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Mubarak should heed what happened to Nicolae Ceauşescu

February 3, 2011

Let’s hope that a peaceful worldwide revolution can be brought about without so much as a drop blood being shed.  However, these greedy parasites will not give up that easily, they and their families have been controlling the planet ever since they came about, such as Mubarak in Egypt, – where he’s been clinging onto power for over 30 years.  It seems as if 90% of the Egyptian population now despise him, as he said he’d stand down and wouldn’t rerun for election in September 2011, – instead of doing the right thing and standing down now.

He has been accused of paying his supporters to come into towns such as Cario, and to stir trouble up, many were bussed in, while some were on the backs of Camels, others were riding horseback with whips in their hands lashing out at the crowd, and in a scene more reminiscent of a film set from the film; the Good, the Bad and the Ugly as opposed to it being for real and whilst it was played out live on TV for the world to see.

However, Mubarak wants to bear in mind what the people of Romania ended up doing to Nicolae Ceauşescu and his wife, when they too refused to budge following the Romanian Revolution.  Ceauşescu’s government was overthrown in a December 1989 revolution, and he and his wife were executed on Christmas Day following a televised and hastily arranged two-hour court session.  One of the executioners later said: “It wasn’t a trial it was a political assassination in the middle of a revolution”.  One of the reasons he was hated so much, was because he too paid miners to come into the towns, with their helmets on and pickaxes in one hand as shovels in the other, and who then set about attacking the people opposing Ceauşescu’s regime.

So if these crooked leaders are not prepared to reform and alter the present corrupt laws and non-regulations and their evil ways, – then it looks like a repeat of; Ye Olde French Revolution may well be in order!  –  Extract from; Trapped in a Masonic World.


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