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Holocaust Victims Accuse -Their Own People!

June 18, 2011

There is an abundance of evidence and hair-raising accusations which expose the Jewish leaders of Zionism as war criminals, accusations from Jewish victims and survivors of the holocaust, who quite clearly and categorically agree that their own leaders contributed to the destruction of the alleged six million of their own people.  The Zionist fanatic’s approach – on par of those leaders of the Taliban who believe suicide bombers etc., is necessitated to bring forth Jihad, Sharia Law thus a Muslim world, – is that ‘Jewish blood’ is the ‘anointing oil’ needed to keep the wheels of the Zionist state keep on turning.  And this approach is not a thing of day’s gone-by, as it remains in force and is as operable today as it was then in the past.

In an interesting link of a very little known of, or widely read booklet that was first written in the early 1960’s titled; The Holocaust Victims Accuse was written with the purpose to serve as an attempt to show, by means of witness testimonies, documentations and reports, how Zionism at its highest level of organisations brought together a catastrophe upon their ‘own people’ during the era of the Nazi holocaust.

And it’s because of these kind of accusations as to why many rightwing supporters and people like the BNP’s leader Nick Griffen, and Bishop Richard Williamson – still defend the argument that the holocaust was not that cracked-up to be what we are led to believe what really happened during the holocaust, – and that the correct figure of how many Jews were actually exterminated is still debateable to this day.

6,000,000 is the much bantered about figure as to how many Jewish people were meant to have died as a direct result to the Holocaust, – but there appears to be counter evidence that doesn’t support these kind of figures due to the size of the then Jewish population as a whole, prior and after the war, suggesting therefore the six million total must be incorrect, and by millions as opposed to hundreds of thousands.

I won’t even go into it, as it’s far too huge a subject and complex due to all the various countries involved etc., – but it goes without saying, – and this is just a theory, which doesn’t or isn’t meant to reflect the truth of the matter in any way whatsoever.  But if claims of compensation were being pursued, and that various countries governments, [apart from any surviving relatives], were to be compensated from a ‘world-pool fund’, then we must be cautious knowing how many rogue governments there are, that some have not been tempted to massage the figures hoping they will get a bigger slice of the cake. – Which by all means doesn’t make the horrors of the Holocaust any less horrific, but it is because of these anomalies in the ‘figures’, as to why the rightwing and other similar interest groups jump on the bandwagon and dispute these facts and statistics and take full advantage of them.

Whilst appearing on the BBC’s Question Time programme in 2010, Nick Griffen, once a ‘holocaust denier,’ said he has since changed his mind agreeing the holocaust was “what it was”, but still continues to dispute the ‘true figures’.

The Vatican has been under fire since Pope Benedict XVI lifted the excommunication of Bishop Richard Williamson back in February 2009.  On the 24th November 2010 it was reported on the website that Williamson, who has denied the facts of the Holocaust, has retained a lawyer close to neo-Nazi groups to defend him.  Williamson, a member of the Society of St. Pius X breakaway sect, hired Wolfram Nahrath, a member of the far-right National Democratic Party [NDP], as his lawyer in his appeal of a fine for Holocaust denial, after Swedish Public Television broadcast an interview in which Williamson said the Nazis had not systematically murdered 6 million Jews during World War II. [1]

Deutsche Presse Agentur [DPA] cited Der Spiegel magazine in noting Nahrath’s NPD membership, and also reported that he led the Viking Youth, a neo-Nazi organisation modelled on the Hitler Youth, until it was banned in 1994.  Williamson is appealing the more than $22,473 fine for Holocaust denial imposed in 2009 and upheld in April by a court in Regensburg. [2]

So basically this kind of shared view continues to debase the argument that six million Jews were in fact killed, and the reason why ‘The Holocaust Victims Accuse’ booklet published in 1977 by Bnei Yeshivos, as well as an abundance of other evidence now widely available and that supports such claims as that stated in the booklet, which makes it very important reading in helping perhaps clarifying what is what, and towards setting the record straight.  It’s not pleasant reading particularly if your are Jewish and lost relatives as a result of the holocaust, and will no doubt anger many people on both sides of the fence who realise ‘their’ own leaders were involved in this pre-planned scheme, of course nowhere near as much as that of Hitler and his henchmen, but nevertheless, being involved is bad enough. – “He who increases knowledge increases pain, even though he will add pain, he must increase his knowledge.” – The Kotzker Rebbe.

