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Scared Shitless by Police Brutality

June 26, 2011

Though a word of caution, they’re ready to kill us, you’ve seen how the Masonic police can react during 2010 student protests, the G8 and G20 protests in London March 2011, and around the rest of the world, – and you only have to look back at the violent scenes from the coal miner’s strike & print-workers strikes during the 80’s, the Wapping Dispute in London in 1984-85, there were 1,000 + arrests. So it’s not as if our police or governments are unfamiliar with such protests and demonstrations etc.

But this is how it works in a corrupt world and country like ours in the UK, – on the 3rd March 2011 it was widely reported in the media, that the Home Secretary mother Theresa May was on a collision course with the police rank-and-file officers after she warned them that their pay and perks would have to be cut back to save jobs!  She then delivered them an uppercut punch vowing to overhaul the rules governing police overtime and working conditions. “No Home Secretary wants to cut police officers pay packages, but with a record budget deficit, these are extraordinary circumstances,” she said [1].

Police forces are [‘were’] facing a £2bn cut back as the Government’s austerity measures begin slashing wide open gaps all over the country – 20,000 police officers are at threat of losing their jobs, – and their pay is expected to be frozen over the next two years.   May also said; “We are doing all we can to minimise the effect of the spending reductions on pay. But changes to pay and conditions have to be part of the package.”  Then Peter Smyth, of the Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents officers in London, said the moves would “shatter morale” among his members.  Then interestingly enough, he indirectly threatened the government, and even more important, sent out a clear message to his members, knowing full well the March 26th 2011 “No Cuts” protest was planned, and that unprecedented numbers were expected to ascend on central London.  Smyth boldly said: “Clearly we are not going to take this lying down.”

Only weeks prior to these statements, the police were charging and beating the hell out of the students whilst they were protesting about the tuition fees and their grants being scrapped etc.  Then also around this same time the police were more than heavy handed during the Julian Assange court hearings, and when he was first remanded back on the 16th December 2010, – and when I myself was dragged halfway down the street by the police, even though I wasn’t breaking any law, – though they obviously took umbrage to my banner that read; “Free Julian Assange”, and on the other side; “Trapped in a Masonic World”.

At the “No Cuts” protest in central London on the 26th March 2011, I couldn’t believe the numbers of protesters, – as much as I was also surprised by the sheer numbers of police on patrol.  Yet it can’t denied the police most certainly did turn a blind eye as many a crime took place right in front of them, – and when this kind of ‘go easy’ is witnessed by thousands, it spreads, as most others then want to take the opportunity to vent their anger, so out-come the paint bombs and fireworks, along with the dustbins and grit containers being emptied of their contents, then the windows get banged, then kicked, then smashed as no police officers are really that bothered to intervene.

I was handing out leaflets promoting this book, and was amazed as I just simply went up to an already smashed windows and stuck my poster directly on the broken window of the HSBC bank, whilst a police officer’s was standing right next to me.  I light heartedly said; “It’s already damaged”, as I pasted the poster onto the window, and the police officer just shrugged his shoulders, as if to agree I wasn’t doing much harm, and two, he didn’t really care.

Of course there were protesters hell bent on causing as much trouble as possible, but because there wasn’t much objection or ‘policing’ going on that day, they all took advantage of the situation.  Though little did many people realise and especially those local businesses that received the brunt of the damage that day, – that they and other members of the public were used as political pawns in a battle raging between the police and the government, – or should I say was.

As I’ve said, I was there, and again I believe agent provocateurs were employed to help whip-up a frenzy, as oddly enough the main instigator attacking the HSBC bank in Cambridge Circus, was supposedly meant to have been part of the “Black Bloc” anarchists, whom all wear black from top to bottom, including balaclavas and hoods etc.  The objective of this kind of style of dress, is because it makes it very difficult for the CCTV operators to keep track on who is who, when they “all” look the same.

