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The Kabbalah, the Bible and the Occult

June 23, 2011

Albert Pike is yet another well-respected Freemason affirming the central place of Kabbalah-Cabala within the craft.  He wrote: “Masonry is a search after Light. That search leads us directly back, as you see, to Kabbalah”.  He also confirmed for us that Kabbalah lies at the heart of Masonic cryptography, “All the Masonic associations owe to it their Secrets and Symbols”.

The Occultism of the Bible and the Kabbalah was written by Rabbi H. Geffen – 1950.  I’ve slightly edited it, but in no way have I altered the text to affect the facts he has stated.  Kabbalah is the knowledge of “Divine Wisdom” this truth is the foundation stone upon which the regenerating and saving portion of every true religion is based.  The Kabbalah transmits to us such knowledge as the adepts of those times chose to commit to writing.  Our Masonic spiritual allegories are based on the Kabbalah, which is known to us moderns as the Kabbalistic Doctrine.  Monotheism is the only true religion.  Masonic students claim the Bible to be an occult book wherein the Kabbalistic system is embodied in allegories and symbols.  The written and oral laws are dependent on and complete each other. [1]

The Kabbalah originated with the Essenes, a Jewish religious group that flourished from the 2nd  century BCE to the 1st century CE that some scholars claim seceded from the Zadokite priests, and also with the initiated Talmudists, who arranged Kabbalistic schools that followed Akiba ben Joseph [c. 50 / 55 , † 135 AD] commonly called Rabbi Akiba, is one of the most important fathers of Rabbinic Judaism and the Tannaim the second generation counted, and Simon Ben Jochai, was a Tannaitic the so-called third [after another of the fourth] generation who consolidated it into a scientific system in The Books, Jetzirah and Zohar.

The two chief classics of the Kabbalah, Jetzirah and Zohar, attributed respectively to Akiba and Simon Ben Jochai, reveal the basis of the occult religion of the Hebrews.  The most ancient and most comprehensive is the Sefer Jetzirah, probably written by Rabbi Akiba.  The Zohar teaches that true Torah, or Law of Moses, is not in the literal but in the allegorical interpretation of the Pentateuch.  Philo Judeas, in his treatise “On the Allegories of the Sacred Laws”, elucidated in a very cautions manner a few of these subjects: the Creation, the Garden of Eden, the Deluge, the Tilling of the Earth by Man, the Confusion of Languages, the Migration of Abraham, His Two Wives, and many more such subjects having mystic truth as their foundation.  Moses probably received and revived the monotheism of Abraham. [1]

But, the Divine Kabbalah is the spiritual interpretation of material symbols and emblems.  It is this tradition-namely, the esoteric Law of Moses-which is the Torah, whereof is recorded in the Talmud: “Moses received the Oral Law from Sinai and delivered it to Joshua, and Joshua to the Elders, and the Elders to the Prophets, and the Prophets to the Men of the Great Synagogue”.  It must, therefore, be well understood that the Torah thus mentioned by the Talmud is not the written, but the Oral Law, or Kabbalah, transmitted by tradition from generation to generation, until collected by Simon Ben Jochai and preserved in the volume of the Zohar.   The Talmud is the Oral Law and is, in itself, in some places of a Kabbalistic character as a symbolical vehicle of the Divine Kabbalah. There were two traditions in the Occult Kabbalah, [1] an ‘exoteric’ [understood by all] tradition perpetuated and an ‘esoteric’ [understood only by the initiated and few] tradition wherein the Kabbalah was transmitted.   The exoteric tradition is permeated with Kabbalism.  One must be a studious Freemason to discern the esoteric direction from the exoteric customs having no divine object. [1]

It is not my purpose here to rewrite the story of Moses.  It is well known that he had allegedly obtained the hidden mysteries of Egypt, but he annulled the superstitious belief of the Egyptians and he built a true Monotheistic creed of Divine Wisdom.  Hence, he insisted on worship being directed exclusively to Jehovah, the one universal Omnipotent God; he also insisted on perfect purity of thought, word and deed.  As a true Prophet we must suppose that his sacrifices consisted not of the shedding of innocent blood, but his intention was to prevent the people from human sacrifices. In studying diligently Masonic Occult Philosophy, we, must thus take into consideration that the Bible is a Kabbalistic Book, allegorically written and symbolically illustrated. [1]

