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To be free, or not to be – that is the question

June 17, 2011

“Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, – or to take arms against a sea of troubles, and, by opposing, end them.  To die, to sleep no more – and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to  – ‘tis a consummation devoutly to be wished”. [1]

What many of the working class masses don’t seem to understand – is the only difference between the words ‘Slave’ and ‘Worker’, is in the spelling. – In Michael A. Hoffman II: Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare, it states: “These blind slaves are told they are ‘free’ and ‘highly educated’[2] even as they march behind signs that would cause any medieval peasant to run screaming away from them in panic-stricken terror. The symbols that modern man embraces with the naive trust of an infant would be tantamount to billboards reading: This way to your death and enslavement, to the understanding of the traditional peasant of antiquity [3].  We’ve all been fooled into thinking how nice it was of them to abolish slavery, and many think slavery as just a black thing.

Little do you realise, and this is of course a made up scenario, but something along these lines happened; Once upon a time; the accountant’s for the rich, whilst adding-up their financial books, thought; – “Hmm, hold on a minute, if we didn’t have to pay em a pittance of a wage, house em, feed em, cloth em and look after em anymore, we could then turn around and say; Your Free! –  Den we could open the gates, let all em out, and den stick up some old sign saying; ‘Workers Required-Apply Within!’ Den we simply reemploy dem very same old slaves, but this time only pay em a pittance, whilst calling em “Big Society” workers and letting dem have to pay for all their own other expenses. What a god damn spanking great idea, why we could even tax em to the hilt, and could even sell em ramshackle places to live in, only loan em money when we want, and when we do charge em extortionate interest rates for doing so. – My god, they’ll have to work every hour under the sun and won’t have time to fart let alone demonstrate, why, their be more enslaved than they ever were, with a flat-screen brainwashing machine in the corner and satellite screwed to the outer wall, give em some chump kicking a ball to watch and some old hag to sing at em, some burgers to chomp on and beer to swill, and dem god dam mudder fuckin fools will think they’re free! – Free dem slaves NOW!” – So sorry to break the news to you all, but your still WsOlRaKvEeRsS and far from being FREE!

Margaret Thatcher sussed that one out years ago, when she realised if she gave the “illusion” to the working classes that they could be free from the state by buying their own council homes off the government, – that in some miraculous way, it might even turn them into middleclass Tory voting people!  Yet all that’s really happened, – is that the government’s onus and responsibility to house people has been shifted and reduced, as they’ve managed to pass on their public spending for the upkeep of these properties and over to their new owners.  There are some tenants who bought a 100 year lease on their property, and soon after this, a new roof has then been put onto the block of four flats by the council.  Whereas the three council tenants in the same block pay nothing, the fourth “homeowner”, is billed 25% of the cost, which can be anything from £40,000.  And let’s just say that was the case, – so now the homeowner is sent a bill for £10,000, and immediate payment is expected, yet your average working class person hasn’t got this kind of cash to hand, so they end up taking out a loan etc., and then unexpectedly lose their job so can’t keep up the repayments, their home then gets repossessed, and now their back to square one, or should I say in a much worst position as the council have no new homes to re-house them, so their then put into private rental or a bed and breakfast accommodation that is four times the cost to the tax payer, and yet again lining the pockets of only a privileged few.

Though more importantly from a governments perspective, is that it has also helped create a wider divide between various members of society, whilst giving the government more power and control over those who were now indebted to a mortgage, – thus you’re not really going to see these kinds of folk threatening strike action or going on street protests, as they simply can’t afford to.  Many of today’s protesting students don’t even realise it, but this same kind of tactical ploy is being forced upon yet another generation, as these very same students will be leaving university with such an high rate of debts, that they too won’t be so as willing to protest and stand up for their rights in the future, as they’ll be far too preoccupied worrying about how can they keep their heads above water.

As I’ve said we’re all led to believe we live in some kind of democracy where we’re free to choose who we vote for and what a dandy world we live in.  Well as I’ve already pointed out if there’s only ever two parties that can possible win, then where’s the democracy in that? It’s a false democracy, and the reason why the election turnout of people is so low.  Hark, what are those faint voices I hear saying: “Well at least you got ‘freedom of speech’”, well were soon see if that’s true or not and how far this book will go, as every time I’ve placed a snippet from it onto a forum or discussions group on the internet, or made a comment on some of the national newspapers stories using some of the text, their “moderators” or administrators have banned me, with no explanation as of why.  No I certainly haven’t at anytime placed any kind of obscene or foul language that I do on occasions use here in the book, I took into consideration their terms and conditions and rules and made sure I didn’t breech them.  I was conducting my right to have my point of view, and it just appears they don’t like to hear anything anti-Mason, end off, period!  And besides these kinds of “freedom of speech” claims, what do you expect me to say? “Yippee!”

