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Freemasons – It’s Not Difficult to Ruin a Man

June 17, 2011

Extract from Stephen Knight’s book; The Brotherhood. – Christopher, a senior Whitehall Civil Servant and Freemason explained that Masonry’s nationwide organisation of men from most walks of life provided one of the most efficient private intelligence networks ever imaginable.  Private information on anybody in the country could normally be accessed very rapidly through endless permutations of Masonic contacts – police, magistrates, solicitors, bank managers, Post Office staff, [very useful in supplying copies of a man’s mail, and especially if you say the “target” is a sex offender – Julian Assange comes to mind [1]], doctors, government employee, bosses of firms and nationalised industries etc., and a dossier of personal data could be built up on anybody very quickly.

When the major facts of an individual’s life were known, areas of vulnerability would become apparent.  Perhaps he is in financial difficulties; perhaps he has some social vice – if married he might retain a mistress or have proclivity for visiting prostitutes; perhaps there is something in his past he wishes keep buried, some guilty secret, a criminal offence [easily obtainable through Freemason police of doubtful virtue], or other blemish on his character: all these and more could be discovered via the wide-ranging Masons network of 600,000 contacts [2] [this number has perhaps increased by at least a third since this article was originally written in 1984, though it’s normally accepted by the UGLE that there are 400,000 members in the UK, though as I say, I believe the figure to be much higher.  Perhaps Knight was also referring to other Freemasons further abroad, or other affiliations such as the Rotarians, Odd Fellows etc.], a great many of whom were disposed to do favours for one another because that had been their prime motives for joining.

Even decent Masons could often be conned into providing information on the basis that: “Brother Smith needs this to help the person involved”.  The adversary would even sometimes be described as a fellow Mason to the Brother from whom information was sought perhaps someone with access to his bank manager or employer. The good Mason would not go to the lengths of checking with Freemasons Hall whether or not this was so.  The “target” was presented as a “Brother” in distress by a fellow Freemason, especially a fellow Lodge member that would be enough for any upright member of the Craft.  Sometimes this information gathering process – often involving a long chain of Masonic contacts all over the country and possibly abroad – would be unnecessary.  Enough would be known in advance about the adversary to initiate any desired action against him.  I asked how this action might be taken. “Solicitors are very good at it” said Christopher. “Get your man involved in something legal – it need not be serious – and you have him”. Solicitors, I was told, are past masters at causing endless delays, generating useless paperwork, ignoring instructions, running up immense bills, misleading clients into taking decisions damaging to themselves, [and this I can vouch for, and one of the reasons I dislike and don’t trust many people of the so called ‘legal fraternity’], Masonic police can harass, arrest on false charges, and plant evidence. “A businessman in a small community or person in public office arrested for dealing in child pornography, for indecent exposure, or for trafficking in drugs is at the end of the line”, said Christopher. “He will never work again. Some people have committed suicide after experiences of that kind”.

Freemasons can bring about the situation where credit companies and banks withdraw credit facilities from individual clients and tradesmen, said my informant.  Bank can foreclose.  People who rely on the telephone for their work can be cut off for long periods.  Masonic employees of local authorities can arrange for a person’s drains to be inspected and extensive damage to be reported, thus burdening the person with huge repair bills; workmen carrying out the job can find – in reality cause – further damage.  Again with regard to legal matters, a fair hearing is hard to get when a man in ordinary circumstances is in financial difficulties.  If he is trying to fight a group of unprincipled Freemasons skilled in using the ‘network’ it will be impossible because “Masonic Department of Health and Social Security and Law Society officials can delay applications for Legal Aid endlessly. [3] Employers, if they are Freemasons or not can be given private information about a man who has made himself an enemy of Masonry.  At worst he will be dismissed or consistently passed over for promotion”. Christopher added.

     “Masonic doctors can also be used. But for some reason doctors seem to be the least corruptible men. Only the fighters have any hope of beating the system once it’s at work against them”, he told me. “Most people, fighters or not, are beaten in the end, though. It’s . . . you see, I … you finish up not knowing who you can trust. You can get no help because your story sounds so paranoid that you are thought a crank, one of those nuts who think the whole world is a conspiracy against them. It is a strange phenomenon.  By setting up a situation that most people will think of as fantasy, these people can poison every part of a person’s life. If they give in they go under.  If they don’t give in its only putting off the day because if they fight, so much unhappiness will be brought to the people around them that there will likely come a time when even their families turn against them out of desperation. When that happens and they are without friends wherever they look, they become easy meat. The newspapers will not touch them. – There is no defence against an evil which only the victims and the perpetrators know exists”.  Christopher – Senior Whitehall Civil Servant and Freemason – Quoted in Stephen Knight’s book: The Brotherhood, 1984.

                                     Extract from Trapped in a Masonic World           

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Free 21 page sample of Trapped in a Masonic World


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