The systems of the Kabbalah and Esoteric Freemasonry are identical, and for this reason the Freemasons call ‘their Temple’, the Temple of Solomon.  All the Masonic ceremonies have a Kabbalistic base.  Their virtue is not doubted.  There are moral, hygienic and spiritual rules of conduct given.  The highest thought that Kabbalah and Masonry ever expressed was Universality.  Although the Bible history is allegoric and symbolic and has much fable, it is doubtless founded upon truth.  Moses and the Prophets, the Essenes, and the Tanaim were occultists and, consequently, most if not all their writings are manifestly or occult treatises on Kabbalah; and we can say with certainty that they were the forerunners of Freemasonry.  This assumption must naturally occur to the minds of only right thinking Freemasons, who are penetrated by the sublime virtues of our order and are justly entitled to bear the name of Occult Masonic students. [1]

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World.

[1] The Occultism of the Bible and the Kabbalah- Rabbi H. Geffen, 32 degree, F.P.S. 1950
[1a] “The Occultism of the Bible and the Kabbalah.” Insert Name of Site in Italics. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Mar. 2011 <;.

Anti-Freemasonry Party link on Facebook;

Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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  1. HI, I am curious after reading your article where you stand then? I mean –are you into the Kabbalh, or are you Christian, or…?

    • Sorry my friend, just see msg, I’m agnostic borderline atheist…

      • Oh, OK, that is very interesting! I was inquiring for this reason: I also have great interest in investigating about 9/11. I explore both the ‘mundane’ and esoteric clues, but in this ongoing research I have noticed that researchers –especially when analyzing the occultism surrounding 9/11 etc–fall into two camps. On one side you go the Christians, and on the other the New Agers. The latter, in their pointing their finger at the ‘Satanists’ will be blind to their own myth, and how it shares the very worldview with their arch-enemy, whilst the new-agers are blind to how their worldview is also manipulated by the very people they criticize.

        So what perspective do I have? I would say it is a Goddess religious perspective, and as far as I know I’m the only present researcher into this who is coming from this perspective. I know cause i have looked lol–it can often feel quite lonely.

        So it is very interesting to meet you, and notice that you include the Bible with the whole thing going on.

        I wonder –if you say you are agnostic bordeline atheist, what are your thoughts on a spiritual aspect to nature, OR do you abide by the scientific materialistic paradigm?

  2. oooops I always get me ‘latters’ and ‘formers’ mixed up. I meant the christians who demonize everything not following their oppressive ‘faith’ and think that is the saviour for the fucked up world situation

    • Hmm, I know where you’re coming from, and you’re right in your assumptions; I too am alone from where I’m coming from, I only include the ‘bible’, in fact all other religions as well, to hightlight and show to those fellow ‘non-religious’ folk, [yes we do exist, that most “religions” think we should be dead and not even have a voice, – how loving!], how many raving religious zealots we have to deal with in this world, before the ‘realist – agnostic – borderline atheists can get the voice heard. See to me it’s not rocket sceince; we were and still are born ‘100%’ innocent, – according to wherever you’re born will in this “modernday” world determine what ‘religion’ you will then have thrust down your neck as soon as they can see you crawl, and that’s when the indoctrinated mind-fuck works. Divide and rule = power – we are taught how to be evil, hence to not accept others if they are not the ‘same as you’ i.e. share the same religion, hence let’s kick the shit out of eachother = ‘wars’.

      To me, what people seem to refer to as being; “God”, I look upon as a invislbe power like that of electricty, whereas you might not be able to see “it”, put can the fuck you feel it, when you’re proberly tuned in and mess with it! – We know when we are acting like selfish evil cunts, the same when we know we are being caring, thoughtful and nice, – if you believe, I’ll rephrase that, if “they” make you believe that there is a “god”, that is willing to forgive you for ‘all your sins’, – this then permits you to send your brainwashed flock of armies out to cause mayhem, rape, pillage and plunder, whilst all along chopping the arms and legs off some innocent baby, and child not even old enough to understand what their own ‘slave masters’ have decided to ‘brand’ them to be, they don’t even know the difference between black and white, – it gives them privy to bomb the fuck out of who and what you like, as all “they” then have to do, is pathetically fall to their knees and with the hands covered in human blood, can simply’pray for forgiveness’, a ‘get out of jail free card’ – yeah alright!!