Yet you check out the link [1a], and watch the video, like I say, the main instigator not happy enough with the bank’s windows being daubed in paint and smashed to pieces, he then proceeds to enter the bank via the broken doors.  You’ll notice he grabs hold of the handle so fingerprints would be there.  But he has to call on and encourage the others from the alleged “Black Bloc” to join him, as many of them seemed rather reluctant to do so.  As here was a masked man wearing a ‘bright blue’ t-shirt beckoning the others all dressed in black to come and assist him to trash the inside of the bank.  And it is him, who I believe was/is one of the agent provocateurs employed that day, as he stood out like a sore thumb.

He intrigued me, so I watched him and followed him for five minutes or so after the event, though I eventually lost him in the crowd.  He’s even been filmed by the worlds media doing it, so the CCTV operators could have quite easily directed the police to; “…the one with the bright blue t-shirt”.   Though even if they did track him down and he was arrested, he would then later on reveal his true identity, and would of course be released later on.   I also understand that at times they change their clothing so as to not be so easily recognised.  Though it’s normally done in the reverse order, i.e. ‘from black’ to ‘civvy street’ dress, not the other way around, – though who knows for sure as it’s only an observation of mine.

As lo and behold the following Monday on the 28th March 2011, Theresa May told the Commons that 149 of the more than 200 demonstrators arrested during violent clashes, and said: “The message to those who carry out violence is clear,” she said. “You will be caught and you will be punished.”

     Ludicrously she said that; “on the whole” the police operation was a success, adding: “The police might not have managed to prevent every act of violence but they were successful in preventing wider criminality and are now actively engaged in investigating the perpetrators so that they can be brought to justice.”

     “Just as the police review their operational tactics, so we in the Home Office will review the powers available to the police,” she said. “If the police need more help to do their work, I will not hesitate in granting it to them.”  May added; “…parliament would always back the police when they do their important work” [1b]. – The Police 6 the Government 0.

Following this protest and with what’s still yet to come, then you’re hardly going to reduce the numbers of police and interfere with their overtime etc., when these so called “hooligans” are just yards from those members of parliaments own front doors, now are you Theresa, – no.  In fact you going to introduce even more stringent laws and regulations aren’t you, – yes.  And that’s one of the reason violent protests don’t really work, as all you’re doing is playing into hands of the money grabbing law makers, the government and the police in general.

As most members of the public, not even the ‘violent’ ones, normally cause aggro, – but that’s certainly not what these bodies want see or hear, so ‘employ’ agent provocateurs to carry out the work, of course 99% of those in the government and the police etc. play no part in this role, and that’s why secret societies exist, as it’s those members that do it all.  Why they couldn’t even really on the likes of the notorious Combat 18 to cause regular fracas’s, fights or disturbances, so imbedded undercover police officers within that and other likewise secret groups and organisations, and it was these members that had ‘the balls’ to start all the trouble at football matches and arrange meetings to have a row etc., knowing full well, that if and when they were caught, they’d soon be released ‘due to insufficient evidence’.  So I’m sorry to say, but the only ‘real criminals’ are the ones on the governments payroll, yeah that’s right you the tax payer are even paying for that!

The only true and successful way to protest, is by having well organised mass sit-ins and takeovers of various prime areas and places, – and don’t go until you get some figgy pudding.  As what good did all those hundreds of thousands of trade union members do when they descended on London, many whom treated it more like a Beano, as they filled all the pubs to the rafters, and whom many are low level Freemasons, or members to other similar fraternities.

What government is going be bothered about 500,000 or so peaceful trade union members coming to London on their days off and putting millions of pounds into the local economy, and then quietly going back home again?  Why I know some illegal hot-dog sellers who can’t wait until the next one.

Then back to the 1980’s, and look how they successfully divided and ruined those once close nit communities in the North of England, and where totally devastation took place and has never recovered, – the heart has been torn out of the kind of places, and where kids now stand on street corners pissed out their brains, whilst serving up drugs in between. – Violence erupted after police on horse-back charged the miners with truncheons drawn and inflicted serious injuries upon several individuals.  This confrontation on the 18th June 1984 between striking miners and police, with thousands on each side, was dubbed ‘The Battle of Orgreave’.