We live in a world controlled by an elite few, only made possible because they have it so well sown up by subliminally indoctrinating, a relatively tiny percentage of the worlds populations and appointing them as Freemasons, who in turn subconsciously think they’re somewhat more special than everyone else, because they’ve been introduced to the world of Jacob’s Ladder and initiated into their secret oath taking, pledge making clubs and fraternities, – and no, I’m not talking about probes to the head, MK-Ultra drug induced, screamed out military kinds of ways of how you may envisage what indoctrinating/brainwashing someone else may entail, when it’s not like that at all.

Take the Moonies, they start off by bombarding the initiate with overwhelming acts of love and affection making them feel so special, included and wanted that they too normally respond in that way. – Though they then follow up this initial loving with intense forms of rejection and the cold shouldering of members if they don’t seem to be going along with the expected program, and their responses and not quite what they wish to see.  Then in addition to the initiate being subjected to these highly charged acts of emotions, they are then forced to view hours upon hours of video films about the Rev. Moon and the Unification Church, whom are the front organisation for the Moonies, and this kind of indoctrinations goes on for days, into months and then years as they slow progress from one inner circle to another.

The Freemasons use the “Jacob’s Ladder syndrome”, whereas by using a step by step series of levels of degrees to aspire to, and slowly being drip fed the so-called “secret – ancient mysteries”, followed up by their sworn blood-oaths and pledges, and being given a sacred “lodge name” of their own, alongside a fanciful title, their lambskin aprons, [more like cheap cotton nowadays], gloves, sashes, medals, tie’s, cufflinks, hats, daggers, set squares, compasses etc., is how the ‘subliminal indoctrination’ works, – and which is the reason why they’re prepared to kick the shit out of the rest of us, unjustly arrest and jail us, or even kill us if we as so much step out of line, –  and no doubt they’re be queuing up around the block to take turns on me.  As I say, you might think we’re “free” over here in the West, but believe me I’d rather live in a world with no Freemasons, as opposed to how things currently are.  Free-Mason’s, are indeed “free”, whereas the likes of me and you are certainly not.  But then again, if you really think about it, nor is the Freemason, because just like the mob, once you’re in it, then you’re in it for life.

What you think you see, isn’t necessarily what you’re seeing, and freedom doesn’t really exist, though we’re led to believe that if we live in a capitalistic, democratic society, then we’re free to do whatever we wish, – but like fuck are we! – The perception is that we’re “free”, free to choose what we want, any old time.

“To be free, or not to be, that is the question”, but the truth of the matter is, we’re so far from free, yet we can’t see it, because that’s how good the illusion really has become.  Even those whom regard themselves as ‘rebellious and with a cause’, have fallen into the deceptive trap, i.e. the likes of Hells Angels, Skinheads, Goths, Wiccans, Gipsies, Wanderer’s, tramps and soap dodger’s, or members of the pierced body parts and tattooed brigade etc., believe they’re “individual’s” outside the norm and on the peripheral of society, so therefore have “escaped” this Masonic world and are untouchable in comparison to the rest of us. – Well they’re not!  You could in fact say at least two of those just quoted groups are deluded worshipers in one way or another to the likes Satan, and participators in the occult or some other kind of manmade religion or another, which can hardly deliver freedom.


“Only the working class masses can change society; but they will not do that spontaneously, on their own.  They can rock capitalism back onto its heels but they will only knock it out if they have the organisation, the socialist party, which can show the way to a new, socialist order of society.  Such a party does not just emerge.  It can only be built out of the day-to-day struggles of working people”. [4] – Paul Foot, from his book: Why you should be a socialist -1977.

I mention this quote as I feel it’s as appropriate now today, than it’s been for many years, but like I have a problem with “manmade religions”, I equally have a problem with their “manmade politics”.  I don’t trust any of the present: Lib-[Lab]-Con, Communist’s, Socialist’s or even Greenpeace and other likewise outfits, such as the thousands of lobby groups or think-tank organisations, as you’ll find they’re all indirectly funded or run by fraternal groups with many of their members belonging to the Freemasons, the Rotarians or are Odd Fellows, – and those other kinds of interest groups.  I can’t help referring back to George Orwell’s Animal Farm that highlights and exposes man’s greed and ego, that it’s not before long those the “shoulder to shoulder comrades”, soon forget the ‘ordinary man’ they were appointed into power by and are meant to be representing, as greed sets in and all his principles soon go out the window.