And the only way this debate can perhaps be silenced once and for all, if for a full public inquiry into the 47 million documents known as the Bad Arolsen files, that were captured and have remained stored since 1946, – documents that have records of the names of most concentration camp inmates, forced-labour victims and refugees left homeless after World War II.  Let’s see if researchers can truly and as humanly as possible, prove what the recorded figures show, even if it takes the next 10 years to do it, as I can’t see why it’s not already been done considering they’ve been sitting on them for almost 65 years!  Reto Meister, the Swiss Red Cross official now in charge of the files, said; “We have documents here about a horrifyingly wide range of victims: Jews and Christians, Eastern and Western Europeans, Germans and non-Germans, men and women. There’s not one country where victims did not come from”.  Meister also sees the files as the most potent answer to Holocaust deniers: “Anyone who wants to minimise the Holocaust should come here. We’ll show him documents by the million.”

But this still isn’t a definitive answer, and when on the 30th April 2008 the members of the 11-nation governing commission of the International Tracing Service of the International Committee of the Red Cross agreed to provide greater access to the archives, ending a five-decade long debate over the victim’s rights to privacy, – though still is surely the time to see exactly, or as close as one can expect to get what they true figures reveal. [3]


     “It’s easier to kill a million people than to control them”, – Zbigniew Brzezinski.  What’s often overlooked and the true figure and total of those killed will forever be disputed, – is at least 80,000,000 million people were either directly killed mainly in Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus by communist ‘Red Army Commissars’ in Russia under the orders of Trotsky, the Commissar of Commissars, or indirectly by the deliberate act of causing famine by not sowing seeds and seeing to it that the land is tilled to produce enough food etc., that of course led on the millions dying of starvation, which leads onto malnutrition, that results in diseases and thus death.  Millions died in Gulag Camps, as opposed to ‘Concentration Camps’, in the USSR.

     Again we have to understand, the majority of Jewish people themselves have been deceived by their own Illuminati/Zionist cabal of elite families, who have no compunction whatsoever and do not care for their ‘so called own’, – as they’re willing to sacrifice millions of their so called own in order to make sure their own predictions in their own hand written books such the Torah and the Bible compiled by the ‘non-Jewish Levites’, – will eventually come true.

     To declare being a devout Jew, Christian or Muslim, is really a nonentity, as all these religions are manmade, we’re all the same, the human race – just different cultures, places of birth and the colours of skin and eyes, we’ve been bred to become evil.  I know we’re never going to be bedfellows with the whole of mankind, but neither do we have to kill and destroy each other in the process, human beings as a rule will not fight each other, it’s only our countries warmongering bloodthirsty leaders who want this to happen for the beneficial means to a handful of rich elitist Illuminati cabal of families, – as how many of their children do you see killed in the wars they create?

     The millions upon millions of people who were slaughtered in Russia cannot be denied  any more than the Turkish can deny, or more like chose to ignore the Armenian Genocide that started on the 24th April 1915 until 1917 where almost 1,500,000 Armenians were killed, or anymore than the fact that an estimated 17,000,000 fellow human beings were killed of all creeds and races in Germany’s many concentration camps during WWII, anymore than Pol Pot killed 2,000,000 of his people in Cambodia during the 1970’s. – All our world leaders no matter where they’re from; are a bunch evil callous cunt’s, who’s only wishes and desires is to seem to want to continue this familiar trait and trend and for as long as they can continue to get away with it, as I’ve said before; – “Peace to them is a party pooper, as it’s as devastating as War is to us”.

     These figures of 17,000,000 million killed in Germany are from the just mentioned Bad Arolsen files opened after 60 years in 2007 and shows this new figure, the files are 16 miles in length with 50 million pages and still being studied today for more details; The Mauthausen concentration camps – Totenbuch, or Death Book, records in meticulous handwriting how on the 20th April 1942, a prisoner was shot in the back of the head every two minutes for 90 hours.  Whereas most people would be happy with a card and a cake, – the Mauthausen camp commandant ordered these executions as a birthday present for Hitler. [4]

Chapter 65 Trapped in a Masonic World

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