented in this book, it will perhaps help allow you to free your mind, and accept Cathy’s story as an honest account as to what she really experienced and went through. – Once it became clear that she would not be able to address the Congressional Committee, TRANCE Formation of America was written and published by her and others, then released en masse and which has and still is being read by people all around the world today. [2][2a][3]

Her first book has been followed up by another book titled: ACCESS DENIED which was written to explain certain details that were included in TRANCE. – With Cathy’s, Mark’s and Kelly’s, [her daughter] lives and liberty on the line, TRANCE was hurriedly condensed from courtroom testimony into a book form and privately published by the authors in September 1995. – While TRANCE has become known worldwide in many licensed translations as one of the most successful US government whistleblowers book ever written, it was never intended for the public who had no reference for understanding mind control, nor was it to be considered a book.  Rather it is what it is, – a true and to date uncontested document for the US Congressional Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Oversight.

TRANCE is Cathy O’Brien’s, documented testimony she provided to US courts, US Congress, and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights Abuses of her existence as a CIA Project MKULTRA mind control slave. – ACCESS DENIED – For Reasons of National Security is the rest of their true life’s story, which required 16 years for the authors to survive and 3 years for them to write.  This book was written for everyone and especially for the thousands who have read TRANCE and were left to imagine pertinent details that could not be included.  1. How did Cathy recover from being tortured out of her mind until age 30, when intelligence insider Mark Phillips triggered and rescued her and her daughter Kelly away from their CIA operative handler?  2. What are the documented details of how Mark & Cathy survived the state and federal and Congressional judicial gristmill, aptly called the criminal justice system.  3. Last but not least, what are the facts as to how Mark & Cathy were able to survive long enough to globally expose the criminal acts of some of the most politically powerful people who are still in control of our planet to this very day? [2a][3]

Here is just a tiny part of what she says about where she was taken and regularly abused, and among those places is Bohemian Grove where; – “…they were forced to serve the perversions of their abusers”. These include satanic rituals, torture, child sacrifices and blood drinking, all in which take place on the exclusive 2,700 acre estate in among the redwood trees.  She says; Slaves of advancing age or with failed programming were used as sacrifices, I knew it was only a matter of time until it would be me… – …the Grove has a number of rooms for different perversions including a Dark Room, a Leather Room, a Necrophilia Room, and one known as the Underground Lounge, spelt as U.N.derground on the sign.

Robed men at Bohemian Grove stand alongside a large fire worshipping a 40 foot stone owl.  The owl is the symbol of Moloch or Molech, an aspect of Nimrod/Baal.  Moloch, demands the sacrifice of children and it was to this deity that the children of the Babylonians, Hebrews, Canaanites, Phoenicians and Carthaginians were sacrificially burned.  This picture provided visual support for the claims over many years that “Druid rituals” were being performed at the Grove with people in red robes marching in procession chanting to the Great Owl – Moloch.  The Romans called the owl by the same word that meant witch.  The Greeks said, the owl was sacred to Athene, the ancient Mesopotamian Eye Goddess and her staring owl-like images have been found throughout the Middle East.  The owl was also the totem of Lilith, the symbol of the bloodline genes passed on through the female, and other versions of the triple goddess of the Moon. [2][3][4]


In Biblical texts, the word seed very often means offspring.  The laws given to Moses by God expressly forbade the Israelites to do what was done in Egypt, or in Canaan.  You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God [5]. – Leviticus 18:21:  And you shall not let any of your seed pass through l’Molech, neither shall you profane the name of your God: I am the Lord. – Jeremiah 32:35:  And they built the high places of the Ba’al, which are in the valley of Ben-hinnom, to cause their son’s and their daughter’s to pass through the fire l’Molech; which I did not command them, nor did it come into my mind that they should do this abomination, to cause Judah to sin.  In John Milton’s: Paradise Lost, Moloch is one of the greatest warriors of the fallen angels; First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear’d with blood, of human sacrifice, and parents tears, though for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud.  Their children’s cries unheard, that pass through fire…[6]   The owl has been symbolised as a witch in bird form, and is associated with witches in the symbols of Halloween.  There is a tiny little owl embedded within the design on the dollar bill, it’s so small you need a magnified glass to see it, [see photo section].  The symbolism of being able to see in the dark and with a 360 degree range of vision, are also appropriate for a Brotherhood deity and the ‘all seeing eye’.  Outside of strictly Jewish Qabalah the 72 Names or angels are attributed to each 5 degree semi-decan of the zodiac [5 x 72 = 360], to the cards of the tarot, and so on. [2]

