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The Honour killing of Lady Di

June 17, 2011

Princess Diana, Prince Charles and many other royals have long consulted astrologers, and Debbie Franks has often claimed Lady Di was both a personal friend and a client of hers for over eight years and until her tragic death on the 31st August 1997.

In January of 1997 Lady Diana walked through a prepared corridor of landmine-infested territory in Angola.  Landmines are a chronic problem and the Earth had become severely infested with one landmine in place per sixty inhabitants on the planet.  It was a situation one could only view with leaden, despair and disgust until Diana bravely spoke out about this worldwide problem, which made front-page headlines all around the world, calling for a total ban on landmines, whilst at the same time causing a storm of controversy over her entry into politics, and termed as a “Loose Cannon”, by those who obviously opposed her views.  The right-wing military, conservatives and more importantly and influential the makers and suppliers of landmines in general became very annoyed with her on account of this cause, and she started to receive warnings.  In February 1997 she received an ominous phone call from a senior politician at Westminster, warning her: “Don’t meddle in things you don’t know about. Accidents can happen”.  The therapist who worked with Lady Di revealed this to Scotland Yard experts, and added: “Diana believed she was going to be murdered. She always said she would die young in unnatural circumstances”.

Her then bodyguard Sergeant Barry Mannakee became too close to her and did what a bodyguard isn’t normally meant to do, and soon after which he ended up decapitated from a motorbike accident on the 14th May 1987.  Prince Charles informed her about this tragic event in a brutally casual manner a day or so later and as she was getting out of a car to meet some photographers.  Diana was distraught and was convinced that Mannakee had been killed by MI5.  She stated this was the time in her life when mortal fear entered her soul.  Her longest-lasting affair was with James Hewitt, had ended – he revealed to the BBC – after he received several warnings to discontinue his relationship with the Princess, lest a similar fate befall him, and no doubt the reason he made such a confession, was to let the public know his life had been threatened and if anything untoward was to happen to him, then we know who did it.  An MI5 agent visited his London flat and warned him: If you do not stop seeing Diana you will suffer the same fate as Barry Mannakee [1].   He soon took the advice, ended the affair and presently runs his own bar and restaurant named The Polo House along the Golden Mile in the Costa Del Crime resort of Marbella, Spain.

It was rumoured that Lady Di was to become Dodi’s immediate fiancée, and no doubt wife if it had indeed turned out she was carrying the next heir to the Fayed dynasty.  Even if she wasn’t pregnant at the particular time of their assassination, she could have certainly become so at anytime whilst they still remained together. – On 2nd June 2006 the Daily Express newspaper stated: Diana Death: Spies flashed laser beam at crash driver. – It’s long been suspected a laser gun was pointed into the eyes of chauffeur Henri Paul.  The hand-held device was activated as the Mercedes with Diana and Dodi in the back, sped into tunnel.  Two witnesses had given written statements to the police, – that states that “a beam was fired by the pillion passenger on a motorbike” that had followed the Mercedes into the tunnel before overtaking it.  One witness reported seeing “…an enormous radar-like flash of light” [2] in the tunnel.  Seconds later the Mercedes spun out of control before smashing into the 13th concrete pillar inside the tunnel.   Former MI6 officer Richard Tomlinson claimed agents posed as paparazzi photographers who were pursuing the royal party from the Ritz hotel.  Mr Tomlinson revealed the “blinding flash” in the tunnel bore all the hallmarks of a secret service plot.  The light described by witnesses was too powerful to be mistaken for a photographer’s flashgun and too bright a flash would ruin the photograph anyway. [2a]

Mr Tomlinson told investigators the special technology had been devised to assassinate Serbian leader Milosevic who was seen as a huge threat to the stability of his region.  Mr Tomlinson revealed he had been shown top-secret files which outlined the detailed plan to murder Milosevic in 1993.  The plan was to fire off the “light gun” to blind the chauffeur of Milosevic’s official limousine as it passed through a tunnel during a visit to Geneva.  Mr Tomlinson told investigators: “When I heard witnesses in Paris talk about a bright flash before Diana’s car crash it made sense.  A tunnel is a perfect place for an assassination, with fewer witnesses”. [3] He claimed agents would also have been equipped with special transmitters that can knock out a car’s electronics at the press of a button and could even cause airbags to inflate.  He said: “Imagine, the driver flying into the tunnel at 90mph, picking up speed as he dips down, inches from those central concrete pillars”. [4]

Despite the majority of the population believing they were in fact killed in very suspicious circumstances, – and with the establishment involved in one way or another, with Al Fayed spending millions of pounds in legal costs, and going to the highest Masonic court in England to seek the truth and justice, – still lost the case.  But bear this in mind, if the law states a Catholic cannot become King or Queen of England, – then the notion that the “Heir to the Throne”, – could possibly have a Muslim half brother on the way, – would had blown a fuse somewhere and simply wouldn’t be tolerated.  The “Establishment”, those defenders of the realm, and the Church of England, regard the “Throne”, as much more than any one individual monarch or their family.

My stance on the Diana & Dodi case will perhaps be of no surprised to you, as I do most definitely think they were deliberately killed on the 31st August 1997.  I think it’s predominately because of the Muslim brother in law possible connection, – and considering the years of troubles in the middle-east in general, the Gulf War, and that our troops were fighting and being killed out there in general.  Besides, honour killings are nothing new and many ashamed families carryout such killings which take place in the smallest of villages or the biggest of cities regularly around the world.

Of course Prince Charles, the Queen or the Duke of Edinburgh had nothing to directly do with the killings, or any other member of the royal family at that.  As just mentioned, you have to understand, the Establishment, are not directly the royal family, – but basically a faceless secret society, whom can call on, employ and deploy various factor groups, organisations and individuals, whose job it is to defend and protect the monarchy even from members of its own royal family, and the reason there’s a secret law known as “etiquette law”, which protects the royals [and perhaps some other big wigs] from prosecution if they may break the “ordinary” laws of the land.

It’s the Establishment’s duty to prevent the country’s monarch and the established ethos of the nation from coming into disrepute, or being put in danger of it being undermined and possibly overthrown, – and it’s these kind of protectorates who are the true members of the “Establishment”, – the bloodline elite select, who’s overall interests go far beyond that of individualism, and so much greater than any one single family’s influence could every possibly be, as it’s the collective that after all makes them so much stronger.

Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World



[2a] “French Secret Service Raid, Arrest Former MI6 Diana <;.



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