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33. Jacob’s ladder Syndrome

June 17, 2011

The one thing for sure that all political parties do have in common, – is the word party, as the word ‘gang’ doesn’t quite have the same public appeal to it.  Whereas using the word ‘party’, simply helps to legitimise the gang, fraternity or group of people who all work on a pyramidal hierarchal system in one form or another.  The British are more reserved and prefer to play down their role and involvement in the Masonic gang, as do many Europeans and Asians, – which in many parts of Asia and the middle-east, Freemasonry is still frowned upon, banned in most countries and carrying the death penalty in places like Iraq, [Saddam Hussein days], but despite all this, there’s still hundreds of thousands of them from all over these regions, as are there hundreds of thousands of Catholics, and again many more millions from all other denominations of religion.

Though in America, fraternity is everything, – if you haven’t already been fraternised out there, then you aren’t going anywhere far in life, almost every single member of the American government and their associated bodies, the legal system, the military, the police, the fire-fighters, ambulance and other health workers, teachers, scientists, academics and professors and a like etc., all started off as a plain old; “Fraty, Frat-boy or Soror-girl”, all members of the ‘Alpha, Delta, Kappa’ kinds of fraternity brigade.  [I explain more about this further on, as almost everyone in the US, Canada and other parts of the world know about them and where they’re well established, though us European’s, are not as familiar with these Greek society’s].

A Greek-system of fraternities, with millions of alumni members around the globe, and who are first enrolled and initiated whilst still at college or university, and that are the kinds of fraternities that also act as recruitment boot-camp for such organisations like the Military, Opus Dei, the Jesuits and of course the Freemasons.

Let’s have a look at the significance of Jacob’s ladder, and what influence it has on the world of Freemasonry.  The term Jacob’s ladder applies to a kind of ladder found on some square rigged ships, that sailors use to reach the upper part of the ships-mast and ‘crow’s nest’.  From its biblical reference, Jacob’s ladder is a ladder to heaven, described in the Book of Genesis that the biblical Hebrew leader Jacob envisions during his flight from his brother Esau.

In the Gospel of John 1:51 there is a clear reference to Jacob’s dream [Genesis 28:12] and it points towards Jesus Christ who is called with his title of Son of Man: “And he said to him, – Truly, truly, I say to you, you will see heaven opened, and the angels of God ascending and descending on the Son of Man”.

The theme of the ladder to heaven is often used by the Early Church Fathers: Saint Irenaeus in the 2nd century describes the Christian Church as the ladder of ascent to God.  The Ladder of Jacob is in the Old Testament, is often considered to be part of the Apocalyptic reference shortly after the Destruction of the Temple.  Jacob is renamed “Israel” by an angel [Genesis 32:28-29 and 35:10].  And oddly enough Muslims believe Jacob was a Muslim, a “Submitter to God”, and who taught Islam to his twelve sons, whom I can only presume they too are viewed as Muslims.

The Qur’an describes Jacob as a faithful leader, a good-doer, holder of prayer and a man in service to God.  In Islam Jacob is revered as a prophet who was guided by God.  And perhaps you can see why Freemasonry bodes so well with both religions, where on the outside of the shell they seem to appear to be a completely different nut, yet once cracked open, you’ll see its very much same.

The Jewish Biblical philosopher Philo [d. ca. 50 CE] presents his allegorical interpretation of the ladder in the first book of his De somniis.  There he gives four interpretations: 1.The angels represent souls descending to and ascending from bodies [some consider this to be Philo’s clearest reference to reincarnation].  2. The ladder is the human soul and the angels are God’s logoi, pulling the soul up in distress and descending in compassion. 3. It depicts the ups and downs of the life of the “practiser” [of virtue]. 4. The continually changing affairs of men.

Among the several interpretations of Jacob’s ladder in the classic Torah commentaries: The place at which Jacob stopped for the night was in reality Mount Moriah, the future home of the Temple in Jerusalem.  The ladder therefore signifies the “bridge” between Heaven and earth, as prayers and sacrifices offered in the Holy Temple soldered a connection between God and the Jewish people.  Moreover, the ladder alludes to the Giving of the Torah as another connection between heaven and earth.

In the world of Freemasonry, Jacob’s ladder signifies the sequence of degrees the initiate can aspire to, following on from their own oath swearing ceremonial rituals and pledging taking procedures that are sworn and taken on each and every entry to the next level of degree, – when they’re then rewarded [normally paid by themselves] with the various symbolic tokens, gifts, memento’s that each individual item has a symbolic meaning and representation for something else as well as the degree itself.