These world famous Brotherhood initiates at Bohemian Grove burn a Celtic wicker effigy at the start of their camp to symbolise their; Ging, gang, goolie goolie whatcha…religion.  The population of Britain has been manipulated into doing the same every November 5th when effigies of Guy Fawkes are burned to mark the day on which he tried to blow up Parliament.  [The 1973 and 2006 remake film The Wicker Man is about a deeply religious Police Sergeant, Neil Howie [Edward Woodward/Nicolas Cage] who receives information that a young girl has gone missing on a remote island off the coast of Scotland.  He flies to the island to investigate, shows a photo of the missing girl to the locals, but they deny her existence.  Howie starts noticing the islander’s bizarre customs and lifestyle with increasing disbelief.  He meets Lord Summerisle, [Christopher Lee in the 1973 version], who explains that they are all practicing Pagans.  Howie is deeply offended, and accuses them of murdering the girl as part of a bizarre ritual.  He then attempts to leave the island in order to report his suspicions to the chief constable of the West Highland Constabulary, and wanting to catch the islanders at whatever twisted game they are playing with the girl [whom he decides is still alive, but destined to be sacrificed], but finds that his airplane has been sabotaged.  Howie is instead snared by the islanders.  They imprison him in a giant Wicker Man [7] then set it on fire.  It is their belief that his virginal, “Christian life” will appease their ‘Pagan gods’, and bring bounty to the next harvest -The ‘human sacrifice’ is the belief of most Satanic worshipers.


A local community newspaper; The Santa Rosa Sun, reported in July 1993 about the Cult of Canaan and the legend of Moloch at Bohemian Grove, but police investigations into alleged murders on the site have predictably led nowhere.  Regular attendees at Bohemian Grove are known as Grovers and among them are people like George Bush, Gerald Ford, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Sir Alan Greenspan the head of the Federal Reserve, and Knight Commander of the British Empire since 2002.  Jack Kemp, [Bob Dole’s running mate at the 1996 US election], Alexander Haig, the former Defence Secretary, Casper Weinberger and George Shultz, former Secretaries of State and a long list of the best known politicians, businessmen, media people and entertainers in the world, let alone USA [2].  Steve Bechtel, the head of one of the world’s biggest construction company, attended Bohemian Grove during the 1980’s while his company obtained massive contracts thanks to the spending decisions of the “World Bank” and its president A. W. Clausen, another “Grover”.  According to researchers, there is a waiting list of some 1,500 people anxious to pay the initiation fee of $5,000 and annual dues of $2,500 [these are approximate prices for 2009/10] which is peanuts, and only a token fee.  This is a summer camp and satanic centre for the elite who run the planet, and where many of the real decisions are made before they become public, if of course they ever do.  There is picture from 1957 of Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon sitting at a table at Bohemian Grove listening to Dr Glenn Seaborg, who was involved in the discovery of plutonium and worked on the Manhattan Project which produced the bombs that were dropped on Japan.  Doctor Edward Teller, the “father of the H-bomb”, was also a member.  Both Reagan and Nixon, were part of this elite occult club more than 40 years ago, and would go on to become presidents of the USA.  In fact, every Republican president since Herbert Hoover in 1945 has been a member, as have most Democrats, including Bill Clinton. [2][2a][3]