In 1991, the South Yorkshire Police were forced to pay out £425,000 to thirty-nine miners who were arrested in the events at the incident.

Other but less well known though equally bloody police attacks took place, for example in Maltby, South Yorkshire.  These confrontations contained organised police lines including charges by police and police mounted on horseback, and again recently seen though on a much smaller scale, a tactic used in the December 2010 Student Protests in London, as police on horse-back charged into the crowd, that couldn’t go anywhere else if they wanted to.

Dame Stella Rimington [the Director-General of MI5, 1992 – 1996] published an autobiography in 2001 in which she revealed MI5 ‘counter-subversion’ exercises against striking members of the National Union of Miners [NUM], which included the tapping of union leader’s phones.

Not forgetting the ‘Police Riots’ aka the ‘Poll Tax Riots’, which led to the downfall of Thatcher, and what was termed as the ‘Battler of Trafalgar’, as it seemed as if the police carried out most of the rioting in central London on 31st March 1990, and shortly before the poll tax was due to come into force in England and Wales.

Afterwards, the non-aligned Trafalgar Square Defendants Campaign was set up, committed to unconditional support for the defendants, and to accountability to the defendants.  The campaign acquired more than 50 hours of police video and these were influential in acquitting many of the 491 defendants, suggesting the police had fabricated or inflated charges. [1c]


Though this time the authorities are more willing to cop a deafen, or even turn a blind ‘all-seeing-eye’ to murder or the very least manslaughter, as let’s not ever forget that G20 video footage of the unprovoked attack on a completely innocent man, known as Ian Tomlinson, and the Masonic courts who are instructed to back the police up, – otherwise the police wouldn’t be so willy-nilly to carry-out such blatant attacks and assaults on innocent members of the public and in full view and glare of the worlds media in the first place.  It’s such an affront, they don’t give a damn as they know they’ll be protected and found not guilty even if they did shoot or batter you and the “filmed” evidence proved this so.

On the 31/3/2010, a Metropolitan Police officer accused of striking a woman with a metal baton at the G20 protest has been cleared.  Sgt Delroy Smellie denied common assault on Nicola Fisher, 36, of Brighton, during the protest in Exchange Square, London, in April 2009, and only yards from where newspaper seller Ian Tomlinson died after he was pushed to the ground by another police officer, whilst walking home from work, and who was not part of the demonstration.  The whole of the Nicola Fisher assault was video recorded and you could quite clearly see she had indeed been unlawfully assaulted.  District Judge Daphne Wickham, found “no evidence” had been provided to show use of the baton was “not measured or correct”, despite watching the same video footage the world also see of the incident, and looking at numerous photographs showing Smellie had backhanded Nicola Fisher across her face, then bent down and lashed out twice hitting her on the leg with his baton.  Yet Judge Wickham still came to the “no evidence” decision in the case, which diabolically was heard and trialled without a jury.  Was the judge distracted at that vital moment we all see Fisher assaulted by the police officer?

Had this been a trial by jury, do you think they would have come to the same decision and agreed with the Judge and police’s version? – Judge Wickham said the circumstances meant the officer was not able to use his CS gas spray, and could not call for help from the police cordon.  Well what a relief that was then, what if he had a Taser Gun or even worse, a real gun to hand!  You only have to watch the video footage, as have hundreds of thousands of other people on YouTube, to clearly see he was shoulder to shoulder with other officers, with many of them watching on and see what Smellie was doing, as did the world’s press and media who filmed and captured the whole event.

Don’t think because District Judge Daphne Wickham is a women, that she too can’t be a Freemason, and more importantly that she cannot be controlled or influenced by the Masonic run courts, – as us in the know who have extensive knowledge of the workings of our corrupt legal system and laws, have long referred to Circuit or District Judges and Magistrates as “Police-Judges and Magistrates”, because of their Freemason connection and whom can almost guarantee a foregone judgement and conclusion, “before” the trial has even been heard!