There are gloves, gauntlets, hats, chain collars, aprons, badges, lariats, cufflinks, buckles, tie pins, canes, medals, swords, daggers, star shaped jewel crests and coloured silk sashes and the list goes on and on, and big bucks to be made from those dedicated millions of blind leading the blind followers of the craft, that all have a Masonic link almost always connected to ancient Greek, Egypt, Rome and the Bible or Torah and other earlier religious and ancient texts and beliefs also a regularly feature.

As I say, there’s symbolic meaning in everything, hats in general as they’ve always denoted rank in society, – alleged gentlemen wore top hats, or cocked hats prior this time, whilst you’re lower classes are famous for donning a flat cloth hat.  Whereas, when your bowler hat came along, people of from all walks of life could be seen wearing one, though it must be said it was predominately your middleclass City kind of chap, such as bank manager Captain Manwaring out of the Dad’s Army TV series, who was famous for wearing one.  More so in them days than present, but almost every bank manger was a Freemason and a very high percentage of them still are today.

And no wonder they weren’t too keen to have TV cameras in Masonic Houses of Parliament, as only recent as 1998 the tradition for MP’s to wear a collapsible Top hat, known as an “Opera Hat” ceased.  The hat was put on ones bonce within the House of Commons to raise a “point of order” during a division, and in the past the ‘Speaker of the House’ had to wear one, as it signified the house was in session.  Though not an everyday item, top hats are still worn in The House of Lords, as a Peer one wears a “symbolic Crown”, though nowadays normally limited to coronations and other state occasions etc.

You can still see the odd traditionalist “Stock Jobber” wearing a “Topper” in the City of London, who works in the London Stock Exchange, though this common practice stopped around the mid 1980’s.  A Stock Jobber is formerly a trusted person who bought and sold stocks and shares from other traders on the floor of the Stock Exchange, no physical money changed hands during these transactions, normally the Jobber was dealing on someone else’s behalf, and again these kinds of positions were only normally allocated to a fellow Freemason.  And it is where we get the phrase; “My word is my bond”, as this specific term has for centuries been the motto of the London Stock Exchange, but in various forms; e.g. “a gentleman’s/Englishman’s word is as good as his bond”, it dates back to at least 1500, when a Scottish source has “O kingis word, shuld be o kingis bonde”. [1] In the bible; Kings 18:4 for when Jezebel destroyed the prophets of the LORD, Obadiah took a … [2] and will cut off from Ahab every male, “both bond” and free in Israel.

The wearing of a top hat generally signifies to other Freemasons he is a Master Mason.  It is said you can enter many a lodge and count the number of Master Masons, by the number of hats along the top shelf.  It is also said with the head being covered it has a meaning of authority, and he is going about his loyal duty.  The wearing of hats also symbolises freedom and brotherly equality.  In French Masonry a new Master of a Lodge receives a hat with the words; “With this hat you may cover yourself in the future”, again pointing to the authority bestowed upon the Master of the Lodge. [3]

There’s much more meaning to it and everything else in Freemasonry, but I simply haven’t the room here to tell you much more.  I do cover a lot about the subject, but my main purpose is not teach you about the subject, but to inform you how widespread it is and always has been.  I want the average man and women in the street to realise why the world is how it is, – which is not because of god or religion passé, but because of these band of secret societies who have us trapped in a Masonic world of theirs, contrived to serve them and to keep us suppressed and in order.  And how this has been achieved and maintained is by having these all important secret ceremonies, rituals, oaths and pledges in line for the initiate to carry out and be rewarded for good merit as when they are due, is how the Order has been able to control its millions of members from everyday walks of life in which 98% of them make up the overall majority of their fraternities membership.

It’s said of Jacob’s ladder; that it plays two important symbolic roles in Freemasonry, which is introduced to the initiate at the very first degree and then again at the 30th degree of the Knight Kadosh.  The ladder represents the lessons learned in life, [listening and learning to be loyal to your masters and doing unquestionably as is asked of you], which if properly used, brings the initiated higher and higher in knowledge; [if you adhere to your oaths and pledges, and are loyal to the brotherhood, you will be rewarded and promotion will follow].  However, if these lessons are forgotten, the danger of falling back down is continuously present, [if you fail to adhere to your solemn oaths, pledges and commitment to the fraternity then you’re soon be out on your ear].  And again, first and foremost the majority of Freemasons will never even surpass the 3rd degree of Master Mason, as many of the higher degrees are by invitation only, and reflects you current status and the profession you may be in, which in addition is what the reward of medals and honour system is all about.  Imagine those ambitious among us who will trample on as many people’s heads, whilst stamping on the white knuckles of all those others who too are holding tightly onto the rungs of Jacobs ladder, as they all try and descend to the heights of brotherhood, and whose degrees are like that of the British knighthoods, as there are degrees like that of the Golden Fleece, Star and Garter etc.