When trade union bosses are earning the kind of money they currently do, whilst their “brothers” are still struggling to put food on the table, it puts them and the workers miles apart, and the reason many hypocritical union bosses are opposing public spending cuts, whilst at the same time enjoying a six-figure pay and perks packages.  Figures from the 2008/9 annual report of certification officer, David Cockburn, who oversees union finances show that Unison’s leader Mr Prentis earned £127,436, [though Unison said Mr Prentis salary was actually £92,688], RMT’s Mr Crow was £105,679, and Unite’s Mr Simpson £120,328.  Whilst incredibly based on a combined figure for salary and benefits, Gordon Taylor, chief executive of the Professional Footballer’s Association, was reported to be £856,007, and little did I realise, but the tax payer contributes to his earnings.

I’m all for a ‘good and decent wage’, a wage than allows you to have an un-stressful life, pay your rent and bills, put food on the table, buy yourself and the kids clothes, have a car, bike or whatever, and a nice annual holiday with the odd weekend break here and there, with a social life that allows you to able to save a little bit for a “rainy day”, and contribute towards a pension.  I think your find most working class people would be happy with that kind of life, I might have overlooked a few things, but in general you could live rather well on the supposed £26,000 “average wage” what people are meant to be earning. – However, this is not the average wage, in fact it’s far from it, as the vast majority of workers don’t earn anywhere near that amount, and that’s the real problem.

Tony Woodley, joint leader of Unite angrily remonstrated with the protesters telling them to “shut up, shut up”, when demonstrators pushed past security guards and made it to the 23rd floor, where talks were taking place, between union representatives, and management in an industrial dispute with BA. [5] The demonstrators came face to face with BA’s chief executive Willie Walsh and Tony Woodley, joint leader of Unite.  Then a day or so later, Woodley was due to meet the press to make a statement, and as he approached the scrum of cameramen, journalists and photographers, Woodley unaware he was already be filmed and recorded, asked a direct and specific question as to which one of the cameras belonged to Sky News.  He said along the lines; saying that was the one he wishes to address.  Sky News soon picked up on this request and incorporated it within their news trailers, constantly showing the clip when Woodley asks; “Which one is the Sky camera”.

Now when you normally get people addressing the press, they address the whole group, not make specific reference to any ‘one’ news organisation showing obvious bias and favouritism.  So there we go, Tony Woodley, son of George, who was also a union representative, would prefer to address his ‘brothers’ via the camera of the Masonic owned anti-unionist Rupert Murdoch, as opposed to any of the others, yet oddly enough almost a year prior to this, in 2009 at the Labour Party Conference, Woodley tore up a copy of The Sun newspaper as he made a speech, “In Liverpool, we learnt a long time ago what to do, [tearing the paper], I suggest the rest of the country does the same thing.”  This was a reference to The Sun’s controversial coverage of the Hillsborough Disaster 20 years earlier, which had caused widespread public outrage, and many people on Merseyside had still not forgiven the newspaper, – I wonder what brought about this sudden change of heart towards the Murdoch Corporation? [6]


As I’ve said before, like the Conservatives, Liberals and Labour parties, there’s also the thickness of a Rizla paper between the links of ‘brotherhood of the Freemasons’, and the origins of the ‘brotherhood of the Trade Unions’. – You only have to look at one of the Orangemen marches on the 12th of July in Northern Ireland, to that of a ‘Trade Union rally’, to not be mistaken for thinking you’re seeing the same group of people, and especially so with their sashes, banners, symbols and flags with ‘Standard Bearers’ reminiscent of the same Order.

And it is because of these connections why I wouldn’t hold my breath in anticipation that these well paid high ranking union representatives, are really that concerned about their fellow low paid workers, – of course they will say they do, but isn’t that what MP’s say about us the people, and what do they do for us?  Fuck all, – that’s what. – And especially when it comes to those ‘closed talks’ and ‘secret meetings’ they all have between the bosses of one kind of Masonic lodge, whilst they themselves are from another one.  In the US, it’s long been known it’s the ‘mob’, aka Mafia that runs and controls the trade unions, and the only difference over here, is that they go under different names!