It was in Sonoma County, not far from Bohemian Grove, that 12-year-old Polly Klaas was found murdered in October 1993, and it’s been alleged, that it was quite likely done by Satanists.  She was kidnapped from her bed while her mother and sister slept in the next room.  Her grandfather, Joe, had not long publicly endorsed a book called: Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse by a former Satanist Daniel Ryder. – To the uninitiated, or for those like me who were ignorant as to how widespread ritual abuse really is, Google ‘ritual abuse’, you’ll find not just hundreds, but thousands of links to cases that have been going on for decades and all over the world. – It exposes the ties between Satanists and the mind control programmes such as Project MKULTRA and Project Monarch.  While in 1996 Richard Davies was found guilty of Polly’s murder, the possibilities that he was a brainwashed patsy put up by brotherhood, are strong, as the facts point to a form of retaliation by the Satanists against her grandfather for endorsing Daniel Ryder’s book, which was in fact attacking the Satanists.  The coincidence is just a little too close for comfort, and doesn’t it seem like coincidence-keeps raising its ugly head, as it seems to do so with most conspiracy theories which are in fact more likely to be nearer the truth, than just a theory.  [2][2a][3]

Davies, 42, listened impassively as the verdicts were read, then turned and made an obscene, dismissive hand gesture to a TV camera that was broadcasting the proceedings live from inside the San Jose courtroom, Davies was sentenced to death.  A woman had called the FBI to say, she had escaped from a coven in Sonoma County and that Polly might be killed as part of a five-day Satanic Halloween Festival.  She said Polly might be found near the Pythian Road on Highway 12 which is close to a 1,600 acre spread called the “Beltane Ranch”. [The Greeks derived this place-name ‘Pythia’ from the verb Pythein [πύθειν, “to rot”].  The FBI ignored this warning, and Polly’s body was later found near the “Pythian Road”.  She had been sexually assaulted and decapitated, but the authorities claimed she had been strangled, though this has never been proved as the body was far to decayed to determine this fact.  Davies, who kidnapped her, was not even charged with the murder by the Sonoma County District Attorney’s office until they were forced to act by protests from other police officers.


While still a child, Cathy O’Brien goes on to say that she was raped, abused and tortured by some very famous people.  She says that she was raped by Pierre Trudeau, the long time Prime Minister of Canada, who as a Jesuit and at the time working closely with the Vatican.  And was also raped again by Gerald Ford when he was actually President of the USA; raped by Ronald Reagan while he was President; and raped many times in the most brutal fashion by Dick Cheney, the White House Chief of Staff under Ford and the Defence Secretary of the United States under George Bush.  Cathy is able to describe Cheney’s office in the Pentagon in great detail.  Cathy says; that Cheney told her on one occasion: “I could kill you – kill you – with my bare hands.  You’re not the first and you won’t be the last”.  If this was all fiction, then why has ‘no’ injunction ever been made or applied for by those she accuses?  All were alive and many still are when her books which have sold all around the world and in their hundreds of thousand, if not millions for the past 20 years, – then why hasn’t she been sued for defamation of character, slander, false accusation, liable or any other appropriate charge by any of those she accuses?  I know if anyone accused me of such crimes, – and even more particularly so, – as being in such a high powered and in the public eye positions, that many of them held and still hold, then why have they chosen not to challenge her, and at least try and have her books banned?  Is it because at the end of the day they know what she is saying is most certainly the truth – and wouldn’t want to take on the challenge of a cross examination?