      Fuck manmade religions, as the “god” I know, has assured me “it” had fuck all to do with ‘mans’ book of rules, – as each and every quite similar religion insists “he” fucking well did!

      We are free to believe in what we wish, – some will wish Father Christmas will bring them a brand new bike this Xmas, as will others be convinced it was the ‘tooth fairy’ that left the coin under the pillow, whilst others are fully aware it was their mum and dad, or the pedo nun or priest, though they still go along with this game; “What no presents?”.

      Whereas sadly to say; I’m a realist, as the only sack of Santas I’ve seen emptied, was when I caught my auntie Rose wanking him off one Christmas time, and when he shed his load all over place and ruined our carpet!!!

    • Juliano, please see other comment:
      Do you really think that among any of those gluttonous lot, who comfortably sit in the Houses of Parliament or House of Lords, or in their seats in Congress in America, – and whom not one of them did I vote for, nor did many of you, – as they stretch out and recline in their lovely plush homes at night, are worried about where the next square meal is going to come from, or how can they feed their children? Do you think their losing sleep tossing and turning trying to work out how they can clothe themselves and their kids, pay the electricity, gas, water, council tax and all the other sorts everyday overheads and bills, or perhaps are figuring out what next to do and how to keep the bailiffs at bay?

      Of course they’re not, what most of these kinds of cunts paid for their lunch this afternoon is as much as your average worker gets paid a day in wages, and that’s if they’re lucky of course. Even the likes of so called rebel ex-MP George Galloway’s Cuban cigar habit, is, or at least was when he was an MP, more costly than what your average unskilled worker gets annually paid.

      And if you want 100% proof our present political system is 100% corrupt, then just bear this in mind; why would anyone in their right mind, and especially in the case of America, spend millions and upon millions on an election campaign, that can only lead to getting you a job that doesn’t pay, – say; more than £200,000 a year? So it goes without saying, when they’re put into these positions of power, who do you think they are obligated to, – is it us the people, or those who funded them in the first place?

      It seems to me, that the so called democratic countries only want a two horse race system with the rest of the field made-up of outsiders and hags that have no chance whatsoever of winning a seat let alone an election. The divide and rule, left and right, black and white structure is more easier to control and coordinate into a coalition if and when wanted; – a partnership, alliance, merger, federation or union, call it what you like as it still lands up as “one central body” America has a two-party system, that effectively is controlled by another invisible main party, whose membership consists of people who are also Freemasons, and who in turn are sponsored by self interested individuals, think-tanks, quangocracies, corporate businesses, groups, clubs, organisations, societies and other kinds of fraternities whether open or secret, – that as a collective make-up part of the Illuminati world cabal that presently runs and controls our planet.

      So therefore, because that’s how it’s always worked in places particularly like that of the USA, then to all intents and purposes you still have a “coalition” in the guise of being in opposition of each other, as at the end of the day all that’s really being offered to the electorate is still a loaf of bread, with the only real difference between them, is one’s a ‘split tin’, whilst the others a ‘bloomer’, yet still both loaves of bread, baked by the same baker and in the same oven! Many in the West thought they fought a cold war with communism, yet all they ever had was one other alternative to vote for anyway, and besides, if the two other party’s on offer are controlled by the “same invisible” Illuminati force, then your belief in having a real option to begin with, was just another fallacy.