The Order of the Garter is the most illustrious order of British knighthood.  It was instituted by King Edward III in 1348.  The order consists of the sovereign and 25 companions, of which the Prince of Wales is always a member.  The Most Noble Order of the Garter is the highest English Order of Chivalry and is one of the most important of all such Orders throughout the world, though not the oldest which is said to be The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle which allegedly goes back to Alexander III of Scotland in 1249, and is perhaps an indicator as to how far back Masonic orders and traditions really go, which is long before the alleged obscure origins of the late 16th to early 17th centuries in when Freemasonry is commonly believed to have first started. [4]

Apart from the Masonic degrees, the whole British knighthood and “Cash for Honours” system has long been a farce, when in the 1920’s, Maundy Gregory a Freemason, was a man PM Lloyd George used as a go-between to flog honours for cash.  In the Telegraph, Harry de Quetteville reported that Gregory offered gongs at a going rate of £10,000 for a knighthood and £40,000 for a baronetcy.  Funnily enough, there’s no ‘honour’ among thieves, as when a 19th century donor who wrote the Tories a cheque for £50,000 only signed it in his surname, so that it could only be cashed once he had been made a ‘Lord’. [5]

When the Order of the British Empire was founded by George V in 1917, Lloyd George is said to have asked Gregory what he could ask for an OBE, Gregory’s reply was; about £100 a time.  [6] Author Henry Makow Ph.D. wrote when the British Cabinet whom Lloyd George headed, issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917, which was formal statement of policy by the British government stating that: His Majesty’s government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object… it was voted for, yet over the demanding objections of its only Jewish member, Edwin Montagu. [7] But the remainder all non-Jews, including many anti-Semites, tipped the scales.  They saw Zionism as a way to advance British imperialism and the Masonic New World Order [8].   Montagu, who was the then Secretary of State for India, told the PM Lloyd George: “All my life I have been trying to get out of the ghetto. You want to force me back there”.  An integrated Jew, Montagu regarded Judaism as only a religion, and viewed Zionism as a “mischievous political creed, untenable by any patriotic citizen of the United Kingdom”. [8]

During 1917 to 1922 when Lloyd George resigned, in excess of 25,000 people had received the OBE. Its reputed George amassed in his private bank account over £1.5 million pounds from the sales of honours, which is more like £150 million today, isn’t that right Mr Blair, Cameron and Baroness Thatcher and your party loans. [6]

Anyhow, so it is when you have this kind of Jacobs Ladder hierarchical awards system in place, and you give those lower ranking Freemasons a nice new bright star to pin on their chest, hat or arm, – like when you give a child a set of gold stars for good homework or award a dog a treat for doing a trick, then you’ll be surprised how willingly they become so much more subservient, and amazing what lengths some people are prepared to go to in order to please their master just to receive their reward. – For some, this need for ‘Scouts patches’, seems to become a kind of Idi Amin-syndrome, whereas the recipient of such an award, medallion or bright star wants as many as possible, so as they’re completely covered in them from head to tail, and a bit like when you see those members of the House of Lords, or royal families covered in medals, – yet whom haven’t even fought their way out of the London Underground system, let alone any wars.

It’s among these kinds of groups, who have helped form the brotherhood as to what it is today, and who are not much different from Hitler’s Gestapo or SS officers from WWII, as after all, they too were once just “ordinary men”.  Hitler knew all about the power of symbolism and this kind of reward system, so adopted it with overwhelming enthusiasm.  Out of the worlds estimated six million Freemasons, you could quite easily say at least 98% of those are 3rd Degree Freemasons, will never aspire beyond that level and who are in fact the foot soldiers for that other two cent or more, [of course I don’t know the precise figure, as there are 33° in the Scottish Rite for example, but still I can confidently say the majority are on the lower end scale of the degrees], – serving a cause so true to their hearts and indoctrinated beliefs, that they are the ones who did and do and shall carry out the orders, no matter how ghastly they are and against all those who are non-Freemason’s.

These are the ones, who will raid your homes, repossess your property, handcuff and arrest you, hold you illegally in police custody, then keep you in jail, – whilst transporting you back and forth to the courts by their Serco employees who are not much different than an HGV driver collecting his load directly from the abattoir’s, and straight to the shop shelf, – whilst the legal fraternity fight hand over fist to get a piece of you, so they in turn can stake their claim into legal aid system, knowing they’re in for some easy money.   [I’d close down the majority of our Crown Courts and include them to exiting prisons, thus saving billions in rents, transportation costs and staff.] These foot soldiers are the ones who will willingly place a cable tow around your neck, pull the trigger on their gun, whilst splattering your brains and head wide open, fill rooms and chambers with women and small children, then slowly release cyanide or carbon monoxide through shafts and the air-vents, as they laugh and watch the bodies simply drop like flies.