Others have ‘fun’ playing something they call ‘The Most Dangerous Game’.  It involves threatening government slaves like Cathy and other mind controlled children and adults with appalling consequences if they are caught.  They are then allowed to ‘escape’ into a forest, usually in some top secret military area like Lampe, Missouri or Mount Shasta, California, which are surrounded by a high fence to prevent any escape.  George Bush, the man who called for a “…kinder, gentler America” in 1988, Dick Cheney: -“My belief is we will, in fact, be greeted as liberators”. – 16th March 2003, and Bill Clinton; “I’ll say this again, I did not have sexual relations, with that women” – 1998, often go after them with guns, Cathy says in her book and newspaper interviews. “When they are caught, they are brutally raped, sometimes killed”, she says. [2][2a][3]

The Mount Shasta compound, where Bush and Cheney shared an office is “The largest covert mind control slave camp of which I am aware of.” There she saw an enormous fleet of unmarked black helicopters, which, as researchers have revealed, are part of the Brotherhood’s private army which is being installed to instigate the coup d’état against dissidents when the moment is deemed right, [and known to have been used in covert operations at night, on drug cartels and in countries such as Columbia and Mexico and were they do not want ‘their’ identity revealed.]  Part of the cover for these military and mind control operations at the Shasta compound, Cathy says, is the country music scene at Lake Shasta, she says she was forced to marry a mind controlled Satanist called Wayne Cox, a member of the Jack Greene country music band.  Greene, a CIA operative, was also a Satanist, she says.  Cox’s job was to further traumatise her to create more ‘compartments’ which could be used to program new ‘personalities’.  One night, she says Cox took her with him to the ruins of the Union Railway Station in Nashville and, using a flashlight, found a homeless man asleep.  He ordered Cathy to “Kiss the railroad bum goodbye” and proceeded to shoot him in the head.  [I personally know two blokes who admitted to pouring several bottles of highly inflammable GBH “poppers” over a fast asleep tramp in the Soho area of London and set alight to him, which resulted in his death.] “That was horrific enough, but then he produced a machete and chopped off the man’s hands before putting them into a zipper bag”. [2][2a][3]

     Cathy has ‘confessed’ at public meetings, and put this in wrting and therefore declaring to be a ‘unwilling’ witness to various murders, and has accused Wayne Cox as a serial killer who invariably chops off the hands of his victims, – though saying that, without any evidence, could they ever prove it?  This is a satanic signature,  in an interview published in the Contact newspaper, Cathy said; “By 1978, Wayne Cox, my first designated controller, was actively ritually and dismembering bums, children and those who “wouldn’t be missed, and blatantly distributing body parts from his Chatham, Louisiana, home base to key Satanic capitals of several states which included the “Little Rock-Missouri route.”   Government agencies know this, she says, but he is immune from prosecution because he works for them.  Cox led Cathy to another spot on the Union Station site, the tower at the old railway depot, and waiting in the room for them, she says, were Jack Greene, members of his band and others, dressed in black robes. They were standing around a black leather altar, she claims.  She describes the room as being draped in red velvet and lit by candles. Cathy was laid on the altar and subjected to rape and torture, while the Satanists performed a black magic ritual that involved sex, blood, and cannibalism.  Years later when ‘married’ to another CIA asset, Alex Houston, she would be made pregnant and then artificially aborted many times so the foetuses could be used for satanic rituals. [2][2a][3]


     I went to school with three lads, they were about 13 and 14 years old, they dragged a 13 year old girl across some fields, and subjected her to the most horrific ordeal, the all took turns to rape her, one did so anally, two then urinated over her, whilst the other one defecated on her face.  Whilst this finishing act was taking place, three other men in their 30’s shouted out and ran towards the three boys and the poor tormented girl, the boys run and fled, and on the arrival of these men, the girl took a sigh of relief knowing her ordeal was over and she was rescued.  Sadly this didn’t happen, she was then again subjected to being raped and abused all over again by these three men who appeared to come and save her.  The boys were caught and got 12 years each, two of the men were caught some years later and also went to prison, though I can’t recall their sentences.