      Free copy of Trapped in a Masonic World in PDF format. – ‘Warning Over 18yrs Only’ – do share;

  3. Hey, I am REALLy gald to meet you you know, lol–we are not alone no more! I liove your passion, and how your not fearful to show it. I feel you may be northern but not sure?
    I agree with a lot of what your saying, very much so. When you start looking into this it can become absolutely overwhelming. I am sure that a big reason the Christian researchers souns so smug revealing all this weird shit is because they believe they are ‘God’s’ chosen ones and are destined for everlasting heaven while the rest of us, ‘Satanists’ and homos, and ANYone who god forbud likes to take psychedelics, and enjoy exual ecstasy, etc–and dont believe their literalist fukin bullshit is D.A.M.N.E.D. ya know, in a way i would sooner HAVE the worst of the fukin satanists that that lot because the christians are SUCH hypocrites. In their desire to be ‘pure, and good’ and get to ‘heaven’ they are prepared to do ANYTHING even destroy the world.

    But as we know they are ALL dangersou–very. The Abrahamic religions, the secret societies, even the Eastern ‘alternative. Some women researchers cite India as the origins OF this dualistic worldview of ‘good’ versus ‘evil’, and you have the terrible caste system there, and doctrine about karma, and reincarnation which means this–‘you are my slave who shovels my shit. this is as it should be. you must accept your karma’ They see nature as illusory, and a trap. So as you can see most of the worlds major accepted ideas are FUCKED THE FUCK UP!!

    But what you say I can really feel. Where you say how the feeling of ‘god’ is not some fuker who tells the child they are evil, and need mutilation, and must fight in wars as part of ‘his’ gang, etc, and sacrifice and renounce. All this is matrix, is insanity, is mad hatters fukin teaparty with orwellian mindfuks

    I see it thus: OK, you have the accepted ‘normal minday morning’ reality trip where millions of kids are FORCED since being little to go to the school-open-prisons. They then are indoctrinated into left brained thinking which fits them into a matrialistic-mechanistic-scientific paradigm or worldview. Along with this is the relentless mass media full of Illuminati symbolism–‘hidden in plain sight’. SO, we have the control of consciousness dont we. We also have thier fukin war against psychedelic plants, fungi, cacti, brews, and potions, and snuffs etc. This is BLATANT control over our consciousness.
    And WHEN they are doing this–THEN they can fuck about with our unconscious, hence all the evil shit they did on 9/11, etc but also riddled in their ‘entertainment’ industry

    When I have been researching this massive complex usbject, I have also had to be researching the researchers of it, because what they are doing is fukin mindfucks too, as I am explaining. So it can be very daunting and can feel a lonely task.
    What keeps me from going insane is that I see the ROOTS of all this evil shit stemming from the patriarchy—that is a male-dominat mindset which HATES his mother, and thus nature. A good explanation of this can be read about here: Google: Chapter 3: The Feminist Critique of the Separated Self

    it goes way back to the Marduk in Babylon, the Enuma Elish

    Look what their actions are. IF they loved earth would they poison her, and the beautiful children like they are doing? They are utterly sick and sadistic.

    Another great book which really inspired me was The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, by John Marco Allegro. he reveals how they compose myths in layers using various clever means so that the superfical script hideas the core meaning meant only for the understanding of the initiated of the cult. And the core meaning involves mind altering vegetations
    BUT how they USE them is their interpretation. Ie./, these sacrwed medicines are there for us to be loving and intellgent and interelate with others, other species, and nature, but IF the mindset is fucked up they will use them in a fucked up way and ezxcacerabte their insanity.

    • Hello Juliano, it’s too good to meet someone like you, thank fuck, what a pleasure. Excuse the lateness of my reponses, as I’ve too many blogs going and other groups I’m in, I like you to join, then we can communicate better. Are you on Facecunt aka faceache or facebook, I fucking hate it biggest CIA intelligence gathering device ever deivsed, but it works twofold, as it permits annoying cunts like me to post some quailty posts!!! They keep banning or blocking me and all sorts of bollocks, and from all kinds of people and on other websites etc.

