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The birth of the ‘Mafia’ & Young Revolutionaries

June 19, 2011

To understand the current “Facebook-revolutions” sweeping the globe today and predominately in the Middle-East, – is to know about Mazzini’s ‘Young Societies’.  Giuseppe Mazzini [1805 –1872], the “Soul of Italy”, was an Italian philosopher, politician and 33º Freemason accredited for helping to bring about the modern Italian, in place of the several separate states that many were once dominated by foreign powers and still existed there during 19th century, – Italy became ‘one state’.  At Mazzini’s his funeral in Genoa, 100,000 people attended, he’s buried in an incredible Masonic mausoleum with two huge pillars either side, and that help’s keep the keystone in place.  After three years of intense revolutionary training [1827-1830], Mazzini concentrated on ‘recruiting rebellious youth’ to further he’s and his backers cause of a needed revolution.

In 1831 he was exiled to France, and in 1832 he specifically founded for his young revolutionaries their own form of fraternity based on the same kind of hierarchal system found in Freemasonry, prefixed by the word “Young”.  By 1833 “Young Italy” had grown to 60,000 members.  In 1835, with help from Freemason Lord Palmerston [1784-1865], who was twice as Prime Minister of the UK in the mid-19th century, Mazzini founded “Young Europe” in Switzerland.  And “Young” societies and groups continued to form in new territories and long after Mazzini’s death, and similar thing is obviously happening in the middle-east, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt and Bahrain with no doubt help by the Muslim Brotherhood.  In the US they were called “Young America”; in England, “Young England” and in Turkey, “Young Turks”. In Europe, they were generally called “Young Europe”.  “Young societies” consisted of radical and riotous youth, many of whom were later initiated into Templar Grand Orient lodges in their respective countries.

The Scottish Rite hierarchy directed their activity, while the Masonic press described them as students expressing their grievances, a bit like we’re hearing today.  It’s alleged all ‘Young society’ members throughout Europe were taught the art of subversion by Grand Orient Freemasonry.  They were ready when called upon to agitate, demonstrate, instigate worker strikes, hold rallies, or spy, bomb, and assassinate.  Also known as “Anarchists and Nihilists”, they were reckless of every consequence, using dynamite, the knife, or the gun for the benevolent cause of Grand Orient Freemasonry.  Msgr. Dillon, author of Grand Orient Freemasonry Unmasked, – As the Secret Power behind Communism [1942], specifically mentions that these “hoodlums” [whose protection had been written into the French Constitution], would go to Paris where they were taught the use and manufacture of dynamite.  Although ‘Young society’ members in Mazzini’s day were described as loose-knit with no direction, they were in fact highly organised [6], – again another feature in today’s organised protests and marches, banners paid for, t-shirts printed, balloons flying and flags being waved etc., just take our recent “Purple Revolution” for “political reform” here in the UK, that followed our fixed coalition government, and what was jumped on and exploited by Cameron’s poodle, oops I mean spare leg Clegg, as he said he’d back them all the way.

Out of the “Young societies”, some were wealthy, whilst the majority were working class and middleclass students, whilst others were paid rioters, again still a tactic used today, – as Hosni Mubarak did when he paid some camel riding camel-boys, to ride into town and shot-em-up and whip up a frenzy in February’s 2011 uprising in Tahrir Square, Cairo, Egypt.  And like there is an ‘invisible hand’ paying one lot of ‘youngs’ in Libya to act as anti-Gaddafi’s, whilst on the seeing hand Gaddafi is paying his own group of ‘youngs’ to fight for him, – again in Libya, they call themselves ‘tribes’, though I see them more like separate political parties, and therefore the term ‘gangs’ is a far more correct interpretation.  Like today’s protesters, the majority of the “Young societies”, had no jobs at all, yet spent money freely, – a mystery to those who had no knowledge of their Masonic backers, and like many gang members today, they’re not all into drugs and crime, yet a invisible hand filters down the ranks to keep these gangs indirectly employed, and there to be called on whenever their “services” are needed.

After their grievances were aired by the Masonic press, [Mazzini was also exiled to England and in 1858 he founded another journal in London, called Pensiero e azione “Thought and Action”] public opinion turned in the direction favourable to Grand Orient Freemasonry.  In short, “Young society” members were hoodlums trained to do the bidding of the Templar Scottish Rite hierarchy.  Their duty was to spread the secular Templar revolution throughout Europe.  Mazzini was their leader, and with his firm of “young societies”, Mazzini brought about Italy’s Masonic Revolution, and rioting took place all over the country throughout the 1850’s, it’s said during these uprisings, “Young Italy” hoodlums, with no skills or aims other than causing havoc, supported themselves by kidnapping for ransom, robbing banks, looting or burning businesses if protection money was not paid.

Doesn’t this sound all familiar, isn’t this exactly what’s happening again, or should I say, never stopped occurring, and that are home-grown gangs here in the UK, like they are in the US, Russia, Europe and cropping up all over the place, – are not young individual hooligans, but are in fact only in existence because the bigger gangsters in our own government quarters and alongside their crooked banksters in the financial world, want them there, – so whilst you and your family are too shit scared to walkout the front door, them cunts are robbing our countries economies dry.  It’s been alleged this so called “riffraff, rabble come hooligans” became known as “Mazzini’s Association For Insurrection and Assassination, or the other explanation of the acronym; “Mafiusi”, are the initial letters of five Italian words: Mazzini Autorizza Furti Incendi Avvelenamenti [Mazzini Authorises Thefts, Fires and Poisonings, thus M.A.F.I.A. was used, and lil old organised crime was resurrected out of the ashes. – Tings that make you go; “Hmm…”

Extract from a Trapped in a Masonic World

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Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;

© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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