Yet if a union boss such as those quoted above, earned say £35,000 per year, then that’s decent enough to live on, as opposed to £92,000 plus, just as it is adequate enough for an MP to earn in the region of £45,000, – not the actual £200,000 plus it finally costs the tax payer with all their costs combined, – as is it for the Chairman’s of banks and other financial institutions etc., to earn around £150,000 each, and not the silly millions they are presently paying “themselves”, and the ludicrous millions they payout in bonuses to encourage their staff to gamble with “other people’s money”, knowing full well they will still get their money, win or lose, and especially so whilst the tax payer has a majority holding in these kind of establishments.

So it’s because of these astronomical amounts of pay, that many other sectors also pay an elite handful of employees in wages, and why the “average” person’s earnings are still just a pittance.  I’ve made this kind of example before, so don’t forget, when you hear their so called “defenders”, they’re either their own work colleagues, who too have an interest to protect, or their own family members and friends etc. – who all chirp from the same Masonic song sheet, and come out with the same old shit, like; “Their worth every penny, – their weight in gold, – if we don’t pay them these levels of pay, we’re lose them to other industries, or we’re have a brain drain”.  Well nothing personal, because there are thousands of these lot, but just stand back and take a long hard look at those in their so called worthy positions of power and asked yourself, are these people such as Prentis, Cockburn and Crow, or Cameron, Clegg and Milliband, or Fred the Shred-Fred Goodwin, Sean Fitzpatrick, Irelands most toxic banker, or the Bank of England’s Mervin King with a pension pot of £1.4m, doing anything with that such difficulty, or what requires that amount of skill that it would be impossible to cope without them?  And if it did, then how come most of them are so bad at their jobs anyway, that their normally got to be pushed with a golden handshake, before they’re prepared to jump for being caught out doing such a dreadful job at any rate.

There are thousands of equally or in fact more capable and competent worthy people who could easily fill anyone of their shoes if they were to decide and leave for the moon tomorrow, as they’d simply be replaced like they would do if they had pegged it.  And more importantly you have to ask yourself, are any single one of these people worth paying five or ten times more than what a nurse, miner, dustman or that of what you earn for a living?


Nothing has really changed, as the rich are getting richer, our politician’s greedier, union leaders far too complacent, whilst the poor are poorer and the working classes are still being shat upon from a very great height.  We need “radical change”, those at the top need to have their earnings reduced and many civil servants dismissed.  The massive available monetary wealth remaining should be distributed fairly by paying the working classes a decent living wage. – And as I’ve said, there needs to be stringent regulations and the introduction of new criminal laws that cover any present loopholes.

In the March 2011 budget, and in a sly move to make it appear “we’re all in this [shit] together” and those with the broadest shoulders, financially at least, should bear the greatest burden, the Chancellor announced a crackdown on tax loopholes. This includes avoidance of stamp duty on the most expensive properties [which will raise peanuts].  Will impose a tax levy on those who own privet jetliners, which must all of 20 or so people, so again, it’s just a ‘sound-bite’.  Okay fair enough, there will be some tightening of the capital gains tax rules, and the practice which sees some highly paid employees offered interest-free loans from their companies in exchange for taxable earnings will be stopped, – and that it’s rumoured due to these kinds of changes, it could generate a extra £1 billon for the government’s coffers.  Yet hearing Osborne’s speech, he made it sound as if he was going after all those crooked individuals and companies who pay a pittance in corporate tax and use many other loopholes, thus losing the British taxpayer and treasury in excess of five of six billion’s pounds a year, though he didn’t say this and isn’t doing so, – as after all he doesn’t want bite the hand that wipes his…

Yet these aren’t just the kinds of loopholes that’s needed, we need to clampdown on all the corruption that’s going on, – so for instance, if an MP is caught claiming for a mortgage that doesn’t exist or any other fraudulent crime, they would be charged and sent to prison twice as long as a layman, as they should be aware of stealing from the public purse should be as serious as that of murder.

We need to make such strict laws, that anyone in their privileged public positions of power would think long and hard before sticking their already grubby little noses deeper into the trough, knowing that the repercussions would be so severe, they wouldn’t dare to.

[We need to know who is and isn’t a Freemason, and if they are, then they can’t hold any public position or office and especially in the government, including civil servants, the judiciary, coroner’s office, police and army].