Now we’re all in favour of seeking out the criminals, preventing crime and living in a safe environment, we don’t like thugs beating old ladies and mugging them, in fact we don’t like anyone being beaten of any age, sex, creed or colour.  We don’t like living in fear, with the threat of being robbed, assaulted or even murdered, nor are we fond of having our property damaged, homes broken into and our vehicles vandalised or stolen.  We don’t want kids serving up drugs outside our front doors or the gates of our schools and playgrounds, as we don’t like having to see pathetic on deaths door crack-head prostitutes hanging about our street corners just to finance their next hit.

We hate the idea that there are those among us who choose to rape, or in some cases abduct and kill young kids, girls or women, we detest having to live in constant anxiety with these kind of things going on around us day after day, but, and it is quite a big but, believe it or not, and despite these crimes going on and taking place, you would most probably never even know about 99% of any of these things taking place in your neighbourhood, if it was not for the fact that you had read about them in the papers, seen it on TV, or heard about it on the radio.  But, what you have to do, is imagine if these kinds of media didn’t exist, then you’re most probably would never even know what was happening around you.

We all know how the media loves to sensationalise a story with their own “yellow journalistic” slant, as there’s so much competition between them all, that, that is the main reason why they do it in the first place.  Just like a second hand car salesman wants to convince you you’re getting a deal of a lifetime, when really it’s a rusting heap of shit.  Or like a dodgy mortgage broker who’s bank was loaning out a 130% mortgage [Yes, believe it or not that’s what Northern Rock were doing.], to someone who’s actual income wouldn’t even cover an 80% mortgage, let alone the ridiculous amounts that were being offered by these criminal bankster, whom should be in a cell somewhere serving a long prison sentence as opposed to be rewarded with bonuses.  And these not rather good comparisons, are quite similar to what the government wants us to believe, – they want us scared shitless so they can milk us dry.   Whilst we’re all banged-up in our homes to fearful to go outside and even empty our bins until day breaks again, they’re all living it up in style in their high security posh mansions, big houses or hotels, counting their “blood money”, – our money in the process.

I don’t want to patronise you, as I understand you know what’s going on, but sometimes I want to emphasise the point and get it across to those who might perhaps not be so sure as to what’s really happening, – so at times I like to repeat the odd sentence or line when I feel it’s appropriate. – Take your good old arms dealer, he needs wars, as he won’t be able to put too much food on the table if he didn’t have a good old cluster bombing campaign going on somewhere in the world, now would he?  He wouldn’t be able to ram bundles of cash into brown envelopes and slip it under the table to some old freeloading corrupt MP, now would he.  And just like the arms dealer, – the Police too need plenty of crime going on, if they too are to justify their existence and need by the public.

Yet if you look at the crime statistics, then you can see that they’re more here for civil control, – they, the world’s elite have them here to protect them, – not us, but from us.  They know by having such a force, that when it’s called for, say a peaceful protest about animal cruelty, they can send in their police force to deal with the matter.  They then in turn inform the top police officers; “We, want a jolly good show, we do not want them [us] causing any trouble, this event is going to be covered by the world’s media, so we don’t want to show our ‘Brethren of the other Lodges’ that we are not in control of ‘our people’- so if anyone, as much dares to want and cause any trouble, come down hard on them!  And if it’s going too peaceful, then were create and stir-up some trouble with our strategically placed agent provocateurs who job it is to encourage the protestors to react and cause the mayhem, – that way we can hope to see a few beatings on the public and gain as many arrests as we can. – This will work twofold, one it will show the rest of the world we will not take any shit,- and two, it will scare the living daylights out of the ordinary Joe Public that they dare not even contemplate about leaving their comfy armchairs and joining the rest of the protesters”.

The top cops then pass the message down the thin blue line, pervading the same kind of message throughout the ranks of the force in the form of “Chinese whispers”, so that when this kind of message is then passed on to the ordinary PC by their superiors, it’s giving them the thumbs-up to get their battle dress on, having their truncheon in one hand, Taser gun on the hip, mace spray in the breast pocket and with their riot shields in the other hand.  And as indicated by the boss, if it’s too peaceful, then just lash out and beat the first innocent newspaper vendor whosoever just happens to be strolling along minding their own business, – that way you might hopefully provoke a reaction from the mob, and we can then steam-in, and give em all a good old beating, and with a bit of luck we might even kill the odd one here and there, and not to worry if it does come on top, your be protected, because we can’t have a copper grassing on his superiors, saying; “Well, we were encouraged by our superiors to go out and kick arse”.