      Have you read my book Trapped in a Masonic World, there you see I’m not tut northerner, I’m actually a Londoner. Here’s a link for a free copy, tells quite abit about me. Free copy of Trapped in a Masonic World in PDF format. This book contains numerous expletives, derogatory terms and insults, aimed at many groups, organisations and people in which you could quite likely find yourself being among one or more of those categories. Don‘t try and judge the book by its cover, or should I say title, – as some already have and therefore have assumed there is some kind of… undercurrent racist agenda here within its contents, when in fact you‘ll see it‘s quite the opposite. Though if you are devout in your religious beliefs, whether you‘re Christian, Muslim, Jewish or from any other faith, it might not be your cup of tea, as I’m an agnostic, borderline atheist. – If you’re a member of a secret society, a corrupt world leader, MP, policeman, civil servant, – a paedophile or child abuser in general, – then I‘m afraid it‘s highly likely you will find this book extremely abhorrent, very insulting and bad for your blood pressure. So with this in mind I therefore recommend you DO NOT read on any further than this page. – ‘Warning Over 18yrs Only’ – do share;

      Here’s one of my blogs, that got a few religious lunatics a going!!

      Check out my youtube link;

      Now, if after what you have read and seen and would like to join me in fighting these cunts, then drop us a line, my facebook page is; David McCann.

      Cheers Juliano.

      • LOL, I am SO pleased to hear from you, you feel like a kindred spirit 🙂 So your a southerner her, cool. We need at least one of us into north and a nother into south, and then theres east and west, well I am northwest.
        Yes I am on Facebook, and when I join you we’ll be linked. You already know my blog address dont you,
        I was so excited to hear from you, and respond, I aint had time to checkout all your links yet but I will.

        Have you seen–I am sure I may have mentioned it already (psss I am trying to type better. shit, all those typos in last message. sorry. I can get carried away, and I am STILl not a good typer–I sometimes dont look up hence….)the very important video Do You Believe in Magic? it is analyzing the occult astrological symbolism on 9/11 etc. I am transcripting it.
        I have also got a thread here– Google The Shroomery, and go to its messageboard, and its ‘Conspiracies and Cover-ups’ forum, and I started a thread there titled The Fascist bill NDAA = 9/11
        I happened to hear of this fucked up bill, and did a gematria test on it and found that you can either get 9/11 from it or 11–ihere a quich demo, –in english genatria each letter is numbered, so you go :
        N = 5, (N is 5 because in gemattrria double digits are added together, so it is 14th letter, so you add em, D= 4, so you add them together and get 9. Now, AA can be seen as two ones together which would make 11. 11 is the occultists master number, so in this first calculation I am leaving it, hence we get NDAA = 911, or 9/11. Now if we ADD *all” the digits we get still their master number, 11.

        If you check out the thread it has run quite a few pages. It is weird how it mostly been me being ganged up on by this guy who just will not get it, and two mods who have the power to shut me up and threaten. The other day one of them, prisoner, (lol ya cant make this shit up!) banned me for 6 days for suggesting the thick cunt who wont get it could be a shill, or because of the ‘education’ system it has made him not be able to intuit a broader sense of reality. BUT…BUT if any of the members who share the sorry-arsed worldview with the mods slags ya off, they get totally ignored, and if you play the corry game of trying to report them by clickin the report button you get this ‘the moderators are aware of this thread’—which means FUCK ALL, they have got away with it. So the rules only apply to the people who challenge the mods worldview. so make no mistake, and i speak from experience, these online forums, EVEN the supposedly psychedelic and ‘open-minded’ ones have ‘volunteer’ mods who ALL seem to share a same worldview that supports the official 9/11 story, and the mechanistic paradigm, and they have the power to cut you off.

        But yeah, some people cannot be arsed with this, but if I am in the mood I take on the challenge if preople challenge me—in a way I can find it inspiring because it forces me to sharpen up my shit. for example, this guy didn’t believe that the Statue of Liberty was freemasonic, so I had to find out the dude who thought it up, designer, etc ALL connected to the masons, AND I found that the hieght of the statue from dead to toe is 111′ 1″ and over all is 22 stories which is their master-number twice 2 x 11. It also has made me realize how important it is when presenting about this to have sources for what your saying, prefardably not just another ‘conspiracy page’ which is quoting from all others so you cant find original source, lol know what i mean??