As they should learn to happily live on their current annual salary of £65,738, and in addition to receiving generous allowances to cover the costs of running an office and employing staff, [the mistress, wife or hubby], and having somewhere to live in London as well as their constituency, which all in all comes to around £250,000 pa, – and perhaps would start to take pride in their honoured positions and begin to work harder for their fellow man and constituents, and who knows, maybe even begin to care about them.  Yet they’re not, as their still on various boards as directors, getting back-hander’s from lobbyist etc., and regularly receive ‘insider’ information, which is on par as ‘insider-trading’, as they know what contracts and procurement deals etc. are going to be rewarded and to whom etc., so the house of crooks is still what it is, – a cesspit of sleaze, bribery and corruption.


Just look at the layout and design of many of our towns and cities, whilst the ones, such as the government town planners, architects, solicitors and those bankers who helped finance such projects to begin with, and whom most of them live in wonderfully designed detached, or worse ways semi detached spacious houses or penthouse suites, whilst the working classes were, and still are thrown into a maze of rabbit warrens, tower blocks and huge concrete jungles, which were in many cases part of their social engineering experimental schemes, that led them to design gigantic labyrinths such as the Heygate Estate, known locally as “Hells-gate” in South London’s Elephant & Castle area, and what was completed in the early 1970’s.  It comprised of 50 flats on each level x 6 that was formed into a square totalling 1,200 homes into one fucking intense area, it got that bad, postman refused to deliver the mail, milkman the milk, and when to the police were regularly called out, they’d either ignore it, or went firmed handed, – and if this isn’t reminiscent to what Aldous Huxley was describing in his book: Brave New World as;“…a painless concentration camp”, – or in my eyes a prison, lunatic asylum or perhaps even a human zoo, then God knows what is then.

“They”, the so called Masonic MP’s, planners and councillors holding firmly onto their set-squares and compasses, say: “Many of the new tenants are overjoyed with their new dwellings”. – It’s not bloody surprising, most of London and well up to the 60’s, was full of scattered bomb sites and slums, so you only needed to give these desperate and traumatised homeless people a refurbished rabbit hutch to live in, and their reactions of being “overjoyed” would have probably been the same.  It became common practice to build these “living in a box” sink-estates all over the country, that is it any wonder these purposely erected hellholes are now unbearable places to unfortunately be trapped and living in.

Let’s see the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Brown or Blair and Co and their families live in these kind terrifying and evil places, – and let’s see how their kids then turn out to be?  Drugs, robbery, violence, shootings, rapes, killings, child abuse, prostitution and every other kind of unimaginable crime or despicable act is an everyday occurrence in these sorts of cesspit’s, which should be of no surprise that it then spreads throughout the streets and permeates into the very fabric of our society, and damages the entire nation as a whole, – that’s it’s no wonder Huxley said: “Maybe this world is another planet’s hell”. His written revelations exposed this nightmare of an agenda, that has been put into practice by our “world controllers”, and which is still thriving today.  All I can say is; “Stand up people, look where they’ve put you, look what they’ve have done to you, and are continuing to do to us and our children, – sometimes you have to tear down something’s, to then replace it with something better”.

And here is why our “controllers” love the influx of as many immigrants as possible, because like many tenants from the past, those coming to our shores today, jump with joy when allocated accommodation in  a decrepit bedsit or run down housing estate, because if you come from virtual poverty to begin with, then almost anything that is an improvement on your previous circumstances, would well indeed appear to be paradise, though this is of course to the detriment of everyone else who has lived in this kind of squalor years and before their arrival.  Rogue landlords love this kind of divisional misunderstanding, it saves them spending any money on the real problems, as they can say; “Well we have plenty of tenants who are happy…”


Though we can’t go on like this, certain parts of the country are at breaking point that the odd Band Aid plaster here or there isn’t going to fix the problem, or simply make it go away.  And this is the real and additional reason why so many in our society are drug or alcohol dependant, as all they’re trying to do is mentally escape their present unbearable life and the conditions their expected to accept and live in. – “If we could sniff or swallow something that would, for five or six hours each day, abolish our solitude as individuals, atone us with our fellows in a glowing exaltation of affection and make life in all its aspects seem not only worth living, but divinely beautiful and significant, and if this heavenly, world-transfiguring drug were of such a kind that we could wake up the next morning with a clear head and an undamaged constitution-then, it seems to me, all our problems [and not merely the one small problem of discovering a novel pleasure] would be wholly solved and earth would become paradise.” – Aldous Huxley.

 Chapter 8 Trapped in a Masonic World

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Anti-Freemasonry Party link on Facebook;

Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World;


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