To belong to such an elite group of likewise individuals makes them feel very omnipotent, to be able to conduct human sacrifices right in front of their very own eyes, with others witnessing, aiding, abetting and colluding in such illegal barbaric acts with such impunity, and without fear of being arrested, charged or jailed, with the full knowledge that these rituals will never be exposed, or known about by anyone else other than those in your own inner sanctum; your “own kind”, an elitist group of interbred and crossbred families who pass the baton on from one generation to the other, in their minds it puts them on par with God; [Far beyond the likes of a mere Harold Shipman, who personally killed in excess of 200 of his elderly patients, -and  whilst in prison serving his 15 life sentences he was found dead hanging in his cell in 2004.

I say found hanging, as opposed to committed suicide, as I believe he was either hung by another prisoner, or at least assisted, so it was made possible he could have done so himself, whether he deserved it or not, which in my eyes he did, – is irrelevant, and the same goes with serial killer Fred West, he too was found hanged. – When I was away in Wandsworth Prison, London, there was an evil prison officer there that just happened to take a dislike to me, mainly because, on one particular morning I approached him for an application form to apply for a Visitor’s Order [VO], to send out to my family so as to receive a visit.  When, no word of a lie, he literally told me to; “Fuck-off”, as soon as I was about to open my mouth.  I wasn’t going to stand for that, and told him in no uncertain terms to “Fuck-off as well”, and much to everyone else’s amusement, who witnessed and heard my verbal retaliation, including other prison officers, but who didn’t hear him first swear at me, so looked like I was being verbally aggressive for no reason, and because of this and much to my detriment, from that day onwards my card was marked, by him and his cronies.

But what he was about to do next, was beyond doubt, bang out of order, as he decided to throw a rope into my cell, and had already tied it into a hangman’s noose.  I just shouted out to him: “You fucking Wanker”, he just snidely grinned, slammed my cell door shut, and simply walked away. The following morning, my cell door opened-up and in he marched, looking me straight in the eye and said; “Still here then!”  He looked around the cell, found the rope on the chair, then grabbed it and took it away, so as no one else would ever know it even happened.  However, what if I was a person who had suicidal tendencies or similar dispositions, the outcome could have been tragic, – and quite a few blokes did commit suicide whilst I was away on various sentences, in fact it’s quite a common and regular occurrence in many prisons.

The official line of inquiry into my so called “suicide”, would have said something like this; “He must of smuggled the rope out of one of the workshops and back to his cell, and which highlights the problem of how understaffed the prison authority really is, – as we haven’t enough staff to cater for the all the needs of some of the many problematic prisoners we have in here, – and who should more than likely have been sent to a mental establishment, as opposed to being kept locked-up here for 23hours a day in a Category A section of a prison.”


     “You’re a God”, they tell themselves, and it is with this self-belief, they can authorise the biggest kinds of human sacrifices they can muster-up, such as the dropping of an atom-bomb on millions of innocent men, women and children. – Can burn the skin of a child with a flame thrower, can sexually assault and then decapitated the child’s head, can shoot someone in the head at point blank range, not once, but seven times, or smash their skull-in with a baseball bat and all for absolutely no reason whatsoever, – other than, they can. – And they do, witness or instruct anything to be done and all without a bat of an eyelid.

The more outrageous and repulsive the act the better, – some people pay big money to watch or even participate in many illegal acts, such as bare knuckle prize fighting which attracts a large number of underground hardcore followers betting thousands of pounds on their favourite.  As does the despicable “sport” of dog fighting, cock-fighting, badger-baiting and hare coursing etc. – Then we have the sick and depraved perverted end of the spectrum: Animal sex, – such as paying to watch a strapped down women having full sex with a horse.

There are incredibly thousands of websites that show masses of sick people involved in animal sex, including goats, dogs, sheep, horses, donkeys, snakes etc., that it can only go without saying, that the odds of some sick bastard having sex with a chimpanzee or other similar primate has produced some kind of humanzees!

There are some women who have sex with horses, but if the women is tied down in a fixed position so she can’t move about freely, then due to the sheer size of the horse and its weight, the thrust behind it, will of course no doubt cause such internal injuries she’d probably die as a result of it.