And the toothless Independent Police Complaints Committee [IPCC] won’t do anything, and after months or even years of investigations, interviews and hearings with the running up of expense accounts: “You’re got some lovely hotels about the country…”, will be about the only comments coming from the investigating officers from the IPCC, they will not find anyone responsible, so therefore guilty or answerable, as all those police officers they would interviewed will have simply close ranks, saying they see nothing, heard nothing, – and nothing will happen as a result of their findings.  And to then help rub the family’s noses even deeper in the shit, the Crown Prosecution Service [CPS] announced no one will be charged for either the assault, possible murder or even the manslaughter of Mr Tomlinson.

The police, the CPS and the IPCC were all fully aware that there was a six month time limit [in regards to the assault charge], that means if no police officer is charged within that period, then they couldn’t be charged with the alleged offence anyway, now that’s what I call a “conspiracy”, as there was clearly more than one party who helped towards this cover-up.  In fact I can’t see why there isn’t now another criminal investigation launched and the accusation of another crime can’t be brought forward by the families defence team of solicitors, in that; “collusion” to stall the investigation and prevent any charges being made within that know time period, obviously took place.  Bearing in mind the legal six month timeline in which the officer could be charged, it appears the investigation was purposely delayed knowing full well that the alleged officer couldn’t have been charged either way, even if he was or wasn’t guilty.

But I’m not sure what’s worse, the failure to bring charges forward before the six months was up, or the very fact that such a loophole exists in the first place?  I urge the Tomlinson’s solicitor’s, though he too, is more than likely to be a Freemason, so won’t exactly be rushing off his feet to see the prosecution of a fellow brother, – so I urge the Tomlinson family to insist their solicitor looks into this matter, and particularly in regards to the more appropriate charge of manslaughter, and the little matter of conspiracy by the bodies involved who appear to have colluded to prevent this being heard in a court of law.  After all, isn’t manslaughter what any other member of the public is normally charged with following the death of another person, if it can be proved that, that person had some kind of involvement with the person before they died?

Many cases such Peter Hitchens or Jairo Soto-Mendoza etc., who were both charged with manslaughter following the death of someone else, as they were the last persons to have made any physical contact with them, – and though even still these two men were found not-guilty, it showed us that justice was being done, – as what it did, is that it allowed all the evidence leading up to and after the actually event that lead to the death of their victims, and let a jury decide the eventual outcome.

Despite three post mortems into Tomlinson’s death, the Masonic pathologist/coroners have not determined his death.  Had the boot been on the other foot, or should I say, the baton in the other hand, and they were examining the death of a police officer, I can guarantee you, someone would have been charged with either murder or manslaughter of that officer. – And this is why this kind of thing is so damaging to British Justice, and seems to prove that yes indeed there is a complete divide, with one law for them, and one law for us. – On the 22nd July 2010 Keir Starmer QC, as head of the CPS announced the contentious decision not to prosecute the police officer Simon Harwood in relation Tomlinson‘s death.

The first inquest appears to have been well suspect with the omission of various injuries, and the verdict said it was natural causes.  Then a second inquest, more strictly administered than the first, found internal bleeding.  And apparently a third was commissioned by the defence that we don’t yet know the result of, so we don’t even know for sure the real reason for Tomlinson’s death.  It seems after the initial reading and hearing what the Director of Public Prosecutions [DPP] had to say on the matter, that the reason that a case can’t be brought for manslaughter is because; “…the first two inquests didn’t agree”!  What utter rubbish is that?  So what are they trying to say here; someone is found dead, and the first inquest states natural causes.  Then a second inquest follows and reveals the first pathologist had missed what now appears to be a stab wound.  Are we now to expect to believe this doesn’t alter the situation?  Of course it does, and more importantly, – if this is how are present system is run, then no wonder it’s wide open to abuse, as this allows a whole array of injustices to continuously occur. [2]

