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Mercenary European Snipers in Tunisia?

June 19, 2011

Did European mercenary snipers start the Tunisian uprising that quickly spread throughout the Middle East?  Of what I can understand and explain about the habits and mentality of those members whom belong to such secret societies and fraternities like the Skull and Bones, or the many other Alpha, Delta, Kappa like colligate Greek fraternities, – with their bizarre initiations, rituals and ceremonies.  And like those Bullingdon Boys, whom would smash up a restaurant and pay the owner over tops for the damage and to stop him informing police, – but what it did do was help instill terror into the area, that would then allow their ‘boys’ to collect ‘protection money’ through a ‘layer cake’ system employing “gangsters”, – from neighbouring and other local businesses who didn’t want to get their own businesses smashed up, so forcibly went along with this protection racket, ‘insurance cover’, that I too explain how it works more fully further on, – which moved onto getting gangs, sometimes ‘football’ hooligans to cause fights in your local pubs and nightclubs that lead onto trashing other nation states, now such as Libya, and who knows where else in the middle-east or around the world, – but history shows where it’s already occurred.

Like the Black Hand secret society from 1911, and supposedly connected to the 1914, assassination in Sarajevo of Franz Ferdinand, Archduke of Austria, said to be the catalyst to the start of World War I,  – And similar to the “Youngs” revolutionary groups founded by Giuseppe Mazzini during the 1840’s, i.e. Young Germany, Young Poland, Young Switzerland, which were under the guise of Young Europe movement that inspired groups of young Turkish army cadets and students to form the “Young Turks”.  The Fez wearing “Young Turks” originated from groups of so-called “Progressive” university students, – who were driven underground along with all other forms of political dissents after the constitution was annulled by the Sultan.  Like their European forerunners such as the Carbonari, whom I also mention, and who were groups of secret revolutionary societies founded in early 19th-century Italy.  Although their goals often had a patriotic and liberal focus, they lacked a clear political agenda, – they typically formed cells, in which only one member might be connected to another cell.  In R.J. Rummel’s book Death by Government the regime of the “Young Turks” is listed seventh on the list of most murderous regimes, just after the Khmer Rouge regime and just before communist Vietnam.  Omar Libya [1] [1a] is a Libyan activist exiled in London.  He is the coordinator of Libyan Youth Movement an organisation composed of Libyan nationals living both inside and outside of the country.  They organise anti-Gaddafi demonstrations through social networks.

Channel 4 News in the UK reported, as did the media in general, that within just hours after security forces used water cannons, tear gas and warning shots to disperse thousands of protesters in Tunis, Tunisia, its prime minister announced the formation of a new national coalition government on the 17th January 2011.  The Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi, a longtime friend of ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben, said that he would lead the coalition government with six members of the former regime, and that the 19-member coalition Cabinet will include three opposition leaders and 10 independents.

Ben Ali, who ruled the Tunisia for 23 years, fled to Saudi Arabia on Friday with his wife, Leila, and according to French daily Le Monde [1b] she packed $65 million worth of gold in her “diplomatic luggage”, now no one else would be permitted to flee anywhere with that kind of stash, and isn’t ironic that the Tunisians were protesting against its governments greed, corruption and brutality.

Now we know mass demonstrations first broke out in mid-December 2010, when it’s alleged a college-educated street vendor, Mohamed Bouazizi, burned himself to death in protest of the confiscation of his fruit and vegetable cart, saying he was unable to make a living.

Human rights groups estimate that up to 200 people are thought to have died during the month-long protest, ‘most shot dead by police’.  Sihem Bensedrine, head of the National Council for Civil Liberties, told The Guardian [2] that police had also raped an unknown number of women.  “These were random, a sort of reprisal against the people,” she said. “In poor areas, women who had nothing to do with anything were raped in front of their families. Guns held back the men; the women were raped in front of them.” [2]

I’m trying to work out what might have really happened in Tunisia, since it’s been alleged and widely reported that the involvement of foreign mercenaries, were used in Egypt, Algeria and particularly in Libya. – The world reports went on to state; that whilst many Tunisians were happy that Ben Ali being ousted from power, some of the ex-president’s die-hard supporters were/still are unwilling to accept this ‘new order’.  As over that following weekend, gun battles broke out between troops and members of Ben Ali’s police force.

Reuters News Agency reported: [3]Snipers took to rooftops near the Interior Ministry and central bank Sunday and started shooting at soldiers on the ground’.  ‘A helicopter gunship strafed their hideout with bullets, killing two men.  Earlier, the opposition PDP party said police and military had stopped a carload of armed men, and shots were fired outside its headquarters.  Police said two of the suspects caught after chasing them into apartment buildings had ‘Swedish passports’, and they also arrested a Tunisian.  ‘Police detained four people carrying ‘German passports’ over the same incident, state TV said, quoting a security source [3].

In another separate report also from Reuters News agency it stated: ‘…a vigilante mob assaulted a group of 13 Swedish “hunters” in Tunis on Sunday, after as the men appeared as foreign mercenaries.  “We arrived about 10 days ago in Tunisia to hunt boars,” one of the hunters, Ove Oberg, told Agence France-Presse [3a].  His group was heading to the airport when their taxis were stopped at a checkpoint. “They searched the vehicles,” he explained. “They found our rifles, and everything degenerated.  They dragged us out of the cars…, – …we were kicked and beaten [3b]”.  [3c] is a video link showing this incident].

There have been many conflicting reports in regards to how long these band of men had been in the country for, and I suppose the best person to confirm this and believe is one of those actual alleged hunters themselves as in this case; Ove Oberg who verified they; “…arrived about 10 days ago”.  So why is it many other reports actually state it was a week ago when they arrived?

Reuters News agency reported that Inger Eckhardt, a spokesman for the Swedish company that had arranged the hunting trip, told Swedish radio that the hunters had arrived in Tunisia a week ago when the situation was less tense [4][4a].

Boar hunting does indeed take place in Tunisia [4b], though what I have read up on it, and as my source verifies, the most typical hunting ‘trip’ for foreigners, is a 7 day all inclusive package, these men were leaving for after “about 10 days” as Ove Oberg confirmed, and I can’t seem to source whether they were on an extended 14 day trip [apparently unusual].  Though I contacted Reuters, and they can’t provide details of Inger Eckhardt, nor his Swedish company, nor who the Swedish radio station was in question.

All along I’ve said the press and media are owned by the Masonic/Illuminati cabals, and we know of many “false flags operations”, – which I write about further on.  We even know the CIA was going to place undercover troops into Vietnam under the guise of “flood workers”, which again I confirm here in this book.

It was reported on CBC News a Canadian News channel [5] and in the world’s media, that Libyan “security forces” snipers killed at least 15 mourners and injured dozens of others at a funeral on Saturday, according to hospital officials. The snipers targeting protesters against long time ruler Moammar Gadhafi began firing on crowds as they mourned 35 people who died the previous day in anti-government rallies.  The shootings reportedly occurred in the eastern city of Benghazi, which has been a focal point of five days of unrest and where government forces wiped out a protest encampment earlier in the day.  More important to consider, is why would you order to shoot your own people this way, knowing such an act would obviously backfire, and you’d be hated by the rest of the nation?  Yet it’s the exact kind of tactics and action a covert group would carry-out with the intent on starting off such hatred and outrage that would almost guarantee an uprising to follow.

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World © 2011 Copyright – David McCann.










[4a ]



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© 2011 Copyright – David McCann.


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