I’ve personally seen the film footage, and know the person who filmed the event, in what looked like a drugged-up, or at least drunken women who seemed more than willing to participate in this act of bestiality, as she was at times laughing out loud and prior to the event occurring. – She didn’t seemed to understand that she was going to sustain such horrific injuries, and as soon as the horse penetrated her, you could tell by her ear piercing scream a split second before her passing out, that it was likely to be her last, [and nor did the organisers, as it was in my eyes a genuine accident],  little did she seem to realise, but it was going to be like having a scaffold pole smashed deep up inside her, as she was strapped-down in a rigid position so her body couldn’t move freely on the front of a Range Rover vehicle.   Belive it or not, but this same thing happened to a male, who used to attend a farm with many other punters, and paid to have sex with animals.  I too cover that story else where in the book.

The more sickening and depraved the performance [as that’s all it is to them], and crime, the more protected, praised, encouraged and rewarded the megalomaniac is.  As I say elsewhere, – you have to treat these people the same as a psychopath, as that’s what they truly are; fucked-up psychopaths, who tragically are running our world!  And remember, the majority if not all of them are Freemasons of one kind or another.

The systematic killing-off of millions and millions of buffalo to the point of virtual extinction, was so to starve out the Native American’s making them then dependant on US aid, – as previously proved, and I will reaffirm throughout the book, the best way to either invade or simply take-over a region or country, is to do so in the guise of and aid agency or missionaries and alike.

Waiting in the shadows for the men to go hunting for food, then attacking and killing all the elderly, women, children and weak, was a regular ploy employed by the US Army led by Kit Carson and his band of soldiers, – and granted in this particular case it happened a long time ago in the 1800’s, but many prefer not to forget, as the in case of Southern California there are parks and schools named after the “Great American Hero” Kit Carson.  Kit was a proud Freemason who led many a massacre against the defenceless, and helped create genocide long before the likes of Stalin in Russia, the Turks in Armenia, Pol-Pot in Cambodia and what Hitler did throughout the most of Europe. –  In 2009 it was the 200th anniversary of General Christopher Houston Kit Carson – ‘Kit’ was a member of the early Bent Lodge No 42. ‘The brethren of Bent Lodge No 42 put on a parade and BBQ/Burger Fry on Saturday, September 5th, 2009 to celebrate the occasion!

Can you imagine coming home and finding your whole family slaughtered, and which is still happening in other parts of the world today, and where hundreds of thousands have been killed in Iraq, and by those same forces and equally evil other countries regimes and soldiers who are systematically carrying out these same kind of orders and in many cases much worst atrocities as I write these very words.

Copycat tactics have been happening on a regular basis in parts of Africa today, where thousands of men, women and children are being hacked to death by machete wielding rebel “soldiers” disguised as wild ruthless gangs. – And all this has fuck-all to do with religion, as we’re being led to believe, nor is it “tribal disputes” over territory, which we’re also being told is the case. – Its territory disputes alright, but it’s between conglomerate groups and companies wanting to secure oil drilling rights and mining contracts to mine for gold and other precious commodities such diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and base metals of all kinds.  China’s out there with mega bucks, and the price of territories are going up in value by the minute.

The mind controlled slaves are programmed to mind control others and there are now fantastic numbers of mind controlled children and adults at large. There are whole armies of them like the Delta Force, the ‘toy soldiers’, in the United States and other elite [often psychopathic] groupings like the certain members in Special Forces Armies from various allied counties including the UK.  The name, Delta, symbolises the pyramid and also relates to the Nile Delta and the ancient Egyptians. ‘Delta’ programming creates killers, assassins, as I’ve mentioned before Delta Security, with the same logo are also employed by those Freemasons who run Thief-a [FIFA].  The training alone for these people is classic mind control, never mind all the individual stuff they experience.  The children being prepared to join the Delta Force later in life are put through indescribable horrors to desensitise them from pain and death, both for themselves and others. [2][2a][3]