Let’s not forget here, they’re virtually all Freemasons who are involved. – Take the case that some big-wig of a pathologist performs an inquest into someone’s death, but blatantly makes some mistakes that is detrimental to the correct verdict being reached.  Then another inquest is called for, but this time being taken by some subordinate pathologist, a fellow Mason.  Do you think he will override his superiors incorrect initial findings, knowing full well he still has years ahead of him to rise within his profession and to gain more credence by his fellow brethren at his local lodge,- I really don’t think so, do you, as what would most likely happen, is he’d overlook, turn a blind and agree with his superior?

As a matter of interest; the Temple Bar consists of what are called Inns of Court.  There are four Inns of Court as follows: Inner Temple, Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn and Gray’s Inn.  It is believed that the Inner Temple controls the legal system of Canada and Britain, while the Middle Temple controls the legal system of the United States, though all Inns are themselves controlled by the same few at the top.  The Templars established their headquarters at a London temple, which still exists today and is called Temple Bar, located in the City of London, between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment. [3]

Thanks to the invention of the mobile phone with built in video cameras, for if it was not due to the owner of one of these telephone cameras who was able to capture the vital moment of the completely unprovoked attack by the sadistic TSG police officer who beat and shoved the innocent, strolling along with hands in pockets Ian Tomlinson, the world may have never been alerted to the despicable act carried out by a representative of the law.  It’s been alleged [and another reason this case has to be heard], the same policeman involved, had previously been kicked out of the force, and no doubt got his Masonic friends to get him back in again, because he was readmitted into the police force some time after he was expelled from it. – It’s as if they go through a special rotating door in Hendon, the Houses of Parliament and House Lords, look at Peter Mandleson, Pro Bono [for the public good] Baron Goldsmith, Conrad Black and Lord Jeffery Archer to name but a few!

Minutes following being attacked by this vicious policeman, Tomlinson collapsed and died, reportedly of a heart attack.  His attacker did his utmost not to be recognised by covering-up his identity numbers, and wearing a face mask, and begs reason as to why they do, – as they obviously do so, so they can then inflict some kind of harm, or commit a crime without fear of being caught out, imagine how many officers regularly do this, and especially when they know they’re not being filmed.

Tomlinson had been roughed up by the police only a few minutes before and then again later, and after that initial beating, is it any wonder the poor man collapsed and died.  This is how blatant the police are, even after millions of people have seen with their own eyes the video footage showing the incident, the police appear to be going back down the road of a “cover-up”.

On the 6/9/2009 in an interview with the Guardian, Tomlinson’s widow, Julia, and son, Paul King, spoke for the first time about the anger, hurt and frustration they have felt in the months since his death. They said they felt they had been pressured by the City of London police, Scotland Yard and the IPCC not to speak out.  The family said police had prevented them from viewing Tomlinson’s body for six days after his death.  Police initially tried to persuade them there was nothing suspicious about the death and gave them only an edited version of his first post-mortem examination.  Telling the family he had “Died of a heart attack”, police made no mention of significant injuries found on Tomlinson’s body. [4]

The family said they could no longer keep silent when the IPCC announced this week that it had completed its investigation and handed a file to the CPS.  The family believe police misled them over Tomlinson’s death from the outset.  Police then refused to allow her to see his body in the Royal London Hospital, she added; “Six days later, I wasn’t allowed to go and see him, I didn’t understand why they didn’t want me to go and see him – if someone dies of a heart attack, you get to go and see him. But they weren’t letting me”. They also disclosed that, when a post-mortem examination was completed three days after Tomlinson died, police gave them an edited version of the results.  The family were not told that a forensic pathologist had found large amounts of blood in his stomach, a suspected dog bite on his leg and a number of other injuries.  Paul King said: “We’ve been confused by the City police, Metropolitan police, IPCC to not say anything: – Don’t say anything, because you’ll jeopardise the case. – I think we’ve been so confused with all that – don’t say this, don’t say that, even down to don’t talk to the media – they’ve made us quite scared to talk. The IPCC have finished their investigation, we haven’t been able to talk, and we just want to let people know how we feel.  We are grieving”. [5]