They’re the ones who have and will drop thousands of bombs on millions of innocent people, – people who have done absolutely nothing against anyone or anything in this world, – and simply because they were following the orders of their so called superiors, – who in turn were taking theirs in return for honours to be rewarded, the very same groups of people who make up the world’s illuminati cabals.  Who in turn specifically handpick, groom and sponsor their own politicians and world leaders, – including many other sorts of individuals who are also allotted positions of immense influence and power, thus allowing them to be able to strategically place their financial banking terrorists and owners of the military industrial complex of companies, whom between them siphon off trillions of pounds, dollars and Euro’s from the tax payers purse, – and the reason our world is periodically in recession and constantly at war.

As isn’t it funny how we’ve been sold the idea, that many children are so unruly at school that ex-military soldiers are being encouraged to join the education service on a fast-track hands-on qualification in teaching.  Though it doesn’t stop there, as the BBC’s Panorama programme in February 2011showed, many of these same kids, whom the majority showed no signs of anger or unruliness, and were in fact it was quite the opposite, as many were timid and shy and praised the army and sea cadets they were now encouraged and recruited to join, of helping them come out of their shell and stand up for themselves, i.e. be more aggressive.  And that’s the truth of the matter, as these kids are being trained up as the next generation to lose their, lives, limbs and families, whilst proudly showing their patches of reward, and medals they were awarded fighting other kids in faraway places, and who were wearing no more than a rag on their head and a pair of flip-flops as their only protection.

And it is these kinds of people we need to expose, not those kinds, those groups of secret societies whom clearly share the same self-serving political agendas as each other, and whose tentacles are spread far and wide, – and as a direct result, the consequences have been, and still are having a devastating effect on the rest of mankind and has done so for thousands of years, – though never quite as obvious and how it’s been in the last century, – and never as blatantly intense as it’s become in the years between 2001 to 2010.  Just watch this 2011 and beyond, see how more deliberately and unashamedly they will continue to subliminally reveal and expose themselves, – as believe it or not we too are being groomed and sucked into an inescapable vacuum that will lead us to major civil unrest and religious conflicts, thus accumulating to WWIII in the not too distant future, whilst in addition and in between this period of time we could likely see an increase in manmade introduced diseases and viruses, and as I said before even manmade floods, earthquakes or tsunami’s, – that is of course unless we can help stop it!

See, we’re all the same to these ruling elite of morally redundant bastards, – from whatever country they may come from, or religion they’re so-call proclaim to represent and believe in, it doesn’t matter, as we’re simply cannon fodder.  Their so called own people, are forever being egged on to fight and kill each other in their divide and rule philosophy that works time and time again the world over. – Peace to them, – is as devastating as war is to us.

When I refer to the Illuminati, I refer to those real true rulers of our planet, as to me there is no real difference between the occultist Black Noblite/Illuminati, than that of any other Freemason/Protestant, Jesuit/Catholic, Frankist/Zionist, Sufi/Islamic groups or fraternities and similar likewise organisations like those of the Greek system of the Alpha, Delta, Kappa collegiate fraternities, or members of the Rotarians, Odd Fellows and Shriners etc., as you’ll soon find out there all basically the same and linked by one single thread, that joins them all up together like a patchwork quilt.

So in order to make things easier to the reader and for me to write, – when I use the words Freemason, Masons, Masonic, Rotarian, or Alpha, Delta Kappa like people, then I’m afraid to say, but I’m putting them all in the same “Illuminati” boat, – my use of those words also means I am describing, or referring to anyone of the latter named group of organisations or fraternities I have just mentioned.

And if you want 99.09% proof how successful this Jacob Ladder carrot on stick syndrome truly works, then take this into consideration, – in excess of 3,000,000 other American people had and has access to the same classified come-secret [hardly a secret] diplomatic cables that US intelligence analyst Bradley Manning is accused of stealing and then uploading them to Wikileaks, thus making available to the public.  That’s right, around three million employees were and still are entrusted with this classified information, yet remain silent, as that’s how allegiant they are to their oaths, pledges and fraternities, – that no matter how wrong it is what they’ve been covering up, or how much in the “public interest” it might be to share this information, they’ll still end up taking their despicable little secrets to the grave with them.

Though it must be fair to say, that the fear of getting caught must also act as a deterrent, and perhaps is the reason why 23 year old Manning has been held in solitary confinement in a tiny cell for almost ten months, and which is without doubt in breach of his constitutional rights, and makes me laugh when you get the likes of Barak Obama and other members of his administration lecturing either the Chinese, Egyptian or Libyan authorities for doing exactly the same thing.   And accusing the countries of the Middle East as being barbaric, yet are considering whether to give Bradley Manning that little bit extra special treatment, by executing him!

Chapter 33 from Trapped in a Masonic World

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