One of the techniques to do this is to bond the child into a close relationship with another child and then to incinerate their friend while they are forced to watch.  The Illuminati know that in order to successfully take over the world by open force, they must have a mind controlled army which would not be affected by what they do to their fellow countrymen and even their own families, never forget what kinds of weaponry was used in Vietnam and what we did to Japan, even though I of course realise they were evil bastards as to how atrociously they treated their prisoners of war, – the majority of their civilians were as innocent as the next man, women or child, who were forced to endure the suffering from their own evil leaders.    Don’t forget the Masonic elite are all in on the wars, they own their own countries Military Industrial Complexes, and get the tax payer to fund “their” war’s, it’s all a game to them, and as close to a game of chess you could get using us as pawns.  Their own populations, and us, are mere fodder to be culled whenever they so wish, and to pretend to us that they’re our enemies, when really they’re their bed-mates, so we will kill them, whilst they will kill us.  Whilst in the mean time they and their own children always survive and the game goes on and on and on.

That’s why wars like in Bosnia and in the mass murders like those in Algeria, Somalia, Rawanda etc., where reports of how sons, brothers and cousins have slaughtered their own families along with the rest of their village or community!   Back in 2010 it was reported that sectarian violence continued for a third day in the Nigerian city of Jos and appeared to be spreading to surrounding suburbs. Officials at Jos’s Central Mosque, where most of the Muslim dead have been brought to be buried, say that 139 bodies have been found thus far, but other reports say that the death toll may be much higher, perhaps beyond 200. [8]

     And this exact same kind of thing is happening in communities all over the world, so the following example is how it works the world over.  Residents told human rights workers that gunfire continued throughout the day, even after the Nigerian Army was called in to help police to rein in the violence.  “The cycle of violence is explained by the fact that both the two communities, Muslim and Christian, share many of the same problems, including lack of economic opportunities,” says Corinne Dufka, an Africa researcher with Human Rights Watch, based in Dakar, Senegal. “Frustration among the young is often a tool in the hands of ambitious [Masonic] politicians, and even after courts are presented with evidence that violence is often orchestrated or manipulated, ‘nobody is held accountable’”, she adds.[8]

Rioting broke after Christians protested the construction of a Mosque in a Christian area, [how many more times have we got to hear that old chestnut], and after Muslim protesters attacked a Catholic church. Jos, an acronym for “Jesus Our Saviour” which reflects the influence of Christian missionaries – is right on the dividing line between the northern half of the country that is predominantly Muslim and the southern half of the country that is mainly Christian.  Tensions between these two communities have flared intermittently since independence in 1960, and even political parties mirror the divide by splitting primarily along religious lines. The ones who carryout and commit these despicable crimes are mind controlled to do it, it’s the same with ‘suicide bombers’ and other ‘kamikaze’ operations, [according to the famed explorer Marco Polo, who visited Alamut in 1273, the Assassins used a variety of techniques that we today would call “mind-control” to obtain and indoctrinate new members. [9]

These reportedly involved the use of drugs like hashish [I’d say heroin, [or combination] as it really does transcend you to another place, a wonderful place and why it becomes so addictive to many users.], and the transfer of the recruit to “a sumptuous garden filled with beauty, feasts and women.”  In this drug-induced state, the recruit on waking was convinced that he had literally gone to Paradise.  Upon his return to the “real” world, over a period of time and at the hands of artful teachers, the recruit’s original beliefs in Islam were replaced with a perverted version called the “Nizari Ismailis” – which ultimately convinced him he could return to this “Paradise” by means of sacrificing himself for the “Cause” and its leaders.  Internally, the leaders of this sect referred to it as the “New Propaganda”.  This is happening daily in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, the Taliban are using their own mind controlled soldiers.  And as we can see it’s spreading thourghout North Africa and the Middle-East.

Chapter 57 Bohemian Grove from Trapped in a Masonic World.

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© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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