        But back to what I suggested was that guy’s block about seeing this after pages and pages of clues etc—–I hate to come across like some smart fuck. Again and again I have said in the thread that I am learning as I go along–which I am, but I tend to think that we have been dumbed down via enforced schooling, and this is also the case with the banning of psychedelics. It is all geared to atrophy our imaginative faculties which could allow us to clearer see what the elite are doing–how they manipulate our reality. I COULD be wrong, but no way could I be like these people who want to throw in the towel all the time and not investigate about it. THAT to me is what authentic sceptic does, or an agnostic—but I prefer explorer. Now I am gonna check you out at Facecumt —i mean Facebook LOL


      • Only first read top section, didn’t realise it was longer, as reading it in quick reply box. I cover all you’ve said in my book, though don’t also want to come across as a smart arse, but I have realised I’m a lot fucker smarter that 90% of the planet! I’ll love the challange I had violent past, been involved in proper old East of London gang cultre, – done over 4 years in prison, used to fight all the time, – though I’m not a violent person, I’m a person who can be violent, – I’m not saying I missed fighting, far from it, what a senseless waste of time, and why I write about gang culture aswell. So now I fight these cunts with words, as I’ve realised I can knock the shit out of someone with words alone. I get so exciting I could wank over words, mightier than the sword, not half alright pop picker!!

  4. god my typos suck. meant to say ‘So your a southerner then, cool’

  5. HI, You have had some time of it hey?? I would really like to read your experiences of gang culture. I am very aware of all that. I feel very much for young males now, and women, who is areas of gang culture has so much pressure to either be part of that or fear for their lives.

    I will NEVER forget this coumentary i saw years ago about this place in the U.S. that was a ghetto with those fukin brutal high rise fukin tomb stones people HAVE to ‘live’, and you saw this poor little kid of about 5-8 having to cycle on his little three wheeler up and down this grim shitty corridon of a high rise floow where the balcony was covered in black mesh. it WAS a prison. they didn’t dare let him play out side the apartment block. Dreadful.

    Ya know, I have always loved Afro American ‘old school’ Gospel music. I am not a Christian, but i DO love the feeling that music can give. I used to somethimes sing with it–the words, though not really meaning them like was supposed to, and to myself in the shower etc lol, but I had this inspiration about errrrm quite a few months back where i satrted improvizing. So instead of singing words about jesus, and getting to some heaven or whatever, i started substiuting words that are more pagan, more fukin real. So for example there is this real get-down one i like called Mary Dont You Weep, about how Mary and Martha are weeping and moaning cause their brother Lazarus has died, and Jesus was away, and then he comes back and raises him from the dead. So what i do now is get this thing going–ohh ohh Mary dont you weep—this evetually starts repeating, and the singer overlays it with ‘wanna tell you a story about Mary and Martha–and it gets real deep. But I improvize like I am singing about a youth that is fucked up on drugs, gang culture etc etc (no i cant rap LOL!!) and how Mary has been ripped from the ancine tomeones role of knowledge of healing and sacred plants, and I really get into it haha. And I have noticed that SINCE I am now doing this the FEELING the ‘gettin the spirit’ as the gospeller call it can be real intense because it is more real to me. I mean it is to THEm cause they believe what they into, but not me their take. Get me??

    OK, I just found this MAJOR fucked up info!! I actually know the author–but only online. He is member of Reality Sandwich and I have sometimes communicated via text with him. I have mentioned Monica Sjoo to you befre as being a MAJOR mentor for me. her book Return of the Dark/Light Mother or new Age Armageddon?: A Feminist Vision of the Future–she very much exposes the so-called New Age, and reveals how some of its leaders actually LOVED the nuclear experiments (which is what they really were) on humanity and all life and imagine in their sick fuck heads that this is progress for evolution, so i straightaway could resonate with what Drew is revealing. It is HEAVYYY shit!!! When you think of Fukushima, and how they have contaminated most of the Middle East with depeleted uranium and fuck knows what else: Check it out

    “The Actual Plan for the Matrix: Radioactive Ionospheric Ascension …

  6. SHIT my typos are real surreal *ancient women’s role of healing with herbs and sacred plants I mean to say

  7. ALSO, I swear I tried to hypertext that last link using tags. it dont work. so what code do you need for here??

  8. wo thats weird, some of what i just typed has come up hypertext….?? WTFUCK is this a bleedin Trickster site??? LOL

  9. lol just came across this . you never got back. bet you thought me mad. well…maybe. who isn’t in this fukin insane world?

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