Incredibly the pathologist Mohamed “Freddy” Patel, who was appointed by the City of London coroner Paul Matthews to carry out the first post-mortem examination on Ian Tomlinson, was already under investigation by the General Medical Council [GMC] for misconduct or deficient professional performance relating to three earlier post-mortems.  On the 26th of August Patel was found guilty of having behaved ‘irresponsibly’, a GMC disciplinary panel ruled. The family of Mr Tomlinson described Patel as an “obstacle to the truth”.

How much more are we expected to take from these corrupt bastards, – when just three days into the new inquiry into Tomlinson’s death, it was unbelievably reported [5a] on the 31st March 2011, that the incompetent Freddy Patel has yet again been suspended, but for just four months, when the man should be jailed, or at the very least struck off for life.  A hearing concluded that the pathologist’s ‘irresponsible’ autopsies into the first victim of the Camden Ripper murder’s, may have hampered the police investigation. A hearing was told how his autopsy on Hardy’s [the murderer] first victim Ms White, discouraged a police investigation that might have saved two other women.  The prat of a coroner reported to the police that he ruled out murder, which therefore meant there was effectively ‘no crime to investigate’.  And yet again, we are ‘all’ cheated, these pathologists and doctors whom again are virtually ‘all Freemason’, stick like flies to a lump of shit.  As they look a Patel, and see themselves standing there, knowing full well they’re as guilty as him.  This is way we need these laws, that will reveal who is and who isn’t a Freemason, and any of these sorts of jobs shouldn’t be open to them.

The naked body of Ms White’s was discovered by police in a locked room at Hardy’s flat in Camden on the 20th January 2002.  He’d covered the blood-stained walls with Celtic and Christian crosses.  Within months, Hardy went on to kill 29 year old Elizabeth Valad, and 34 year old Brigette MacClennan.  He chopped up their bodies and dumped in bin bags.  Patel, carried out three reports on White’s death, all of which concluded she had died naturally.  He said there were ‘no marks of violence’ in the first report, despite the fact she had a large gash to the back of her head, and a bite mark on her thigh. Her nose was bruised, and liver split, yet this wanker said it could have been caused by resuscitation attempts.

Julia Tomlinson spoke on behalf of the family on that day: “Today’s decision confirms that the GMC do not think Patel is fit to practice and has been an obstacle to the truth in a number of cases [6]It is heartbreaking to us that he was involved in Ian’s case and the real question for our family is why with his track record he was appointed in the first place. We look ahead to the inquest now and hope that we will finally get some answers.” [7]

Within certain circles it’s common knowledge that “chummy” Home Office pathologists are chosen because they will sway the results in favour of the police.  The lawyers, forensic scientists, medical staff, policemen, lawyers, prison staff who colluded in the false convictions of the Birmingham Six, Maguire Seven, Guildford Four and Judith Ward all in somehow avoided any responsibility for their actions, which is they either lied or suppressed the truth from coming out, yet no of them were ever reproached, reprimanded or even cautioned let alone held to account.

It’s also a well known fact that the majority of police doctors, – civilians who work for or in police stations have a very cosy relationship with the police, who are basically their work colleagues, with many working the same buildings, socialising together, going to private functions, award ceremonies, house parties and Xmas do’s etc, whilst all earning lots of ‘overtime’ together in the process, and often sharing or going away on weekend leaves or annual holidays etc.  Assaults on detainees are many a time overlooked as accidents, and in many cases just that; there “overlooked”.  I have firsthand experience at this, and been privy to these kinds of practices on various occasions.   And it’s also worth mentioning these said professions are rampant with Freemasons.

The police love CCTV’s, but hate being watched themselves, so it’s no wonder they brought in a law to prevent us from photographing police officers breaking the law; as from the 15/2/2009 under the new Counter-Terrorism Act it is an offence to take pictures of officers; “likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism”. [8] – This is such a “catch-all” measure that can be used and in view of recent trends, will be used to prevent photographs to which the police object to being taken [like stamping on someone’s head],  and by merely invoking it’s for counter-terrorist requirements, and many photographers fear these powers will be abused. In an article in the British Journal of Photography, Justin Tallis, a freelance photographer, recounted how he was threatened while covering a protest against the BBC’s decision not to broadcast a fundraising film for Gaza.  He was approached by an officer who had just been photographed.  According to Tallis, the officer tried to take his camera away, but gave up as other photographers captured the incident, so beware, discreet and careful out there. – No Filming! [9]

I’ve already mentioned the IPCC being as independent as Siamese twins, as their bed fellows with the very same people their meant to be investigating, and should be disbanded and replaced with a totally true independent body made up of members of the general public being formed.  At the time of writing no decision to prosecute anyone or any police officer for the death of Ian Tomlinson or the reason as to why or how he really died has yet to be revealed and perhaps the March 2011 inquest hearing with finally reveal the truth, but I doubt it somehow.

A police officer is likely to have “struck the fatal blow” which killed protester Blair Peach in west London 31 years ago, a Scotland Yard report revealed.   Anti-racism activist Blair Peach died after he was hit during a protest in Southall in April 1979.  The previously secret report attaches “grave suspicion” to an officer, who it says may also have been involved in a cover-up along with two colleagues.  But the Metropolitan Police said no officers would face further action.  Mr Peach’s family have long campaigned for the report – written by Commander John Cass – to be released.   Mr Peach, a 33-year-old teacher from New Zealand, was taking part in a demonstration against the National Front. [10]

The protest led to clashes with the police and he was later found with fatal head injuries.  A police radio or truncheon is thought to have delivered the fatal blow.  The Cass report does not name any of the implicated officers, but said six were on board a van belonging to the now disbanded Special Patrol Group identified as carrier U.11.  It said there was insufficient evidence to charge anyone over the death but recommended action for perverting the course of justice for three officers, and there was grave suspicion over one of them, only identified as “Officer E”, Cdr Mark Simmons: “One can’t read the report without a sense of deep discomfort The 1979 report said: Whilst it can reasonably be concluded that a police officer struck the fatal blow, and that, that officer came from carrier U.11, I am sure that it will be agreed that the present situation is far from satisfactory and disturbing.”  It went on: “The attitude and untruthfulness of some of the officers involved is a contributory factor. – It is understandable that because of the events of the day officers were confused, or made mistakes, but one would expect better recall of events by trained police officers. – However, there are cases where the evidence shows that certain officers have clearly not told the truth.”  Officer E, Officer F and Officer H ‘clearly obstructed’ police officers carrying out investigations, it added.

The Met said the names of the officers had been removed from the report for legal reasons! – Oh is that what you call it, – sounds more like suppression of the truth to me.  Well at least they have learnt the lesson that how easy it is to kill someone with a blow to the head by a baton or police truncheon, and that guidelines must have been put into place advising police officers not to deploy such dangerous tactics ever again, when on the 12th December 2010 Alfie Meadows, a 20 year old philosophy student at Middlesex University, was allegedly struck as he tried to leave the area outside Westminster Abbey during a tuition fee protests that day.  He underwent a three-hour operation for bleeding on the brain after collapsing as he was being taken to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.  Scotland Yard has launched an inquiry into the incident involving Meadows and had referred the matter to the IPCC.  His 55 year old mother, Susan Meadows, is an English literature lecturer at Roehampton University, and said: “He was hit on the head by a police truncheon.  He said it was the hugest blow he ever felt in his life.  The surface wound wasn’t very big but three hours after the blow, he suffered bleeding to the brain.” [11] His father Matthew Meadows said the family had been ‘desperately upset’.  “He is a very peaceful boy – the Met’s aggression was disturbing.”

Also on that same day and protest, 19 year old Anna Stumfl, claimed she too was struck on the head by an officer with a baton. [12]

Chapter 19 – Trapped in a Masonic World




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